The 9 Best Overnight Diapers of 2023

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Once your baby begins to sleep through the night, it may be time to consider a thicker, more absorbent diaper. During a long stretch of sleep, regular diapers may become overly soaked, and leak, while superabsorbent overnight diapers help keep your baby dry and comfortable to prevent them from waking up. 

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Because of their superabsorbent material and leak protection design, Huggies Overnites Nighttime Diapers are our top pick. For a more affordable overnight diaper that will fit the smallest babies, we recommend Luvs Ultra Leakguards Diapers.

It can take some trial and error to find the right overnight diaper for your baby. When analyzing overnight diapers, we considered absorbency, fit, and cost. All diapers should be absorbent and leakproof, but with overnight diapers the expectation is that they will hold more liquid for an extended period.

Another important factor is fit. Overnight diapers should fit the baby comfortably, but also snugly in order to prevent leakage. The cost of overnight diapers is typically higher than regular diapers, so these superabsorbent diapers can be reserved for use during baby’s nighttime and nap time for extended protection. We reviewed overnight diapers from the top brands with these features in mind.

Based on our reviews, these are the best overnight diapers on the market today.

Best Overall

Huggies Overnites Nighttime Diapers

Huggies Overnites Nighttime Diapers

Courtesy of Huggies

  • Extra absorbency/leak guards

  • Fragrance-free

  • 12-hour protection

  • Pricier than other options

  • No sizes under size 3

  • New design feels thin to some parents/caregivers

With a superabsorbent material that provides up to 12 hours of protection, Huggies Overnites are our top pick in overnight diapers. These diapers have a moisture absorbing liner and double leak guards for added protection. They are extra soft and comfy, and have a Snugfit waistband and Double Grip Strips to ensure a secure fit no matter how much tossing and turning your little one is doing. 

Thanks to a color-changing wetness indicator, you can tell when it’s time for a change without waking the baby. Hypoallergenic and fragrance-free, Huggies Overnites start at size 3, so they fit infants weighing 16 pounds and up.

Price at time of publication: $50

Best Budget

Luvs Ultra Leakguards Diapers

Luvs Ultra Leakguards Diapers

Courtesy of Luvs

  • Starts at size 1

  • Wetness indicator

  • 12 hours of protection

  • Lightly scented

  • Less soft than other options

  • Short ruffles on diaper

LUVS is known to be a more affordable diaper option. Touting Nightlock Technology, these diapers are made to provide 12 hours of overnight protection. Tired parents will appreciate the wetness indicator that turns blue when wet, indicating that a diaper change is needed. Some reviewers do note these have a slight scent but also appreciate that they’re available starting in size 1, so they will fit even the smallest babies.

Price at time of publication: $62

Best Subscription

HONEST Overnight Baby Diapers

HONEST Overnight Baby Diapers

Courtesy of Amazon

  • Made from plant-based materials

  • Printed patterns on diapers

  • Hypoallergenic

  • Runs small

  • No sizes under size 3

  • Material feels scratchy to some parents/caregivers

Made from sustainable materials, these cute overnight diapers feature a sweet printed pattern. A super-absorbent core is made with sustainably harvested fluff pulp and plant-derived materials. Free of any scents, latex, or chlorine, these diapers may be a good option if your baby has sensitive skin and is prone to diaper rash. Parent reviewers do note that they run a bit smaller than other diapers, so you may want to size up, especially for overnight use.

Price at time of publication: $28

Best Eco-Friendly

DYPER Bamboo Baby Diapers

DYPER Responsibly Sourced Bamboo Baby Diapers
  • Compostable

  • Scent-free

  • OEKO-TEX certified

  • Runs large

  • Sizing is different (goes by regular sizes)

  • Costly

If having diapers delivered right to your door is a plus, this subscription service is amazing. Dyper has created bamboo-based diapers that are soft, odorless, and breathable. Choose your sizing and delivery needs, and diapers will be shipped on a recurring schedule.

If a subscription isn't for you, these eco-friendly options can also be purchased in a stand-alone order. Parent reviewers find they are very absorbent and sizing runs large. Since the sizing is different from other diaper companies, try a smaller order before you stock up in bulk.

Price at time of publication: $100

Best for Infants

Pampers Swaddlers Overnight

Pampers Swaddlers Overnight

Source: Pampers

  • Wetness indicator

  • Super soft

  • Extra absorbent

  • Not available in size 1 or 2

  • Not 100 percent leak-free

  • Light smell

The youngest infants probably won’t need overnight diapers since they won’t be sleeping all night long (sorry tired parents!). These comfy overnight diapers start at size 3, or 16 pounds, so hopefully that’s right when your baby starts sleeping for longer stretches. Fans of Pampers Swaddlers will know and love the super absorbency these provide, along with the soft comfort, and parent-favorite wetness indicator.

Pampers Swaddlers

Verywell Family / Leigh Weingus

Best for Toddlers

Goodnites Nighttime Bedwetting Underwear

Goodnites Nighttime Bedwetting Underwear

Courtesy of Amazon

  • Mimics underwear

  • Optimal leak protection

  • Wide range of sizing 

  • Must remove pants to change diaper

  • Run large

  • Material is stiff upon opening (may feel uncomfortable for kiddos)

For toddlers that are day-time potty trained and used to wearing underwear, it may be a struggle to get them to wear nighttime diapers. That’s where bedtime underwear is the perfect solution. The super stretch waistband and pull-on style provide the fit and comfort of underwear with the extra absorbency and leg barriers that prevent leaks and keep kids dry.

Available in sizes Extra Small to Extra Large, these feature cute printed patterns that will appeal to kids. Choose from Girls or Boys styles, the difference is not only in the underwear pattern but in where the extra absorbency pads are, so they soak up the most wetness.

Price at time of publication: $30

Best Reusable

GroV.I.A. One Diapers


 Courtesy of Grovia

  • Very absorbent

  • Machine washable

  • Super soft

  • Requires new diaper for each change

  • Pricier than other options

  • Waterproof cover required

Parents who choose to use cloth diapers may want a nighttime option that’s extra absorbent. Many reviewers find these the most absorbent of the many cloth diapers they’ve tried. This option is a fitted cloth diaper, so it’s ready-to-wear, made entirely from absorbent fabric, and then requires a waterproof cover to go over the diaper.

To change diapers, simply swap the diaper for a fresh one and reuse the waterproof cover. The standard size fits babies weighing 10 to 35 pounds, and there’s a newborn version made just for babies weighing 5 to 12 pounds.

Price at time of publication: $25

Best for Heavy Wetters

GoodNites Disposable Bed Mats

GoodNites Disposable Bed Mats

Courtesy of GoodNites

  • Avoids bedding changes in the night

  • Soft, quiet material

  • Adhesive strips keep mat in place

  • One size available

  • Only cotton or flannel sheets recommended for best use

  • Adhesive strips may be hard to remove

If your child is a very heavy wetter, you’re familiar with constant leaks, wet pajamas, and lots of laundry. Help avoid changing sheets in the middle of the night and give these bed mats a try. The disposable bed mat measures 2.4 x 2.8 feet and fits across a twin bed. Adhesive strips keep the mat in place, and it’s crafted from a soft, quiet material that is comfortable and won’t disrupt sleep.

Simply stick the mat over your child’s sheet and your kiddo will sleep on the mat instead of the sheet. If there’s an accident, simply pull up the mat, change your child, and go back to sleep without loads of extra laundry and middle-of-the-night bedding changes.

Price at time of publication: $44

Best Booster Pads

Select Kids Sposie Overnight Diaper Booster Pads

Select Kids Sposie Overnight Diaper Booster Pads

Courtesy of Amazon

  • Doubles absorbency

  • Customizable pad position

  • Sold with or without adhesive back

  • Additional expense 

  • Pieces of material can become loose

  • Costly

These ultra-soft booster pads work by inserting the pad into the overnight diaper before sleep. They’ll double the absorbency of diapers and help prevent leaks. Since the pad is flexible, parents can fold them and position them in different spots based on anatomical gender (boys position up front, girls on the length of the diaper).

If you find these pads moving around, they are sold with or without an adhesive back to provide a bit more security in the diaper. When changing a diaper, simply throw the pad out with the wet diaper.

Price at time of publication: $38

Final Verdict

For standard overnight diapers, Huggies Overnights (view on Amazon) are a parent-favorite for good reason, providing affordable, consistent protection. Parents of heavy-wetters should take solace that they’re not alone and use products that are there to help. Both the Sposie Overnight Diaper Booster Pad (view on Amazon) and the GoodNites Disposable Bed Mats (view on Amazon) are amazing solutions that can help during this stressful period.

What to Look for When Buying Overnight Diapers


Overnight diapers are more absorbent than everyday diapers. They're designed to hold more liquid for a longer period of time, however, this can also depend on how much your child urinates and how long they sleep. This changes during each age and stage through development, so if your kid is waking up with wet clothes, it’s time for a diaper swap.

Finding the right overnight diapers for your little one may take some trial and error. Consider how often your child is drinking water before bed or speak to your child's doctor about any of your concerns if leakage doesn't stop.


Overnight diapers should fit snugly on your baby’s body to prevent any leakage. Boys and girls urinate in different places in their diapers, and your child’s sleeping position will also impact where the diaper gets wet. You may need to position the diaper’s exact fit for your child. 

If a diaper is too big for your baby, they may leak more throughout the night. However, if the diaper is too tight, your baby will likely feel uncomfortable and may not sleep well. Check the sizing recommendations from the manufacturer, but also look at reviews. This will give you an idea of what diapers other parents and caregivers had to size up or down on.


Overnight diapers are slightly more expensive than everyday diapers. Use them at night time (and nap time if necessary) to avoid wasting them during the day. While buying in bulk can save money, try before you buy a bunch, and remember your kiddo will grow quickly.

Also, consider disposables versus reusables when it comes to cost. If you're wanting to stay budget-friendly, use only at night time or switch to cloth diapers at night. The up front cost may be more for cloth diapers, but over the long run you'll actually save money. Some parents and caregivers may want to switch to cloth diapers during the day and stick to overnight disposables at night.

Frequently Asked Questions

  • What’s the difference between an overnight diaper and a regular diaper?

    Overnight diapers are extra absorbent, with the goal of keeping your baby dry for up to 12 hours. Brands that make overnight diapers claim they are up to 25 percent more absorbent than their regular diapers. Most aren’t much bulkier, but they can be a bit more expensive than daytime disposable diapers.

    While you can still use regular diapers overnight, you risk the possibility of leakage or an accident occurring. Because overnight diapers are extra absorbent, children may feel less wet than with a regular diaper and will go back to sleep or sleep through the night.

  • Can I use overnight diapers instead of training pants to potty train at night?

    Potty training can be difficult for some parents and caregivers (even kiddos, too!), so it's important to make sure your child is ready first. Ensuring your child is ready can make the toilet training process go more quickly for everyone involved.

    If your child is used to underwear during the day, they may push back on overnight diapers during the night. Bedtime underwear, like Pull-Ups or GoodNites, is the perfect combination of pull-on style diapers that will still absorb wetness.

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