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Everyone needs a little writing boost sometimes, whether they’re working on a term paper, preparing for the essay portion of a standardized test, or developing niche writing skills. Online writing tutors are a great solution to any writing problems you might have, with plenty of instructors specializing in every niche imaginable, right at your fingertips. If you're looking for professional help or a way to boost your creative writing skills, here are the best online writing tutoring services.

The 7 Best Online Writing Tutoring Services of 2021

Best Online Writing Tutoring Services
Best Online Writing Tutoring Services

Best Overall : Chegg



Chegg covers pretty much any subject you might need writing help in, which is a comfort for any student seeking help.

The site has thousands of writing experts, all with their own individual expertise and specialties. Whether students need help with literary analysis, lab reports, or a history research paper, there’s someone who can assist. Chegg’s system allows learners to submit a paper they need help with and have it checked by a suitable expert who can provide feedback within 24 hours, whether for a specific question or for a general scan of your paper and writing style.

The platform offers a subscription plan for Chegg Writing which also includes a plagiarism detector, free citation creation, and proofreading and grammar scans for an unlimited number of papers.

There is no price listed on the website for the subscription—you have to upload a paper first, and then add payment information to access a three-day free trial.

Best for High School Students :, which has the resources of the well-respected Princeton Review behind it, just might be the perfect fit for high school students looking for help with their writing skills.

Whether they're looking for help on a book report, a research paper, an admissions essay, or something else, these tutors are available 24/7 to polish students’ writing skills. Even better:'s instructors are categorized by topic, so they can specifically search for tutors with expertise in whatever subject help is needed.

Rather than negotiating rates with individual tutors, offers several different pricing plans, including monthly subscriptions with a set number of hours per month, or a more flexible plan allowing access anytime. Monthly packages range from about $40 for one hour to roughly $340 for 10 hours per month, while six-month flex plans run from approximately $350 for 10 hours ($35 per hour) to around $1,450 for 50 hours ($29 per hour).

These flex plans allow students to log on at any time during the six months, and a given session can be as short or as long as they want.

Best for Transparent Pricing : Skooli



Since Skooli offers tutoring in plenty of different subjects, you’re likely to be able to find writing tutors who can help tailor your essays to the specific needs of your subject. Writing a history research paper is very different from writing a literary analysis, and you can browse Skooli’s wide range of tutors to find one with the background and expertise to help with your specific project.

Although you can certainly use Skooli as a long-term tutoring option—either with one specific instructor or different ones each time students log on—it’s designed for in-the-moment queries as well. The pricing structure reflects that: Rather than monthly or even hourly rates, Skooli charges around $1 per minute, so all time is accounted for while learning.

For the most part, tutors on Skooli are well-vetted and experienced and hold degrees and teaching certifications, so students can be sure that every minute spent is furthering their knowledge.

Best National : Kaplan



You know the name Kaplan, and its test prep is top of the line. For students looking for private or group tutoring to prepare for a standardized test or entrance exam, Kaplan’s tutoring program is one of the most comprehensive.

Students can sign up for small group remote classes with experienced teachers or enroll in private, one-on-one tutoring. Its tutoring sessions are highly structured, including multiple full-length practice tests and in-depth explanations for scores. It’s as close as it gets to taking the test before you actually take it.

While a good portion of the tutoring will focus on the multiple-choice sections of these tests, Kaplan tutors will also work with students to improve their writing skills and help them learn what the test review boards are looking for in each individual exam. The platform is for serious, long-term tutoring with highly experienced tutors and exclusive materials, not one-time sessions, and the prices reflect that.

Prices vary depending which test you’re preparing for: for example, a 10-hour package for the ACT costs about $1,400 and goes up to roughly $4,400 for 40 hours; the same for the SAT ranges from about $2,000 to $4,600, and for the LSAT, from approximately $2,300 to $4,900.

Best for Test Prep : TutorMe



Prepping for standardized tests means getting ready to write the all-important essay sections, and TutorMe is among the best online platforms to find tutors who can help you hone your skills for test day.

Tutors on the site are experts ready to work with high school students on both the SAT and ACT, as well as the SAT II subject tests. Plus, its tutoring isn’t just for high school tests: The site also has prep tutoring available for college and graduate entrance exams such as the LSAT, GRE, and MCAT.

With several different features, including a digital whiteboard space, screen sharing, and different chat options, any learning style can be accommodated to work with a tutor on prepping for writing test sections. The standards are high for TutorMe tutors, so you can be sure you’re getting reliable help: Instructors with at least a bachelor’s degree and prior experience get preference in the competitive application process.

Students can choose from several pricing options: either a pay-as-you-go plan at about $1 per minute, or monthly plans: two hours for about $69, four for around $119, or eight for $209.

Best for Creative Writing : Wyzant



While the majority of tutoring sites focus more on straightforward academics, Wyzant also includes creative writing tutors. Whether you’re a student working on an English class assignment, a creative writing major looking for a little extra guidance, or just someone wanting to dig into creative writing on your own time, there’s probably an instructor for you.

The site filters tutors by broad subject area and then by narrower expertise. Prospective students can view a tutor’s profile, rating, and hourly rate before reaching out. Many of the site’s creative writing tutors have advanced degrees and/or professional experience, so you can be sure you’re getting genuine expert help.

Wyzant gives students and tutors a lot of leeway to negotiate their own relationships, both in the classroom and in terms of rates. Tutors set their own fees (the average is between about $35 and $60 per hour, although there are plenty of tutors above and below that range), and the platform offers a one-hour guarantee: the first hour lesson with a new tutor is guaranteed to be a success, or it’s free. It’s a great way to dip your toes in or get some extra help with honing your craft.

Best for Professional Writing : Business Writing Center

Business Writing Center

Business Writing Center

Business Writing Center (BWC) isn’t quite your typical tutoring service.

Rather than aiming its services primarily at students, the site is geared toward business professionals looking to brush up their writing skills. While some of the offerings are more suitable for businesspeople whose first language isn’t English, there also are options that essentially give one-on-one tutoring and feedback on professionals’ reports, proposals, and other important work documents.

Instead of hourly tutoring, BWC offers its tutoring services through courses that are labeled as “coaching” rather than "tutoring." The company offers a few different specialties, including document writing, coaching for executive writing, and a more general individual training option.

All offerings (that are self-paced) are about $395 and can last up to four months. Plus, they allow students to work on real-world writing projects and get personalized feedback from an experienced teacher.


What Is an Online Writing Tutoring Service?

An online writing tutoring service is a website or platform that connects students with writing tutors, completely online and remote. These companies may be geared at a specific grade level or type of writing, or they may be a more general platform to connect students and tutors.

How Much Do Online Writing Tutoring Services Cost?

Online writing tutoring services cover a wide range of prices. In general, there are two basic models: pay-per-session or subscription. For the former, students pay for access each time they use the service for tutoring help. For the latter, students pre-pay for a package that spans a certain amount of time, number of sessions, or even a mini-course that also includes one-on-one tutoring time. Many tutoring services charge $1 per minute or $35 to $60 per hour. Monthly packages can range from about $69 to thousands of dollars.

What Features Do Online Writing Tutoring Services Have?

Every tutoring service will structure its learning a little differently, and each tutor may have their own particular style of teaching. That being said, these platforms are usually based around chat functions, either video/audio or text-based (or some combination of both), and many services have some type of screen-sharing and document-sharing capabilities.

Most online writing tutors will focus on helping students apply their knowledge in a practical sense. While some might have pre-planned assignments to develop particular skills (more common in specialized subjects like creative writing or test prep), other instructors prefer to have students come prepared with an assignment they need help with and will then give feedback to strengthen it.

How We Chose the Best Online Writing Tutoring Services

Online writing tutoring doesn’t have to be overwhelming, and we’ve tried to make selecting an instructor as easy as possible. Because “writing” is such a broad skill applied to so many different settings, we’ve sorted out some of the categories that we think will be the most useful to the largest number of students. The platforms here range from specialized expertise in niches like business writing (Business Writing Center) and test prep (TutorMe) to more general essay-writing assistance (Chegg).

Students seeking a writing tutor may want a long-term preparatory course or help figuring out an individual essay. With this in mind, we’ve included a wide range of specialties and, more importantly, price points, from pay-per-minute instant feedback to formal, highly researched, long-term prep classes that cost significantly more over the course of several months.

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