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Getting a reading tutor doesn’t have to be too complicated. Whether you need a little boost with your reading comprehension, a total overhaul of your reading technique, or just some specialized tutoring toward a particular goal, there’s an online reading tutoring service out there that’s a great fit. Get started with one of the best online reading tutoring services currently out there.

The 7 Best Online Reading Tutoring Services of 2021

Best Online Reading Tutoring Services
Best Online Reading Tutoring Services

Best Overall : Skooli



Skooli is a broad-strokes tutoring platform, where students can connect with tutors in a wide variety of subjects.

For the most part, Skooli prefers to hire instructors with at least a bachelor’s degree in the subjects they tutor, so students can be assured they’re getting the kind of expert help they may need, regardless of grade level. It’s easy to browse tutors (and their credentials), select one, and start a session almost instantly, whenever you need it.

Although you can certainly use Skooli as a long-term tutoring option—either with one specific tutor or choosing different tutors each time you log on—it’s designed for in-the-moment queries as well.

The pricing structure reflects that: rather than monthly or even hourly rates, Skooli charges around $1 per minute (minimum time is 15 minutes), so you literally do not pay for a single wasted minute. For the most part, tutors on Skooli are well-vetted and experienced, with degrees and teaching certifications, so you can be sure that every minute spent involves learning something useful.

Best for Test Prep : TutorMe



Reading sections show up on every major standardized test, and TutorMe has plenty of instructors to help you prepare. Reading comprehension sections on standardized tests tend to have very specific goals and standards, so even strong readers may want to look into tutoring ahead of taking these tests.

TutorMe has tutors to help prepare for both the SAT and ACT, as well as individual SAT II subject tests. On top of that, the site also has tutors available for college and graduate-level tests, such as the LSAT, GRE, and MCAT, that also require reading sections.

TutorMe has a platform that includes screen-sharing and different types of live chat options, so students can consult with tutors in the methods that work best for them. For such important tests, it’s important for students to know their instructors have the experience.

And, TutorMe has a selective vetting process: The platform actively hires tutors with prior tutoring experience in the subject(s) they tutor, and applicants must be either enrolled in or graduated from an accredited university. Students can choose from several pricing options: about $1 per minute for pay-per-session, or monthly plans of two hours for roughly $69, four hours for around $119, or eight hours for approximately $209.

Best for Full-Time Instructors : Revolution Prep

Revolution Prep

Revolution Prep

Revolution Prep is one of the only online tutoring platforms that hires professional, full-time tutors (rather than hiring experts who tutor as a side gig).

Although the platform does offer instruction in a variety of subjects, typically through one-on-one tutoring that focuses on a student’s current curriculum, it started out as test prep, and that’s still one of its crown offerings. Test prep tutoring with Revolution Prep takes the form of pre-existing programs, taught in small, group tutoring sessions.

Each course includes preparatory tutoring and real-time practice tests, complete with detailed score reports and a personalized study plan after each one. The company offers three different mini-courses. Its 12-hour program costs about $499 and focuses on general test strategies and test format familiarity. The 24-hour course is roughly $799 and goes deeper into specific testing strategies, and the 36-hour course costs around $1,099, covers the most material, and gives students even more top-tier strategies and practice sessions.

Best for One-on-One Sessions : was acquired by the Princeton Review in 2014, and that depth of resources makes it a strong option for students of pretty much any grade level looking for reading help.

Along with its expert tutors, the site also offers a great selection of pre-made content to help students with reading comprehension techniques, from the fundamental skills up to more complex literary analysis. It’s a great way for students to get a little nudge, even if they don’t need full-fledged tutoring.

For students who do want one-on-one personalized tutoring, offers an array of plans, including monthly subscriptions that include a specific number of hours, or flex plans allowing for tutoring at any time.

Monthly plans range from about $40 for one hour to roughly $340 for 10 hours in a month. Six-month flex plans start at about $350 for 10 hours ($35 per hour) and go as high as approximately $1,450 for 50 hours ($29 per hour). With these plans, students can use their allotted hours as they wish, whether in a handful of long or sporadic sessions to answer quick questions.

Best for 24/7 Help : Wyzant



One of the more popular broad-ranging tutoring platforms, Wyzant has plenty of expert reading tutors available at any time, for anyone. It doesn’t matter if you’re seeking help for K-12 reading comprehension and fluency, college-level literature assignments, or test-specific tutoring—there’s a whole list of tutors with the expertise you need.

The service is set up to allow students to really narrow down prospective instructors by stated expertise and niche skills, all the way down to specific grade levels or standardized tests. Students can also view a tutor’s profile, rating from previous students, and hourly rates right away.

Instructors on Wyzant can set their own rates. According to the site itself, the average rate for reading tutors is between roughly $30 and $50 per hour, although not every tutor will fall into that range. On the plus side, Wyzant does include a one-hour “insurance” policy: The first-hour lesson with a new tutor is guaranteed to work out, or it’s free.

Thanks to the service’s interactive features, complete with video chat and “whiteboard” style classroom space, it’s super easy to use for any reading lesson, anytime.

Best for Dyslexic Readers : Online Reading Tutor

Online Reading Tutor

Online Reading Tutor

For students with dyslexia, a specialized reading tutor can make all the difference, and that’s where Online Reading Tutor comes in. The platform specializes in methods to assist students with reading disabilities, no matter what their age or grade level is.

Based on Orton-Gillingham methodology, the site is geared at giving students the tools they need to improve their reading skills in the long term, not just to meet certain benchmarks or pass a particular test.

Tutors work with students in five specific areas: vocabulary, phonics, phonemic awareness, fluency, and reading comprehension. Students are required to work on lessons a minimum of three days a week—although five or six are recommended—and tutors are available for one-on-one lessons fitting the student’s schedule.

The site offers a one-week trial for roughly $49, along with three tiered monthly plans: about $179 per month for the “silver” plan, around $249 per month for “gold” option, and approximately $359 per month for the “platinum” plan. The difference between levels is really about how much one-on-one tutoring and communication happens.

Best for Tweens and Teens : Club Z

Club Z

Club Z

Club Z offers reading tutoring to students of all grade levels, but it’s especially effective for older ones who have outgrown the colorful games of children’s reading tutoring.

Struggling with reading can be especially frustrating for students at this level, which is where Club Z comes in. Instructors from the service focus on improving reading skills and comprehension, so that students can improve not just in language arts classes, but across the board, since reading is fundamental to pretty much every subject.

In addition to standard tutoring on techniques for reading comprehension, vocabulary, and related areas, the service also has its own proprietary program specifically designed for helping high school students who are struggling or are disinterested in reading. Tutoring is typically done one-on-one and in-person tutoring is offered along with the company's online services, depending on the needs of the individual student and tutor.

The site also offers a guarantee for tutor matching, refunding the first hour if the instructor is a poor fit. Prices vary for different tutoring plans; prospective students and families should inquire for more information.


What Is an Online Reading Tutoring Service?

An online reading tutoring service is a platform that enables students and tutors to connect remotely for work on reading skills or assignments. Each service may be designed for a specific grade level or reading skill, or it may be a more general platform where reading is just one of several subjects offered.

How Much Do Online Reading Tutoring Services Cost?

Online reading tutoring services may range from pennies per minute to pricier, long-term courses. Some services allow tutors to set their own rates—usually hourly—while others have pre-set fees for either hourly tutoring help or for monthly subscriptions. Hourly rates generally range from about $30 to $50, while monthly plans start at about $150 to $200.

What Features Do Online Reading Tutoring Services Have?

For the most part, these remote tutoring platforms usually are based on screen-sharing and chat (either text or video) technology. Additionally, some platforms have virtual "classrooms" set up with extra features. Depending on how each tutor prefers to work, there may be pre-taped video lessons, along with live features. Interactive exercises, such as word games and other drills, may be part of some platforms, depending on the grade level and specialty.

How We Chose the Best Online Reading Tutoring Services

Because reading tutoring is something that can affect several different academic areas at any grade level, we’ve identified some of the niches that we think will be the most useful to as broad a range of students as possible. Reading is a fundamental skill that isn’t limited to one subject, so it’s important that any student who needs tutoring is able to find a great fit. The services we’ve listed here include specialized expertise for test prep or reading disabilities to more general reading tutoring at any grade level.

Students seeking a reading tutor may be looking to meet long-term goals, or they might just be working on a particular assignment that’s giving them trouble. We’ve included several different specialties, price points, and formats, from pay-per-minute, instant homework help to structured, long-term prep courses with higher costs over longer times.

Skooli earned our title for best overall for its comprehensive assistance for students, allowing them to choose from one-off or long-term help. Club Z is ideal for teens or tweens who need more direct learning and have grown out of child-like games to help them improve their reading skills. Online Reading Tutor is ideal for people with dyslexia who need help with reading because it's formatted specifically to help dyslexic students.

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