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Have you considered hiring an online Japanese tutor? Whether you've always wanted to start learning Japanese or are taking a Japanese college course and need some extra help, online tutoring services are a great option. They can help you build on skills you already have or work with you while you're starting from scratch.

Meeting with an online tutor gives you great flexibility for scheduling sessions, and there is an amazing pool of tutors to pick from located all over the world. Since there are so many options, we have compiled this list of the best online Japanese tutoring services, so you can find the one that best fits your needs.

The 8 Best Online Japanese Tutoring Services in 2022

Best Online Japanese Tutoring Services
Best Online Japanese Tutoring Services

Best Overall : Italki



Italki is a well-known tutoring service that specializes in teaching languages. On its website, the company lists more than 10,000 teachers, so you can find one for almost any language.

If you want to learn or improve your Japanese, Italki has nearly 600 Japanese teachers who can give you one-on-one customized lessons. Italki has its own video conferencing software called Italki Classroom, but some teachers use Skype or Google Hangouts.

To pick your tutor you can read through the company's profiles. Each tutor has a short text introduction and a video where you can learn more about them. You can also see calendars for their availability and reviews left by previous students.

There are two types of teachers: professional teachers who are certified in teaching foreign languages, and community tutors, who are either native speakers or advanced speakers who can help with speaking practice. This means that there are options for any budget.

Some tutors charge around $4 per hour, while some cost up to $60 per hour. You can pay per lesson, so you don’t have to commit to buying a package or a certain number of sessions. Plus, most tutors offer a discounted trial session.

Best Budget : Preply



Preply is a tutoring service that has tutors based in more than 185 countries and offers tutoring in upward of 24 languages. For Japanese, there are more than 850 tutors available to help you master the language.

Lessons take place via Skype, and all of Preply's tutors are either native speakers or certified instructors. You can search the company's database for a tutor based on price, where the tutor is located, and their availability. You can also read about each tutor’s background and experience, and some have reviews from previous students.

The price range for Preply Japanese tutors is between roughly $7 and $40 per hour. You can book a trial lesson first, and if you like it, you can buy packages of six, 12, and 20 hours of lessons. That way, you can work on a plan that the tutor can customize for you. Also, if you’d rather not search through Preply's database, you can simply post a request with your preferences and price range so that a tutor can contact you.

Best Online Platform : Verbling



With more than 10,000 teachers, Verbling has a tutor that can help you in almost any language. Something that makes Verbling stand out is its integrated platform where you can find your tutor, schedule the lesson, and meet with the teacher. It works on desktop computers, laptops, tablets, and mobile devices.

Additionally, Verbling has language tools such as vocabulary review and a TextPad where you and the tutor can collaborate. The company offers language courses that are already curated and established, however, you can also request a personalized program from your tutor.

When it comes to finding an instructor, you can search for tutors based on their availability, price, where they are from, their gender, and special skills. You can also read their profiles, watch a video of them introducing themselves, and read about how others have rated them. The price per lesson varies depending on the tutor, but generally, prices range from around $12 and $55 per hour.

Also, most tutors offer a discounted trial lesson, as well as reduced rates if you purchase a package of 5 or 10 lessons.

Best for Structured Courses : Wasabi



Based in Japan, Wasabi is an online language school that offers one-on-one lessons with tutors via Skype. It is a well-established institution that ultimately wants you to be able to travel in Japan, live in Japan, or use the Japanese language in your career.

Therefore, Wasabi's lessons follow a specific roadmap to get you to an advanced proficiency level. All the tutors hired by Wasabi are certified teachers or have undergone training as volunteer tutors. Wasabi also offers free self-study materials such as grammar worksheets, pronunciation practice, and podcasts.

If you want to try this school, you can request a free trial. If you enjoy that, there are three plans that you can opt for: The Light plan includes two, 50-minute lessons per month for about $35 a month, the Basic plan includes four, 50-minute lessons a month for roughly $70 a month, and the intensive plan includes around eight lessons per month for approximately $130 a month.

You can buy additional lessons for roughly $19 each.

Best for Group Lessons : Japanese Online Institute

Japanese Online Institute

Japanese Online Institute

The Japanese Online Institute is a language school that offers both group and private lessons with tutors online. The service has its own online platform for lessons, which work on computers, tablets, and smartphones, and many experienced teachers.

On the Japanese Online Institute website, you can see photos of instructors and read about each one of them. The company offers many different types of lessons such as conversation, grammar, listening, vocabulary, and business Japanese. There are more than 130 group classes a week that you can choose from, but you can also request customized private lessons.

Other than the sessions, if you opt for private sessions, you will have access to extra learning materials such as blogs, quizzes, videos, and discussions. To sign up, you have options for purchasing different class packages. Private lessons start at roughly $89 for four and go up to 40 private lessons for roughly $810. If you want to try before committing, you can buy three trial flex lessons for around $9.

Best for All Ages : AmazingTalker



AmazingTalker is a great resource for finding tutors in a variety of languages. You can find one-on-one tutors for all ages: children, students, and adults. Lessons are held via the online software Zoom, which you can access on a computer or mobile device.

AmazingTalker claims to have very strict requirements for hiring its tutors, and all have teaching experience or certifications. There is a long list of Japanese tutors on the company's website that you can look through. Each tutor has a profile that lists their background and experience, and they also have ratings and reviews from other students. But if you don’t want to browse through all the tutors, you can input your specifications to be matched with a tutor who fits your needs.

You’ll have to indicate your age range, the purpose for which you want to learn Japanese, your day and time preferences, your price range, and whether you want to ultimately communicate with the tutor in your native language. Some tutors are located in the U.S., and others are native Japanese speakers located in different parts of the world.

Tutoring prices vary depending on the instructors’ experience and where they are located, but they average between roughly $10 and $30 per hour. Also, you can book a 25- or a 50-minute session, and you can pay per lesson, so there is no need to buy a package or to commit to a certain number of lessons.

Best for Academic Support : Wyzant



Wyzant is a service that can help you find tutors not just for languages, but for many other subjects and skills. You can find tutors for subjects like math and science, you can learn a language, or you can even learn how to sew or play an instrument. Regardless of what type of course you're looking for, the company can help you find a tutor in-person or online.

For online courses, Wyzant has its own Online Learning Tool that serves as a digital classroom. It also has an interactive whiteboard that can be used during the tutoring session. The service can help you learn and develop your Japanese, and many of the tutors specialize in supporting university students who are taking a Japanese class and need extra help.

You can read each tutor’s profile to find out what their specializations are and read their reviews and ratings before you decide who is the best fit for your needs. The tutors on Wyzant have a wide price range from about $20 to $200.

If you are not satisfied with any new tutor, Wyzant will refund your first class. Also, there is no need to purchase a subscription; just pay for the classes you need.

Best for Structured Feedback : Verbalplanet



Verbalplanet can help you find a tutor to give you customized, private lessons in all the major languages of the world. The company provides tutoring sessions via Skype, and its tutors are all native speakers of the language they teach, located all over the world.

On the Verbalplanet website you can look at each tutor’s profile, which contains a description of their background, qualifications, experience, and teaching approach, as well as reviews from other students. An interesting perk that comes with Verbalplanet tutoring sessions is that after each session, the instructor will give you feedback on the different core language skills (speaking, listening, reading, and writing) based on the Common European Framework of References for Languages.

This is very helpful for keeping track of your progress. The cost per lesson for the Verbalplanet tutors ranges between roughly $12 and $45 for a 45-minute class after a free trial lesson.


What Are Online Japanese Tutoring Services?

The purpose of online Japanese tutoring services is to connect you with a tutor or teacher who can help you learn or improve your Japanese by meeting online via video call. Some websites have their own video conference platform, whereas others use services such as Google Hangouts, Zoom, or Skype. The advantage of using an online tutor is that you can stay in the comfort of your home and your instructor can be located anywhere in the world, which means you have a greater pool of tutors to choose from. Also, online tutoring services tend to be more affordable than in-person tutors.

Who Should Use Online Japanese Tutoring Services?

Since most online Japanese tutoring sessions involve meeting with the tutor one-on-one, lessons or tutoring sessions can be customized for the learner’s needs. Therefore, many different people could benefit from these services, from true beginners who want to start learning Japanese to more advanced learners who want to improve, practice, or perfect their language skills. Also, online tutoring services are ideal for people who want to learn with a tutor but don’t want to meet with someone in-person.

What Kind of Device Do I Need in Order to Use Online Japanese Tutoring Services?

Online Japanese tutoring services take place via video conferencing. Therefore, in order to use these services, you will need a stable internet connection and a device that can support video conferencing platforms, with a functioning camera and microphone. Depending on the service you select, you might need a computer, but most platforms can be used on tablets or mobile devices as well.

How Much Do Online Japanese Tutoring Services Cost?

The cost of online Japanese tutoring services varies greatly, depending on the company providing the service and the quality, background, and expertise of the tutors. Tutors can cost as low as $6 per hour and upward of $55 per month. One benefit of using an online tutor is that there is a large number of tutors all over the world to choose from, so you can definitely find a service and tutor that fits your budget.

How We Chose the Best Online Japanese Tutoring Services

To select the best online Japanese tutoring services, we rated the services based on what each company offers, the quality, background, and expertise of the tutors, the type of online platform used for instruction, as well as the cost of sessions.

We also looked at user ratings and experiences and reviews provided by previous students. Each of the tutoring services selected has particularly attractive features. We picked Italki as best overall because it has such a large variety of tutors to choose from for every budget, along with its own online learning platform. Another service with an online platform that stands out is Verbling, since it has an integrated platform where you can find your tutor, schedule the lesson, and meet with the teacher. Verbling's platform also includes a TextPad where the student and the tutor can collaborate.

For those looking for a service with a well-structured curriculum, Wasabi is a great option, and if you are interested in the option of taking group lessons, you might be interested in The Japanese Online Institute. If you are looking for tutoring services for other members of your family, AmazingTalker is a solid pick, since you can easily find tutors for students of all ages.

And, if what you need is academic support or extra help while you take a Japanese class, Wyzant is a great option. For learners who are on a budget, Preply stands out because of its affordable options.

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