Best Online HypnoBirthing Classes

The Positive Birth Company is our top pick and has a private support group

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HypnoBirthing is a form of self-hypnosis that is designed to help birthing people move through the labor and birthing process in a calm, relaxed state. It was first introduced in 1989 by hypnotherapist Marie Mongan to help reduce anxiety, fear, and pain during childbirth. Many proponents say that it may help shorten labor and reduce the need for cesarean deliveries.

HypnoBirthing classes often involve education about the birth process, as well as relaxation and self-hypnosis techniques. These classes also often focus on helping people heal from previous trauma they experienced during childbirth.

Here we rounded up the best online HypnoBirthing classes so you can find the right one for your needs.

Best Online HypnoBirthing Classes of 2023

Best Overall : The Positive Birth Company

The Positive Birth Company

The Positive Birth Company

Key Specs
  • Cost: $55
  • Format: Self-paced, video, MP3, and PDF course notes
  • Duration: 6+ hours
Why We Chose It

The Positive Birth Company’s online HypnoBirthing course is comprehensive without being overwhelming. The high-quality videos and MP3s are engaging and the PDF course notes, birth preference template, and private support group complete the package.

Pros & Cons
  • High-quality videos

  • Can bundle HypnoBirthing digital pack and the post-partum pack

  • Online support and positive birth stories from other birthing people

  • Access for only 12 months

  • Requires practice and cannot be done last minute

  • Birth partner sections may not be relevant for some individuals


The Positive Birth Company offers an online HypnoBirthing class that gives you the knowledge and tools you need to give birth with confidence. The HypnoBirthing digital pack is $55 with the option to add on the post-partum pack for a total of $85. Once you purchase the course, you have immediate online access and can view the video modules as many times as you’d like over a 12-month period. 

The online modules largely focus on vaginal birth, but do offer information and support for higher intervention births. There are video modules available for both induction births and cesarean births. 

Each video module varies in length from four to 15 minutes, with the majority lasting between six and nine minutes. Each video is part of a larger section and can be viewed individually or in a single sitting. 

This course does not cover information around planning for a healthy pregnancy, general information about pregnancy concerns, or fetal development. While the add-on Postpartum Pack covers a great deal of information about postpartum self-care and infant care, the HypnoBirthing course only prepares you for birth and the immediate postpartum period. 

The course is compatible with both desktop and mobile devices, and parents report that it was simple to access and easy to navigate. 

The course creator, Siobhan Miller, is a mother of three who is passionate about helping families create positive birth experiences and making HypnoBirthing more accessible. In addition to the core course offerings, you’ll also have access to a private Facebook support group and several downloadable resources, such as a fillable birth-preferences sheet and a course notes booklet. 

Many reviewers note that they were led to HypnoBirthing after a traumatic first birth and anticipated an empowered, positive experience after taking this course.

Best Free Class : ChannelMum



Key Specs
  • Cost: Free
  • Format: Self-paced, YouTube videos or podcasts 
  • Duration: 1 hour
Why We Chose It

ChannelMum’s free HypnoBirthing course offers an excellent introduction to what HypnoBirthing is, how it works, and the techniques you can use to create a calm and positive birth. This course was created in collaboration with The Calm Birth School and is a low-investment way to explore HypnoBirthing, or brush up before having another baby if you have used HypnoBirthing in the past.

Pros & Cons
  • Free

  • Easy to access

  • Can be completed quickly

  • Not as comprehensive as other courses

  • Lower quality videos than other courses


The ChannelMum HypnoBirthing online course is a great fit if you are exploring whether HypnoBirthing is for you, refreshing yourself after taking a more comprehensive course, or looking for an easy-to-access, free HypnoBirthing class option. 

To access the nine-part video series, just go to the ChannelMum page where each video is embedded and ready to view. This course covers the basics of HypnoBirthing with a focus on vaginal birth and includes a special video focused on HypnoBirthing after trauma. 

The entire course can be completed in one sitting or viewed video-by-video on demand. Eight of the nine videos are about five minutes long each. One video, the actual hypnosis for birth preparation, is closer to 30 minutes. 

The program is self-paced and focused on labor and birth without any specific information on pregnancy or the postpartum period. It’s simple to view the videos on any desktop or mobile device and you can re-watch each video as often as you'd like. 

This course is taught by The Calm Birth School’s owner and leader, Liz Stanford. The Calm Birth School offers in-person HypnoBirthing courses around the globe and a comprehensive at-home, self-study HypnoBirthing course. 

While reviewers note that this course is not suited for people who want a more comprehensive class or who want to connect with other expectant parents, they do note that the techniques and tips offered in the videos are helpful during labor and birth. Parents report appreciating the no-cost nature of the course, as well as the calm, relaxing birth preparation hypnosis.

Best Support System : The Calm Birth School

The Calm Birth School

The Calm Birth School

Key Specs
  • Cost: About $187
  • Format: Video modules delivered to your inbox each week
  • Duration: 4 weeks 
Why We Chose It

The Calm Birth School’s online HypnoBirthing course is a great choice if you want a no-nonsense look at how to use self-hypnosis during labor and birth and prefer real-time support. The Calm Birth School has a large, active Facebook group where members and admins provide support as needed and share important and helpful information about labor, birth, and early parenthood.

Pros & Cons
  • Well-respected program

  • Comprehensive, high-quality video lessons

  • A built-in community of support

  • Cannot be completed on-demand

  • Not suitable for last-minute sign-up

  • Very little information about pregnancy or postpartum


The Calm Birth School online HypnoBirthing course provides you with the skills and tools you need to have a calm, relaxed birth and has a terrific support system via its active and moderated Facebook group. 

The Calm Birth School’s online course costs about $187 and includes four video lessons focused on preparing for labor and birth, five MP3s for a positive pregnancy and birth, bonus videos from experts in prenatal yoga and midwifery, and access to the private Facebook group. The Facebook group is designed as a place for birthing parents to share their questions and experiences, seek support, and learn from HypnoBirthing instructors who frequently share tips. 

Enrolling in the course is simple and can be done from the Calm Birth School main page. Each week, for four weeks, a new video course is sent to you to view through the Teachable platform. Classes cover things like the mind-body connection, the physiology of labor, how to avoid or manage an induction, creating a calm birth space, bonding during pregnancy, and what happens in the moments after birth. 

Each class is taught by Suzy Ashworth, author of "The Calm Birth Method" and founder of the Calm Birth School. Additional experts offer their advice in bonus material focused on prenatal yoga and pregnancy support. 

Birthing parents who have purchased the online HypnoBirthing course through the Calm Birth School report feeling confident and excited about birth and that they were able to utilize the techniques they learned, even if their birth plan changed. They also report a sense of camaraderie with others in the group and feeling supported across their journey from expectant to new parent.

Best for Cesarean Birth : Hypnobubs



Key Specs
  • Cost: $149
  • Format: Self-paced, video modules and worksheets
  • Duration: 19 video modules of varying lengths
Why We Chose It

Hypnobubs is the only online HypnoBirthing course designed specifically for parents who will be having a cesarean birth. This course applies all the techniques and strategies taught in a traditional HypnoBirthing course to a cesarean birth and can help you have the gentle, positive birth experience you hope for.

Pros & Cons
  • Designed specifically for those having cesarean births

  • High-quality video modules

  • Ability to add a one-on-one session with an expert

  • More expensive than other options

  • Access for only 12-months

  • Limited body diversity; not all body types are represented


The Hypnobubs Positive Cesarean Birth Course ensures that you'll be able to benefit from all that HypnoBirthing has to offer if you’re having a cesarean birth. While most online HypnoBirthing courses mention c-sections, this is the only one that does not primarily discuss vaginal birth.

The Hybnobubs Positive Cesarean Birth Course is $149, though, for $299, you can purchase the course and a 90-minute private session with a Hypnobubs instructor. Enrolling is simple and you can sign up directly from the Hypnobubs page. 

The course is made up of 19 video modules of varying lengths, many of which come with downloadable worksheets and other resources. You will also have access to five long-play relaxation MP3s, the Positive Cesarean e-book, and a private support group for all participating families. 

The courses aim to prepare you for a positive cesarean birth by helping you understand how a healthy mind and body can impact your experience, providing relaxation tools and strategies, making a plan you’ll feel comfortable with, and empowering you to advocate for yourself. The course does not offer significant information about pregnancy, fetal development, or postpartum care. 

This self-paced course can be completed as quickly or slowly as you desire. It is recommended that you begin the course between your 18th and 37th week of pregnancy, though starting earlier offers more time to practice relaxation techniques. The course displays well on both mobile and desktop devices.

The course is taught by Melissa Spilsted, the founder of Hypnobubs and Hypnobirthing Australia. Any one-on-one sessions that a parent may opt for are conducted by Hypnobubs certified practitioners. 

A stand-out feature of this course is the ability to interact with Melissa by leaving questions or comments within the modules. The downloadable resources are also well-designed and would make an excellent addition to a baby book. 

Parents who have taken the Positive Cesarean Birth Course often share how this course helped them feel positive and empowered after receiving news that they would be having a cesarean birth. They note how in control they felt in the operating room and how calm and gentle the experience was. Parents who have had previous cesarean births often note how different the experience was the second time around after having taken this course.

Best for Natural Birth : Calm HypnoBirthing

Calm Hypnobirthing

Calm Hypnobirthing

Key Specs
  • Cost: About $74
  • Format: Self-paced, video modules and downloadable resources
  • Duration: 11 modules of varying lengths
Why We Chose It

If you’re planning on giving birth vaginally, the Calm HypnoBirthing online course is an excellent choice. With a focus on nutrition, physical preparation, mental preparation, birthing at home, and water birth, this course has everything you’ll need to feel calm, confident, and comfortable as you prepare for giving birth.

Pros & Cons
  • Affordable in comparison to other online courses

  • Highlights birthing at home and preparing for waterbirth

  • A fun, approachable tone that helps parents feel calm and comfortable

  • Not much information on postpartum care

  • No information on cesarean sections in case birth plans change

  • Less information for partners than other courses


Giving birth vaginally can be a beautiful and empowering experience; it’s also typically much calmer when you have prepared adequately. The Calm HypnoBirthing online course provides the information, skills, and relaxation techniques you’ll need to birth with confidence and joy.

The course costs about $74 and you get immediate access with purchase. This stand-alone course provides all the information you need to know and no additional add-on purchases are offered. The online modules are self-paced and broken into 11 sections.

The classes cover a range of information, from the basics that help you understand the choices you’ll have during labor and the physiological processes that take place during birth to information about nutrition, preparing a birth pool, and the best books to read.

This class, which can be viewed on a tablet or desktop device, is taught by Sophie Kirkham, a doula and childbirth educator who is passionate about helping parents achieve the calm, comfortable, and medication-free birth they desire. 

Birthing parents who have participated in this course report that it was relatively streamlined and that they were able to complete it “on the go” in small chunks. They also stated they were excited for birth and largely able to achieve the medication-free experience they desired.

Best for High-Risk Pregnancy : Better Birth Stories

Better Birth Stories

Better Birth Stories

Key Specs
  • Cost: $49
  • Format: Self-paced, video modules and downloadable resources 
  • Duration: 6+ hours 
Why We Chose It

Better Birth Stories’ online HypnoBirthing course offers a comprehensive guide for pregnancy and birth that encourages you to incorporate relaxation into your pregnancy and birth, especially when difficult circumstances arise. This course encourages you to have birth plans A-Z and to apply the skills you’ve learned, no matter how your birth experience shifts.

Pros & Cons
  • Lifetime unlimited access so you can view lessons as many times as you want

  • Active and moderated private Facebook group

  • Resource packs to extend learning

  • May feel like a lot of information for people who want a quicker overview

  • Can be difficult to revisit or find previous sections

  • Less focus on birth-partner involvement than other courses


The Better Birth Stories online HypnoBirthing course deep-dives into HypnoBirthing under any circumstances and provides anyone who may be experiencing a high-risk pregnancy with the information they need to make informed decisions. With an extensive resource pack and access to extended and effective relaxation tracks, this course is the best fit if you’re considered high-risk. 

This class costs $49, there are no options for extras, and everything you need to feel prepared is included. The course is run through Thinkific, a high-end professional learning platform that makes accessing and viewing the lessons simple. 

The course consists of over six hours of video lessons, but when you dive into the supplemental and interactive resources, you’ll likely find yourself spending at least double that engaging with course materials. The course is self-paced and lessons can be completed at your convenience.

This course covers the basics of HypnoBirthing, the physical skills and techniques that help create a calm birth, the importance of the birth environment, what to do under a variety of unplanned or higher-risk scenarios, and the basics of postpartum self-care. 

The video modules are taught by Melanie Bearne, a Senior Clinical Hypnotherapist, an Accredited Certified EFT Practitioner, and a very experienced HypnoBirthing teacher. Supplemental resources and recommendations include the expertise of a range of perinatal practitioners. 

In addition to a robust curriculum and resource pack, the Better Birth Stories course includes access to a private and moderated Facebook group in which you can both seek and provide support, as well as a 41-page birth handbook that serves as a quick reference for everything covered in the online course. 

Parents who have taken the course report that it helped prepare them to handle any challenges or unexpected events that pregnancy and labor threw their way and that they felt empowered, confident, and prepared for birth. Several parents also noted how helpful it was to have lifetime access as they reviewed and re-watched materials as they prepared for another baby.

Final Verdict

If you’re looking for the best of the best, The Positive Birth Company is the most comprehensive, well-designed option. It offers 43 videos covering topics like the physiology of birth and the science behind HypnoBirthing. It also offers MP3s of guided meditations, positive affirmations, and breathing practices to help you begin labor feeling confident and relaxed.

Compare the Best HypnoBirthing Classes

Company Cost Format Duration
The Positive Birth Company Best Overall About $55 Self-paced, video, MP3, and PDF course notes 6+ hours
ChannelMum Best Free Class Free Self-paced, YouTube videos or podcasts 1 hour
The Calm Birth School Best Support System About $187 Video modules delivered to your inbox each week 4 weeks
Hypnobubs Best for Cesarean Birth $149 Self-paced, video modules and worksheets 19 video modules of varying lengths
Calm Hypnobirthing Best for Natural Birth About $74 Self-paced, video modules and downloadable resources 11 modules of varying lengths
Better Birth Stories Best for High-Risk Pregnancy $49 Self-paced, video modules and downloadable resources  6+ hours 

A Guide to Choosing the Best Online Hypnobirthing Classes

What Are HypnoBirthing Classes?

HypnoBirthing is a form of self-hypnosis that is designed to help birthing people move through the labor and birthing process in a calm, relaxed state. HypnoBirthing classes often involve education about the birth process, as well as relaxation and self-hypnosis techniques. 

How to Choose the Best Online Hypnobirthing Classes

When you’re ready to sign up for an online HypnoBirthing course, finding the program that’s right for you can come down to your timeline, budget, and birth goals. 

  • Timeline: Are you still in your first trimester with lots of time to work through a longer course or are you headed in for an induction tomorrow? Knowing how long you have to prepare will help you choose a course that is the right duration. 
  • Budget: Online HypnoBirthing courses range in price from free to around $200.
  • Birth Goals: Whether you’re planning a home water birth, an elective cesarean birth, or something in between, your birth goals should play a major part in helping you determine which course is right for you. As you consider different online HypnoBirthing courses, make a point to ensure the course content aligns with your goals for birth.

Online HypnoBirthing Classes vs. In-Person HypnoBirthing Classes

HypnoBirthing courses are offered both online and in-person, and no single format is right for everyone. While online courses are often more affordable and can be completed based on your schedule, in-person courses typically offer a better chance to meet prospective parents in your area and can sometimes be a welcome respite from everyday life during which you can focus solely on your pregnancy. 

Frequently Asked Questions

  • How Do Online HypnoBirthing Classes Work?

    Online HypnoBirthing classes take a variety of formats, but most include video lessons that are designed to be completed in a specific order, downloadable resources, and MP3s of visualizations and guided meditations. 

  • When Should I Take Online HypnoBirthing Classes?

    Most providers recommend beginning a HypnoBirthing class sometime between the middle of your second trimester and the middle of your third trimester. 

  • How Much Do Online HypnoBirthing Classes Cost?

    Online HypnoBirthing courses range in price from free to around $200, with the option to add on additional individualized sessions for an hourly rate.

  • Can I Learn HypnoBirthing on My Own?

    Yes, you can learn HypnoBirthing on your own by reading about it, taking online or in-person courses, or by listening to podcasts that discuss HypnoBirthing techniques.


This list was compiled after reviewing over 15 online HypnoBirthing course providers. We considered the following factors to ensure that the courses chosen provide the basic parameters to prepare prospective parents for HypnoBirthing:

  • Curriculum and course content
  • Price
  • Course duration
  • Platform or delivery format
  • Instructor expertise
  • Reviews
Best Online HypnoBirthing Classes

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