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If you’re studying history and looking for a boost, an online history tutoring service might be for you. Many of the most popular tutoring platforms have expert instructors in several of the most popular and frequently studied fields of history—it’s just a matter of finding the right fit for you. We hope that one of the following platforms will be the perfect place for you or your student to get a little help with history tests, papers, readings, and more.

The 6 Best Online History Tutoring Services of 2021

Best Online History Tutoring Services
Best Online History Tutoring Services

Best Overall : Preply



Preply has a great, straightforward platform to find history tutoring right away. Although its most popular section is a robust language tutoring service, the site also has instructors available in other categories, including in a wide variety of history specialties.

Students can search for tutors by subject, filtering for specific areas of expertise such as particular eras or experience teaching to specific standardized or advanced tests. Reviews from prior students are easily viewed as part of the tutors’ profiles.

Before committing to a long-term tutoring relationship, there’s an option to have a “trial lesson.” Students also don’t have to take on long-term tutoring; if they just need help with one specific assignment or test, instructors can address that too.

The platform focuses on customizing instruction to meet students’ needs, whatever they are and for whatever length of time they’re needed. Tutors set their own rates on the site—some are as low as roughly $15 per hour, while others are in the neighborhood of about $50 per hour.

Best for U.S. History : has an entire section devoted specifically to U.S. history tutoring, making it a great fit for students (especially high school students) who are looking for specific help without having to sift through instructors who aren’t a great match.

AP U.S. History students may find the tutors particularly helpful because they are specialists in the subject. The site is a subsidiary of the Princeton Review, so students can be sure that they’re getting assistance from a well-respected and established brand, whether they’re looking for help reviewing for tests, writing papers, or just working on typical homework assignments.

The site offers several different pricing plans, rather than having each tutor set their own individual rates. Students can subscribe for a specific number of hours per month or a six-month package for more time across the subscription period; students can use their allotted hours in whatever blocks they prefer.

Monthly plans start at about $40 for one hour and go as high as roughly $340 for up to 10 hours. Subscriptions for six month periods start at around $350 for 10 hours (making the rate approximately $35 per hour) to about $1,450 for 50 hours ($29 per hour).

Best for Immediate Tutoring : Skooli



When you need a bit of history help right away, Skooli has tutors ready to assist. The site’s instructors all have individual specialties labeled, so it’s easy to search for help in any particular region or era of history.

Skooli’s search function also allows prospective students to view tutors’ resumes prior to connecting. Through the online classroom setup, students and tutors can work on any assignment, whether they're just exchanging questions and answers via text chat, using file sharing to work on visual projects or essays, or other tasks.

Skooli is particularly helpful for immediate homework help and specific assignments, given how its pricing works. Instead of monthly subscriptions or hourly rates, Skooli charges about $1 per minute, so you only pay for the time you use. The tutors on the platform are experienced teachers and/or experienced in their fields, although you also may find currently enrolled students with tutoring experience on the site as well.

Best for High School Tutoring : Wyzant



Offering tutors in many subjects, including most history areas, Wyzant is a top option for high school students in particular.

The site allows students to search for prospective tutors by niche, as well as view reviews and credentials. Popular subjects for history tutors include world history, U.S. history, and art history; there are also tutors available specifically to educate advanced high school classes (such as AP and IB courses) and the SAT subject tests.

The site offers a digital classroom space for remote learning, which includes video chat, file sharing, text editing, and even a screen-sharing extension to work on anything from homework questions to bigger projects. Tutors on Wyzant set their own rates individually, rather than a sitewide rate or subscription package.

The listed average rate range for reading tutors is between roughly $35 and $50 per hour, although students should check individual tutors’ profiles to see their rates. Wyzant does offer an insurance policy for all new students: The first hour with a new tutor has a satisfaction guarantee, or it’s free.

Best Flexible : University Tutor

University Tutor

 University Tutor

The history tutors at University Tutor have a broad range of expertise, but there’s a particularly high number of instructors on the site who specialize in tests, whether that’s regular assessments for class or national exams like the SATs.

Every tutor has a full profile, showing their expertise, degrees, availability, and any other information they choose to share with prospective students. One fun bonus: Tutor profiles include an optional “hobbies” section, giving a light, human touch to the whole process.

University Tutor is less of a fully functional platform and more of a matching service. Unlike some other services, the site does not have its own classroom modules. Tutors set their own rates and communicate with students completely on their own, through whatever means they prefer, whether that’s collaborative software, video chat, screen-sharing software, or other methods.

Although this puts more of the burden on the individual tutors to create a curriculum, it also offers more freedom for flexible lessons.


What Is an Online History Tutoring Service?

An online history tutoring service is a digital platform that connects students and history tutors, specifically for lessons that are 100% online. Sites may have their own virtual classroom spaces or function more as a service that merely makes the connection, and then leave the details up to the individual tutors and students.

How Much Do Online History Tutoring Services Cost?

Online history tutoring services vary in price, depending on the individual platform’s requirements or the rates of a particular tutor. Some platforms have a standard rate, either hourly or for a subscription over a certain length of time, while others allow their tutors to set their own rates (these are usually hourly). For instance, Chegg costs about $30 per hour.

What Features Do Online History Tutoring Services Have?

While some services are mainly just a means to connect tutors and students, a fair number of them have their own additional features to streamline lessons. Most platforms have their own versions of a handful of standard features, including text and/or video chat options, screen-sharing, virtual “whiteboards,” and document sharing. Since history tutoring is likely to be a text- and media-heavy subject, the best platforms are the ones that enable things like screen and document sharing, so instructors and students can view readings, videos, and other materials together.

How We Chose the Best Online History Tutoring Services

Online history tutoring can cover a pretty broad range of student needs, from formal test prep and homework review to essay help and more. We’ve tried to select some of the most common needs for history students, including particular specialties and grade levels, in hopes of covering as many students as possible.

When seeking a history tutor, students may be looking for immediate help with a particular assignment or a longer-term tutoring arrangement. The services here cover any and all tutoring situations, but we’ve prioritized those that have the most flexibility and the ability to customize lessons for individual students.

Preply earned our best overall pick for being intuitive and offering assistance across a wide range of areas of history, while stood out for its focus on U.S. history, particularly for the AP History exam. University Tutor caught our attention for its flexibility, since instructors can communicate with students via software, video chat, screen-sharing software, and more.

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