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If you want to learn how to speak French or if you just need to brush up on your skills, you might be considering an online tutor. Online classes often cost less than the brick-and-mortar style classroom, making them a more desirable choice. Another major bonus to online language classes is the ability to not only accommodate a crazy schedule, but also offer a variety of teaching methods such as one-on-one tutoring, small virtual classes, self-led courses, and more.

A recent study found that online classes help students make noticeable improvements in developing language skills and scores. For children, learning a second language early has countless benefits, including greater capacity for problem-solving, memory, and critical thinking. In addition, younger French learners are more likely to be able to retain and use the language, naturally switching back and forth between it and their native tongue.

To help you navigate the many online French language classes available, we researched over 12 different online classes, tried them out, and made a list of our favorites based on various criteria. Here is a list of the best online French classes to help you learn or improve your French, regardless of your goals or skill level.

The 7 Best Online French Classes

Best Overall : Wyzant



Key Specs
  • Pricing: $15-$300
  • Platforms: Online + App
  • Certificates: No
Why We Chose It

Wyzant has more than 600 tutors with lesson fees that begin at $15 and range as high as $300. Navigating its site also is easy: You get a detailed view of each tutor’s background and expertise in addition to the number of hours they’ve taught the language. New students easily can find someone suited to their needs and goals at an affordable price.

  • More than 600 French tutors

  • Lesson recordings available on Wyzant system for free

  • Wide range of tutor prices to fit any budget

  • Can request background checks

  • Cannot download lesson recordings

  • Lessons exclusively done via Wyzant App

Wyzant can help you find a tutor across a range of skills and subjects. On the Wyzant website, you can search for online French tutors, with the option of finding one that you can meet with in person.

The company offers a long list of instructors that you can search for based on education, experience, price, age, gender, and more. Its list of offerings contains more than 600 online French tutors, and you can read their profiles to learn more about each tutor, as well as reviews that other students have written about them.

The prices for tutors vary greatly depending on their experience, education, and more. But on Wyzant, you can find some tutors who charge as low as roughly $15 an hour, and others as high as about $300 an hour. With such a long list, you are bound to find a tutor that works for you.

Best Variety : Learn French at Home

Learn French at Home

Learn French at Home

Key Specs
  • Pricing: $41-$47/ class
  • Platforms: Online
  • Certificates: No
Why We Chose It

Learn French At Home is experienced in teaching all ages of students at all levels. Its pre-designed programs cover different needs and levels; you can sign up for an intensive program to prepare for a language certificate or learn conversational French for your next trip to France. A majority of the teachers are native speakers, and some have more than 15 years of teaching experience.

  • Nine courses designed for all French levels

  • Free one-on-one evaluation

  • All teacher bios visible on site

  • Tutors are assigned by company

  • Need to make separate ebook purchase for lesson materials

  • Higher-level French courses are more expensive

Learn French at Home is an online French school that offers lessons via Skype, Google Hangouts, or Zoom. All of the service's teachers are native French speakers who also speak English, and they offer eight different types of lessons, depending on what your goals are.

For example, they have French for Kids, French for Travelers, French for Business, and more. During the lesson, you won’t just speak with the teacher, you'll also do a screen share, where an instructor will lead you through a variety of learning exercises.

The standard French lessons on the Learn French at Home program cost between roughly $41 and $47 a lesson, depending on how many sessions you sign up for. You can schedule a free, 30-minute evaluation to see what your level is and make a plan that will fit your needs.

Best for Family : French Faster

French Faster

French Faster

Key Specs
  • Pricing: $15-$36/ class
  • Platforms: Online
  • Certificates: Yes
Why We Chose It

French Faster uses an accelerated learning method that allows tutors and students to optimize their time when learning French. It involves teaching French in English and gradually lessening the amount of English used as a student improves. Students work with tutors who either are native French speakers or hold degrees in the French language and are experienced in working with children.

  • Free 25-minute trial session

  • Group class option (two students)

  • All tutors are native speakers and have FLE training

  • Only 28 tutors available

  • Tutor availability is limited due to them being located in various time zones

  • Must schedule classes in bulk in order to have the same tutor or schedule for each lesson

French Fasteris an online French language school where you can take one-on-one lessons with a private tutor. The instructors are all native speakers from different parts of the world, and they are trained using the Accelerated Learning method, teaching French as a foreign language, and teaching French through English.

On the company's website, you can read about each instructor and their experience. Most offer tutoring services for children, teens, and adults. Their lessons are conducted via Skype, and you can sign up to do a free trial lesson. After that, French Faster will assign you a tutor based on your goals and availability.

If you choose to keep taking lessons, you’ll have to sign up for a package of at least four lessons. The French Faster hourly rate ranges between about $15 and $36, depending on how many hours you sign up for. Also, there is an option for signing up together with a sibling or significant other, as long as you are at a similar level.

Best for Feedback : Verbalplanet



Key Specs
  • Pricing: $22 /class
  • Platforms: Online
  • Certificates: No
Why We Chose It

Verbalplanet has a detailed feedback chart that breaks down a student’s strengths and weaknesses in listening, speaking, reading, and writing. It helps both tutors and students monitor progress being made, ensuring that goals are being met and motivation remains high.

  • Free or discounted trial class

  • Easy online booking system

  • Quick and thorough feedback analysis from tutors

  • No standardized method of teaching

  • Tedious to refine searches for tutors

  • Many tutors’ reviews are outdated

Verbalplanet offers online tutoring across a range of languages, with instructors located all over the world who offer lessons via Skype. The service's tutors are native French speakers, and you can find one for beginner, intermediate, or advanced French.

The company believes that the key to language learning is to have live conversations with native speakers. You have the option to book a single lesson or even an entire language course, depending on your objectives and what you want to learn.

If you go to Verbalplanet's website you can search the list of teachers based on their availability, rates, profile, and reviews from other students. Each tutor sets their own rates, which average around $22 for a 45-minute lesson. Also, if you want to try out the service, many tutors offer a free or discounted trial lesson. Plus, Verbalplanet offers discounted prices if you buy more sessions.

Take a look at other ways to study the language with our selection of the best apps to learn French.

Best Flexibility : italki



Key Specs

  • Pricing: $4-$30/ hour
  • Platforms: Online
  • Certificates: No
Why We Chose It

With more than 1,300 French teachers, italki has one of the most tutors available online. From the start, you can refine your search based on what type of tutor you’re seeking. The platform allows you to choose from native speakers, community tutors, or certified professionals, and it also lets you choose the type of content you want in your lessons, and even your desired location.

  • Wide range of lesson prices

  • 25-, 30-, 45-, 60-, or 90-minute lessons, depending on tutors

  • Instant lesson option

  • Some tutors offer only one duration of class

  • Must wait for some teachers to accept a lesson request

  • Not all teachers offer free or discounted trials

Italki has a highly regarded booking system that users find very convenient when searching and booking instructors. Through this system, you can book a French class, lesson, or even a basic chat to practice and facilitate your learning. 

Italki teachers depend on your positive reviews to gain additional students. This system ensures that teachers provide quality instruction, because if they fall short, this could impact their rating and ability to increase their student base. 

When searching for a teacher with Italki, there are five basic filters: Instructor’s level of education, language, location, price, and skills. These filters narrow your search so that you can make an informed instructor selection. 

Italki is highly interactive and would be an excellent choice due to its abundant options available to all students. 

Best for Academic Tutoring : Varsity Tutors



Key Specs
  • Pricing: $70-$95 /hour
  • Platforms: Online
  • Certificates: No
Why We Chose It

With only certified tutors on board, Varsity Tutors has some of the most qualified tutors available online. They are experienced in creating personalized curriculums designed to get you better scores—in fact, they guarantee it.

  • High standards in accepting qualified, certified tutors

  • 24/7 Live Instant Tutoring for immediate help

  • Offers group tutoring sessions

  • Cannot view prices online—must speak to a rep on the phone

  • Online sessions done only through its in-house platform

  • Most expensive prices

If you need a French tutor for a more academic purpose, Varsity Tutors might be the right fit for you.

Varsity Tutors can help you connect with an in-home or online French tutor (although many other languages and academic subjects are offered). You can browse the website to see the list of certified French tutors and read about their experience and education.

This service offers tutors all over the U.S. who are available online, and you can meet them via the company's online platform. Varsity Tutors allows you to purchase tutoring hours that can be used for any subject it offers, and you can even share the hours with family members.

Varsity Tutors has a 100% instructor satisfaction guarantee. However, the prices for the service are higher than other options.

Best for Immersion Method : LanguaTalk



Key Specs
  • Pricing: $11-$30 /class
  • Platforms: Online
  • Certificates: No
Why We Chose It

LanguaTalk requires its tutors to either be native in the language they teach or hold a C2 proficiency certification, the highest level qualification provided by Cambridge Assessment English.

  • Free trial with many of the tutors

  • Tutors can teach at multiple levels

  • Strong requirements for tutors

  • No refund on missed lessons

When you book French classes with Languatalk, you can book one, five, 10, or 20  classes at a time, with the price decreasing as you increase the selection amount. Classes with Languatalk typically range from $11 to $30. Since the instructors set the cost for their courses, the cost can change from instructor to instructor. 

However, before committing to any of these options, Languatalk offers a one-time free 30-minute taster session. This session includes a video call where you can sample a lesson and ask questions about the program.

Every class runs for 55 minutes and is conducted through either Zoom or Skype. Each class, and instructor,  is different and best suits students who are searching for a personalized learning model.

Final Verdict

Whether you’re a parent looking to immerse your child in your mother tongue or a traveler looking to adopt basic French phrases, online tutoring platforms, and marketplaces provide a means to learn French at any skill level. Overall, our top choice is Wyzant for its flexibility in prices and availability, making it a suitable option for many students. It also has more than 600 French instructors with a variety of experiences and certifications, all of which are easy to find through its site.

For those looking to prepare for language exams or certifications, Learn French at Home and Varsity Tutors are suitable choices. Both platforms have either pre-designed intensive programs or certified instructors who can help you prepare and pass your exams. Varsity Tutors even has a guarantee for better scores, pass rate, tutor satisfaction, and personal experience.

Comparison Chart for Online French Classes

 Best Online French Classes For  Cost  Platforms Certificate
 Best Overall: Wyzant 15-$300/hr  Online + App  No
Best Variety: Learn French at Home $41-$47/ class  Online  No
Best for Family: French Faster $15-$36/class  Online  Yes
Best for Feedback: Verbalplanet $22/class  Online  NO
Best Flexibility: italki $4-$30/hour  Online  No
Best for Academic Tutoring: Varsity Tutors $70-$95/hour  Online  No
Best for Immersion Method: LanguaTalk  $11-$30/class  Online  No

Guide for Choosing the Best French Classes

Are Online French Classes Worth It?

According to the Census Bureau, French is currently the third most spoken language in the United States.  As such, many believe that French (not Mandarin) is the most business-wise second language that a professional could have. Therefore, for adults, learning French could be a savvy way to build your professional acumen.

For children, learning French (or any foreign language) and a young age leads to increased academic performance across all subjects. It has also been proven to enhance focus and critical thinking abilities.

Comparing Online French Classes

When comparing online French classes, many different factors should be taken into consideration. Every student is different, and so are each of these services. Look through all the factors listed below and use them to develop a list that can help you decide which online program would work best for you. 


When looking for online French classes, there are a variety of prices and a variety of payment plans. Before enrolling, consider the number of classes you are able to take per week, and the duration of classes. After figuring this out, you can decide which option would be the most cost-effective. Is it a class-by-class fee model, a flat rate, or a monthly subscription?


Each company hosts its students through either an App, an online website, or a blend of the two. Before selecting your program, consider which platform would suit your lifestyle best. If you are constantly on the go, an app would probably suit you best. If you have a desk in a dedicated workspace, a web-based program could be a great option for you. 

Free Trial:

If you are hesitant or unsure of your commitment level or style of learning, choosing a company that offers a free trial would be a wise choice. This way, you could sample the courses prior to making a financial investment. 

Experience Level:

Most companies offer courses starting at the beginner level. However, not all companies have courses for the more advanced French students. Make sure to explore the catalog to ensure that they have classes or instructors available to meet you at your level of learning. 

Equipment Required:

In order to participate in an online French class, you will need to have access to high-speed internet and a smartphone, tablet, or computer.

Frequently Asked Questions

Are There Free Online French Classes?

There are some free online resources, but usually, you get what you pay for. Free online resources are typically minimal and require you to hunt and navigate catalogs to find what you need. Additionally, they are not usually interactive and have no live options for in-person learning.

When Should My Child Start French Classes?

The sooner, the better. Studies show that children between the ages of two to eight years old acquire languages more easily than others.

How Can I Help My Child Learn French?

When learning a second language, or French in this instance, the key to fluency is consistency. Develop a dependable routine for your child that fosters frequent engagement with the language.

Is French Hard to Learn?

The Foreign Language Institute puts French in the easiest language group for English-speaking students. This is largely because of how closely related the two languages are.

What Type of Device Do I Need in Order to Take Online French Classes?

You will need a device with a functioning microphone and camera to connect with your tutor, as well as a good internet connection. Some people even use a smartphone to connect with their tutor, although tutors may use a virtual whiteboard or do a screen share to show text or examples. In that case, a device with a larger screen is ideal.

How Much Do Online French Classes Cost?

Online French tutoring services have a wide range of costs. The prices vary based on the website or company providing the service, but mostly they depend on the tutors themselves. You can find some very affordable instructors, especially those located in other countries, or tutors who are just starting out in their teaching careers.

The cheapest offerings you can find are around $4 per hour class. However, there are other tutors who are very highly qualified and are pricier, up to a few hundred dollars per lesson. But not to worry: There are French tutors for every budget, so you are bound to find one that works for you.


To create this list of the best online French tutoring services, we analyzed many online tutoring websites and looked at the services and options that they provide, including the quality of the tutors (i.e education and experience), the technology and software used for online lessons, as well as user reviews and the cost of tutoring sessions. All the tutoring services we selected have unique strengths that make them stand out.

Online French Tutoring


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