Best Online Cooking Classes For Kids

How to find the best online cooking classes for your kids

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Introducing kids to cooking is essential for many reasons. From a nutrition standpoint, getting kids in the kitchen can increase their affinity for fruits and vegetables and may even increase their fiber intake by 22%. And getting kids into the kitchen has never been easier, thanks to virtual cooking classes.

Whether you are hoping to broaden the tastes of a picky eater, practice math or science skills, introduce family culture and tradition, or engage in a new form of togetherness, cooking is a skill that every child should learn. Online cooking classes for kids have developed to give those upcoming chefs and kids who just like to take part in the kitchen a fun way to learn how to cook from the comfort of their own home.

Best Online Cooking Classes For Kids in 2023

Best Overall : Tiny Chefs

Tiny Chefs

Tiny Chefs

Why We Chose It: Tiny Chefs is our pick for the best overall cooking class because of its variety of offerings including monthly and annual memberships[ live, one-time individual classes; and private one-on-one lessons. There is an option to suit every need.

  • Many ways to engage

  • Classes suitable for toddlers, children and teens

  • New classes offered weekly

  • Website is a bit confusing

  • Numerous price points

  • Many single session classes teach baking, not cooking

Though Tiny Chefs' offerings might take some time to read through and compare, parents can choose from special live classes, enrichment classes, virtual private events such as birthdays, private classes, online courses, and a membership club. 

The premium membership club is $450 annually or $50 monthly. Annual members can attend virtual lessons and cooking series for free. Monthly members receive the recorded videos of the classes a week after each scheduled class but can receive a coupon code if they want to attend the live version. Classes are listed for $32.

Recipes can be made at the family’s leisure, and each recipe has an instructional video, shopping list, lesson plan, quiz, and several activities. Sample recipes include BBQ chicken, oven-baked fries, and dishes from Greece, France, and Mexico. Tiny Chefs does offer various types of themed classes and courses; however, baking classes are offered frequently.

Best For Younger Children : The Kids' Table

The Kids' Table

The Kids' Table

Why We Chose It: Who said you can’t get kids in the kitchen young? The Kids’ Table offers live, virtual cooking classes for kids ages 2 to 14, making this our top pick for families with younger children.

  • Interactive and engaging with small class sizes on Zoom platform

  • Plant-based recipes

  • $18 for one individual class

  • If you are not used to vegetarian recipes, this might not be for you

  • Sessions are live, not recorded

Looking for a way to get involved in the kitchen with your little one? Families with children as young as two years old can sign up for one of The Kids’ Table’s single cooking classes or a series geared towards kids of all ages. The mission of these classes is to have kids learn valuable culinary skills, enjoy a fun, hands-on activity, and be inspired to expand their taste buds.

Virtual classes from this Chicago-based cooking school focus on vegetarian recipes like Butternut Squash Ravioli & Insalata Mista and Sweet Potato Red Lentil Curry & Coconut Cream Pie. This can be a plus if you are looking for a way to include more plant-based meals in your kitchen; however, if you are not used to vegetarian dishes, you may want to try a single class first before signing up for a series.

A single class costs $18 per session, a six-week series is $93, and there is a 10% discount for sibling registration.

Best For Teens : Home Cooking New York

Home Cooking New York

Home Cooking New York

Why We Chose It: Ever wish you could turn the dinner prep over to your teen? With Home Cooking New York’s virtual classes, you can rest easy knowing your teen will be preparing most of the dinner for you and your family.

  • Class size is kept small

  • Recipe and shopping list is given upon registration

  • Pricier than other online classes: $50 for one 90-minute class

  • No refunds, only credits

Home Cooking New York was founded by a former food editor from Martha Stewart Living. Based in Manhattan, Home Cooking New York offers 90-minute live Zoom cooking classes from the comfort of your own home. You can choose from a diverse set of menus, all of which can be tailored to your family’s eating habits.

Each 90-minute class is $50 (which includes all family members) and is limited to 12 households, allowing kids to interact with the teacher. Shopping lists and recipe packets are sent upon registration to a class to allow time to shop, prep, and review. Sushi rolls are just one example of a wide variety of dishes featured.

Best For Higher Skill Level : Kids Cook Real Food

Kids Cook Real Food

Kids Cook Real Food

Why We Chose It: Already have a chef-in-training in the family? Kids Cook Real Food is our choice for cooking classes designed for kids with a higher skill level.

  • More focus on building kitchen skills vs. learning recipes

  • Lessons are designed to be completed at your own pace

  • Different offerings for every budget

  • Not a live cooking class

  • Only VIP members can download the video courses

Kids Cook Real Food is an e-course designed to teach valuable cooking skills to kids at every level. Parents can choose access to a VIP Membership that includes access to all three levels of the e-course (ideal for families with more than one child) or a Single Level Membership (ideal for purchasing for one child who has already mastered the beginner or intermediate skills). Course offerings range in price from $25 for individual Skill Lab courses to $149.95 for the All-Access VIP Membership, so there is something available for every budget.

Compared to many other cooking classes that teach new recipes, the Kids Cook Real Food e-course focuses more on crafting kitchen skills. A few examples of the skills kids will learn in the advanced course curriculum are knife skills, stovetop safety, scrambling and frying eggs, and cooking dry beans. One mom reviewed this course, saying, “My kids are really engaged with the course material, and being able to make contributions in the kitchen increases their feeling of significance and decreases my frustration.”

Best For Live Experience : The Dynamite Shop

The Dynamite Shop

The Dynamite Shop

Why We Chose It: The Dynamite Shop takes our pick for the best live experience thanks to the experienced teachers, limited class size, and variety of class offerings.

  • Siblings can cook together on the same devic

  • Choose from many class options each week

  • Weekly menus are adaptable for vegetarian, kosher, dairy-free, nut-free, and gluten-free diets

  • Narrower age range

  • More expensive than some other programs

The Dynamite Shop is an online culinary school and social club empowering kids to get dinner done. After having to pivot from in-person classes in their Brooklyn studio, The Dynamite Shop has exploded in popularity as the go-to site for interactive, live cooking classes over Zoom.

Founded by two powerhouse women in the food industry, the company's goal is to help the rising generation of cooks find their niche in food, celebrate the diversity of our communities and the wider world, and develop positive relationships around food.

The core curriculum is the Dynamite Dinner Club, where kids gather on Zoom to cook dinner for their families and learn real-life cooking skills in the process.

Each class is $30 if you commit to the semester (payment plan available) or $40 for drop-ins. Semesters span 14 weeks, and as a bonus, semester students receive a 25% discount on weekend workshop classes. The goal of these classes is to learn fundamental culinary skills through the lens of home cooking.

From cheesy baked pasta to rainbow grain bowls, vegetable-packed fried rice, and hearty soups, students do not just follow recipes; they learn essential techniques that empower them in the kitchen and encourage them to be intuitive, creative cooks.

Final Verdict

When it comes to online cooking classes, there is one to fit every skill level, age, and schedule. Offerings range from pre-recorded self-paced e-courses to live semesters hosted over Zoom. Many of the companies reviewed offer single-class options in addition to their core memberships or series. Our top recommendation is Tiny Chefs because of its variety of offerings, from monthly and annual memberships, to live, one-time individual classes and private one-on-one lessons.

Compare Providers

Company Category Age Range
Tiny Chefs Best Overall Toddlers–teens (4-18)
The Kids’ Table Best For Younger Kids 2–14 years old
Home Cooking New York Best For Teens 13+ to cook independently or 10+ with an adult
Kids Cook Real Food Best For Higher Skill Level Starts as young as age 2
The Dynamite Shop Best Live 7–15 years old

Frequently Asked Questions

What Is an Online Cooking Class?

An online cooking class offers live or prerecorded instruction on a range of cooking and baking skills. These classes can be streamed or accessed through platforms like Zoom or other video platform services.

How Much Do Online Cooking Classes Cost?

Individual classes range in price from $18 per class to $45. Prices vary based on the class size, length of time, and class format. Some classes are priced per household, whereas others are priced per screen.

What If My Family Has Specific Dietary Needs?

Most recipes can be modified based on dietary needs. Many programs offer nut-free recipes and gluten-free and vegetarian substitutes in their recipes. Customers are encouraged to discuss allergies and dietary restrictions with the instructors or company prior to booking classes.

Does My Child Need Previous Experience in the Kitchen?

Experience is not required, and there are different online classes for every type of mini-chef. Some programs will offer classes to kids with a range of experience while others are better suited for those with a more advanced skill set. Speak to the program organizers before booking your child.


With online class offerings for kids on the rise, not all programs are created equal. We considered more than 10 companies and researched price, class variety, class size, skill level, instructors, live vs. pre-recorded options, and customer reviews when choosing top picks. Preference was also given to classes that offered healthful cooking classes. These companies offer a variety of classes or membership models to suit different budgets and schedules.

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