Best Online Chemistry Tutoring Services

TutorComp does one-on-one chemistry tutoring sessions for all grade levels

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In its broadest sense, chemistry is the study of matter and the changes it undergoes. What makes chemistry so fascinating is that everything studied can be correlated to real-life examples. Gas laws, light, acids, and bases are a few examples of chemistry that can explain everyday phenomena. Lessons often get more complicated when it comes to experiments since they explore the theoretical science behind chemistry.

If you or your child is struggling with a chemistry class, tutors can be a big help. From ideal services for self-study to those for advanced students, here are the top online chemistry tutoring services.

Best Online Chemistry Tutoring Services of 2023

Best Online Chemistry Tutoring Services
Best Online Chemistry Tutoring Services

Best Overall : TutorComp



Key Specs
  • Pricing: Starting at $9 per hour
  • Student level: K through college
  • Program: Private
Why We Chose It

TutorComp offers high-quality instruction in general chemistry, organic chemistry, quantum chemistry and more, with well-researched, real-world examples.

Pros & Cons
  • Tutors begin with baseline assessment

  • Online classes to fit student's schedule

  • Monthly parent-tutor meetings to monitor progress

  • Group sessions not offered

  • No mobile app


TutorComp describes itself as a global leader in online tutoring, helping students to perform well and obtain higher grades. It offers intensive, personalized online tutoring in one-on-one sessions for chemistry in all grades. Group sessions also are available.

The team consists of tutors who have at least two years of experience teaching in the curriculum. The first step is a free consultation to establish the area where the student needs assistance. A selection of tutors will be provided for you and your student to choose the best match.

The learning platform analyzes the needs of the students and develops a lesson plan to foster a better understanding of the basic concepts, and to promote sound problem-solving skills in chemistry. This is done through a state-of-the-art virtual study tool, which is supplemented by help for students via web chat, email, or over the phone around the clock.

Each student is assigned an education manager who designs the tutoring plan, shares it with the student, and posts it in the parents' portal. They also provide administrative support, as well as monthly meetings scheduled with parents, tutors, and students, where progress is analyzed and corrective measures are implemented.

Parents looking for the best online chemistry tutors want experts aligned to their child’s needs, with effective communication and course design. TutorComp is equipped to help your child succeed.

Best Supplemental Materials : TutaPoint

Key Specs
  • Pricing: $50 per hour
  • Student level: Basic to AP chemistry
  • Program: Private online sessions
Why We Chose It

TutaPoint offers around-the-clock assistance with carefully selected tutors, but it adds in access to videos and other resources to assist with chemistry lessons.

Pros & Cons
  • Tutors vetted for chemistry and tech expertise

  • Virtual classrooms rely on advanced tech

  • Supplemental material available

  • One-hour minimum for private tutoring

  • Separate test prep (SAT, ACT) classes are pricey


TutaPoint offers on-demand, round-the-clock access to tutoring for chemistry and other sciences. There is a free library of worksheets and science videos available to help you understand the foundations and complexities of chemistry, along with other resources that make it our top pick for services with supplemental materials.

There's also a testimonials section where you can read what students have to say about the company's services and its tutors, which are based in the United States.

Tutoring rates are roughly $50 per hour, with a minimum of one hour of instruction required. Billing is done in 15-minute increments for any time beyond the first hour charge. The cost includes all the supplemental services.

Best for Advanced Students : Limitless Learning Tutoring

Limitless Learning Tutoring

Limitless Learning Tutoring

Key Specs
  • Pricing: $600 per month or $75 per hour
  • Student age: Pre-K through high school
  • Program: Zoom-based online sessions
Why We Chose It

Limitless Learning programs are designed to help students of all ages, but its tutors excel at support for advanced students, and the company has a scholarship program for graduating seniors.

Pros & Cons
  • Free access to additional resources

  • Virtual field trip each week

  • Homework support via email for assignments

  • Cost per hour higher than other providers

  • Must have Zoom to participate


Limitless Learning International tutoring does not place a cap on what students can accomplish in chemistry but supports them on the journey to success. This starts with an assessment of the student's skills while forging a partnership between students, parents, and tutors to benefit even the most advanced students.

Limitless Learning builds an intensive program to target the learner’s needs and provides free access to resources for continual student education. This includes a library of content and resources that are updated weekly. Additionally, Limitless Learning Tutoring can act as a Professional Parent Advocate during school meetings, if requested.

Pricing is $600 per month, with a pay-as-you-go option of $75 per hour. The monthly price includes eight one-hour sessions.

Limitless Learning Tutoring is so confident in the results of its students that it offers several college scholarships every year to high school seniors based in Mississippi. For parents who want their children to soar under the right guidance, it's an excellent chemistry solution.

Best for Teacher-Focused Studies : Brainfuse



Key Specs
  • Pricing: Free for students at participating schools and libraries
  • Student age: K through 12
  • Program: Online through participating institutions
Why We Chose It

Brainfuse offers on-demand tutoring that's free when a school district or library system participates in the program.

Pros & Cons
  • Free access via desktop or mobile

  • Targeted tutoring program based on individual skills

  • Skills library with extra materials and resources

  • Must fill out form to try demo product

  • Homework help may be offered by unfamiliar tutor

  • Available only through participating institutions


Brainfuse was founded in 1999, and the service has provided millions of one-on-one online tutoring lessons. Brainfuse caters to learners and links them to chemistry instructors who want to help them with their educational journey.

All Brainfuse tutors have a bachelor’s degree and go through an intensive onboarding process before working with students. Using any desktop or mobile device through the Brainfuse online platform, instructors and administrators have access to a comprehensive learning system and targeted diagnostic tests that are accessible, with easy-to-use robust features.

Students have access to resources including a comprehensive lesson library, practice tests, and flashcard games. If there are any roadblocks, real-time instruction is provided by teachers who can intervene with additional support. Brainfuse is free for students but must first be purchased by an educational organization.

Best for Self-Study : Concord Consortium

Concord Consortium

Concord Consortium

Key Specs
  • Pricing: Free
  • Student age: High school
  • Program: Online access to materials; self-paced
Why We Chose It

The Concord Consortium resources can boost chemistry knowledge and skill through free, self-paced access to educational materials.

Pros & Cons
  • Visual simulations add clarity to lessons

  • Broad selection of chemistry activities and topics

  • Free access once approved

  • Students must rely on a teacher to gain access


While tutoring is definitely a useful resource, it does not necessarily work for everyone. Instead, some students need access to self-learning tools. This is where the Concord Consortium comes in.

Concord Consortium provides additional material in the form of activities, simulations, and software tools for high school students wanting to delve further into chemistry. While these activities are designed for self-study, there is a measure of accountability built in with desired outcomes revealed at the beginning of a module.

Students will be able to gauge their understanding at the end of the module and decide whether to repeat it or move on to the next one. Resources around atomic structure, atoms, and the conservation of energy, catalysts, chemical bonds, and more are available. Learners can also build their own collection of resources.

Since Concord Consortium is a nonprofit, the resources are offered free of charge, after a teacher registers a student.

Final Verdict

With so many companies on the market, TutorComp stood out with innovations such as a dedicated education manager to oversee the process, as well as attentive services and personalized chemistry lesson plans. While TutaPoint has 24/7 assistance for students, Concord Consortium is a helpful self-study option for students who learn more effectively on their own.

Compare the Best Online Chemistry Tutoring Services

Company  Pricing Student Age Program
Best Overall TutorComp Starting at $9 per hour Middle and high school Private and group sessions
Best Supplemental Materials TutaPoint $50 per hour Basic to AP chemistry Private tutor sessions
Best for Advanced Students Limitless Learning Tutoring $600 per month or $75 per hour Pre-K through high school  Zoom-based sessions
Best for Teacher-Focused Studies Brainfuse Free for students via participating schools and libraries K-12 Online through participating institutions
Best for Self-Study Concord Consortium Free High school Online access to materials; self-paced

Frequently Asked Questions

  • How Effective Is Online Tutoring?

    Online chemistry tutoring services equip students through one-on-one lessons, group sessions, self-paced lessons, and other options to prepare you for tests and improve your overall grasp of chemistry. While there are many variables, some studies find online tutoring services to be highly effective.

  • Should I Get Tutoring Online or in Person?

    The decision depends on your budget, flexibility, and goals. Tutoring will never replace course content, but online chemistry tutoring services like Concord Consortium can help to strengthen your skills. Online chemistry tutoring services may be more convenient and affordable than in-person sessions.

  • Is Paying for a Chemistry Tutor Worth It?

    The value of a chemistry tutor will depend on your individual goals and other variables, like whether your student requires standardized test prep. Pricing per hour generally ranges from roughly $20 to $65, but you may find free tutors and materials.


In choosing the best online chemistry tutoring services, we considered customer reviews, pricing, one-on-one support, customer service, and more. It was important that all the companies on the list had good reputations based on feedback from students and parents, and were transparent about their services and tutor qualifications.

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