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Chemistry is perhaps the most fascinating of the science subjects. In its broadest sense, it is the study of matter and the changes it undergoes. What makes chemistry so fascinating is that everything studied can be correlated to real-life examples. Gas laws, light, acids, and bases are a few examples of chemistry that can explain everyday phenomena, but things often get more complicated when it comes to experiments since they explore the theoretical science behind chemistry. While they can be a lot of fun, students might hit some challenges along the way.

But it doesn't have to be too much of a headache: Tutors can be a big help. From ideal services for self-study to those for advanced students, here are the top online chemistry tutoring services.

The 6 Best Online Chemistry Tutoring Services of 2022

Best Online Chemistry Tutoring Services
Best Online Chemistry Tutoring Services

Best Overall : TutorComp



Parents looking for the best online chemistry tutors want ones who are receptive to their child’s needs and can design a learning schedule accordingly, communicate effectively, and handle the billing and administrative sides efficiently.

TutorComp describes itself as a global leader in online tutoring, helping students perform well and obtain outstanding grades. It offers intensive, personalized online tutoring in one-on-one sessions for chemistry in all grades.

The tutoring team consists of dynamic tutors who have majored in chemistry from elite universities with experience in helping students. The first step is a free consultation to establish the area where the student needs assistance. A selection of tutors will be provided for the students to choose who they best connect with.

The platform analyzes the learning needs of the students and develops a lesson plan to foster a better understanding of the basic concepts and sound problem-solving skills related to chemistry. This is done through a state-of-the-art virtual study tool, which is supplemented by help for students via web chat, email, or over the phone around the clock.

Each student is assigned an education manager who designs the tutoring chart, shares it with the student, and posts it in the parental portal. They also provide administrative support, as well as monthly meetings scheduled with parents, tutors, and students, where progress is analyzed and corrective measures are implemented. Prices are not readily available on the website, the student selects number of hours and contact information to obtain a personalized quote.

Best Supplemental Materials : TutaPoint

Based in New York City, TutaPoint offers around-the-clock assistance with carefully selected tutors. They are chosen not only based on their academic backgrounds but also on their computer savviness in order to ensure that technical errors will not interrupt learning. 

The service does a rigorous background check before accepting a tutor, so there's no need to worry about anything when it comes to your online teaching lessons. It offers the most technologically advanced virtual classrooms with complete audio, video, and even a whiteboard.

In addition to chemistry, Tutapoint also offers help for physics, chemistry, and biology. There's a testimonials section where you can read what students have to say about the company's services. And, no matter which subject you're getting assistance with, there is a free library of science videos available to help you understand the foundations and complexities of science at all levels.

Tutoring rates are roughly $50 per hour, with a minimum of one hour of instruction required, which includes all the supplemental services. And if you need assistance, Tutapoint is available to help 24/7.

Best Free : Volunteer It Forward

Volunteer It Forward Tutors

Volunteer It Forward Tutors

Volunteer It Forward is based on the notion that all students deserve an equal opportunity to succeed and should have equal access to high-quality resources.

Based in the Twin Cities area of Minnesota, it provides free tutoring through video calls. The registered nonprofit continuously strives to improve the community, so it asks each learner to volunteer in their own community once a month to pay it forward.

Tutors are a combination of high school students, college students, and adults who believe in giving equal opportunity to anyone who needs assistance. And, at Volunteer It Forward, all ages and grades K-12 are welcome to get assistance, without any concern that location or pay could be an issue.

For online chemistry tutoring, potential students fill out a form online stating their needs and get a response within 24 hours to schedule a session with a tutor. The coursework covered includes a chemistry syllabus, as well as preparation for standardized tests such as the ACT, SAT, and PSAT. For families wanting assistance who have budget constraints, this is the best solution.

Best for Advanced Students : Limitless Learning Tutoring

Limitless Learning Tutoring

Limitless Learning Tutoring

True to its name, Limitless Learning Tutoring does not place a cap on what students can accomplish in academics but supports them on the journey to success. This starts with forging a triple partnership between students, parents, and tutors, which is supplemented by regular progress updates. It starts with assessments to track exactly where the student is academics-wise.

Based on that information, Limitless Learning Tutoring builds an intensive program to target the learner’s needs and provides free access to resources for continual student education. This includes a library of content and resources that are updated weekly. Additionally, Limitless Learning Tutoring acts as a Professional Parent Advocate if requested during school meetings.

Pricing is $480 per month, with a one-time $60 registration fee. This includes eight one-hour sessions.

Limitless Learning Tutoring is so confident in the results of its students that it offers several college scholarships every year to students based in Mississippi. For parents who want their children to soar under the right guidance, this is the perfect solution.

Best for Teacher-Focused Studies : Brainfuse



A lot of the time, online chemistry tutoring services are focused solely on the needs of the student and their family. But when studying such a complex subject, teachers play an important role that cannot be overlooked.

That's where Brainfuse comes in. Founded in 1999, the service has provided millions one-on-one online tutoring lessons. Brainfuse caters to learners and links them to instructors who want to help them with their educational journey.

To start, all Brainfuse tutors have a bachelor’s degree and go through an intensive onboarding process before working with students. Using any desktop or mobile device through the Brainfuse online platform, instructors and administrators have access to a comprehensive learning system and targeted diagnostic tests that are accessible, with easy-to-use robust features.

Students have access to resources including a comprehensive lesson library, practice tests, and flashcard games. And, if there are any roadblocks, real-time instruction is provided by teachers who can intervene with additional support. Brainfuse is free for students, but must first be purchased by an educational organization in order to be used.

Best for Self-Study : Concord Consortium

Concord Consortium

Concord Consortium

A lot of students who need additional help with studying chemistry require the guidance of a tutor to navigate the subject. While tutoring is definitely a useful resource, it does not necessarily work for everyone. Instead, some students need access to self-learning to improve: This is where the Concord Consortium comes in.

Concord Consortium provides additional material in the form of activities, simulations, and software tools for high school students wanting to delve further into chemistry. While these activities are designed for self-study, there is a measure of accountability built in where concepts of the desired outcomes are revealed at the beginning of the module.

Based on these, students will be able to gauge their understanding at the end of the module and decide whether to repeat or move on to the next one. Resources around atomic structure, atoms, and the conservation of energy, catalysts, chemical bonds, and more are available. Learners can also build their own collection of resources.

Since Concord Consortium is a nonprofit, the resources are offered free of charge upon registration by a teacher.


What Are Online Chemistry Tutoring Services?

Online chemistry tutoring services bridge the knowledge gap for students between what they are taught at school and the work they do at home. Traditional tutoring used to take place in-person, but with increased access to the internet, it is possible to offer this service online. The interactive digital classrooms allow sharing screens, which is very similar to face-to-face learning.

Online chemistry tutoring services equip students with the knowledge to confidently tackle and solve chemistry problems alone, helping them build a solid foundation that enables them to grasp their studies. Other companies offer online chemistry services that focus on preparing for tests, exams, and other important academic milestones. These have the potential to be stressful, which is precisely when support from online chemistry tutoring services is most vital.

Who Should Use Online Chemistry Tutoring Services?

Any student who wants to improve their grades and get a deeper understanding of chemistry should sign up for a tutoring service. It is necessary to keep in mind that tutoring will never be a substitute for the syllabus covered at school or by homeschooling. Instead, what online chemistry tutoring services like Concord Consortium do is try to bridge the gap by ensuring that the student is fully aware of all the details of chemistry and is able to complete calculations and solutions independently. Using online chemistry tutoring services should not be considered a sign of a weak student or failure in understanding, but simply a convenient tool to ensure effective learning.

How Much Do Online Chemistry Tutoring Services Cost?

Each online chemistry tutoring company sets its own rates, in line with the type of service being offered. Most of the time, pricing is readily available. As a parent, the type of tutoring you want for your child will have a bearing on the price point you settle on. Pricing per hour generally ranges from roughly $20 to $65. But there is often a misconception that free tutoring services might not be up to par with paid services. This is not the case at Volunteer It Forward, as all care is taken to ensure that the quality of tutoring and lesson support is just as high as services with fees.

How We Chose the Best Online Chemistry Tutoring Services

In choosing the best online chemistry tutoring services, we considered a lot of factors including customer reviews, pricing, one-on-one support, customer service, and more. It was important that all the companies on the list had good reputations based on feedback from students and parents. Transparent pricing was also necessary so that all parties knew exactly what they should budget for.

With so many companies on the market, the ones that had innovations such as a dedicated education manager to oversee the process (Tutorcomp) stood out for the way they differentiated themselves with attentive services and personalized lesson plans. While TutaPoint stood out for its 24/7 assistance for students, Concord Consortium stood out as a self-study option for students who learn more effectively on their own.

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