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Lamaze International Bestsellers Bundle won best overall online birthing class

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When you're pregnant, you often have to show up for pregnancy-related events in person. For example, the lion's share of doctor's visits you'll have to make will require you to be physically examined. And while you might think birthing classes require the same in-person attendance, there are actually a number of them you can take online. You can prepare for your birth from the comfort of home, often on your own time, with an online birthing class. 

Birthing classes cover a wide variety of topics, from staying healthy during pregnancy and coping with labor to the basics of newborn care, including breastfeeding. While you may not get the same community-building aspects of an in-person course, there are many benefits to taking a birthing class online, including a flexible schedule, accessibility for pregnant people on bed rest, and a large variety of classes offered on specific topics you may be interested in. 

Your hospital or birth center may have a few basic classes, but online, you should be able to find a class for virtually any topic related to birth and baby care. Here’s a look at some of the best online birthing classes we’ve found.

Best Online Birthing Classes of 2022

Best Overall : Lamaze International Bestsellers Bundle : Birth, Labor, and Breastfeeding Basics

Lamaze International

Lamaze International

Key Specs

  • Price: $85
  • Types of Classes: Birth, labor, and breastfeeding
  • Duration: 3+ hours of self-paced video lessons

Why We Chose It

Lamaze has been helping people birth for more than 60 years and is one of the most trusted names in birthing classes. This comprehensive bundle is sure to cover many of the questions expecting parents have about pregnancy, birth, and breastfeeding. 

Pros & Cons

  • Includes three courses covering a variety of topics

  • Method has been practiced and trusted for many years

  • Suggests various techniques for coping with pain

  • Video, quizzes, resources, and interactive content included

  • Covers vaginal birth after cesarean (VBAC)

  • Amount of information may be overwhelming

  • Taking the class isn't enough; you have to practice the method to really get the benefits

For a one-stop-shopping experience that is also budget-friendly, you can’t go wrong with the Lamaze Bestsellers Bundle. This comprehensive course includes three of its top classes: Safe and Healthy Birth, Labor Pain Management, and Breastfeeding Basics.

Throughout the lesson, you’ll learn how to spot active labor, use techniques to manage pain, and how to make it through the delivery process. You’ll also get tips to help you have a healthy birth (both medicated and unmedicated), as well as how to ensure breastfeeding is seamless.

Taught by a Lamaze Certified Childbirth Educator, all Lamaze classes are self-paced and typically take around 60 to 75 minutes to complete. The format for each one includes text to read, videos, audio, slideshows, interactive images, quizzes, or personal reflections. If you want to try before you buy, consider taking Lamaze International's free Labor Confidence course. This allows you to view the classes' format, content, and structure without any financial obligation.

The Lamaze bundle gives you access to three courses for around $85. Individually, these classes' costs range from about $30 to $35, so you save approximately $15 when you bundle. You can get unlimited access to the site's content for one year.

Best Budget : Birth It Up

Birth it Up!

Birth it Up!

Key Specs

  • Price: $139
  • Types of Classes: Unmedicated and epidural classes
  • Duration: 12+ hours of self-paced video lessons

Why We Chose It

We love that there are different classes for both medicated and unmedicated births. The amount of information you’ll get in each class is great for the price.

Pros & Cons

  • Can choose a class based on the birth plan you have in mind

  • 30+ lessons with a lot of information

  • Take at your own pace

  • Both video and text lessons

  • Class is lecture-style and not interactive

  • Class does not teach hands-on skills such as massage during labor, changing diapers or swaddling

Parents-to-be who want a class with some depth, but don’t want it to make a considerable dent in their bank account, should check out Birth It Up courses.

Taught by Liesel Teen, a labor and delivery nurse, the Birth It Up series has three options: The Natural Series, The Epidural Series, and The C-Section Series. Each class has a separate $139 fee and enrollment process, but you get exactly what you need because she breaks up the content so it's specific to each type of birth.

The classes come with more than 30 lessons with video and text content (e-book). The epidural class takes approximately three hours to complete, while the natural class takes about five to six hours. In both courses, you will learn about the birth process, what to expect when you go into labor, what happens after delivery, special circumstances, and hospital tips.

The C-Section series has three hours of on-demand birthing videos taught by a labor and delivery nurse, two hours of newborn care guidance, and lifetime access to the C-Section Series. You'll also have access to nine printables that include checklists and trackers.

Best for Parents Wanting No Pain Medications : Kopa Birth

Kopa Birth

Kopa Birth

Key Specs
  • Price: $195 to $245
  • Types of Classes: Natural pain management, labor positions, relaxation, informed choices, and postpartum care
  • Duration: 12+ hours of self-paced video lessons

Why We Chose It

This class takes an in-depth approach to guide you in your unmedicated labor. You’ll learn tips on how to successfully cope with pain, including relaxation, labor positions, and how to best prepare for the birth you want.

Pros & Cons

  • Labor exercises with each lesson

  • Step-by-step approach to a birth without pain medication

  • Relaxation audio files included

  • Hospital-focused; not a lot of info for those birthing in birth centers or at home

  • Not a lot of advice on how to cope when things don’t go according to plan

  • No lifetime access

New parents wanting a pain medication-free experience need to check out this online class. Not only is it a top pick for first pregnancies, but it’s also a quick study.

Typically taught as a three-month course, you can condense learning to one month of intense learning. Instructor Katie Griffin is a registered nurse and a Lamaze Certified Childbirth Educator with several years of experience in unmedicated hospital births.

The overall goal of the Kopa Birth class is to teach laboring parents coping tools to manage contractions without pain medication. The Prepared Essentials course consists of 12 hours of video divided into eight classes: relaxation, the birth process, early labor, patterned breathing, pushing phase, labor positions, and more.

Once you purchase the course, you'll have access to it for three months. There is also a Prepared Plus class with a seven-month access period with additional topics such as relaxation triggers, prenatal fitness, babywearing, partner labor guides, and more.

There are two lessons to choose from: Kopa Prepared Essentials and Kopa Prepared Plus. The Essentials course costs around $195, and the Plus class is about $245 and comes with a risk-free, 30-day money-back guarantee.

Best for Home or Birthing Center Birth : Mama Natural Birth Course

Mama Natural Birth Course

Mama Natural Birth Course

Key Specs

  • Price: $264
  • Types of Classes: Nutrition, natural remedies, infant positioning, and natural pain management techniques
  • Duration: 12 hours of self-paced video lessons

Why We Chose It

This class is appropriate for wherever you’re choosing to give birth. It’s created to support you in your birth plan, but also helps you cope when things don’t go according to plan, which is always a possibility. 

Pros & Cons

  • Great for hospital births, birthing centers, and home births

  • Includes video, detailed text guides, and worksheets

  • Goes through all the stages of labor and aftercare

  • Helps you handle the unexpected, such as c-sections and unplanned interventions

  • Expensive

  • No lifetime access

Let’s face it: Going pain medication-free is no easy feat. But just because it requires you to feel everything doesn’t mean you should shy away from this incredible experience.

The Mama Natural Birth Course is a top pick for mothers-to-be who want an unmedicated birth at home, hospital, or birthing center. Not only does this class have an excellent reputation, but it’s also taught by Maura Walker, a certified nurse-midwife and board-certified lactation consultant, and Genevieve Howland, author of a week-by-week guide to pregnancy and childbirth.

The instructors will walk you through eight classes that cover topics like preparing your body and mind for birth, finding your support team, early and active labor, transition and pushing, aftercare for baby, and how to handle unexpected stuff that can happen during labor.

In addition to the eight videos, you'll also get a breastfeeding masterclass, printable cheat sheets, and resources. You'll have a full year to work through the course at your own pace.

The Mama Natural Birth Course is around $264 and comes with a risk-free, 30-day money-back guarantee. A three-month payment plan is available if you can’t pay in full upfront.

Best for Couples : The Online Prenatal Class for Couples

The Online Prenatal Class for Couples

The Online Prenatal Class for Couples

Key Specs

  • Price: $99 to $197
  • Types of Classes: Signs of labor, delivery, pain management, and postpartum
  • Duration: 3 hours of self-paced video lessons

Why We Chose It

This class really involves the birth partner in the preparation for birth, rather than just focusing on the birther. Partners learn to connect over their birthing decisions and learn about the birthing process together.

Pros & Cons

  • Taught by a labor and delivery nurse

  • Really involves the birth partner

  • Video and written materials included

  • Hands-on assignments

  • Doesn’t overload students with information

  • Some may want more information than is offered in the class

  • Doesn’t coach you through pain management or breathing techniques

Grab your partner and get ready to tackle everything birthing-related in this three-part class that's specifically designed for couples.

The Online Prenatal Class for Couples, taught by labor and delivery nurse Hilary Erickson, is for any pregnant person and partner planning a hospital/birth center delivery. Since this course begins and ends with both partners participating, it allows couples to be on the same page.

Each class includes a video with written materials (in the form of an e-book) and resources to supplement, plus a couple of discussion questions included after every chapter. Topics include third-trimester testing, signs of labor, the pain factor, types of births, contractions, inductions, and going home.

Couples will enjoy the insider information that Erickson can provide after spending several years in the delivery room. They will also appreciate the simplicity of the course since it only covers what you absolutely need to know.

The Online Birthing Class for Couples costs around $99, or you can get the deluxe version, which features the ability to replay the videos of all the classes, access to a private Facebook group, and a 100-page e-book and workbook for about $197.

If you don’t want the online video content, you can just purchase the basic version for approximately $35, which includes the e-book and couples' workbook.

Best for Non-Pregnant Partners : SupportingHer



Key Specs

  • Price: $69 to $99
  • Types of Classes: Preparing for birth, labor, physical support, and verbal support
  • Duration: 3+ hours of self-paced video lessons

Why We Chose It

It’s so important that birth partners get their own training. Too often, the non-pregnant partner feels helpless and like a third wheel during the labor process. This class teaches birth partners how to be supportive and involved when their significant other is in labor so they are able to adequately bond and feel like part of the event.

Pros & Cons

  • Focuses on emotional and physical support

  • Easy tips and advice for non-pregnant partners

  • Access to SupportingHer Facebook group

  • Bonus printable handouts included

  • No information about the biology of labor

  • Lacks course material covering the prenatal stage

If your other half needs a fun, concise, and completely relatable tutorial on what to expect during labor and delivery, then SupportingHer is a great place to start.

Broken up into three sections—Before Labor, She’s in Labor, and Baby Is Here—this short but informative course is perfect for the birth partner. This course consists of instructor-led videos that teach the basics of being a supportive partner during labor and delivery, both physically and emotionally.

In fact, it’s the emotional connection that is emphasized the most in this course. So, if you’re looking for an in-depth view of the labor process, this course is not for you. Topics include a birth partner’s role, verbal and physical support, what to do at the hospital, dealing with medical staff, and more. Plus, you’ll get bonus videos of other non-pregnant partners talking about their time in the trenches (aka the delivery room).

The SupportingHer online course is $69 and has a 30-day money-back guarantee. If you'd like to add on a private consultation, you can opt for the package deal at $99. Once you purchase it, you have unlimited access for about 10 months.

Best for People Without Partners : Motherhood Reimagined

Motherhood Reimagined

Motherhood Reimagined

Key Specs

  • Price: $347
  • Types of Classes: Labor, postpartum, breastfeeding, and newborn care
  • Duration: 15 hours of live Zoom calls spanning 10 weeks

Why We Chose It

The support group atmosphere that Motherhood Reimagined offers really can’t be beat. Instead of a class that just covers solo birth, this is an extensive course that is specifically designed to prepare you for and support you through pregnancy, childbirth, and beyond as a single parent. 

Pros & Cons

  • Supportive group atmosphere

  • Birth preparation and pregnancy support focused on solo pregnancy

  • Postpartum success advice

  • Classes and groups are live

  • Pricey

  • Runs on a schedule, so if you miss the start date you may benefit from paying month-to-month

Pregnancy and birth can be even tougher for those without partners. That’s why Sarah Kowalski, single mom by choice, fertility doula, life coach, and author, teamed with certified nurse midwife Betsy Freeman to create this 10-week course about the solo pregnancy journey,  Motherhood Reimagined.

It’s more than just a robust childbirth education class. The course functions as a support group as well. You’ll be joined by other single pregnant people and the class focuses on the challenges of navigating the childbirth arena solo, as well as the empowering and transformative aspects of single parenthood. 

The package includes a weekly 90-minute Zoom group call, a private platform to connect with the other group members, as well as a larger community platform that houses guest experts and interviews. You’ll also get direct access to Sarah and Betsy, both single parents themselves, so you can ask questions or receive support when needed. 

The Join the Community package is $9.97 per month; the Group Coaching Support package is $97 per month; the Individual Coaching package is $347 per month; and the Solo Pregnancy and Birth Course is $347 for the full 10 weeks.

Best for LGBTQIA+ Pregnant People : Maia Midwifery & Fertility Queer & Trans Pregnancy Program

Maia Midwifery & Fertility Queer & Trans Pregnancy Program

Maia Midwifery & Fertility Queer & Trans Pregnancy Program

Key Specs

  • Price: $300 for first month, $150/month thereafter
  • Types of Classes: Nutrition, prenatal, birth prep, postpartum, and lactation
  • Duration: 50+ hours of live sessions and 25 hours of self-paced video training

Why We Chose It

Maia Midwifery & Fertility offers a plethora of resources and classes for LGBTQIA+ families, and the way you build your own education is flexible on their platform. You can go for the full support package, or pick the classes and groups that most fulfill your needs.

Pros & Cons

  • Several classes and support groups for queer and trans families

  • Atmosphere is inclusive and caters specifically to LGBTQIA+ families

  • Flexible pick and choose platform

  • Classes cover everything from pregnancy and childbirth to navigating the healthcare system and parenthood

  • Live classes and groups

  • Full package is expensive

  • Classes are live, so you’ll have to run on their schedule

For a more inclusive birth class for LGBTQIA+ families, Maia Midwifery & Fertility’s Queer & Trans Pregnancy Program offers a support group-like atmosphere and educational environment online. 

The class is run by midwife Kristin Kali, who has more than 25 years of experience working with LGBTQIA+ families. The comprehensive class provides care and information beyond what is typically provided by your midwife or obstetrician. 

The Centering Queer & Trans Pregnancy Group guides you through announcing your pregnancy and exploring your care options, along with caring for your changing body and emotional well-being as you transition into parenthood. 

The Childbirth Class for LGBTQIA+ Families offers a 100% gender-inclusive, LGBTQIA+ centered, in-depth curriculum that covers hospital, birth center, and home birth preparation.

Several other classes and groups are offered with the full package such as a Lactation Class for LGBTQIA+ families and a transition to parenthood group, but you can also opt for the Fertility and Family Building Package if you’re still in the early stages of conception.

The full Pregnancy and Parenting Program includes over 85 lessons covering each trimester of pregnancy, birth prep, lactation, adjusting to life with a new baby, and more. You’re billed monthly for as long as you choose to participate, with a first month fee of $300 and $150 each month after.

Best Free : Pampers Childbirth Education Class



Key Specs

  • Price: Free
  • Types of Classes: Body changes, nutrition, birth prep, labor, postpartum, and feeding
  • Duration: 1.5 hours of self-paced video lessons

Why We Chose It

This is a great way to start your pregnancy and childbirth education, or it may be a good refresher course for those who have already given birth. The class covers all the big topics, from body changes to postpartum care and bringing baby home.

Pros & Cons

  • 43 comprehensive lessons

  • Expert advice from Heidi Rice, RN, BSN and Alisa Williams, RN, MSN, IBCLC, RLC

  • Real life stories

  • Not a replacement for an in-depth birth class

  • Not tailored to specific types of birth plans or locations

Babies cost a lot of money, so anything you can get for free is always a bonus.

During this 90-minute course, you will take nine classes: Body Changes and Discomforts, Prenatal Health and Nutrition, Preparing for Labor and Birth, Labor and Birth Parts 1 and 2, Immediately After Birth, Feeding Your Baby, Bringing Baby Home, and Postpartum Care.

Each segment features real-life expecting parents, so you'll feel like you’re taking a live class. The instructors, who are registered nurses and clinical childbirth experts, deliver the material in short segments, which means you'll leave feeling informed but not overwhelmed.

In terms of format and content, this one is like an in-person, hospital-based birthing course. You can use this class as an add-on to a more comprehensive session or watch it with your partner for a quick summary of what to expect.

Since The Pampers Childbirth Education Class is free, you'll have access to the course content whenever you want.

Best Hypnobirthing Class : The Positive Birth Company

The Positive Birth Company

The Positive Birth Company

Key Specs

  • Price: $55
  • Types of Classes: Science of hypnobirthing, relaxation, birth preferences, labor, and feeding
  • Duration: 6+ hours of self-paced videos

Why We Chose It

The Positive Birth Company’s Hypnobirthing Digital Pack includes many resources to help you have the positive, peaceful birth you desire.

Pros & Cons

  • 6+ hours of video content

  • Scripted guided meditations

  • MP3s

  • Not a live class

  • May be focused heavily on unmedicated and out-of-hospital birth

  • Not much focus on when birth doesn’t go as planned

The Positive Birth Company Hypnobirthing Digital Pack focuses on deep relaxation before and during labor to help with pain management and ease the stress of birth. Hypnobirthing is an increasingly popular birthing method that uses self-hypnosis (really, no more than a deep meditation) to remain calm and relax the body during labor to help the birthing person withstand pain and manage anxiety. The method keeps the birth partner involved, and trains them to aid you in relaxation methods during your pregnancy and when labor gets tough. 

You’ll focus on positive birth stories, and not be bombarded by anecdotes about possible risks and complications, which are sure to hinder your ability to relax into contractions. The method teaches you about the fear-tension-pain cycle and the theory that the more stressed and afraid a birthing person is, the more pain they may feel.

This online program offers more than six hours of video content, 8 MP3s to listen to, scripted, guided meditations, a course notes booklet, and a birth plan template. You’ll also get access to a private Facebook group where you can gain support and read positive birth stories, where you’ll be invited to live Q&A sessions on Facebook with your instructor. 

The digital package costs $55, and you’ll have access to the course for 12 months.

Final Verdict

Online childbirth classes are a great way to get the education you need without leaving the comfort of home. With so many comprehensive options available, you’re sure to find a course that fits your needs as well as your budget. We chose Lamaze International Bestsellers Bundle Birth, Labor, and Breastfeeding Basics as our overall favorite because it's comprehensive, inclusive, and affordable. Taught by Lamaze-certified educators, this course covers everything from the early stages of labor to breastfeeding and postpartum care.

However, if you're working with a smaller budget, Pampers offers a free childbirth education class that also covers the basics of pregnancy, birth, and postpartum. Kopa Birth focuses on medication-free hospital births, and the Maia Midwifery & Fertility Queer & Trans Pregnancy Program is a great option for LGBTQIA+ parents.

Compare Providers

Best Online Childbirth Class Price Class Type Duration
Lamaze International Bestsellers Bundle: Birth, Labor, and Breastfeeding Basics Best Overall $85 Birth, labor, and breastfeeding 3+ hours of self-paced video lessons
BirthItUp Best Budget $139 Unmedicated, C-section, and epidural classes 12+ hours of self-paced video lessons
Kopa Birth Best for Parents Wanting No Pain Medications Essentials class: $195; Plus class: about $245 Natural pain management, labor positions, relaxation, informed choices, and postpartum care 12+ hours of self-paced video lessons
Mama Natural Birth Course Best for a Home or Birthing Center Birth $264 Nutrition, natural remedies, infant positioning, and natural pain management techniques 12 hours of self-paced video lessons
Online Prenatal Class for Couples Best for Couples $99 to $197 Signs of labor, delivery, pain management, and postpartum 3 hours of self-paced video lessons
SupportingHer Best for Non-Pregnant Partners $69 to $99 Preparing for birth, labor, physical support, and verbal support 3+ hours of self-paced video lessons
Motherhood Reimagined Best for Birthers without Partners $9.97 to $347 Labor, postpartum, breastfeeding, and newborn care 15 hours of live Zoom calls spanning 10 weeks
Maia Midwifery & Fertility Queer & Trans Pregnancy Program Best for LGBTQ+ Pregnant People $300 for first month, $150/month thereafter Nutrition, prenatal, birth prep, postpartum, and lactation 50+ hours of live sessions and 25 hours of self-paced video training
Pampers Childbirth Education Class Best Free Free Body changes, nutrition, birth prep, labor, postpartum, and feeding 1.5 hours of self-paced video lessons
Positive Birth Company Hypnobirthing Digital Pack Best Hypnobirthing Class $55 Science of hypnobirthing, relaxation, birth preferences, labor, and feeding 6+ hours of self-paced videos


What Are Online Birthing Classes?

Similar to in-person birthing classes, online birthing classes help pregnant people and their partners prepare for labor and delivery. Some online childbirth classes may be text-based, offering you access to online materials that can be viewed and read at your own pace. Other programs are video-based, so you watch live or pre-recorded videos with instructors. Some classes are a combination of reading materials and videos, and/or include an interactive component such as an online chat room.

Online birthing classes are usually taught by registered nurses or clinical childbirth experts. They typically cover the same topics as in-person classes, including pregnancy basics, stages of labor, comfort measures, labor positions, medications, c-sections, postpartum adjustment, and newborn care.  

What Are Some Pros and Cons?

Taking online birthing classes can be beneficial and effective for parents-to-be, especially for those whose location, schedules, or required bed rest don’t allow them to take in-person classes. Additionally, parents-to-be can take the classes at their convenience and spend more time on the topics that are most relevant and helpful to them.

If you choose an online childbirth class, you’ll miss some of the hands-on activities and in-person interaction with the instructor and other expectant parents. Some online programs don’t give participants the opportunity to ask the instructor questions. However, some online classes do have videos that simulate some of the demonstrations you would see at an in-person class. You may also have the ability to do a video conference with the instructor or submit questions in a chat or by email.

While taking an online birthing class may not be the ideal solution for everyone, it can be helpful as a supplement to in-person experiences or as a substitute for those who can’t attend face-to-face classes.

When Should I Take an Online Birthing Class?

As with any childbirth course, you’ll want to have enough time to get through the program without feeling pressure to rush through it. Generally, in case you start labor early, you should aim to finish the class before week 36 of your pregnancy so that you have some time to practice the techniques before childbirth.

How Much Do Online Birthing Classes Cost?

The cost of online birthing classes can vary greatly depending on the quality, amount of resources and instruction, level of interactivity and personal support, and length of access to the materials. Some basic classes are completely free, while other more comprehensive programs may cost up to $250 or more. Generally, most classes fall in the range of $80 to $200.

Are These Classes Covered by Insurance?

In some cases, birthing classes may be covered by health insurance. Talk to your health insurance provider to ask about coverage for online classes.


When choosing the best online birthing classes, we looked for a variety of features to address the needs of different types of parents-to-be. We considered platforms (text, video, live, or a combination), length, price, topics covered, and instructor qualifications when making our decisions. We also took into account user reviews to get a sense of the customer experience. Finally, we narrowed down our list based on audience, such as whether the classes are designed for single parents, couples, or LGTBQ parents. Different birthing preferences, such as hospital births vs. home births, were considered as well. Our top picks include birthing classes that offer a variety of perspectives to help you make the best decision for your family.

Additional reporting by Nicole Bonaccorso.

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