The 8 Best Nursing Pads of 2019

Keep your clothes protected on your breastfeeding journey

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New moms have a lot on their minds, from feeding schedules and first check-ups to childcare and their own healing. The last thing a new mom needs to add to her checklist is making sure that her breastmilk isn’t leaking through her shirt if she can’t get to her baby at exactly the second she needs to. That’s where nursing pads come into play for many breastfeeding moms. The right nursing pad will feel like you’re wearing nothing, but will protect your clothes from leaks at the same time.

Pads come in all sorts of forms, from disposable to reusable, and they are made in different materials, as well. While it might take trying a few different styles and brands before you find the ones that feel best for you, you can’t go wrong with any of the following options when starting your search.

Our Top Picks

Best Overall: Rebabies

If you’re new to the breastfeeding game, why not try a pad that’s basically the Bentley of all options? The Amazon’s Choice Rebabies organic bamboo breastfeeding pads are the whole package. Rebabies nursing pads provide convenience, comfort, and maximum protection with organic bamboo material that is super absorbent while also being soft, gentle, and breathable at the same time.

Each package comes with both regular and overnight pads, as well as a washing bag for quick and easy cleaning. The additional cotton carry bag makes it easy for you to discreetly bring your pads with you everywhere you go. These hypoallergenic pads mean moms don’t have to worry about itchiness or infections, and the soft, organic bamboo also helps soothe sore nipples and provide maximum comfort.

The pads look natural under all clothing, and as if that weren’t enough, each package comes with a decorative card so that moms can write a message for their babies to read at some point in the future.

Best Disposable: Lansinoh Stay Dry Nursing Pads

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If you’d prefer to not have to worry about washing and drying your nursing pads, a disposable brand is probably your best bet. Disposable shouldn’t equal uncomfortable, though, and the Lansinoh Stay Dry Nursing Pads make comfort a priority. Features of this pad include a quilted honeycomb lining that provides excellent leak-proof coverage, as well as a waterproof layer that keeps your clothes protected.

The contoured shape also ensures that you remain comfortable and discreet, even when they’re wet. Each pad is individually wrapped and has two adhesive strips on the back to keep them in place within your bra or nursing tank. Simply throw them away at the end of the day and move on.​

Best Ultra Thin: NUK Ultra Thin Nursing Pads

If you prefer to go with the most minimal coverage possible without being completely bare under there, the NUK Ultra Thin Nursing Pads provide enough absorption to keep you comfortable while still being super thin. The pad is discreet with a no-show design, while the patented MilkLock technology is designed to trap all leaks.

Extra soft, breathable material reduces the risk of irritation, and the dual-layer construction provides protection without the added bulk you’ll find in some pads. This product is recommended for moms with light flow or who have already established their milk production and aren’t leaking as much as someone right after labor.

Best Heavy Leaking: Medela Disposables

Especially as your breastmilk first starts to come in, you may find that you need a little extra coverage. Medela Disposables are made with superabsorbent materials designed to prevent leakage and maintain dryness while still staying discreet under your clothing.

These cotton and nylon pads are made with an absorbent polymer that will keep you dry, comfortable and confident while you settle into your breastfeeding routine with your little one.

Best for Large Breasts: Mother-Ease Cloth Nursing Pads

Mother-Ease cloth nursing pads are an Amazon’s Choice product because they have a whole lot going for them, not the least of which is how they fit comfortably for big-breasted women. The ultra soft fabric means no dampness, itching, or sticking, and it means you’ll need to change them less throughout the day, as well.

Unlike other brands, the contoured shape of these pads also moves to fit with the user’s body, so there is no bunching in your bra or sliding around. The neutral color won’t show through clothing, either. The eco-friendly, washable, reusable material also helps prevent thrush and yeast by wicking moisture away from your skin and keeping you dry while also keeping your baby safe.

Best Eco-Friendly: Bamboobies Disposable Nursing Pads

For all of the on-the-go convenience of other disposable nursing pads with the additional benefit of eco-friendliness and sustainability, check out the Bamboobies disposable nursing pad line. The bamboo viscose top layer of this product is soft on the skin while also being naturally antibacterial and antimicrobial.

Meanwhile, the inner core is ultra-absorbent, working all day to keep you dry and comfortable. The patented milk-proof backing is perfectly breathable and keeps sensitive skin healthy, as well.

Best Reusable: EcoNursing Contoured Washable Reusable Bamboo Nursing Pads

Eco-conscious moms out there might prefer using a reusable pad over a disposable one, and the contoured washable reusable bamboo nursing pads give those moms all they’re looking for in this type of product. The new and improved EcoNursing Pads offer a contoured shape with two types of pads in one pack: the ultra-soft velvety flower shaped day-sies for daytime use and the thick, contoured, organic bamboo for heavier or night-time flow when you go longer without feeding.

Comfortable and ultra soft, these pads are designed with leak-proof backings and are fully reusable and washable. The Day-sies, in particular, are especially soft and soothing for chafed or sore nipples, or for sensitive skin problems.

Best for Sensitive Skin: bamboobies Washable Reusable Nursing Pads

While most moms are bound to experience some discomfort when they first start breastfeeding, for those with extra sensitive skin, finding a super-soft nursing pad is a must. The bamboobies washable, reusable nursing pads is an Amazon’s Choice product with more than 3,100 reviews, and for good reason.

Besides the fact that you can wash and reuse this product, saving you money and helping the environment, the ultra-soft top layer that touches the skin is made with 57 percent bamboo viscose, 23 percent polyester, and 20 percent cotton.

The absorbent inner layer is made of 55 percent ramie and 45 percent cotton, and the outer leak-proof layer is 100 percent polyester with TPU waterproofing. This ultra-soft and absorbent nursing pad has everything a sensitive-skinned mama will need to get her breastfeeding off on the right foot.

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