The 9 Best Nursery Rugs of 2023

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In addition to a baby crib, glider chair, and dresser, a nursery rug is essential for many families. Nursery rugs provide families the chance to play around with style while providing a soft cover or play area for the floor. These cozy nursery staples are the perfect addition to any nursery and should be included in your baby registry.

Nursery rugs are great spots for babies and kids to play, so they should be stylish, safe, and durable so your kiddo can move from tummy time to playtime on the same rug. We carefully considered design, material, value, assembly, and any additional features when reviewing products.

Here are the best nursery rugs for your lifestyle, budget, and needs.

Best Overall

Pottery Barn Kids Starry Skies Rug

Starry Skies Rug

Courtesy by pottery barn kids

The Pottery Bar Kids Starry Skies Rug earned our top spot because it's designed to be soft on the feet and comes in a fun pattern. This rug features delicate stars that are appropriate for a baby and age well as your kid grows up. Wool has a natural ability to resist staining and soiling while also being naturally flame retardant.

To care for the rug, simply vacuum regularly and clean spills with a damp cloth. The rug is approximately 0.5-inch thick, and a rug pad is recommended for extra support and to prevent movement.

Price at time of publication: $299 for 4x6'

Key Specs:
4 x 6 feet, 6 x 9 feet, 3 x 5 feet, 5 x 8 feet, 7 x 10 feet, 6 x 9 feet, and 5 feet round | Materials: Hand-tufted wool

Best Washable

Ruggable Ziggy Multicolor Rug

Ziggy Multicolor Rug

Courtesy by Ruggable

Ruggable is known for beautiful rugs that are machine washable, and this choice is exactly that. Choose from a wide range of dimensions and two color options for a whimsical design that’ll liven up any nursery.

Ruggable’s rug is only 0.12-inch thick, and it’s recommended that buyers add either the classic or cushioned rug pad. For the youngest set, the cushioned pad is non-slip and adds more support and softness for cute babies and early walkers. To clean, simply machine wash the rug and place it back on the pad.

Price at time of publication: $219

Key Specs:
Dimensions: 2 x 3 feet, 3 x 5 feet, 5 x 7 feet, 6 x 9 feet, 8 x 10 feet, and 9 x 12 feet | Materials: Polyester with a polyurethane water-resistant barrier

Best Transitional

Safavieh Chevron Wool Rug

Handmade Chevron Premium Wool Area Rug

Courtesy by Amazon

Handmade with premium wool, consider this rug for any transitional needs such as a nursery/guest room, two kids sharing a room, or a nursery that’ll be your child’s forever room. Colorful, but not babyish, the wool rug is available in a wide range of sizes and four color combinations that pair classic colors with neutral ivory.

The eye-catching chevron style works with a wide range of decor, and the 0.5-inch pile height fits beneath furniture while still feeling plush and providing noise-canceling benefits. The rug may shed a bit in the beginning but some rounds of vacuuming early on will clean up any extra fibers.

Price at time of publication: $190

Key Specs:
2 x 3 feet, 3 x 5 feet, 4 x 6 feet, 5 x 8 feet, 6 feet round, 6 x 9 feet, 8 x 10 feet, 9 x 12 feet | Materials: Wool

Best Budget

Project Nursery Kids Rug with Geometric Lines

Project Nursery Kids Rug with Geometric Lines

Liven up any nursery with a modern kid-friendly rug that’s covered in geometric doodles in warm shades of blue, green, and light brown. The smooth surface and non-shedding rug is a great spot for little kids and won’t break the bank.

While not super plush, the thin rug also works well on top of wall-to-wall carpet. Easy to spot clean with soap and water, the rug features a lay flat design so the edges won’t curl. There’s no returns or exchanges on this option, so measure twice and make sure it’s the rug you want.

Key Specs:
3 x 5 feet, 4 x 6 feet, 5 x 7 feet, 5 feet round | Materials: Polyester/chenille top and poly cotton/canvas bottom

Best Wool

Pottery Barn Kids Concentric Square Tile Rug

Concentric Square Tile Rug

Courtesy by pottery barn kids

Sophisticated and made to last, this wool rug is available in three sizes and three color options. While the design doesn’t scream nursery, the classic neutral rug provides just enough interest to keep it from being boring but won’t overwhelm any nursery designs.

The mix of cut and looped pile adds texture and dimension, while the wool rug is naturally soft and stain-resistant. Regular vacuuming and blotting any spills are all the care you’ll need for this stylish wool pick.

Price at time of publication: $449 for 5x8'

Key Specs:
3 x 5 feet, 5 x 8 feet, 7 x 10 feet | Materials: Wool

Best Plush

Mack & Milo Camilo Abstract Shag Rainbow Area Rug

Camilo Rainbow Shag Area Rug By Mack & Milo

Courtesy by wayfair

Shag rugs are extremely soft and provide a luscious underfoot for feet. This colorful rainbow area rug is no exception. Stain-resistant, the rug is super soft to the touch and you may find that your baby just enjoys patting the rug.

The higher pile of 1.18 inches does make it harder for some furniture or doors to fit over, so measure well before purchasing. It’s recommended that the rug be spot cleaned with a mild detergent, and some vacuums may have trouble with the high pile shag.

Price at time of publication: $150

Key Specs:
3.11 x 5.7 feet, 5.3 x 7 feet, 7.10 x 10 feet, 8.9 x 12 feet, 5.3 feet round, and 4.4 x 6 feet | Materials: Polypropylene

Best Foam

Alzip Folding Play Mat

ALZIP MAT Eco Color Folder Urban

Courtesy by Amazon

Some parents may prefer a folding play mat instead of a classic nursery rug. An easy-to-clean, waterproof foam mat is attractive enough to remain out instead of a rug, but easily folds away when it’s not needed.

The special design ensures there are no gaps for food (or little fingers) to get stuck in. The cushy play mat is available in three sizes and three attractive color combinations and is a helpful addition to nurseries, playrooms, or other spots where babies will be.

Price at time of publication: $430

Key Specs:
78.74 x 55.1 inches, 86.6 x 55.1 inches, 94.4 x 55.1 inches, and 110.2 x 55.1 inches | Materials: Foam and fabric

Best Design

Lorena Canals Wings Rug


Courtesy by Nordstrom

Add a dreamy, angelic touch to any nursery room with this unique angel wing cotton rug. The classic white rug is easily machine washable and made of quick-to-clean cotton. An adorable accent piece, this rug is only available in one size and will look stylish on its own or on top of another rug.

Price at time of publication: $259

Key Specs:
48 x 63 inches | Materials: Cotton

Best Interactive

IVI MiniCity 3D Kids Play Mat

IVI Mini City Thick 3D Kids Play Mat Rug

Courtesy by Amazon

Decoration and toy all rolled into one, this 3D rug is amazingly versatile. Stylish on its own, the city streets landscape is enhanced with the rug’s design. The streets are smooth, and the landscaping is raised, so there is a lot of textural exploration involved. Just add some toy cars, toy people, or animals, and the rug will help support hours of play.

Parents praise the rug as well-made and easy to clean. The materials are hypoallergenic and stain-resistant, so it’ll look as good as new even after lots of play time.

Price at time of publication: $240

Key Specs:
71 x 53 inches or 86 x 59 inches | Materials: Polypropylene

Final Verdict

For a long-lasting rug that’s easy to clean, you can't beat a wool rug. The Pottery Barn Kids Starry Skies Rug (view on Pottery Barn Kids) is a simple, neutral rug option that would look great with almost any decor. For a more affordable option that’s easy to clean, Ruggable's Ziggy Multicolor Rug (view on Ruggable) looks great and can go through the washing machine again and again.

What to Look for in a Nursery Rug

Stain Resistance

Nursery rugs will see a lot of spills and can be magnets for stains, so a stain-resistant material is helpful. If the rug is not stain-resistant, know how to clean it before purchasing, since it’s almost certain there will be a spill at some point in the rug’s life. 

Typically, rugs labeled as "stain-resistant" can repel most dirt and liquids from settling into the material. Just blot with a cloth and your rug looks as good as new.


A nursery rug will get plenty of use from both adults and kiddos, so you'll want one that can stand up to a lot of wear and tear. Choose a timeless style and your nursery rug will grow with your child and can still be underfoot when the crib is long gone. Wool is a sturdy material, but can be difficult to clean unless it's treated for stain resistance.


A comfortable, soft rug is essential for a nursery, since you and your baby will likely spend a lot of time on the floor. Ideally, you'll want a rug that feels good when you walk on it at 2 a.m. and is comfy for your baby to play on. While comfort can be hard to judge online, reviews can help, and some companies offer swatch samples before purchase. 

If you can't check out the rug in person, reading its description can offer insight on key features. Look at the size and material of the rug to ensure it's big enough to be comfortable and if the material is soft enough for little feet (and big ones, too!).

Frequently Asked Questions

  • How do you determine what size rug you need?

    Go for a nursery rug that covers most of the floor. For a cohesive look, make sure that at least two legs of each piece of nursery furniture are on the rug. With the crib, changing table, and a rocker around the perimeter, there will be plenty of space in the center of the room for your baby to play comfortably.

  • Are new rugs safe for babies?

    New flooring can cause breathing problems for babies when it's installed during pregnancy or in baby's first year. But this is less of a concern for area rugs, vs. carpets that are set with adhesives.

    To be extra safe, buy your nursery rug as early as you can and let it air out for as long as possible. If either of your baby's parents suffer from asthma or respiratory issues, it may be best to avoid getting a brand-new rug for your nursery.

  • What type of rug material is best for babies?

    It is best to stick to natural fibers, such as 100% cotton, wool, or hemp, when choosing a rug for your baby's nursery. If you live in a warmer climate, you may want a rug made of cotton, while wool may be best in colder temperatures.

  • Why is tummy time important for babies?

    Tummy time plays an important role in gross motor development. It also has a positive effect on overall development, and it has been found to reduce the risk of plagiocephaly (flat head syndrome). Because babies should always sleep on their backs for safety, it is important to be intentional about tummy time.

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