The Best Pairs of Maternity Underwear for Pregnancy and Postpartum

Our top pick, Motherhood Maternity’s Fold-Over Panties, are soft and stretchy

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The weeks pregnancy are an exciting and ever-changing time for your body. As your belly grows, maternity clothes become essential for every day comfort. While some of your regular underwear may continue to fit, maternity underwear is made to fit the shape of a growing, pregnant belly so it’s better suited to your changing body. 

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Our top pick, Motherhood Maternity’s 3-Pack Fold-Over Panties, are super soft and stretchy, and we love the convenience of wearing them above or below your baby bump. For lightweight, breathable, and comfortable briefs you can wear prenatal and postpartum, we recommend the Kindred Bravely Bamboo Hipster.

If you’re ready to make the switch to maternity underwear, it’s important to choose a style and size that is right for you. Most maternity underwear sits over the bump, under the bump, or right on the baby bump. Just like regular underwear, maternity undergarments come in various cuts and styles, from boy shorts to thongs. When searching for the perfect pair of maternity underwear, prioritize comfort to accommodate your changing body.

To find the best maternity underwear, we considered comfort and versatility. We looked at various styles and size options, and considered different fabrics—particularly those that are breathable and stretchable—so the undergarments will last. Some pairs on our list are even suitable for postpartum recovery.

Based on our reviews, these are the best maternity underwear on the market today.

Best Overall: Motherhood Maternity 3-Pack Fold-Over Panties

Motherhood Maternity 3-Pack Fold-Over Panties

Courtesy of Motherhood Maternity

Who else recommends it? Forbes and BabyCenter both picked Motherhood Maternity 3-Pack Fold-Over Panties.

What do buyers say? 200+ Walmart reviewers rated this product 4 stars or above.

Motherhood Maternity’s Fold-Over Panties are our top pick for comfort and versatility at an affordable price. Smooth and seamless, the underwear has a soft, wide waistband that can be worn over the belly for extra support or folded down for under-belly comfort. 

This three-pack comes in a wide range of colors or neutrals, and is a perfect entry point into the world of maternity underwear. The briefs are made from a cotton and spandex blend that reviewers say is super soft, lightweight, and stretchy.

Price at time of publication: $20

Material: Cotton and spandex | Pairs Per Pack: Three | Style: Over or under the belly | Size Range: Small to X-Large

Best Plus Size: Belevation Women’s Maternity Underwear

Belevation Women’s Maternity Underwear

Courtesy of Amazon

Reviewers sing the praises of these seamless, high-waisted mesh panties. Praised for “holding it all in” and providing lots of support without being too snug, these are well worth the higher price tag. The breathable material makes these an every-season pair of underwear that won't cause your bump to sweat. Available in three colors, inclusive sizing goes up to a size 26.

Price at time of publication: $20

Material: Nylon, spandex, and cotton | Pairs Per Pack: One | Style: Over the belly | Size Range: 0 to 26

Best Breathable: Kindred Bravely Bamboo Hipster Panties

Kindred Bravely Bamboo Hipster Panties

Courtesy of Kindred Bravely

Stretchy, smooth, and comfortable, these pairs are made from 72% bamboo (plus nylon and spandex), creating a breathable and soft fabric. The lightweight undies provide full coverage and a crossover waistband that sits below the belly.

Reviewers note these are also a great style option for postpartum wear and for those with a C-section scar since the waistband is just low enough that it won’t bother your healing skin.

Price at time of publication: $15

Material: Bamboo, nylon, spandex | Pairs Per Pack: Two | Style: Under the belly | Size Range: Small to XXX-Large

Best Boy Short: Knix Super Stretch Boy Shorts

Knix Super Stretch Boy Shorts

Courtesy of Knix

If boy shorts are your preferred style, this three-pack is the way to go. Elastic-free, they’re made from nylon and spandex, so they are seamless, super stretchy, and buttery soft.

A boy short style provides extra coverage in the hips and bum and will stretch to fit a changing body. While two colors are available, each three-pack only has one color, so you can’t vary colors.

Price at time of publication: $36

Material: Nylon and spandex | Pairs Per Pack: Three | Style: Under the belly | Size Range: Small to XXX-Large

Best Multi-Pack: Kindred Bravely 3-for-$30 Underwear Bundle

Kindred Bravely 3-for-$30 Underwear Bundle

Courtesy of Kindred Bravely

If you don't want to limit yourself to one style, choose this customizable multi-pack that allows you to pick from a variety of options. Mix and match from the Kindred Bravely Thong, French Cut Brief, Bikini, High-Rise Bikini, Maternity Bikini, and Hipster Panty to test each style.

Material: Bamboo, cotton, or nylon/spandex mix | Pairs Per Pack: Three | Style: Over or under the belly (depending on the bundle created) | Size Range: Small to XXX-Large

Best Budget: Motherhood Maternity Fold Over Maternity Panty

Motherhood Maternity Fold Over Maternity Panty

Courtesy of Motherhood Maternity

For those that may want to test out the wide world of maternity underwear, go for this budget-friendly option. Made of a cotton and spandex blend, this fold-over style can be worn above the bump or folded below—whatever is most comfortable to you. A dozen colors, including a fun leopard print, will help you keep your sense of style.

Price at time of publication: $8

Material: Cotton and spandex | Pairs Per Pack: One | Style: Under the belly | Size Range: Small to X-Large

Best 4th Trimester: Pure Rosy Banded Brief

Pure Rosy Banded Brief

Courtesy of Pure Rosy

As with most things pregnancy-related, the 4th trimester is a time of transition. After childbirth, postpartum bleeding can continue for several weeks. Once the heavier flow stops, you may feel more comfortable with some period panties, so you’ll have leakproof protection all day long.

Lace panels add an extra flair of style, while the striped elastic waistband is sporty and practical. Sizing ranges from XS through 1X, so you can find the postpartum size that works for you.

Price at time of publication: $32

Material: Polyester, spandex, and rayon | Pairs Per Pack: One | Style: Not Applicable | Size Range: X-Small to 1X

Best Over the Belly: HATCH Seamless Belly Brief


Courtesy of A Pea in The Pod

Hatch makes splurge-worthy maternity clothes in luxe, feel-good fabrics. These seamless briefs are no different. Made of a modal, nylon, and elastane blend, the full coverage briefs go over the belly. With all-day support and light sculpting compression, these are comfortable enough to wear the whole day. Reviewers also note these provide helpful postpartum support, too.

Price at time of publication: $38

Material: Modal, nylon, elastane | Pairs Per Pack: One | Style: Over the belly | Size Range: Small to X-Large

Best Thong: GAP Maternity Stretch Cotton Thong

GAP Maternity Thongs

Courtesy of GAP

If a thong is your thing, go for these stretchy basics from GAP. The dip front panties will go below your bump, so there’s limited coverage but plenty of comfort. A high-cut leg and waistband feature elastic trim, so there’s still stretch. Choose from two colors and six sizes for your perfect pair.

Material: Cotton and spandex | Pairs Per Pack: One | Style: Under the belly | Size Range: X-Small to XX-Large

Best Under-Belly: Intimate Portal Under-the-Bump Pregnancy Underwear

Intimate Portal Under-the-Bump Pregnancy Underwear

Courtesy of Amazon

For an under-belly style, these maternity panties fit low but don’t place any pressure on your body. Low cut, they’re made from a cotton/spandex blend. After delivery, these can be helpful for C-section recovery, as the low waistline won’t irritate your healing scar. Each set comes in either a three-pack or six-pack with multiple color options.

Price at time of publication: $18

Material: Cotton and spandex | Pairs Per Pack: Three or Six | Style: Under the belly | Size Range: Small to XX-Large

Final Verdict

The only way to find out if maternity underwear is right for you is to try some! With one click, you can try three styles with the Kindred Bravely Underwear Bundle (view at Kindred Bravely). If you know you want some maternity panties, the Motherhood Maternity Women’s three-Pack Fold Over Panties (view at Amazon) are affordable, versatile, and super comfortable.

What to Look for in Maternity Underwear


There are maternity underwear styles out there for every pregnant person's needs. In fact, during pregnancy, it’s easy to maintain your current style, just in a more comfortable way. Just like the underwear you normally buy, the style of maternity underwear that you choose should be comfortable for your body type. When it comes to accommodating your growing bump and changing body, there are two main types of underwear.

  • Over the belly: This type of underwear, as the name would suggest, has a stretchy panel that covers and supports your bump. Some can have built-in, light compression, or just a breathable panel.
  • Under the belly: Designed to rest around your hips and underneath your bump, this type of maternity underwear may be ideal during warmer months or underneath fitted clothing.

Beyond belly coverage, maternity underwear is available in a variety of cuts like bikini, boy short, and even thong. Try a few styles since your comfort level may change as your belly grows. If you have a special event or specific need, invest in one or two pairs that meet that need. 


It can be tricky to determine the right size for maternity underwear, especially when it feels like your body can change dramatically overnight. Check each brand’s sizing recommendations, but most pregnancy underwear (and maternity clothes in general) use sizing based on your pre-pregnancy size.

Depending on where you are in your pregnancy, you may choose to purchase a few different pairs of maternity underwear in various sizes to accommodate your growing bump throughout your pregnancy.

Frequently Asked Questions

  • How many pairs of maternity underwear do I need?

    How many pairs of maternity underwear you need will differ for each person. You might consider how often you want to do laundry and whether your pre-pregnancy underwear will be suitable for some days or occasions. Then, get as many pairs as you need to have enough between laundry days.

  • How do I wash maternity underwear?

    You can either hand wash your maternity underwear or wash them in your washing machine. With many brands, either method will work. However, take a look at the product label for specific instructions for the pairs you purchase.

  • Do you go up in underwear size while pregnant?

    Typically, you should still wear the same size in maternity underwear as you do in regular underwear. However, some people may want to go up a size to allow more room to grow. Note that each brand is different, so consult the sizing chart to ensure you get a good fit.

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