Best Lego Subscription Boxes

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The 4 Best Lego Subscription Boxes of 2022

Best Lego Subscription Boxes
Best Lego Subscription Boxes

Best Overall : Brick Loot

Brick Loot

Brick Loot

Brick Loot was created in 2013 by then nine-year-old Parker Krex, who was underwhelmed by the available subscription box options meant for gamers and toy-lovers. A Lego-aficionado who began reviewing them on YouTube at just age four, Krex knew how exciting it would be to open up a box loaded with bricks and fun extras every month. Turns out, he was right: Brick Loot has become a massive hit in the Lego world ever since it began, with its young founder still personally testing out many of the items included in the boxes.

As far as what’s inside the box, every Brick Loot shipment contains Lego and Lego-compatible building kits, including ones created by popular Lego designers. Shipments also come with brick accessories, a mini-figure, an LED brick light, and a selection of Lego goodies like baseball hats, candy molds, and pencil cases. The range of items and variety here—bricks, mini-figures, accessories, swag—makes this a perfect choice for kids who love everything Lego.

A 12-month subscription costs about $25 per month, while paying monthly will cost you around $28 per month. Three- and six-month subscriptions are also on offer. Whatever plan you choose, shipping is always around $6.

Best for Beginners : Brickbox



If your child isn’t quite ready for all the bells and whistles of a bigger subscription box like Brick Loot, Brickbox may be a better fit. That's because it offers a standard-themed subscription box but also a smaller "mini" option, either of which could be less overwhelming for a kid just starting out with Lego or a family that’s trying to keep things a bit more minimal without so many pieces strewn throughout the house.

The standard Brickbox subscription comes with one or two building sets and mini-figures, plus a handful of other cool accessories like stickers and collector's items. Past boxes have been Ninjago and castle-themed, just to give a few examples. The mini option, however, comes with a mini-figure, unnamed “surprise items,” and a smaller building set, keeping things light and simple.

Although the mini option may be more accessible for younger kids, it’s worth noting that the standard box subscription is probably a better value, since you’re sure to get at least one mini-figure and up to two building sets for around $37 per month. The quality of the items in the mini box are not as reliable and cost around $27 per month. Shipping ranges from $3 to $5 depending on your subscription plan, but it is totally free with a 12-month subscription.

Best for Minifigures : The Minifig Club

The Minifig Club

The Minifig Club

One of the best parts of any Lego set are the mini-figures that come with it—little figurines that pack a ton of personality and character into their tiny packages, plus they’re super fun to mix and match. If your kids are so obsessed with mini-figures that you find them everywhere in your home—from your bathtub to your vegetable garden—this is the perfect box for them.

The Minifig Club understands this appeal, and, foregoing the building sets that typically define Lego boxes, it sends Lego lovers a selection of mini-figures every month to add to their existing collection. With each monthly box, you get enough parts—from heads and torsos to arms and legs—to make three mini-figures. You'll also receive 10 different mini-figures accessories like hats, hair, guitars, coffee mugs, and more. Additionally, you'll receive a special “piece of the month” that’s especially cool, like a superhero cape, stickers, magnets, story time or photography challenge cards.

Plans start at around $11 per month for a 12-month subscription. Monthly subscriptions are around $13 per month, and neither plan charges for shipping within the U.S.

Best Lego Rental : Netbricks



Renting a set of Lego bricks might sound like a nightmare due to the likelihood of losing a ton of pieces, but hear us out: The people at Netbricks know that losing pieces is a fact of life, and they’ve factored in some forgiveness for missing bricks. You can lose anywhere from 10 to 20 per set without being charged any additional fees. What you’re left with is an ability to rent Lego sets at your leisure, building and rebuilding to your heart’s content before sending the set back in exchange for a completely brand new one.

How does it work? You choose a plan, which allows you to borrow any Lego set within a certain price range. For example, the Unlimited and One-time rental options let you choose any set with a retail value of up to $100. If you’re interested in more pricey sets, like a Star Wars Ewok village or Harry Potter castle, those are available with a Pro membership plan.

There are several plan options and the pricing here varies, but the unlimited plan starts at about $29 per month and lets you borrow as many Lego sets as you can build and send back in 30 days. A one-time rental is only around $24 per month. Pro memberships are closer to $39 per month, with shipments restricted to every 30 or 60 days, but you have the flexibility to borrow larger, more complex sets. Shipping is a little pricey at about $15, but keep in mind that assembling these monthly deliveries is labor-intensive.


What Is a Lego Subscription Box?

A Lego subscription box is a service that regularly (usually once a month) sends Lego building sets and other merchandise directly to your front door. The boxes are perfect for Lego collectors and enthusiasts, young and old, who can’t get enough of these classic building bricks. In most cases, the products are yours to keep, while others let you rent a Lego set and send it back when you’re ready for another one.

What’s Included in a Lego Subscription Box?

Boxes may include Lego building sets, brightly-colored bricks, mini-figures, and/or other Lego goodies. Lego accessories and memorabilia can be anything from stickers and pencil cases to candy molds and collector’s items. In some cases, the boxes include building sets that are exclusively for subscription plan members and other Lego products that can’t be found in stores.

Depending on the type of plan you select, you may also get advanced tips, build challenges, booklets, fun contests, and/or some extra surprises such as a vintage piece. Some subscription boxes cater to specific age groups or interests, like one that’s geared for kids ages four to 12 years old or another that exclusively sends Lego mini-figures and accessories.

How Much Do Lego Subscription Boxes Cost?

The cost of Lego subscription boxes varies depending on what’s included. However, these services typically start in the range of $25 to $38 per month and can go up to more than $130 per month for top-tier, advanced plans. Most companies offer discounts if you choose a longer subscription plan. In some cases, shipping may be included, while other companies charge an additional fee for delivery. 

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