The 8 Best Laser Tag Sets for Kids of 2023

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Laser tag is an exhilarating way for kids to get active, play imaginatively, engage with friends, and stay off screens. Most laser tag sets are versatile toys that kids can play with indoors or out, alone or with friends. This is a game that can encourage teamwork and strategic thinking, but to make that happen, you’ll need to find a laser tag set that’s easy to use and won’t break after the first rough game.

If you’re on the fence about laser tag for your family, psychologist Mary McGaughan, PsyD, has some guidance for determining whether it’s appropriate: “Think about where your child is in terms of skills like impulse control, self-monitoring, problem-solving, emotional regulation, and reasoning skills.” McGaughan adds, “These are all skills that I believe are important for safely and appropriately engaging in a game like laser tag and processing the experience.”

When purchasing a laser tag set, you should consider its durability, price, ease of use, and range of settings. To make this list, we aimed for products that kids could play right out of the box without much setup and would continue to enjoy for years to come.  

Here are the best laser tag sets for kids.

Best Overall

Squad Hero Battle Action 2.0 Laser Tag

Squad Hero Battle Action 2.0 Laser Tag


  • Rechargeable set

  • Four blasters and vests included

  • Easy to add on more sets

  • Blasters look like guns

Kids and adults will have so much fun playing with this versatile laser tag set, our best overall pick. Included are four blasters and four vests (with front and back targets) and a charging station. While the set is more expensive than some other options, your wallet will appreciate that it’s all fully rechargeable, so no batteries are required. The blasters and vest easily hook into the intuitive charging dock. One full charge takes one to two hours, but it lasts and lasts! You can play about eight 30-minute rounds in one charge, so your crew may be tired out before it’s even time to recharge. 

Suitable for playing outdoors or indoors, the blasters have four weapon modes (pistol, automatic, laser, and rocket). There’s also lots of flexibility in how you play with this top-pick set. We like that the blasters can be set to individual mode (every player for themself) or paired up to make teams. There are four colors, so it’s easy to make teams and gather the appropriate gear. 

If you’re playing at night, “stealth mode” turns off the lights, and a flashlight helps find your opponents in the dark. Make the game as challenging as you want; players can choose anywhere from one to 99 lives per game. Nobody has to worry about remembering the score because the LED screen on the vest tracks lives, ammo, and battery life in an easy-to-read format. For larger groups, you can add on other sets and have a full round of eight players all at once. 

The only downsides of this set are that it’s best for older kids and is on the more expensive side. The blasters are shaped like guns, so if you’re not comfortable with that, look for one of the other sets on this list. 

Price at time of publication: $200

Batteries: Rechargeable batteries, 4 hour play time per charge | Shooting range: 150 feet | Receiver: Three target zones: gun, chest, and back | Age level: 8 years old and up

Best Budget

FAO Schwarz Dual Blast Laser Tag

FAO Schwarz Dual Blast Laser Tag


  • Good intro set

  • Lights and vibration features

  • Blasters don’t look like guns

  • Requires two AA and two AAA batteries (not included)

  • Limited range

Test the waters of laser tag with this affordable two-person set. A great introduction to the game, this set includes two guns and two receivers that are housed on easy-to-wear vest straps. We like that the blasters look less like guns than other options, which may be a big benefit to some families. While there are certainly cost savings with this set, it does require two AA and two AAA batteries to work, so prepare to have those batteries on hand.

While you can use it both outdoors and indoors, this set has a limited range of 60 feet, so it’s best for smaller yards or indoor playrooms. The blasters have both lights and vibrations, which add a fun, interactive element to the game. There’s only one receiver on the wearable target, so proper aim will be important.

The set comes with two guns, but if you buy more than one set, they will coordinate and work together in an individual setting. There’s no way to hook up the four guns and make two teams. Both blasters look pretty much the same and are the same color, though they’re labeled “Player One” and “Player Two.” This is a fun starter set, but more advanced players or older kids may get frustrated by the limited capabilities and shorter range of this pick.

Price at time of publication: $30

Batteries: Requires AA and AAA batteries | Shooting range: 60 feet | Receiver: Straps with circular sensor | Age level: 8 years old and up

Best Outdoor

ArmoGear Laser Tag Guns with Vests Set

ArmoGear Laser Tag Guns with Vests Set

Courtesy of Amazon

  • Option to play with or without vests

  • Lifelike sounds and vibrations

  • Night vision flashlight

  • Requires 24 AAA batteries (not included)

  • False hits are frequent

A fun set for outdoors, this laser tag package has everything you need (and more) for having a blast with your crew. There are some special features that make this set especially appealing for outdoor play. The package comes with four laser guns and four target vests. The straps on the vest are big enough for adults, but you can choose to play without them as well. For solo play, set the targets for practice and perfect that aim. 

Other fun features include the vibrating guns and responders, a night vision flashlight on the gun and invisibility mode, which turns off all lights on the blaster for 15 seconds, allowing you to ambush the enemy players in the dark. The laser guns come with four settings (machine gun, pistol, shotgun, and rocket), and it’s easy to switch between modes. 

Each set includes four laser guns, targets, and strap-on vests. They come in four colors, and it’s easy to play with four individuals or separate into teams. If you purchase more sets, they can all be used together. The major downside of this set is that it requires 24 AAA batteries (three per laser gun and three per target vest), so there’s a costly addition to your purchase, and if you play a lot, the batteries will need to be changed frequently. 

Price at time of publication: $120

Batteries: Requires 24 AAA batteries for 2 hours of play | Shooting range: 150 feet | Receiver: Straps with receiver | Age level: 8 years old and up

Best for Two Players

Sharper Image Two Player Laser Tag

Sharper Image Two Player Laser Tag

Bed Bath & Beyond

  • Futuristic-looking blasters

  • Chest targets with straps

  • Only two AA batteries required

  • Need mini screwdriver to install batteries

This laser tag set is great for two kids who are just trying laser tag or who won’t be playing it often. The set comes with two futuristic-looking blasters and two chest guard targets with straps. For parents who may be on the fence about playing with guns, these look much less realistic and more like toys than some other options. The set is lacking in various laser settings, but it’s simple to use and doesn’t involve choosing from lots of realistic gun modes. 

This set takes two AA batteries, and while it’s not a huge added expense, they can be a little tricky to install because you’ll need to use that mini screwdriver you’ve stored somewhere. While you technically can play indoors or out, there’s no range given on the packaging, so it’s probably best to play indoors or within a close range.

The two guns are easy to use (once you get those batteries in) and pretty accurate. If you purchase additional sets, you can add to this one, but there’s no way to coordinate and create teams. This is an entertaining set that is probably best for younger kids or those without super high expectations. 

Price at time of publication: $35

Batteries: 2 AA batteries required | Shooting range: Not listed | Receiver: Chest guard with straps | Age level: 8 years old and up

Best for Four Players

Kidzlane Laser Tag Set

Kidzlane Laser Tag Set


  • Blasters are also receivers

  • Includes robotic spider target

  • Weapon mode names are not named after guns

  • Requires 38 batteries

Get your group ready for loads of fun with this versatile laser tag set. We love that this one comes with four blasters, four wearable receivers, and a robotic spider. There are lots of options for your games: You can use the wearable target vests or just use the blasters as receivers, and as an added layer of fun, the robotic spider is another target. When hit, it will flip over, flail its legs in the air, bounce back, and then run for safety. The spider is also a fun tool for target practice or solo play. The set is suitable for indoor and outdoor play.

Parents will also appreciate that instead of standard gun names, the weapons have names like “single blaster” and “extreme striker,” making it a more kid-friendly experience. 

While this is a super fun set, it does use up a lot of batteries, requiring 16 AA and 12 AAA batteries. This set can be combined with another for an eight-person game, but you’ll have to be arranged as four teams of two people. 

Price at time of publication: $93

Batteries: Requires 4 AA batteries per gun, 3 AAA batteries per receiver | Shooting range: 130 feet | Receiver: Optional wearable target vests, 1 spider target, and blasters are receivers | Age level: 8 years old and up

Best for Teenagers

Laser X Revolution Long Range Blaster

Laser X Revolution 4 player laser tag set


  • 300-foot range

  • Can easily choose between 20 colors

  • Multiple sets can play together

  • Laser guns need to be attached to the chest receiver via a wire

Older kids will appreciate the advantages of this laser tag and be able to handle its limitations. First, the good stuff: These blasters have a range of 300 feet, so bigger kids and teens will have tons of room to play, spread out, and ambush their friends during a round of laser tag. The set comes with four laser guns and four receiver vests. Each chest receiver has a light, and you play red versus blue or choose from 20 different team colors. The set requires four AA batteries; the first four batteries are included but plan to have extra on hand. 

The laser guns are on the smaller side at 5 inches. Each gun blaster has a quick slide reload. While the blasters light up, there’s no LED screen or numbers to track lives, battery life, or any other data. Additionally, there’s only one mode, so players cannot choose between different weapon settings. The biggest limitation is that the gun blaster needs to be connected via a short wire to the vest receiver. While this may not bother some kids, it can be a bit cumbersome and awkward, especially for younger kids. 

Price at time of publication: $50

Batteries: 4 AA batteries included | Shooting range: 300 feet | Receiver: Receiver vests that must stay connected to laser gun via cord | Age level: 6 years old and up

Best for Little Kids

VTech KidiGo NexTag

VTech KidiGo NexTag


  • No guns

  • 20 pre-loaded games

  • Three single player games

  • Too juvenile for older kids

A perfect option for younger kids, this set is not quite laser tag, but still so much fun. Open the box, and you’ll find four colored armbands. Each requires two AA batteries to get started. Slip on the armbands and get ready to play 20 different games, including Simon says, freeze tag, capture the flag, and much more. There are even three single-player games for solo play. We love that the set is voice-activated, so the armbands not only explain the directions but they track game play and know who’s “it” and who is out. 

Parents will appreciate that there are no guns, so this will appeal to lots of families. The bands have a range of 120 feet, so if you’re playing in a big backyard or park, the bands may go out of range. 

Price at time of publication: $45

Batteries: Requires 8 AA batteries | Shooting range: 120 feet | Receiver: Arm strap | Age level: 5 years old and up

Best for Indoors

Nerf Laser Ops Alpha Pro

Nerf Laser Ops Alpha Pro


  • Indoor and outdoor modes

  • No vests or responders needed

  • Smartphone enhancements

  • No responder makes it harder to shoot

  • Four AA batteries required per gun

Fans of standard Nerf guns will appreciate how similar these laser guns feel to other Nerf products, and you won’t miss picking up (or losing) tons of foam darts. This set comes with two laser guns and two armbands. Everything players need to know is right on the blaster, which has light and sound effects, a quick-reload button, and an indicator for health, ammo, and teams (if you choose to make them). These laser guns have unlimited ammo and no settings to move between weapons. Some players may love this feature, while others may opt for something with more options. 

There’s no responder or receiver; players just have to aim at the other guns to make a shot. That’s a nice feature for indoor play, where there’s less room to hide. The guns can also be used outdoors, and there’s an indoor/outdoor setting, which impacts how the guns work in different lighting. 

For older kids or those with access to a smartphone, a Nerf Laser Opps Pro app tracks performance, customizes blasters, and more. The armbands that are included in the set are designed to hold the smartphone, but note they aren’t super secure and don’t offer much protection. 

Price at time of publication: $40

Batteries: Requires 8 AA batteries | Shooting range: 225 feet | Receiver: On the laser guns | Age level: 8 years old and up

How We Selected the Best Laser Tag Sets

We aimed for laser tag sets that offered a variety of features, worked for different age needs, and were relatively affordable. Other factors included user reviews, shipping and return policies, and availability. We looked for laser tag sets that live up to their promises of quality and usability. 

What to Look for in a Laser Tag Set

Keep these factors in mind when shopping for laser tag sets.

Battery life

Our top pick, Squad Hero Rechargeable Laser Tag, is a rechargeable option that we love for both financial and environmental reasons. Many other sets require batteries, which will limit how long the blasters work. It’s hard to judge battery life since it depends on the frequency of use, but if the laser tag sets are used often, count on replacing the batteries often, and that can get expensive and time-consuming (especially if that tiny screwdriver needs to get involved). 


The range of the laser guns is an important factor and may impact where your kids will play. Shorter ranges are fine for indoor play. But if you have a large yard or plan to play in a large park, the players may be hitting their targets, but the receivers frustratingly won’t register them.


We’d all prefer toys that are super durable. Realistically, laser gun sets are made of plastic and used with active kids. The sturdier sets may last longer but can also be heavier for little hands. No matter what set you get, designate some rules to care for the blasters and responders and store them safely, so all the parts stay together.

Frequently Asked Questions

  • Is laser tag good for kids?

    “I’m reluctant to put it into a ‘good’ or ‘bad’ category,” psychologist Mary McGaughan, PsyD, tells us. “A better question might be, ‘Is laser tag good for my kid?’” Laser tag can have many benefits, including teamwork, strategy, and exercise. McGaughan tells parents to “consider your values and what you do or don’t want your child to be exposed to.” For those families that allow laser tag to be played, she advises parents and caregivers should “keep an eye on how [kids] interact with and respond to the game. For example, kids who struggle with impulse control, social skills, or anger management may be more impacted behaviorally.”

  • What age is good for laser tag?

    Follow the age guidelines on the set and then decide what is right for you and your family. “Think about where your child is in terms of skills like impulse control, self-monitoring, problem-solving, emotional regulation, and reasoning skills,” McGaughan says. “These are all skills that I believe are important for safely and appropriately engaging in a game like laser tag and processing the experience.” Parental supervision, game discussions afterward, and time limits are all helpful in setting up a safe and fun experience.

  • How can you set up a laser tag at home?

    The first step is to set up some ground rules and create a space kids are safe and comfortable in. A playroom is great. A living room packed with lamps and delicate, breakable items is less great. If possible, play in an open space where you can use everyday items like trees, oversized pillows, a big box, or other items to hide behind. Older kids may like having the lights off or dimmed. If you can play outside, you’ll have more room to spread out, and items like trees, chairs, tables, pool toys, or other items can be used to create hiding spots.

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