The 10 Best Kids' Slippers of 2022

Keep little toes warm and cozy all season long

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When it gets chilly outside, little toes need to keep warm. While socks are an obvious solution to cold feet, they’re also slippery and can lead to falls, especially for little kids who like to run around in rooms without carpet. Instead of risking a broken arm, equip your little one with a pair of slippers that grip to the floor, and keep their feet toasty while they’re doing it.

Here, our picks for the best kids' slippers in a variety of styles and price points.

Our Top Picks
Little ones will stay cozy in these sherpa fleece slippers, whether they're by the fireplace at home or walking outside.
Perfect for more adventurous kiddos, the anti-slip rubber outsole allows them to walk or run across any surface.
Best for indoor use, the slippers just need to be slipped on so kids can take on their day in both warmth and style.
Keep little feet and ankles toasty warm in these knit booties, complete with a cushioned footbed and fleece lining.
Cushioned with memory foam, the booties are designed with faux fur inside and out so your little one stays stylish.
No overheating with these, the slingbacks provide just enough air while adding some warmth due to the genuine shearling.
A fun pick for little ones and big kids alike, the slippers are designed with plush claws and faux fur to dress up any pajamas.
Designed with a velcro strap, the slippers will stay put no matter how active your little one gets.
The classic moccasin doesn't cover all of the foot to leave some breathing room and promises more comfort the more they're worn.
Choose from sharks, dinosaurs, flamingos, and more without having to sacrifice functionality and durability.

Best Overall: Lands' End Kids Sherpa Fleece Slip On House Slippers

Lands’ End Kids Sherpa Fleece Slip On House Slippers

Comfy, warm, and cozy, these slippers can be worn by little kids with shoe sizes between 9 and 13 and big kids between sizes 1 and 7. They have a soft sherpa upper covering, are fleece-lined on the inside, and have smooth microfiber lining. You don’t have to worry about trips and slips, because the bottoms are made from rubber for extra grip and there is a cushioned footbed for even more comfort. These slippers are available in two colors and can be spot cleaned if they get dirty.

Size Range: 9 to 13 (little kids) and 1 to 7 (big kids) | Hard or soft bottom: Hard | Lining Type: Fleece

Best Hard Bottom: Kamik Kids’ CozyCabin2 Slipper

Kamik Kids’ CozyCabin2 Slipper

For kids who want hard-bottomed slippers, these have a thick non-marking rubber sole that lets them comfortably walk over just about anything. The top of the slippers are covered in felt with a faux fur collar and a felt interior footbed. They are offered in a variety of colors including pink, blue, and black, and they’re available in toddler, little kid, and big kid sizes.

Size Range: 5 to 10 (toddler), 1 to 13 (little kids), and 4 to 6 (big kids) | Hard or soft bottom: Hard | Lining Type: Faux fur

Best Slip-Ons: UGG Kids Cozy II Scuff Slipper

UGG Kids Cozy II Slippers

It doesn’t get much cozier (or warmer) than these slippers with a wool interior lining and padded footbed, suede leather exterior, and shearling collar. The soles are made from rubber and have a logo design that helps provide traction. There are two color options which are available in toddler, little kid, and big kid sizes.

Size Range: Toddler, little kids, big kids | Hard or soft bottom: Hard | Lining Type: Wool

Best for Babies: Acorn Kids Easy Bootie Ragg Slipper

Acorn Kids Easy Bootie Ragg

These booties aren’t just cute, they’re also designed to be warm without overheating baby. The boots have soft footbeds for coziness and interior Berber fleece lining for warmth and comfort. The soles are made to be soft but still have some non-slip tread on the bottom in case your little one learns how to get to their feet while wearing them. The booties slip on and have a little elastic detail to help them stay put. You can get these slippers in two colors and four different sizes.

Size Range: 6 months to size 9 in toddler | Hard or soft bottom: Soft | Lining Type: Berber fleece

Best for Winter: Dearfoams Charlotte Faux Fur Bootie Slipper

Dearfoams Charlotte Faux Fur Bootie Slipper

To keep little toes warm even on the coldest winter days, these booties are lined with faux fur and have a soft footbed for extra coziness. The exterior is also covered in faux fur with stitching details for style and hard rubber soles to help avoid slips. These booties are available in toddler and big kid sizes and come in three color options. 

Size Range: 7 to 12 (toddler) and 2 to 13 (big kids) | Hard or soft bottom: Hard | Lining Type: Faux fur

Best for Warm Weather: UGG Kids Oh Yeah Geniune Shearling Slingback Slipper

Ugg Kids Oh Yeah Genuine Shearling Slingback Slipper

For kids in a warmer climate, these Ugg slippers have a sandal design that will keep their feet warm, but not hot. There are several different color options with size options ranging from walker to big kid. The slippers have a cozy footbed on top of a rubber sole that will provide plenty of traction, are covered in shearling lining for ultimate coziness, and have an elastic back strap to help them stay in place. Not to mention, they’re super cute.  

Size Range: 12 months old to 12 years old | Hard or soft bottom: Hard | Lining Type: Shearling

Best for Big Kids: Lazy One Animal Paw Slippers

Lazy One Animal Paw Slippers

Available in several color options, these amazing slippers are great for kids as young as five and go all the way up to adult sizes. The bootie design leaves both the feet and ankles surrounded by cozy faux fur lining while the soft soles are covered in rubber dots for extra grip. The best part? When the slippers get dirty, they can be tossed into the washer and dryer for cleaning.

Size Range: X-Small to X-Large | Hard or soft bottom: Soft | Lining Type: Faux fur

Best Strap-Close: Kamik Kids CozyLodge Slipper

Kamik Kids CozyLodge Slipper

Kids don’t have to worry about these slippers accidentally sliding off because they are designed with a pull-over velcro strap to help them stay put. These slippers come in four colors and are available in sizes 12 to 13 and 1 to 6. They have a felt upper lining as well as a felt footbed and a hard rubber sole for stability and traction.

Size Range: 5 to 10 (toddler), 1 to 13 (little kids), and 4 to 6 (big kids) | Hard or soft bottom: Hard | Lining Type: Felt

Best Indoor/Outdoor: Minnetonka Cassie Slipper

Minnetonka Cassie Slipper

Thanks to the thin rubber sole and cute loafer design, these slippers can be worn in the house or outside on a cool day. The exterior is covered in suede while the interior is lined with soft and cozy faux fur. These slippers are available in several fun colors and have leather tie laces that can be adjusted (but are more for aesthetics than functionality) and they come in toddler, little kid, and big kid sizes.  

Size Range: 1 to 13 (infant), 7 to 10 (toddler), 1 to 13 (little kids), and 4 to 10 (big kids) | Hard or soft bottom: Hard | Lining Type: Faux fur

Best for Toddlers: Dream Bridge Cartoon Non-Slip Slippers

Dream Bridge Cartoon Non-Slip Slippers

Available in 10 different adorable cartoon animals, kids will love these plush, non-slip slippers. Choose from sharks, dinosaurs, flamingos, and more without having to sacrifice functionality. 

These slippers have a hard bottom, made with flexible rubber, so the shoes are durable but still comfortable. The soft footbed will keep tiny feet warm whether you choose the slip-on style or Velcro band.

Size Range: 5.5 to 11 (toddler) and 10.5 to 12 (little kids) | Hard or soft bottom: Hard | Lining Type: Not Listed

Final Verdict

Every kid is different, so there is no one slipper that will be perfect for everyone. However, if you’re looking for a pair that they will definitely like, you can’t go wrong with the Kids Sherpa Fleece Slip On House Slippers (view at Lands End). The Minnetonka Cassie Slipper (view at Amazon) comes in at a close second. 

What to Look for in Kids' Slippers


One of the first things you’ll notice when buying slippers for kids is the difference in sizing. Sizing with slippers is sometimes not the same as regular shoes. Slippers may come in shoe sizes, years, or ranges like small, medium, and large. 

If you’re struggling to determine which size would be best for your child, check out the manufacturer’s size chart. The chart should give you an idea of where to start when shopping for the correct size. Many charts will include heel to toe measurements in inches so you can narrow it down to a T. 


You may not think about whether kids' slippers are lined or not, but there are advantages and disadvantages to both. Knowing the difference will help you make a decision on a purchase for your kiddo if they are unsure themselves. 

  • Lined: With lined slippers, you’ll find additional fabric on the inside of the slipper. This can be faux fur, fleece, or another material, and can offer more insulation and cushioning. However, if your child tends to run warm, lined slippers may make their feet too hot. 
  • Unlined: These types of slippers do not feature any additional fabric on the inside. They keep feet cooler and feel more lightweight, if that is important to your child.

Type of Sole

Determine where you think your child will be wearing their slippers and then figure out if a hard- or soft-bottomed slipper would work best. If your child will only be wearing their slippers indoors, they may be more comfortable with soft soles. But, if your child likes to step outside or run for the mail, check out hard-soled slippers.

  • Hard bottom: These soles are made with a hard material, like rubber. They are durable and offer stability and traction. 
  • Soft bottom: These soles feel like fabric, and sometimes have added grips for better traction.

Frequently Asked Questions

  • Should my child wear non-slip slippers?

    If you have hardwood or tile floors it may be wise to choose non-slip slippers. The non-slip feature provides some traction to help keep your little one's feet steady as they walk (or run) through the house. If your floors are mostly carpeted, this may not be as much of an issue.

  • How often should I replace my kids' slippers?

    You kids will most likely grow out of their slippers before they wear them out. Every child grows at a different rate, with baby and toddler feet growing faster than young children's.

    It's also possible that you will need to replace the slippers before your child jumps up a size. If the slippers are worn outside at all, they may wear out faster. The soles may not be designed to handle walking on pavement. Also, if your kids wear their slippers without socks, and they have them on for a good part of each day, they may wear out from the inside.

  • Are slippers really necessary?

    It's nice to have a cozy pair of slippers for wearing indoors, especially if you live in a colder climate. Slippers can keep your little one's feet warm, making them more comfortable. They also help to keep the feet clean inside the house, no matter how often you clean the floors. Slippers may be a better choice than socks, which tend to slip on the floor and don't keep the feet as warm.

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