The 8 Best Kids Sleeping Bags for 2021

Keep your kid cozy at sleepovers and campgrounds

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Our Top Picks
These sleeping bags are made with a "comfort cuff" to add extra coziness and the zipper is designed to avoid snags.
The exterior fabric of the sleeping bag is water resistant, it has an anti-snag zipper design, and it’s machine washable.
The interior is lined with super soft cotton flannel and the sleeping bag is packed with insulation.
The sleeping bag is effective in temperatures as low as 30 degrees and is designed with an adjustable hood so kids stay warm.
The sleeping bag is made from lightweight polyester microfiber fabric, so it’s best for indoor sleepovers.
It features double slider zippers, making it easier to get more airflow. It's also packed with insulation for colder nights.
It’s available in three color options and it includes a small interior pocket and a comfort cuff to keep kids cozy while sleeping.
The sleeping bag is designed with heat retention technology and double zippers so it can be cooled down if it gets too warm.

Remember the excitement of heading to a sleepover as a kid, with your rolled up sleeping back under your arm? Nothing has changed, that joy is still there for kids. Whether they frequent slumber parties or love a good outdoor adventure, having a quality sleeping bag is important for a kid. Campers will want something that keeps them warm on a cold night, toddlers need a sleeping bag to fit their little size, and big kids should find something that speaks to their personality as much as it is functional. Not sure where to start? Here are some of the best kids sleeping bags to choose from.

Best Overall: Coleman Kids 45° Sleeping Bag

  • Designed for kids up to 5 feet 5 inches tall

  • Comfort cuff

  • Slippery material

With three different color options, most kids will fall in love with at least one of these cozy sleeping bags. Designed for kids up to 5 feet 5 inches tall, these mild-weather sleeping bags can keep your kiddo warm in temps as low as 45 degrees Fahrenheit. Aside from the fun colors and patterns, these sleeping bags are made with a “comfort cuff” around the top edge to add a little extra coziness that your kiddo will appreciate.

The zipper is designed to specifically avoid getting caught on fabric and there’s also an interior pocket where kids can store a flashlight or their phone. Packing up the sleeping bag is easy, too, because it’s equipped with “roll control” locks that keep the bag straight while it’s being rolled up and then the “quick cord” pulls around and snaps in place to keep everything tightly packed. 

Dimensions: 8.3 x 8.3 x 13.8 inches | Temperature: 45 degrees | Material: Nylon | Machine-Washable: Yes

Best Budget: REVALCAMP Kids Sleeping Bag

  • Budget-friendly

  • Water-resistant

  • Slippery material

For kids who hate trying to roll up their sleeping bag will appreciate this option because it's designed to be stuffed in a carrying bag for super easy transportation. With enough room to fit a kid up to 6 feet and 1 inch in height, there are 10 color options ensuring there’s something for everyone.

While the price is definitely appealing, this sleeping bag is best for slumber parties and warm summer nights because it shouldn’t be used in temps below 40 degrees. The exterior fabric of the sleeping bag is water-resistant to keep them protected and dry on dewy mornings and it has an anti-snag zipper design. 

Dimensions: 30 x 71 inches | Temperature: 40 degrees | Material: Polyester | Machine-Washable: Yes

Best Splurge: L.L. Bean Kids’ Flannel Lined Camp Sleeping Bag, 40°

L.L.Bean Flannel Lined Camp Sleeping Bag 40°
  • Flannel lining

  • Zippered carrying bag

  • Not suitable for children under 5 feet

  • Costly

If you’re looking for something plush and cozy, this sleeping bag is worth the splurge. The interior is lined with super soft cotton flannel and the sleeping bag is packed with much-needed insulation. The exterior is made from nylon and has a quilted design to evenly distribute warmth. Rather than dealing with strings, kids can just roll this sleeping bag up and put it in a zippered carrying bag for easy transportation. This sleeping bag is best for kids under 5 feet and is safe for large washing machines. 

Dimensions: 62 x 27 inches | Temperature: 40 degrees | Material: Cotton flannel and nylon | Machine-Washable: Yes

Best for Camping: Field & Stream Youth Sportsman 30° Sleeping Bag

Field & Stream Youth Sportsman 30° Sleeping Bag
  • Adjustable hood

  • Small interior pocket

  • Costly

Avid campers need sleeping bags that are durable and effective, and this one is both. It measures 5”5’ in length and has a mummy design to keep kiddos tucked in nicely. Your kiddo will be swaddled in warmth in temperatures that drop as low as 30 degrees. With an added adjustable hood, their ears and head are treated to extra warmth while they sleep. There is a small interior pocket that’s perfect for a flashlight or phone and the sleeping bag comes with a carrying sack to make transporting it easy. 

Dimensions: 66 x 26 x 20 inches | Temperature: 30 degrees | Material: Polyester | Machine-Washable: Not Listed

Best for Toddlers: Idea Nuova Minnie Mouse Slumber Bag Set

  • Lightweight fabric

  • Fun design

  • Not suitable for camping

Available in styles like Minnie Mouse, PJ Masks, Disney Princesses, and more, kids between 2 and 7 years old and under 4 feet tall will love this sleeping bag that’s just their size. The entire sleeping bag is made from lightweight polyester microfiber fabric, so it’s best for indoor sleepovers and shouldn’t be used for camping. When they’re not using it, kids can roll up the sleeping bag and store it in the included mini backpack until their next overnight adventure. 

Dimensions: 26 x 46 inches (when zipped) | Temperature: Not Listed | Material: Polyester microfiber | Machine-Washable: Not Listed

Best for Big Kids: Wenzel Moose Youth 40-Degrees Sleeping Bag

  • Double slider zippers

  • Fun design

  • Low height limit

Kids as tall as 5 feet can comfortably fit in this sleeping bag which is available in two colors. It features double slider zippers, making it easier to get more airflow on a hot night or converting the bag into one big blanket instead. It’s packed with insulation and will keep your kiddo warm in temperatures as low as 40 degrees. Kids who don’t want to roll the sleeping bag up can instead just stuff it into the included carrying case, making it easy for transporting and storing away until they need it again. 

Dimensions: 66 x 26 inches | Temperature: 40 degrees | Material: Polyester | Machine-Washable: Yes

Best for Hot Weather: Coleman Kids 50° Sleeping Bag

  • Perfect for summer camping

  • Interior pocket

  • Not suitable under 50 degrees

For summer campers, this sleeping bag is great because it’s designed for temperatures 50 degrees and up. It’s available in three color options, all of which have fun glow in the dark details, a small interior pocket, and a comfort cuff along the top of the bag to keep them cozy while they sleep.

The zipper is designed not to snag and the bag has roll locks to keep it straight while it’s getting rolled up in the morning. This sleeping bag is best for kids 6 years old and up who are 5 feet tall or less. 

Dimensions: 16.50 x 9.50 x 7.10 inches | Temperature: 50 degrees | Material: Not Listed | Machine-Washable: Not Listed

Best for Cold Weather: HiHiker Camping Sleeping Bag & Travel Pillow

  • High minimum temperature rating

  • Water-resistant

  • Bulky

Kids who love camping despite the weather will do well with this sleeping bag that is designed to keep them warm in temperatures as low as 25 degrees. From the top of the included hood to the bottom of the bag, it measures just over 7 feet, making it a great choice for bigger kids. There are eight different color options, all of which are designed with heat retention technology and double zippers so it can be quickly and easily cooled down if it gets too warm. The sleeping bag is water-resistant, can be cleaned in the washing machine, and comes with a carrying bag for easy transporting. 

Dimensions: 86.6 x 31.5 inches | Temperature: 25 degrees | Material: Polyester | Machine-Washable: Yes

Final Verdict

The best sleeping bag for your individual kid will be based on a variety of factors, but if you’re looking for something that will hold up for basic summer tent camping and slumber parties, you can’t go wrong with the Wenzel Moose Youth 40 Degrees Sleeping Bag.

What to Look for When Buying Sleeping Bags for Kids


Sleeping bags are available in different lengths and widths. Keep your child's height in mind when purchasing to ensure that the sleeping bag isn't too snug or too big.

Indoor vs Outdoor

Not all sleeping bags are created to be used for outdoor camping. Some are designed to use when visiting family or heading to a slumber party. If you are looking for an option for your kiddo to use when they visit their grandparents, choosing one that is lightweight and breathable is ideal. You can go a step further and choose an indoor option that has a little pillow attached for added comfort.

On the other hand, if you are preparing for a family camping trip, you want to choose an option that is insulated and designed to keep your kid protected from the elements. When it comes to insulation, springing for down insulation versus synthetic stuffing can help your kiddo stay warm in cooler temps.

Extra Features

For a family of serious campers, choosing a sleeping bag that has a cozy hood, warm flannel lining, or handy pockets could be super useful.


How do I wash a sleeping bag?

The way you will wash a sleeping bag all depends on the manufacturer’s recommendations. Many sleeping bags are machine-washable, so you can throw it in the washing machine at the end of the day and then likely tumble dry on low. However, there are some manufacturers who don’t recommend putting their sleeping bag in certain types of washing machines or washing machines at all.

If your sleeping bag is machine-washable, you can use your normal laundry detergent if it is safe for the material or the manufacturer says otherwise. The larger the washing machine, the better, because then you can ensure the sleeping bag will be fully cleaned. Once it’s done washing, you’ll want to dry it on low in the dryer if the manufacturer allows, or you can simply let it air dry, but it will take longer. 

There’s also the handwashing method, which includes filling a bathtub with cool or warm water and the recommended soap. You don’t want too much soap as it will be harder to rinse out. You’ll rub in the soap into any areas that need it and then let it soak for about an hour. From there, you’ll rinse out the water continuously and then let it air dry or dry on low in a dryer.

Does my child need a blanket while using a sleeping bag?

More than likely, your child will not need an additional blanket if they’re using a sleeping bag. Sleeping bags are made with special material to keep them warm to low temperatures, typically around 40 to 45 degrees. You can check the manufacturer’s recommendations when it comes to temperature rating. 

The problem with adding a blanket to a sleeping bag is that there is the possibility of overheating. If it’s chilly outside, you may not think overheating will be a problem, but it’s absolutely possible if an additional blanket is used, so keep that in mind before piling them on.

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