The Best Kids' Gardening Tools to Develop a Little Green Thumb

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Best Kids Gardening Tools

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Gardens are a great place to teach children many different skills, like communication and team building. If there's a lot of space in a backyard, raised beds can work well, but if you just have a balcony or a sunny window, a container garden is great too. Kids will love the steps and care involved in the growing process, so outfit them with all the tools they need to start gardening.

When you’re deciding on gardening tools for children, you definitely want to buy products that are durable, age-appropriate, and functional. We carefully considered any age recommendations, design, material, and value when reviewing products.

Here are the best kids' gardening tools so children can safely help plant and dig.

Best Overall

The Storybook Kids Explorer Club Kids Gardening Tools

The Storybook Kids Explorer Club Kids Gardening Tools


  • Board book included

  • Promotes STEM development

  • Not recommended for children under 2 years old

We named the Storybook Kids Explorer Club Kids Gardening Tools our top pick because this set includes everything needed for beginner gardeners. Kids will love all of the exciting pieces in this gardening tool kit while parents will appreciate the tote bag for easy and neat storage. The bundle features gloves, a watering can, three gardening tools, and the book "How to Grow a Garden" by Brett Oliver Parson. 

The gardening set helps promote STEM development, healthy food habits, and pretend play. Children can learn how to grow their own food and are even given four different labels for homegrown foods, like corn and peppers.

Price at time of publication: $33

Best Splurge

Hearth Song Grow With Me Kids' Wheelbarrow and Adjustable Garden Tool Set

Hearth Song Grow With Me Kids' Wheelbarrow and Adjustable Garden Tool Set

Hearth Song

  • Includes wheelbarrow

  • Four different tools

  • Costly

  • No gloves included

If your little helper is prepared to do some big work, it may be worth it to splurge on a bigger set of tools. This sturdy and well-made set is specially designed and sized to be comfortable, safe, and adjustable for growing kids.

The shovel, hoe, leaf rake, and soil rake are all crafted to adjust from 33 inches to 39.5 inches long. With a child-sized, yet rugged, wheelbarrow, your kid will be ready to dig in and get gardening.

Price at time of publication: $99

Best Budget

G&F Products Kids Garden Tools Set

Kids Garden Tools Set

 Courtesy of Home Depot

  • Budget-friendly

  • Comes with tote bag

  • No gloves included

A bright tote and kid-sized tools are really all that kids need to start working in the dirt. They’ll feel proud of their special gardening bag and the chunky tools are easy for little hands to grasp and use.

Parent reviewers are impressed with how well-made the tools are. Little gardeners will love how their tools look just like big ones and will be proud to start gardening too.

Price at time of publication: $9

Best for Toddlers

Melissa & Doug Sunny Patch Giddy Buggy Toy Set

Melissa and Doug Sunny Patch Giddy Buggy Tote Set

Courtesy of Amazon

  • Tote bag included

  • Comes with spray bottle

  • Not recommended for children under 3 years old

This sweet set is made especially for toddlers. Gardening will encourage outdoor play and imagination, and works to develop both fine and gross motor skills.

A durable tote fits a toddler-sized shovel, rake, and spray bottle. The tools are plastic. They are lightweight, which is necessary for little ones, but may not hold up to heavy use or deep digging in the dirt.

Price at time of publication: $19

Best for Backyards

Step2 Springtime Wheelbarrow

Step2 Springtime Wheelbarrow

 Courtesy of Khol's

  • Toddler-friendly

  • Dual-front wheels

  • Costly

Put your little ones to work as they rake, shovel, and pile debris into their very own child-sized wheelbarrow. Best for kids ages 1 through 4 years old, this wheelbarrow has dual front wheels for extra stability.

The included hand rake and trowel have special slots, so they are easy to store. This does require some assembly, but all it takes is a hammer and a few minutes, and you’ll be ready to go.

Best for Siblings

Livvy Lauren Personalised 3pc Gardening Set Children's Garden Tools

Kid's Personalized Gardening Tools

Courtesy of Etsy

  • Can be personalized

  • Multiple color options

  • Not recommended for children under 3 years old

Stop sibling arguments right in their tracks with these personalized gardening tools. A rake, round shovel, and square shovel are included in this set which comes in four different color options.

Names can be engraved on the wooden handle, so there’s no second guessing on which rake belongs to whom. Each tool is about 21 centimeters long, making them perfect for children ages 3 and up.

Best for Creativity

Innorock Kids Flower Planting Growing Kit

Innorock Kids Flower Planting Growing Kit


  • Doubles as a craft

  • Seeds included

  • Not recommended for children under 3 years old

Children can really get involved with gardening from painting the pot itself to planting seeds. This kit includes 10 different pieces, including a planter tub and plant markers that can all be painted to your child’s liking. 

Once they’re finished painting, they can plant four different types of flowers: marigolds, balsams, zinnias, and cosmos. There’s also four butterfly sticks for decoration in the plant and a water bottle for when their flowers need a drink.

Price at time of publication: $24

Best for All Ages

MaterialByMash Kids Personalized Gardening Tool Belt

Personalized Gardening Tool Belt

Courtesy of Etsy

  • Personalized

  • Tools included

  • Long shipping time

Made for children from ages 1 to 7, kids can enjoy this personalized tool belt. It features three different gardening-related pictures, which you can have customized, and then add your child’s name. 

There are also three pockets on the belt to hold their two shovels and rake. The belt is adjustable, so it can grow with your child.

Best Set

Born Toys Kids Gardening Set

Born Toys Kids Gardening Set


  • Hat included

  • Adjustable straps on apron

  • Seeds not included

If you’re looking for a gardening kit to get your child involved with gardening, this set has it all. In this set, you’ll find a hat, gloves, spray bottle, tools, and an apron with pockets to hold their items. 

The hat can be worn two different ways while the apron has an adjustable neck and waist strap to ensure your child is comfortable while gardening. All of the items come inside of a carrying bag for easy storage, too.

Price at time of publication: $35

Final Verdict

If you’re looking for tools to get your child first started in gardening, check out The Storybook Kids Explorers Club Kids Gardening Tools (view at Amazon). The bundle features gloves, a watering can, three gardening tools, and the book "How to Grow a Garden" by Brett Oliver Parson. There’s also the Giddy Buggy Tote Set (view at Amazon), which will encourage outdoor play and imagination, and works to develop both fine and gross motor skills. 

What to Look for in Kids' Gardening Tools


When you’re deciding on gardening tools for children, you definitely want to buy products that are durable. Because children will be in the dirt, digging and planting, you’ll need tools to last any impact they might endure, especially if they hit a rock while digging. The tools may also be exposed to water, whether through watering, mud, or being left outside in the rain.

Some tools are made with a wooden handle and metal end, which are great for gardening because they’re durable materials. If your child is under the age of three, you may want to opt for tools that are plastic before graduating to more adult-like materials. However, just keep in mind that plastic tools may break more easily.


One of the most important factors you should consider when buying kids' gardening tools is the age-appropriateness of the tools. Age recommendations are guidelines parents and caregivers should follow because they help keep kids safe.

Many gardening tools are typically safe for children 3 years old and up, but there are some products aimed at younger children, like the Step2 Springtime Wheelbarrow (view at, which is safe for children ages 2 and up. 

Wooden and metal materials are usually safer for children above the age of 3, while plastic tools will work best for toddlers. Either way, you’ll want to double check what the manufacturer recommends when it comes to age guidelines. 


Some kids' gardening tools resemble the tools you use yourself while gardening. They usually have a metal end with a wooden handle and can be tall or short, depending on your comfort level. Kids can use these tools very much like you would use an adult tool.

Plastic tools are great for young children, but they’re not as functional for true gardening. If your child will be using plastic tools, you may need to loosen dirt for them before they dig.

Frequently Asked Questions

  • What are the benefits of gardening with kids?

    Gardening with children can help them understand where food and flowers come from and instill a sense of responsibility. What’s more, teaching a child to take care of a plant can prepare them for taking care of a pet and eventually, their own needs.

  • How can I make gardening fun for kids?

    A kid-sized pair of gardening gloves and other pint-sized gardening gear can help kids feel ownership in the garden. Because growing food and flowers from seeds can be hard concepts to grasp for young kids, bringing them into the planting process and checking for growth regularly can engage and excite gardeners-in-training, as can reading books about gardening or decorating plastic planters with paint markers or stickers.

  • What does a beginner gardener need to start?

    Most kid-sized gardening kits come with a small shovel, rake, and spade. You might also find a watering can or spray bottle, gardening belt, gloves, apron, or tool tote. To begin a garden in your backyard or window sill you’ll also needs seeds or seedlings, soil, and a sunny space.

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