The Best Kids’ Camping Chairs for Resting in the Great Outdoors

The Coleman Kids Quad chair is lightweight, with a design kids love

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A love of the great outdoors is one of the best gifts you can give your kids, encouraging good stuff like exercise, problem-solving, risk-taking, and socialization. Of course, when you’re camping, at the beach, watching a ball game, or just hanging out at the park, your little ones will need somewhere to sit down eventually, and that’s when portable camp chairs may be another gift you want to give them.

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The Coleman Kids Quad chair is lightweight, safe, and easy to use, plus it has a fun glow-in-the-dark design. You’ll also love our budget pick, the Melissa & Doug Sunny Patch Giddy Buggy Folding Lawn and Camping Chair, which is not only adorable but also priced low enough that you can buy them for your kids and their friends.

There’s a huge variety of designs, features, and functionality when it comes to kids' camping chairs. You may have a toddler whom you’d prefer to keep off the ground while they’re eating at the campsite, or a tween who isn’t quite ready for an adult-size chair. You may be in the market for sun protection for your kid for summer afternoons by the lake or in the backyard. When making this list, we considered age and size recommendations, durability, special features, customer reviews, and the recommendations of a pediatrician to narrow down the many choices.

Read on for the best camp chairs to keep kids’ bodies erect, off the ground, safe, and protected from the sun at every price point.

Best Overall

Coleman Kids Quad Chair

Coleman Kids Quad Chair


  • Glow-in-the-dark design

  • Light enough for kids to carry

  • Sturdy

  • Seat height not great for taller kids

Who else recommends it? The Bump also picked the Coleman Kids Quad Chair.

What do buyers say? 95% of 500+ Amazon reviewers rated this product 4 stars or above.

There’s so much to love about this simple, well-designed, and super fun collapsible chair. This chair is our top pick for being lightweight, well priced, and easy to use. Your kids will love the fun design (available in blue, red, and pink) that glows in the dark. Not only is it attractive without being too over-the-top, but it is so much easier to find the chair when everyone is sitting around the campfire at night.

They’ll also love that the chair is just like an adult camp chair, with soft seating and a mesh cup holder in the arm of the chair that’s just like the grown-ups’ seats—only the 10-inch seat height makes it perfect for young kids. On a more practical note, we love that this chair collapses and comes in a slender bag with a drawstring closure and a cross-body carry strap. At less than 4 pounds, it’s light enough for your kid to carry themselves, which will give them a feeling of accomplishment.

Weight limit: 160 pounds | Chair weight: 3.5 lbs | Seat height: 10.2 inches

Best for Toddlers

hiccapop OmniBoost Travel Booster Seat with Tray

hiccapop OmniBoost Travel Booster Seat with Tray


  • Includes tray

  • Easy to clean

  • Can turn regular chair into high chair

  • Quickly outgrown

This seat is almost the perfect portable chair for older babies and toddlers. It has a removable swivel tray that’s dishwasher safe, so they can settle in for a low-mess snack or meal. You can also remove the seat fabric to wash it, and we love easy cleanup. 

The OmniBoost is also pretty low to the ground, so your toddler can sit comfortably and put their feet on the ground while they’re resting or eating. The chair also has a pocket sleeve on the back that’s perfect for stashing sunscreen, books, bibs, spoons, or other outdoor necessities. With large, flat feet for stability, it’s easy to use this chair on almost any surface, though it is a little too wide for most picnic table benches. 

The chair’s folding frame collapses for travel and comes with an over-the-shoulder carrier you can tote to the beach, campsite, or the backyard. The seat also has a three-point restraint that fits around your little one’s waist and between their legs, keeping them secure while they’re seated—and giving parents a moment to breathe!

Weight limit: 45 pounds | Chair weight: 4 pounds | Seat height: Not listed

Best for Watching Events

REI Co-op Kids' Camp Chair

REI Co-op Kids' Camp Chair


  • Lightweight

  • Drink holder

  • Integrated carry strap

  • Too high for very small kids

Whether it’s fireworks on the Fourth of July, outdoor movie events, or live music concerts, there seem to be more outdoor events every year, and this REI chair is a great option for mid-age kids (about 4 to 11 years old) to sit comfortably and be almost as tall as the grown-ups to watch the show. 

Since they’ll be carrying the chair (or you will) while looking for the right spot to sit, we looked for a lighter option, and with this one coming in at just 4 pounds, it is the ideal choice. It comes in two colors, a handsome gray and a crystal blue, and definitely feels more grown-up than some of our other chairs, which is great for those older kids who don’t want to use things that look “babyish.” 

This chair doesn’t come with a carry case or bag (one less thing to lose!), but it has an attached strap built into the chair for easy carrying. This chair also has a pocket in the right armrest for drinks, snacks, or whatever they want to keep with them.

Weight limit: 125 pounds | Chair weight: 4 pounds | Seat height: 11 inches

Best for Backpacking

Helinox Chair Zero

Helinox Chair Zero


  • Super lightweight

  • Packs up small

  • Can fit both kids and adults

  • No pockets or storage

Ultralight and super portable, this low-profile chair is perfect to pack in the car or a backpack for a weekend camping trip. Because the Helinox only weighs a pound and folds up into a stuff sack about the size of a water bottle (13.5 inches long), it’s a favorite among thru-hikers, for whom every pound counts.

The scoop seat, which is made from easy-to-clean nylon, slightly reclines but has a nice amount of support. The height is low, which means this chair, while having a high weight capacity that could support an adult, is easy for little people to get in and out of. It’s also nice to stretch out in to watch the stars—our favorite camping activity.

Weight limit: 265 pounds | Chair weight: 1 pound | Seat height: 8.5 inches

Best for Car Camping

ALPHA CAMP Children's Camping Chair

ALPHA CAMP Children's Camping Chair


  • Easy to carry

  • Inexpensive

  • Heavier than the Helinox

  • Some find it difficult to assemble

Light and portable are the key features when you’re looking at chairs to take camping, and the Alpha Camp delivers. It’s easy to carry, weighing under 3 pounds, and folds up small into a stash bag that you can sling over your shoulder (or your kid can easily carry) when it’s time to unload the car.

This bucket-style chair is also extremely budget-friendly, coming in just under $20 at most retailers, and well built for the price. The heavy-duty waterproof fabric with double stitching makes it sturdy enough to support an adult’s weight without tearing, which is important for stability and safety in the great outdoors.

Weight limit: 225 pounds | Chair weight: 2.75 pounds | Seat height: Not listed

Best With Sun Canopy

Kelsyus Premium Canopy Chair

Kelsyus Premium Canopy Chair


  • SPF 50+ protection

  • Easy to unfold and fold

  • Not as lightweight as some chairs

This versatile chair will shield kids or adults from the sun at the beach, camping, sporting events, and basically anywhere else you need a chair outside during the day. 

The larger-than-most canopy is rounded to maximize sun protection beyond midday, as the sun rises and dips. The canopy may also shield your child from some mild rain, though not completely, of course. You can then retract the canopy when it’s night or you need a little warmth from the sun. 

While this chair is a bit heavier than some of the other chairs on this list, it’s super easy to clean and it folds up quite compactly.

Weight limit: 250 pounds | Chair weight: 12 pounds | Seat height: Not listed

Best for Picnics

Crazy Creek Original Chair

Crazy Creek Original Chair


  • Lightweight

  • Extremely durable

  • Provides back support

  • Not a full chair

  • Easy to roll back

While actually designed for adults, this quick pop-up chair may be the perfect seating solution when you’re picnicking with your little one.

Made with waterproof nylon or polyester (depending on your color choice) and foam that provides comfy padding, this chair can give them the support and space they need at a picnic table or sitting on the ground. Though it looks like a simple enough seat, the Crazy Creek has sturdy carbon-fiber stays to keep their backs upright, and it’s adjustable for a wide range of sitting positions for customizable comfort.

The other thing we love about this chair is that it weighs in at a bit over a pound and can be folded almost flat. You can slip it into a tote bag or a backpack, or just tuck it under your arm and carry it wherever you go. This is a great option for city living or anyone living in a smaller space who wants to get outside.

Weight limit: 250 pounds | Chair weight: 1.8 pounds | Seat height: None

What Our Editors Say

“I have had the same Crazy Creek chair for 20 years now, and it’s still a must-have for our trips to the park. My son used to love rolling onto his back in it in a fit of giggles, but now he also uses it every time we go to an outdoor event where taller chairs would be impolite or inconvenient.”—Sabrina Rojas Weiss, Parenting Editor, Commerce, Verywell Family

Best Budget

Melissa & Doug Sunny Patch Giddy Buggy Folding Lawn and Camping Chair

Melissa & Doug Sunny Patch Giddy Buggy Folding Lawn and Camping Chair


  • Cute design

  • Budget friendly

  • Fits broad age range

  • Not as well constructed as a more expensive model

This extremely well-priced camping chair might also be the cutest one on our list. Just look at this adorable, brightly colored little bug chair and try not to smile. As much as your little ones will love the look, you’ll love the under-$20 price tag.

This chair is durable enough to hold up over several years of being used—maybe by more than one kid. While they aren’t the most solid chairs on the list, they’re pretty sturdy and very lightweight. The seat height is on the lower side, meaning you can use this chair for a larger toddler up until about age 6. The armrest features a small cup or snack holder, and the chair folds up easily into a cute matching carrier.

Weight limit: 125 pounds | Chair weight: 2.7 pounds | Seat height: Not listed

Best for Older Kids

STRONGBACK Prodigy Chair

STRONGBACK Prodigy Chair


  • Encourages good posture

  • Convenient carrying bag

  • High weight limit

  • Bland design

For older kids and smaller teens, we love this ergonomic chair that helps with good posture and is much easier to eat or read in. 

This chair has a convex back area that provides excellent lumbar support integrated into the frame, so when you’re seated you can’t slouch like you can in some camping chairs. It’s super comfortable and helps fight bad sitting habits that can be hard to break as your kids age. 

This chair has a larger weight capacity than some of our picks, so your kids can use it from their tweens into teenage years. It also comes with a pocket on each arm for drinks, snacks, and more, as well as a mesh pocket across the back for extra storage. The chair also collapses and fits neatly into a tube-shaped tote that can be carried over the shoulder or by hand, ready to bring to events, hikes, or the beach.

Weight limit: 200 pounds | Chair weight: 4.5 pounds | Seat height: 11.5 inches

Best for the Beach

Redmon Beach Baby Umbrella Camp Chair

Redmon Beach Baby Umbrella Camp Chair


  • Sun protection

  • Easy for kids to carry

  • Locks to prevent collapsing

  • They’ll outgrow it

  • Umbrella doesn’t cover whole body

This basic but reliable kids’ beach chair comes with a detachable umbrella for added protection from the sun. The metal frame and polyester seating material are weatherproof and durable, and it all folds into a matching carry bag that makes it easy to take out into the dunes. Our favorite feature? The umbrella can be folded up and tucked into a pocket on the chair. 

This chair is well constructed and has a cup holder on one arm. It’s also available in other colors, like purple and pink.

Weight limit: 50 pounds | Chair weight: 3.6 pounds | Seat height: 11 inches

Final Verdict

We chose the Coleman Kids Quad chair as the best all-around camping chair. It’s strong, sturdy, reasonably priced, and easy to pack up and carry. For younger kids with parents on a budget, we love the Melissa & Doug Sunny Patch Giddy Buggy Folding Lawn and Camping Chair, which is beyond cute and very well built for the price.

How We Selected the Best Kids’ Camping Chairs

We researched all of the chairs available through major retailers, looking at cost, durability, features, and consumer reviews. We talked to kids and parents who tried many of these chairs to gather some extra, hands-on insight. We also sought out expert insight from Rebekah Diamond, MD, a hospital pediatrician in New York City and an assistant professor of pediatrics at Columbia University.

What to Look for in Kids’ Camping Chairs

The qualities of a good camping chair really vary based on your needs and your child’s needs, according to Dr. Diamond. But there are a few ways to narrow down your choices.

Comfort and Ease

“Whatever is comfortable and portable for you, your children, and your family is fine!” Dr. Diamond tells Verywell Family. 

The best part about getting a camp chair is that you’re already doing parenting right, she continues: “If you’re using a portable chair, it’s likely because you’re going camping, to the beach, or traveling somewhere with outdoor activity, which is more important for back and body health than worrying about the type of chair you’re bringing.”

However, you do want to look at how well made the chair is, Diamond notes, explaining that you want to make sure “it’s sturdy enough to support you and your kids without collapsing! The only true contraindication to me to buying a chair (as with anything) is a product recall.”

Activity-Related Features

You’ll also want to look for the features you and your child might need for an activity. We like canopy or umbrella chairs for sun protection at the beach. You may want cup holders for picnics and camp dinners, or a carrying bag for longer walks from the car. 

Portability and Weight

Many camp, beach, and outdoors chairs fold up for easy carrying. You may want to look at the weight of the chair to determine if your child can carry it, as well as if it comes with a carrying case or has handles. If you’re planning on hiking with a chair, or even carrying it to the beach, portability is a major consideration.

Size and Weight Limit

Look closely at the size of the chair to make sure your child can get into it safely and won’t outgrow it too quickly. Also pay attention to the weight limit. If they grow too big for the chair, or if a grown-up decides to borrow it, someone may end up on the ground.

Frequently Asked Questions

  • Do kids need a camp chair?

    This really depends. Dr. Diamond notes that it’s OK to sit on the ground from a health perspective. “There is a general concern by how much sitting we do in modern society and how this affects health, but there’s no firm evidence showing that a universal sitting position or chair is better than others.”

    However, if the adults have chairs, your child might feel more included if they have their own. It’s also often easier to manage eating and cleanup with a chair.

  • Can you use camp chairs at the beach?

    Yes, unless your beach has rules against it. For a beach camp chair, we recommend looking for something with connected legs that won’t sink as easily into the ground. It’s also smart to find a chair with a sun canopy, as the best way to avoid harmful ultraviolet (UV) radiation exposure from the sun is to stay in the shade.

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