The 8 Best Infant Toys to Buy in 2018

Keep your baby learning and entertained with these all-time favorites

While newborns are notorious for packing their schedules with only a handful of activities—namely sleeping, eating, and pooping—at around three months you will start to notice a marked change in your baby. At around that time babies tend to spend a bit more time awake, they notice more about their surroundings, they’re better able to hold things in their hands, and you might even hear those first coos and giggles.

Picking up a few toys specifically created for infants is not only a great way to spend time with your baby and nurture your growing bond, but depending on the type of toys you pick out, you can also help with your baby’s development and really start honing in on his specific interests. Here are a few of the best infant toys out there based on what you’re specifically looking to do with that toy.

Best for Music: Baby Einstein Take Along Tunes Musical Toy

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Some experts believe that listening to classical music can do a world of good for your baby, including making your baby smarter and happier. As if that isn’t good enough reason to add a little classical listening to your baby’s playlist, think about what a nice change of pace a little classical music will be from the usual “The Wheels on the Bus” and “The Itsy Bitsy Spider” that you likely have on heavy rotation.

The Baby Einstein Take Along Tunes Musical Toy is great because it provides baby with seven classical music tunes (including Mozart, Vivaldi, Chopin, and Rossini) at the touch of a button, but there’s more to love about this toy than just the tunes. Baby’s senses will be delighted as she watches the lights dance with each note and as she learns to grip the toy with its easy-to-hold (and adorable) giraffe sidebar.

This toy is an Amazon No. 1 best seller and has over 9,700 satisfied customer reviews. It includes a volume button and requires two AA batteries, which come included. The toy is recommended for three months and up.

Best for Travel: Sassy Wonder Wheel Activity Center

Besides the diaper bag and stroller, nothing is more important when traveling than bringing along some entertainment for the baby. The Sassy Wonder Wheel Activity Center provides just that, and is so easy to throw into a bag and then find at a moment’s notice amongst the diapers, wipes, backup outfit, and breastfeeding cover.

Simply stick the suction cup to any flat surface and watch your child become mesmerized by the spinning wheel. The centerpiece spinners enhance visual tracking and strengthen fine motor wheels, while also encouraging your baby to reach, tug, and bat, which helps develop hand-eye coordination. The colorful beads within the clear structure of the toy also help baby connect the idea of sound to sight. Multiple texture points are optimal for baby’s developed play, as well. This toy is recommended for kids six months and up.

Best for Sensory Development: Manhattan Toy Winkel Rattle and Teether Toy

This Amazon’s Choice infant toy may seem simple, but its benefits for your baby are many. The mesmerizing maze of safe, BPA free, and soft tubes are great for teething kids, but more than that, the continuous tubes promote clutching and two-handed play, while the middle cube provides a pleasing rattle sound that babies love.

The Manhattan Toy Winkel Rattle and Sensory Teether Toy is the winner of multiple newborn toy awards, including the Oppenheim Toy Portfolio Blue Chip Award. This toy is recommended for kids from zero to 24 months.

Best for Teething: Nuby Ice Gel Teether Keys

Another Amazon’s Choice product, the Nuby Ice Gel Teether Keys have more than 2,500 customer reviews, and they are the optimal toy for your teething baby. Multi-surface teething makes the toy perfect for assisting in the eruption of ​the front, middle, and back teeth, and when placed in the refrigerator, the Nuby PurICE technology provides gentle cooling to sensitive baby gums.

The easy grip design is ideal for tiny hands and helps with coordination, while the overall product provides combined exercise for hands, gums, and teeth. This product is BPA free and recommended for kids three months and older.

Best Classic: The First Years Stack Up Cups

As an Amazon’s Choice toy, The First Years Stack Up Cups provide multiple ways for your baby to play, all while building skills like hand-eye coordination and ​problem-solving. The eight brightly colored nesting cups are fun for kids to fit together, stack up, or turn over to hide things underneath.

Each cup has large numbers embossed on the base so as your kid grows he can continue to use this toy to practice counting and begin building number recognition skills. They’re fun for bath time play, as well. This toy is recommended for kids six months and up.

Best for the Stroller: Skip Hop Silver Lining Cloud Rattle Moon Stroller Toy

A toy that attaches easily to your child’s stroller is a genius way to keep your kid occupied and happy while out and about. The Skip Hop Silver Lining Cloud Rattle Moon Stroller Toy is great because kids love the neon rattle beads that stimulate their auditory and visual senses, as well as the textured, cloud-shaped teether. This toy is recommended for kids zero and up.

Best Bath Toy: Munchkin Wind Up Swimming Penguin Bath Toy

Keep things fun for your kid during bath time with the Munchkin Wind Up Swimming Penguin Bath toy. This Amazon’s Choice product has wind-up arms that, when released, make the penguin swim through the water. The easy-to-use toy encourages imaginative play, audio, and visual stimulation, and helps develop hand and eye coordination. This toy is recommended for kids nine months and up.

Best for Motor Development: VTech Sit-to-Stand Learning Walker

Once your baby starts learning to sit up and crawl, a whole host of new toys can enter the scene. The VTech Sit-to-Stand Learning Walker—an Amazon’s Choice product—is recommended for kids from nine months to three years of age, and comes with all the bells and whistles to keep him occupied for hours at a time while also developing those important sit and stand skills.

The early learning center of the toy has five piano keys that play music and encourage creativity, while the wheels work on both carpeted and hardwood floors. Additional areas of interest for your kid include the two colorful spinning rollers, three shape sorters, and three light-up buttons that develop motor skills.

There is also a pretend telephone handset and mechanical elements to enhance pretend play, and over 70 sing-along songs, music, sound effects, and fun phrases. The play panel is detachable for young children to play with on the ground, and it can be reattached to the walker as your baby grows and learns to move along with the toy.

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