Best Harry Potter Subscription Boxes

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The 5 Best Harry Potter Subscription Boxes of 2021

Best "Official" : Bibbidi Boxes Wizard’s Vault

Bibbidi Boxes

Bibbidi Boxes

If you don't live near a theme park and have limited access to official Harry Potter or Disney merch, fret no more. The kind folks at Bibbidi Boxes are not directly affiliated with Disney or Warner Brothers, but they visit the parks often to hand-pick and purchase exclusive items to put in their boxes. It's as close to an official Harry Potter subscription box as you can get.

You can specify your preference for items based on gender, house, clothing size, and other fun Harry Potter-inspired qualities like creature companion and favorite spell, which means you can have a lot of fun with customization and you'll receive your own unique box. Some past boxes have featured chocolates and candies, wands, and animal plushies.

There are two levels of membership, priced around $49 and $89. The contents of the boxes always match the retail value of your subscription cost, so the $49 package always contains at least three items with an MSRP of $49, and the same for the $89 box. Shipping is always about $7 per box.

Best for Spellcasters : GeekGear Wizardry Wands

GeekGear Wizardry Wands

GeekGear Wizardry Wands

For serious Harry Potter fans who are hard at work practicing the art of spell casting, a large wand collection is a must. The Wizardry Wands box from GeekGear lets you skip all the swag like candles, backpacks, and mugs, and get straight to the magic.

Every monthly shipment of the Wizardry Wands box sends you a handcrafted wand in a designated box, along with a card that lets you know the exact specifications of your wand such as its size and material. The wands typically feature decorative carvings and sometimes include an attached charm or gemstone for added flair.

Since this is a simpler subscription, the cost and options are minimal. There’s just the one package offered at around $21 per month. The boxes come from the United Kingdom—just like Harry himself—but the shipping is reasonable at only around $7 per box. Basically, for about $28 per month, you could quickly amass a large collection of unique wands, intimidating even the most diehard of Harry Potter fans. Start practicing your wingardium leviosa spell now.

Best for Older Fans : Accio! Box

Accio! Box

Accio! Box

Not all Harry Potter fans are little kids: The books and films have long appealed to tweens, teens, and adults, many of whom want to collect merchandise that doesn’t involve primary colors and cheap plastic construction. We’re not saying the box is inappropriate for kids, but the good folks at Accio! Box generally recommend their boxes for the 18-and-over crowd, since the products are often selected with older collectors in mind.

These are high-quality items from independent creatives, designers, and artists. Think hand-drawn prints and hand-knit caps, not mass-produced figurines and silk-screen tees. Accio! also makes an effort to include only products that are vegan and cruelty-free, so when you receive an edible product like jellybeans or home goods like candles, you can be sure that it was made with sustainability in mind. It’s the perfect choice for fans who are conscious about where and how their merch is made.

Despite featuring a selection of high-class goodies, the Accio! Box is still reasonably priced at around $40 plus $10.50 for shipping.

Best Budget : GeekGear Wizardry Box

GeekGear Wizardry Wands

GeekGear Wizardry Wands

Don’t mistake “budget” for “cheap” when considering the Wizardry Box by GeekGear. Although it’s one the least expensive options on this list, it’s definitely not short on quality or variety when it comes to packing up its box every month for Potterheads.

Each package comes with a t-shirt, a GeekGear exclusive print fit for framing, and at least four other cool pieces of swag like bookmarks, wands, bracelets, teas, and key chains. When you order your subscription, you can specify t-shirt sizes for kids, ladies, or unisex, and what house you’ve self-sorted to make sure your monthly tee is customized just for you. The box is cool and authentic, and it makes a subscription possible for any Harry Potter fan—even the ones on a tight budget.

Month-to-month subscriptions start at about $34 per month, plus $7 shipping from the U.K. You can also opt for three-, six-, or 12-month prepaid packages to simplify your expense and reduce cost, as the 12-month option brings the price lower to around $30.

Best Value : Loot Crate Wizarding World

Loot Crate Wizarding World

Loot Crate Wizarding World

Loot Crate’s option is similar to GeekGear’s, but there are a couple of things that make it stand out. It ships bi-monthly rather than monthly, meaning it could be a better fit if you want to collect merch without drowning in it. The subscription also offers a whole lot of bang for your buck, promising at least $65 worth of items for the low price of around $40.

Inside each Wizarding World box is an assortment of four to six Harry Potter and Fantastic Beasts items, like wands, neckties, tees, duffle bags, collectible figures, plush toys, and more. The boxes are all themed, and some past boxes have been designed to feature Potterverse creatures and plants, spells, enchantments, and even a “Hogwarts for the Holidays” theme.

A one-time shipment costs around $40, plus $5 shipping. If you want to sign up for longer subscriptions like six- or 12-month options, note that boxes ship every other month. That means you'll get either three or six different crates, depending on your choice. Those packages break down to around $38 and $36 per crate, respectively.


What Is a Harry Potter Subscription Box?

A Harry Potter subscription box is a service that regularly—either every month or every other month—sends Harry Potter items right to your front door. The boxes appeal to Potterheads of all ages who love everything associated with the Harry Potter books and films.

What Is Included in a Harry Potter Subscription Box?

Harry Potter subscription boxes can include a wide range of items, but they typically have Harry Potter merchandise, memorabilia, and accessories. Boxes that are geared toward kids may have wands, clothes, plush toys, bags, chocolates, and figurines, as well as Harry Potter swag such as bookmarks, bracelets, and key chains. 

For teens and adults, a box may include hand-drawn prints, mugs, candles, or knit caps, rather than toys and trinkets. Some boxes center around a theme, often featuring different creatures, characters, wizards, spells, and places.

In many cases, the boxes contain unique, high-quality items that you can’t find elsewhere. You can also customize your boxes based on your gender, Hogwarts house, and other fun Harry Potter elements such as favorite spells.  

How Much Do Harry Potter Subscription Boxes Cost?

The cost of Harry Potter subscription boxes varies depending on what’s included, but typically they cost around $25 to $50 per month. Some prices may be higher based on the number and quality of items included. 

Most companies offer discounts if you choose a longer subscription plan. In most cases, shipping is added to the subscription plan cost. Keep in mind, some subscription box companies are based in the U.K., where Harry Potter originated, so their shipping charges may be more substantial.

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