The 4 Best Gowns for Labor and Delivery of 2021

Be comfortable on the big day and through recovery

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Our Top Picks

Best Overall: Gownies Labor Maternity Hospital Gown at Amazon

"Has snaps that fully close in the back."

Best Nightgown: Saifeier PJ Nursing Nightgown at Amazon

"This gown feels soft but also has a little stretch to cover your bump."

Best Style: Baby Be Mine Labor Hospital Gown at Amazon

"Has features you will want in the hospital."

Best Short Sleeve: Nurture by Lamaze Gown at Walmart

"Constructed out of rayon, which keeps you cool when you're sweating."

Best Long Sleeve: Saifeier Women's Birthing Wrap at Amazon

"Perfect if you catch a chill easily or just want to be snuggled up."

Best Robe: Baby Be Mine Nursing Robe at Amazon

"Keeps you comfortable through all those middle of the night wakings."

Best With Pants: Everly Grey Roxanne Pajama Set at Amazon

"Has a newborn sleep gown so you can all match at the hospital."

Best Overall: Gownies Labor & Delivery Maternity Hospital Gown

If you are looking for an upgrade to the hospital issued gown, this gown by Baby Be Mine Maternity is our best overall pick. Unlike the ones with strings you get at the hospital that can be cumbersome, this one has snaps that fully close in the back so you can be discreet when you are walking the hallways. With typical gowns, you have to put one on in front and one in back to stay covered, but this solves that problem. Besides snaps in the back, it also has ​snaps up top so you can easily do skin to skin or breastfeed without stripping down.

They're also made of 100% cotton and machine washable so you can use for your next child. They come in an array of cheery patterns and colors, and come in various sizes to suit all your needs.

Best Style: Baby Be Mine Labor/delivery/Nursing Hospital Gown Maternity

If style is more your thing, look for a gown that offers lots of fun prints but also has a flattering silhouette like this one from Baby Be Mine. With this gown, you'll get multiple uses out of it so it isn't a one time purchase. Wear it as a nightgown when you are pregnant, use it during labor and delivery, and then wear it in the hospital and postpartum as you recover and transition into motherhood.

And while this may just look like an average nightgown, it has features you will want in the hospital, like back closures for an epidural, and snaps that allow you to adjust the top part for breastfeeding. This comes in sizes small/medium and large/extra large and comes in 18 colors and patterns.

Best Robe: Baby Be Mine Maternity Labor Delivery Nursing Robe

Hospital gown or not, a robe is a great purchase for any expecting mother to be. This one from Baby Be Mine Maternity provides a nice robe to wear while you are pregnant and postpartum because it keeps you covered and comfortable through all those middle of the night wakings.

Made of 100% cotton, this robe will bring a little bit of home to the hospital. You can choose from an array of colors and patterns, from a cheery pink floral to a more subdued gray polka dot.

Best With Pants: Everly Grey Women's Maternity Roxanne Nursing Pajama Set

While you can't wear pants during labor for obvious reasons, something that will give you some comfort and warmth after the big event might be more your style. This set not only comes with pants, a tank, and a robe, but it also has a newborn sleep gown so you can all match at the hospital.

Made out of rayon which will help you stay cool when the postpartum hormones start to sweat out—this set is available in various styles suited for people expecting a boy or girl.

What to Look for in Gowns for Labor and Delivery

Material: Just like when you purchase a regular dress, you’ll want to consider the material your labor gown is made of. Many people prefer cotton, as it’s strong, absorbent, breathable, and easy to wash. However, many hospital gowns are made from synthetic materials like rayon, which is strong, absorbent, and soft, as well. The downside of rayon is that it isn’t as breathable, so it can get clammy if you’re sweating too much.

Openings: There’s a reason you can’t wear any old dress to the hospital—nurses and doctors need easy access to your back, arms, and chest to measure vitals, give medications, and the like. When shopping for a labor and delivery gown, you’ll want to think about whether it has a back closure, as this allows medical staff to give you an epidural if needed, and flaps that will allow you to breastfeed after your baby is born.

Reuse: If you want to use your gown for more than just your delivery, think about whether it can be washed, if it’s adjustable, and whether it’s a hospital style-gown or more like a normal dress.

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