The 21 Best Gifts for 5-Year-Old Girls of 2022

Inspire independent play with arts and crafts, puzzles, games, and more

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Choosing a gift for a 5-year-old is always a fun task. Five-year-olds have wide-ranging interests, from stuffed animals to STEM toys and arts and crafts to sports equipment. The best gifts for 5-year-olds celebrate their natural independent streak, from games with kid-friendly instructions to art projects that don’t require parental supervision.

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The Razor Jr. Lil' Kick Scooter is the perfect first scooter for a 5-year-old's expanding motor skills and coordination. Keep their hands busy with the popular Freefa Fidget Toy Multi-Pack—a pop-it set that contains several shareable fidget toys.

Five-year-olds love to learn, so gifts that spark a new interest or develop a new skill are naturally a good idea. Playful gifts that inspire active outdoor play and foster girls’ developing balance and coordination skills are another great option. 

When reviewing gifts for 5-year-olds, we considered developmental milestones, design, safety, and versatility. We also looked for gifts that foster independence, learning, and playfulness—three of the traits most commonly associated with 5-year-olds. 

Based on our reviews, these are the best gifts for 5-year-old girls on the market today. 

Razor Jr. Lil' Kick Scooter

Razor Jr. Lil' Kick Scooter


This lightweight, three-wheeled kick scooter is our top pick for growing girls. The extra-wide, slip-resistant deck helps new riders maintain their balance while riding independently for the first time. Made with wide urethane wheels for stability, the Razor Jr. Lil’ Kick gives kids a smooth, comfortable ride as they learn to balance and steer the stand-alone scooter.

This scooter comes in pink and blue and is made for kids up ages three and up, with a maximum weight of 45 pounds. 

Freefa Fidget Toy Multi-Pack

Freefa Fidget Toy Multi-Pack

Courtesy of Freefa

These TikTok sensation fidget toys will be a hit with your kiddo. Relieve anxiety and stress with a multi-pack of fidget pop-it toys. Keep little hands busy as they pop the circles back and forth. Each fidget pack comes with seven different shaped toys so there's enough to share.

Gaiam Kids Funny Faces Stay n Play Ball

Gaiam Kids Funny Faces Stay n Play Ball

Courtesy of Gaiam

Sized just right for kids, this cute ball makes sitting fun and encourages a healthy posture. The built-in no-roll stabilizing legs keep the ball in place when not in use. Choose between four colors; each has a cute funny face. 

Rockets of Awesome

Rockets of Awesome clothing

Courtesy of Rockets of Awesome

Your kiddo will love taking the Rockets of Awesome quiz and then receiving their very own box full of clothes that are just to their liking. Perfect for kids or parents who don’t like shopping in person, this subscription service delivers the clothes right to you.

PicassoTiles 100 Piece Set

PicassoTiles 100 Piece Set


Dreaming big is easy with this 100-piece set of magnetic building blocks. Perfect for open-ended fun, there are enough STEM blocks to play alone or with the whole family.

Klee Naturals 4 PC Makeup Up Kits with Compacts (Garden Fairy)

Little divas will love their own makeup kit. Complete with two lip shimmers, a blush, eyeshadow, and application brushes, the makeup is all non-toxic and made specifically for kids’ sensitive skin. The set can be used to take dress-up play to another level.

Little Likes Kids 48 Piece Floor Puzzle

Made by a Black-owned business, this 48-piece puzzle features original artwork that represents diversity and families of different races and ethnicities. Sized just right for little hands, many 5-year-olds can do this puzzle alone.

Tooth Brigade Gift Set

Tooth Brigade Gift Set

Courtesy of Tooth Brigade

Wiggly teeth will probably start around age 5. Ease any concerns and build excitement with this gift set. The book tells the story of three creatures that help the tooth fairy, while the pillow has a cute spot for teeth, money, or prizes.

Bearaby Weighted Blankets

Bearaby weighted blanket

Courtesy of West Elm

Designed for comfy naps and calm nights, this 8-pound weighted blanket is made of organic cotton. Crafted by highly skilled knitters, the blanket’s weight is evenly distributed for a cozy sleep. Aside from being super comfy, weighted blankets can also help your tot sleep better, lessen anxiety, and provide a sweet sense of calm.

Butteryfly Craze Daisy Flower Plush Floor Pillow


Courtesy of Walmart

Create your girl’s very own cozy corner with a 35-inch diameter flower floor pillow. Pick between five colors and your little one will love reading, playing, or jumping around on their own flower floor pillow.

Little Poppy Hair Bows

Little Poppy Hair Bows

Courtesy of Little Poppy

Lovely hair accessories will arrive monthly with this unique hair bow subscription service. Choose the right sized ribbon for your sweetie’s head and each month they’ll get their very own package of bows. Stop the subscription when you’re all stocked up. 

Meri Meri Fairy Tattoos

Meri Meri Fairy Tattoos

Courtesy of Meri Meri

Get inked up with this large pack of beautiful, hand-drawn tattoos. Featuring lovely colors, sweet images, and gold foil for some shimmer, these kid-friendly tattoos are easy to apply and gentle on delicate skin.

The Dough Project 9 Pack

The Dough Project 9 Pack

Courtesy of The Dough Project

Upgrade your kiddo's playdough with this handmade set from the female-founded business The Dough Project. The all-natural dough is made from food-grade ingredients and colored from plants like turmeric, purple carrot, and spirulina. The nine-pack of colors is perfect for playtime and kid-friendly crafting.

Melissa & Doug Goodie Tutus Dress Up Set

Melissa & Doug Goodie Tutus Dress Up Set

Courtesy of Melissa & Doug

Your little performer will be obsessed with these shimmery skirts that are designed for kiddos between 3 and 6 years old. You can stock up the dress-up bin in one click with this set that includes four different tutus. Each has a comfy elastic waist and is well made for years of play.

Loog 3-String Guitar

Loog 3-String Guitar

Courtesy of Loog

The littlest rocker can learn to strum on this three-string guitar that’s perfectly sized for tiny hands. Ready to play right out of the box, the guitar also comes with flashcards with chord diagrams and access to the Loog Guitar app for video lessons, a tuner, and a digital songbook.

Crayola Bath Bomb Bucket

Crayola Bath Bomb Bucket

Courtesy of Crayola

Bath time just got a lot more colorful. Simply drop one of the eight bath bombs into warm water and watch the bomb fizz as it dissolves and colors the bath.

Calico Critters Cozy Cottage Starter Home

Calico Critters Cozy Cottage Starter Home


Ready for fun right out of the box, Calico Critters encourage imaginative play and are suitable alone or with a buddy. The set includes the starter house and over 15 pieces of furniture, figures, and accessories.

Kid Made Modern My First Jewelry Kit

Kid Made Modern My First Jewelry Kit

Open up a world of creativity with this perfectly sized set that features more than 100 pieces for endless jewelry creation. All the components are large and easy to grasp, so kiddos will develop fine motor skills as they create their masterpieces.

totes Kid's Clear Bubble Umbrella

totes Clear Bubble Umbrella

Courtesy of Amazon

Kids will love carrying their very own child-sized umbrella on a rainy day. The clear plastic bubble dome-style enables them to see where they’re going—a huge plus!

Bling 2O Glam Lash Goggles

Bling 2O Glam Lash Goggles

Courtesy of Bling 2O

Stand out in style at the pool or beach with these fun glam goggles. Crafted with a latex-free silicone strap, they are easy to adjust and the lashes add glamour!

Hanna Andersson Long John Pajamas

Hanna Andersson Long John Heart Pajamas

Courtesy of Hanna Andersson

Get cozy in these parent-approved super soft long john style pajamas. With tons of styles to choose from and sizing up to 14 to 16, this set of PJs is a perfect gift for anyone in your family.

Final Verdict

For an affordable anytime gift, Meri Meri Fairy Tattoos (view at Amazon) are always a hit. A bigger gift that’ll get lots of use is a Razor Jr. Lil' Kick Scooter (view at Amazon). Or try the just-challenging-enough Little Likes Kids 48-Piece Floor Puzzle (view at Amazon).

What to Look for in Gifts for 5-Year-Old Girls


Gifts that involve sparkles, sensory details, dress-up, pretend play, or fantasy tend to wow 5-year-old girls. Stuffed animals, games, child-friendly makeup, books, and STEM toys are also a big hit. Active toys like soccer balls, hula hoops, or scooters also make a big impression.


Five-year-old girls tend to see themselves as "big kids." So they'll love items that they can use independently. Pick gifts geared to their age, with instructions they can figure out with minimal help. Choose books appropriate for their reading level. If you get clothing or shoes, pick something your 5-year-old gift recipient can put on and off without assistance.


Preschoolers and kindergarteners love to learn. So, foster new interests and talents and introduce new concepts by giving the 5-year-old in your life something that broadens their horizons or sparks a new passion. Try STEM toys, building sets, DIY projects, musical instruments, and encyclopedia-type books on topics you think they'll love.

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