The 7 Best Stroller Footmuffs to Buy in 2018

Keep baby warm through all of the elements

If you're a first-time parent you're probably scratching your head at the word footmuff and thoughts of adding it to your registry. But if you live in a colder climate and plan to be outside a lot it's a must-have. A footmuff, also know as bunting, is an accessory that is designed to fit at the foot of a stroller, and its primary purpose is to provide warmth. Think of it as a sleeping bag that is threaded through the straps of your stroller so it provides comfort without slip sliding away.

When shopping for bunting it is best to consider what you are looking for, do you want something that will take you from infancy to pre-k, do you need something for an umbrella stroller or do you want one that will transfer to the car seat. Whatever your preference, these are the best footmuffs for your children.  

Best Overall: 7 AM Enfant Blanket 212 Evolution Extendable Baby Bunting Bag

This high quality made footmuff by 7 A.M. ENFANT is designed to fit all strollers. Designed to be used from infancy to preschool with a zippered bottom that lengthens as your child grows, it also provides warmth much like a blanket. An ergonomic hood keeps the top head warm if you choose to cover, and the thermal filling offers warmth. The waterproof shell and machine washable fabric is an extra plus. Its five-point harness fits from the back and bottom, enabling a secure fit in the stroller. Reviewers commented that with this footmuff "We don't have to bundle our baby up practically at all...just zip him in his "cocoon" (we call it) and he is super toasty. " and that it is an "Absolutely perfect buy." 

While the price is one of the highest on our list if you are looking for superior warmth you can't get much better than this option. If you live in a climate that doesn't drop below freezing often you might want to go with more of a lightweight option. ​

Best Footmuff for Umbrella Strollers: JJ Cole Urban Bundleme, Toddler

JJ Cole Toddler Urban Bundle Me - Stealth Black
Courtesy of Target

This JJ Cole Urban Bundleme is an ideal footmuff for an umbrella stroller as it is not bulky, has a zip open on both sides that allow for easy on/off access which enables you to get your baby in and out of the footmuff with minimal tangles. It can also be zipped open on one side to provide temperature control and you can also remove the entire top of the bunting when the temperature warms. Adjustable openings along the back area allow it to works with any three to five-point harness system.

A nylon quilted exterior offers a water-resistant shell (great for drizzly days) and protects against the wind. Reviewer's love this for its warmth and ability to grow with baby, plus the super snuggly inside that feels soft on babies skin. 

Best for Seasonal Weather: Skip Hop Stroll and Go Three-Season Footmuff

Live in a climate where temperatures fluctuate? The Skip Hop Stroll and Go Three-Season footmuff is ideal for this weather because it has two layers to provide ample warmth when needed or not. One layer is ideal for early fall and spring temperatures, the second layer which has fleece trim on the top adds extra warmth for colder conditions. The adjustable collar is fleece lined with zip-open hood and the bottom can be zipped open to allow leg movement or for when shoes become dirty. The outer shell is windproof and water-resistant and is machine washable. Reviewers love the hood shape on the top that acts as a hat and the durability. 

Best Budget: Universal Baby Stroller Sleeping Bag Toddler

Footmuffs are not cheap. This polar fleece option will keep them warm till they are about 36 months at a reasonable price. Since it's made of fleece it is not windproof or waterproof so probably better for a place with warmer winters or just to use in the fall or spring. This also isn't as large as some of the other options in the list so will only fit your child for a short amount of time. Regardless, users love that it is soft and can provide some warmth at an affordable price. 

Best fo UPPAbaby: UPPAbaby CozyGanoosh Footmuff

This footmuff is designed for UPPAbaby's CRUZ, G LITE, G LUXE and VISTA strollers. For the parents who expect to be strolling for significant periods of time in cold weather the soft fleece provides huge warmth. The CozyGanoosh is also windproof and water repellent in the exterior with a neckwarmer to give more warmth to the baby. The stroller harness and fabric tabs help when baby moves providing a secure fit. Reviewers shared that this bunting is "One of the best things I've bought for our daughter " and "Very warm and cozy! I put my baby in it without a jacket, and he is very comfortable and warm!"

Best Water Proof Footmuff: Lemonda Outdoor Tour Waterproof Stroller Sleeping Bag

If rain is sure to be in your forecast looking for a footmuff that is waterproof is a must to keep your baby warm and dry through all of the elements. We like the Lemonda Outdoor as our favorite waterproof bunting because it is compatible with most strollers and the outside fabric repels water while the inside fleece feels warm and snuggly to be baby. 

What we really like about this is the adjustable shoulder straps that get the right fit on the baby as he or she grows. And the price is reasonable for those who aren't sure if they will get a lot of use out of it. It also folds up compactly so a great option for traveling. 

Best Multipurpose: 7 AM Enfant "Le Sac Igloo" Footmuff

Besides being a warm footmuff, this piece also has a top fleece part that detaches so it can be used as a blanket in the car or by itself on a warmer day. This fastens to any stroller with a five-piece harness and has an anti-slip back so it won't slide around while the baby is in the stroller. It also has a hood with a drawstring that can be tightened when the weather gets harsh ensuring you that baby is staying warm through all the elements. 

With 85% five-star reviews customers love that this fits even the hardest to fit strollers, it is easy to get baby in and out of and most importantly keeps baby super warm and cozy through it all. 

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