The 16 Best Face Masks for Kids (and You!)

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Our Top Picks

Kids Vistaprint Face Mask at

"With lightning, dinosaur, camo-themed options, and more, kids can embody a character of their choosing while staying safe."

JoahLove Face Masks at

"This brand is making comfy masks for adults and kids that'll help you breathe and speak easy without sacrificing safety."

Kawaii Foodie Face Mask at

"These fun masks are decorated with food emojis and come with a pocket for you to insert a reusable filter."

Vida Protective Mask at

"It fits kids 5 years old and up with adjustable ear loops that will keep the mask in place even on fussy or active kids."

Star Wars Cloth Face Masks 4-Pack Set at

"These masks are only available for pre-order right now with expected delivery in July."


"Uniqlo's AIRism Face Mask is ultra-protective, comfortable, and smooth on the skin."

Unicorn Sequin Mask at

"The washable double-layer mask has an outer layer of sequins and the inner layer is made of satin, perfect for Zoom parties."

Kids Face Mask at

"Made with cute fabric motifs like monsters, zigzag, polka dots and more, the kid-sized masks are made for kids 4 to 12 years old."

Sanctuary 5 Pack Fashion PPE Masks at

"Buy a five-pack of these unisex 100-percent cotton masks, and the company will donate masks to organizations in need as well."

The 100% Human Face Mask 5-Pack at

"The non-medical face masks feature fun tie-dye looks that can showcase your personality and make you stand out from the crowd."

Getting your kid to wear a face mask can be a challenge. As adults know they are not always the most comfortable thing to wear while you are out and about. With new guidelines from the CDC and the AAP recommending that children 2 and over should wear a mask, it is more important than ever to get your kids comfortable with the new norm of mask-wearing.

We've researched the best face masks for kids that will help keep your family protected.

Our Top Picks

Kids Vistaprint Face Mask

Vistaprint kids face mask

 Courtesy of Vistaprint

These colorful face masks will thrill kids 4 years old and up while keeping them protected. With lightning, sunrise, dinosaur, camo-themed options, and much more, kids can embody a character of their choosing while staying safe indoors and outdoors. The kids' face mask features adjustable latex-free ear loops and should be placed snuggly against your child's face for best results.

With a replaceable filter system, the masks are reusable and you can buy a 10-pack of kid filters as an add-on so you don't run out. The masks are also moisture-wicking so they'll keep your kid comfy and dry. Vistaprint offers a customizable option that allows you to create a custom mask for your child that reflects their interests.

JoahLove Face Masks

joah-love-face mask

 Courtesy of Joah Love

Making masks for both adults and kids, this Los Angeles-based company has stylish masks for the whole family. Handmade, some from upcycled fabrics, these are designed with an ergonomic shape, allowing for easy breathing, speaking, and maximum comfort.

The adjustable ties make them comfortable for anyone around the ears. Plus, the company will donate one mask for every mask sold.

Be sure your mask fits snuggly, without restricting breathing on both you and your child. You'll also want to make sure you wash your mask often.

Kawaii Foodie Face Mask

Kawaii Foodie Face Mask

 Courtesy of Smoko

If you speak primarily in emojis and are a foodie at heart, these face masks do the talking for you. Made in the USA, the 97-percent cotton masks are crafted with a pocket if you want to insert a reusable filter, like a coffee filter or even a paper towel.

They come in either adult or child-sizes and come with adjustable straps, guaranteeing a comfortable fit.

One study found that cloth masks only block about 3-percent of particles compared to surgical masks, which blocked 56-percent of the particles. The downside of surgical masks is that they cannot be used more than once unless they are sterilized with highly specialized equipment.

Vida Protective Mask

Vida Protective Mask

Courtesy of Vida

The Vida protective mask is made of two layers of 100 percent cotton and has adjustable straps as well as a hidden, metal nose piece to ensure a snug fit. Each mask comes with a multi-layer filter which features two layers of Metblow Filter and one layer of Carbon Activated Fabric. The mask is 8.67 inches wide and 6 inches high and fits most adults and kids 5 years old and up. The adjustable ear loops will keep the mask in place even on fussy and active kids.

The mask comes in a range of fun colors and is machine-washable for reuse. The filters should be replaced every seven days. You can buy the mask as a single, pair, or four-pack.

Star Wars Cloth Face Masks 4-Pack Set


 Courtesy of Disney

Do you have fans of Star Wars at home? If so you'll want to jump on these four-pack face masks that come in small, medium, large sizes. These masks are only available for pre-order right now with expected delivery in July. They also have Mickey and Minnie, Disney princesses and Frozen characters, PIXAR, and Marvel patterned sets available.



 Courtesy of Uniqlo 

Uniqlo's AIRism Face Mask is ultra-protective, comfortable, and smooth on the skin. The face mask is made of 90-percent nylon and 10-percent spandex and is machine-washable, so it's easy to keep clean. It has a three-tier structure—the first layer wicks away moisture, the second layer includes a high-performance filter made of Polypropylene, and the third layer uses the AIRism Mesh that blocks out UV rays as an added bonus.

The non-medical grade mask comes in sizes small through large in white or black and runs small.

Unicorn Sequin Mask

Unicorn Sequin Mask

 Courtesy of Etsy

For a fancy Zoom call, an uncancelled wedding, or a socially-distanced birthday party, this is the mask for you! The washable double-layer mask has an outer layer of sequins and the inner layer is made of satin. The mask comes in kids and adult sizes, and the adjustable ear loops help get the perfect fit.

A second study found that cloth masks filtered out 22% of all particles and were better than no protection at all.

Kids Face Mask

Kids Face Mask

 Courtesy of Etsy

Made with cute fabric motifs like monsters, zigzag, polka dots, and more, the kid-sized masks are made for kids 4 to 12 years old and are made of 100-percent cotton. The adjustable straps are helpful to ensure a good fit. Proudly made in the USA, these makers also produce adult-sized masks, so the whole family can match.

Be sure to put on both your and your child's face mask safely which both starts and ends with washing your hands.

Sanctuary 5 Pack Fashion PPE Masks

Sanctuary 5 Pack Fashion PPE Masks

 Courtesy of Sanctuary Clothing

You’ll be well-stocked with this unisex five-pack of adult masks from Sanctuary. The assortment of five different stylish fabrics is made out of 100-percent cotton muslin with a double inner layer and a fabric filter. For every purchase, Sanctuary will provide masks to organizations in need.

The 100% Human Face Mask 5-Pack

The 100% Human Face Mask

 Courtesy of Everlane

Everlane's 100% Human Face Masks are made from a double-layer knit fabric and feature cotton-Lycra earloops for stretch and comfort—they basically feel like pajamas on your face. The non-medical face masks feature fun tie-dye looks that can showcase your personality and make you stand out from the crowd in the best way possible. The ultra-breathable masks come in variety packs of five and are one-size-fits-most.

For every 100% Human Face Mask 5-Pack sold, Everlane will be donating 10-percent of sales to the American Civil Liberties Union.

Threadless Face Masks

Threadless Face Masks

 Courtesy of Threadless

With hundreds of printed designs ranging from pretty florals, creepy faces, abstract art, or witty sayings, there is a mask for everyone. This one-size-fits-all mask is made from two-ply polyester. If you have a younger child this option might be too big for them.

All patterns are printed on one side and reversible to black on the other side. A portion of proceeds from all Threadless masks is being donated (up to $250,000) to MedShare, an organization that donates medical supplies to communities in need.

Swaddle Designs

Swaddle Designs Mask

Courtesy of Swaddle Designs

The founder of this sweet swaddle company is a registered nurse, so she has quickly converted her blanket-making factory into a mask production hotspot. Designed by a nurse, these two-layer cotton masks are made of cotton flannel.

They are soft, lightweight, and breathable. With two ear elastics and an extra head elastic, the masks offer an extra-secure fit. Swaddle Designs is also selling bulk orders with boxes of 20, 40, or 100 face masks available for purchase online. If you would like to purchase 200+ bulk to donate to a hospital or care facility please contact for wholesale pricing. It's important to note that these masks only come in adult sizes and are one-size-fits-all.

Casetify Reusable Cloth Masks

Casetify Reusable Cloth Masks

 Courtesy of Casetify 

Buy one reusable cloth mask from this tech accessory company and they’ll donate a mask to a healthcare worker. The adult-sized masks are made out of breathable cotton, so they are washable and fit for a filter.

Each mask comes with two filters—you can purchase more filters in packs of 10. These masks come in five colors with subtle Casetify branding on them.

Reformation Masks

Reformation Masks

Courtesy of Reformation

This sustainable clothing company stepped up and began making masks in their Los Angeles factory. Sold in packs of five or 250, these fabric masks have tie straps for easy adjustment. Colors, prints, and fabric styles will vary with each shipment. The masks are one-size-fits-all.

NBA Masks

NBA Masks

Courtesy of NBA store


Stay safe and show your support for your favorite basketball team with these official NBA face masks. With masks for every team (and three-packs for ultra fans), they’re made of three-ply cotton with a heavy-weight middle insert layer for added protection.

All proceeds from the mask sales will go to Feeding America and Second Harvest Canada, and for each mask sold, one will be donated. The mask is one-size-fits-all and is not intended for children.

Naturepedic Organic Cotton Face Mask

Naturepedic Organic Cotton Face Mask

Courtesy of Naturepedic

Shield your nose and mouth with this mask made of two layers of 100-percent organic cotton that is certified to the GOTS organic standard (Global Organic Textile Standard). Each mask has two adjustable straps that will keep it secure on your face.

Made in the USA, these are durable and machine-washable and come in a pack of six one-size-fits-all masks. Naturepedic can help with bulk orders for medical and governmental use. 

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