The 8 Best Electric Toothbrushes for Kids of 2021

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Our Top Picks
Designed specifically for kids, this rechargeable electric toothbrush comes with a timer and a sensitive brush head.
With extra light and gentle bristles, this electric toothbrush, with a two minute timer, is best for younger kids.
Best for Braces:
Oral-B Ortho at Amazon
This brush head has a tufted pattern which is able to clean better around braces.
The Colgate Kids toothbrush is battery powered making it great for traveling.
This electric toothbrush syncs with a fun app that’ll motivate kids to brush their teeth more effectively and for longer.
This two-brush set comes with cases and five brush heads making it a great choice for multiple kids.
These sleek toothbrushes come with a brush head subscription and have a two-minute timer.
Best for Toothbrush-Averse Kids:
Autobrush 4 Kids Bundle at
If your child is completely against brushing their teeth, it might be worth it to give the Autobrush for Kids a try.
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Electric toothbrushes provide lots of oral health benefits, especially if your child is reluctant to brush their teeth. For many kids, an electric toothbrush makes brushing easier. The bristles move for them, the brush can reach tricky spots, and the timer ensures kids brush for the correct amount of time.

If you are considering an electric toothbrush, wait until your child is at least three years old. They'll be able to handle the brush well on their own—and it's a tool that will make brushing more fun.

Here are the best electric toothbrushes for kids.

Best for Overall: Oral-B Kids Electric Toothbrush

Designed specifically for kids, this rechargeable electric toothbrush will bring some excitement to your child’s brushing routine. The set includes the rechargeable handle, charger, and sensitive brush head.

The handle has a built-in, two-minute timer to help kids brush for the full two minutes. The themed brushes feature favorite cartoon characters and come with stickers to customize the brush even more.

Best for Younger Kids: Papablic Baby Electric Toothbrush

With extra light and gentle bristles, this electric toothbrush is best for younger kids that are ready to start using an electric toothbrush. An LED light will capture small kids’ attention and the timer lasts for a full two minutes.

The four 30-second reminders to help kids to move throughout the mouth. Many parents of youngsters are pleasantly surprised at how easy to use this brush is to use and how much their little ones enjoy using it.

What Our Experts Say

"Parents should always supervise, and for kids under 6 to 7, parents should help with brushing." -Erin Issac DMD, Diplomate of the American Board of Pediatric Dentistry and Assistant Clinical Professor at the University of Pittsburgh School of Dental Medicine

Best for Braces: Oral-B Ortho Electric Toothbrush Replacement Brush Heads Refill

Wearing braces gives plaque harder to reach places to build up and cause damage. It’s best to use an electric toothbrush specifically designed for braces to make sure kids can keep their teeth and braces clean and healthy.

This brush head has a tufted pattern which is able to clean better around braces. It’s compatible with any Oral-B rechargeable handle, so if your child is already an electric toothbrush user, it’s an easy swap when they get braces.

Best Battery-Operated: Colgate Kid's Battery Powered Toothbrush

If you don’t have room for a charging station or prefer a battery-powered electric toothbrush for lots of travel or on-the-go oral care, this Colgate Kids toothbrush is perfect. Powered by two AAA batteries, its slim handled design makes it easy for kids to hold.

The brush lays flat for easy toothpaste application and it comes in many designs with a lot of kids' favorite characters. Parents should be aware—these brushes don’t have an internal timer, so you’ll have to rely on your child to brush for the recommended two minutes.

What Our Experts Say

"Be sure kids aren't pressing too hard, whether using a manual or electric brush, as that can damage their gums in the long run," — Erin Issac DMD, Diplomate of the American Board of Pediatric Dentistry and Assistant Clinical Professor at the University of Pittsburgh School of Dental Medicine.

Best High Tech: Philips Sonicare Bluetooth Connected Electric Toothbrush

For high tech families, this electric toothbrush syncs with a fun and educational app that’ll motivate kids to brush their teeth more effectively and for longer. The brush is made for a kid-sized mouth, so it is safe and gentle.

Even if you don’t use the app, the toothbrush has a KidTimer, so it’ll brush for the recommended two minutes and has KidPacer alerts to remind your child to move through the four mouth quadrants. This brush comes in two colors and is packaged with a whole sticker pack, so kids can add some personalization to their special toothbrush.

Best Set: Philips Sonicare Kids Rechargeable Toothbrush

Philips Sonicare Kids Rechargeable Toothbrush

This set outfits two kids with everything they need, including two high tech toothbrushes. With one set, you’ll get two toothbrush handles, two chargers, and five brush heads.

With two travel cases, your kids will be able to take their electric toothbrush with them for sleepovers, vacations, or anywhere else. For high-tech kids, these brushes will pair via Bluetooth to a fun and educational app.

Best for Trendy Kids: Quip Electric Toothbrush


These sleek electric toothbrushes are sold online only. The kid's package includes a super sleek electric toothbrush that comes with one AAA battery that lasts for three months, and an all-in-one travel cover, mount, stand, and lifetime warranty.

If you sign up for Quip’s refill plan, every three months you’ll be shipped a new kids’ brush head, battery, and toothpaste. The stylish plastic handle is available in four colors: pink, purple, blue, or green and a two-minute timer is standard for this brush.

Best for Toothbrush-Averse Kids: Autobrush 4 Kids Bundle

Autobrush for Kids

If your child is completely against brushing their teeth, it might be worth it to give the Autobrush for Kids a try. This u-shaped electric toothbrush is designed to brush all the child’s teeth at once.

The friendly-faced brush gets inserted into a child’s mouth. Your child then closes their mouth, presses a button, and all the bristles move at once for thirty seconds. This option may not get every bit of food out of hard-to-reach spots as well as other options, but it’s still good for kids who refuse to brush with a standard toothbrush.

Final Verdict

All of these brushes have their benefits, but the one that ranks highest for us is the Oral-B Kids Electric Toothbrush (view at Amazon) because it’s equipped with a two-minute timer, is rechargeable, and has a small sensitive brush head. 

What to Look for When Buying a Kids Electric Toothbrush:


According to Dr. Issac, getting the correct size electric toothbrush is very important. She suggests purchasing one with a “small or compact head” that is appropriately sized for your child’s mouth. “Brushes with large heads not only encourage more chewing on bristles, but they also make it more difficult to reach all the way to the backs and corners of little mouths,” she says. If a child is not brushing their mouth correctly, it could lead to dental problems in the future, like cavities.


It’s hard for some adults to brush for a full two minutes, let alone little kids, which is why Dr. Issac recommends looking for an electric brush with a timer. Some parents and caregivers are unaware they should be brushing their child’s teeth for two minutes so that’s when a timer comes in handy to pass the time. 

Many electric toothbrushes feature music which act as a timer and can help facilitate brushing teeth for the appropriate amount of time. Once the music starts playing, they don’t stop brushing their teeth until the music stops. This helps make brushing teeth more fun and makes the time pass by more quickly.


Always look at the age recommendations on the toothbrush’s packaging, not only for size but also because younger kids may be more hesitant to use an electric toothbrush. “Around 3 is a good time to introduce electric toothbrushes,” explains Dr. Issac, “Oftentimes younger kids may not like the sound or vibrations.” To make the toothbrush a little more appealing, consider getting one with a favorite character on it. 

Ease of Use

Younger kids will usually have an adult supervising and/or helping them to ensure they’re getting a thorough brush. However, once they’re able to brush all on their own, they need to use a toothbrush that is easy for them to work, hold, and navigate. 

Buying the right sized toothbrush will help make brushing easier as it should fit correctly and comfortably for their mouth. If the toothbrush is too large, they may have trouble reaching certain areas of their mouth, leaving behind any leftovers from the day and an opportunity for cavities to grow.


Are electric toothbrushes better for kids’ oral health?

“The best toothbrush is one they’ll actually use,” says pediatric dentist, Erin Issac, DMD. That being said, if your child is willing to use an electric toothbrush, she explains “when used appropriately, electric toothbrushes can clean teeth more effectively than manual, as the oscillations or rotations (depending on the type of brush) contact the teeth more times than with a manual brush.”

Can kids use adult electric toothbrushes? 

In order for a child to thoroughly clean their teeth with an electric toothbrush, they should use a kid-size model. “Size definitely matters,” says Dr. Issac, and a brush that is too big will be more difficult for a child to maneuver and will not fit properly in their mouth to reach the back teeth.

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