Best Disney Subscription Boxes

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The 6 Best Disney Subscription Boxes of 2022

Best Overall : Bibbidi Boxes

Bibbidi Boxes

Bibbidi Boxes

You don’t have a friend or family member who lives near a Disney park or who is willing to be your personal shopper? We didn't think so. Not a problem though, as the Florida-based ladies at Bibbidi Boxes are happy to handpick the newest and coolest items from Walt Disney World parks and resorts to fill your subscription boxes. If you’re a Disney lover of any age, they’ve got a box for you.

Specifically, what you get each month depends on which box you choose, and there are five main packages and pricing options. Past boxes have featured socks, mugs, mouse ear headbands, water bottles, wallets, purses, and mini backpacks. There are also two smaller boxes, one specifically for Disney pins and one for Disney decals and magnets, which could be a sweet choice for a young fan or any home decorator.

Bibbidi’s least expensive box, the Dreams box, costs around $39 per month and includes at least three Disney items. The most expensive box, the Ultimate Magic box, costs about $119 per month and includes three to five items, one of them a designer offering from brands like Alex & Ani, all of which specialize in making creative Disney-themed jewelry. Shipping is about $7 per box.

Best Budget : Classic Box by Walt Life

Walt Life

Walt Life

Based in Florida, Walt Life collects both exclusive merch from parks and licensed items from official retailers to fill its subscription boxes with stuff Disney lovers will enjoy. Its Classic Box is the cheapest option and is a great starting point for those who are new to Disney or want to explore everything the magical world of Disney has to offer.

Each month, you’ll receive a mystery box containing more than three items, and past boxes have included things like small toys and stuffies, tableware, keychains, chapsticks, pins, and sunglasses. You can’t choose exactly what goes into your box, but you can set preferences within your subscription for gender and age. For all of this, you’ll pay around $30 per month, plus you'll have the ability to skip months if you want.

Walt Life also offers several other box options, including a snack box that comes in at around $69 per box and a Surprise box at around $49 that's perfect for letting your kids know you've booked a trip to Disney. The most expensive box costs around $79 per month, and it comes with six different items. If that sounds a bit too costly, note that shipping within the U.S. is totally free.

Best DIY Box : Magic at Your Door

Magic at Your Door

Magic at Your Door

One of the biggest downsides to any subscription service is the likelihood that some months you just won’t get enough stuff you really love to make the expense worthwhile. Even one-time box purchases often contain preset items that don’t allow for customization.

At first glance, Magic at Your Door is similar to every other subscription box on this list, but look a little closer and you’ll find it offers something very unique: A chance to put together your own box of goodies with the Create Your Own Magic option. The service lets you choose any items you want across five different categories, including apparel, home goods, jewelry, tote bags, and other accessories. More specifically, you can choose your own authentic Disney parks merchandise with items like Star Wars t-shirts, Mickey Mouse headbands, hats, figurines, pillows, and pins. The box costs around $199, with free shipping.

This particular box isn’t a recurring subscription, but the company does have that option—and it includes the ability to add “wishlist” items to your account, making each delivery customizable and increasing your chances of getting stuff you really want every month. These subscription box options from Magic at Your Door range from around $124 to $300 per month and all come with authentic Disney merchandise..

Best for Theme Park Lovers : Mickey Monthly’s Theme Park Edition Box

Mickey Monthly

Mickey Monthly

If you’re only interested in items direct from Disney parks and resorts, Mickey Monthly’s Theme Park Edition Box might be the best option for you. The company offers several different boxes, including pin- and snack-only packages, but its Theme Park box supplies you with enough official park merch to make you feel like you’ve been traveling to Disney every month.

When you sign up for the Theme Park box, you get to choose between four different levels: Fairy, Mickey, Castle, and Kingdom. Boxes are customizable, and when you subscribe, you can also select whether you want to receive only snacks, souvenirs, or a mix of both. Boxes mostly include items like kitchen gear, toys, outdoor items, and apparel.

The bigger the box, the more items you’ll get inside—and the better the actual items will be, too. For example, the third-largest option, the Castle box, sends you more than four items, ranging in size from basic to large. The Castle box costs around $80.

Lower tiers have smaller and fewer items, and pricing starts at about $30 per month. The cheapest option sends you more than two basic Disney park items like a Lion King rice krispy treat from the Animal Kingdom. The most deluxe box, a family-sized mix of more than six items, costs about $200 per month. Shipping is about $10 depending on your location, and you can skip any month you want.

Best for Star Wars Fans : Walt Wars Box by Walt Life

Walt Life

Walt Life

If your love of all things Disney manifests mainly as a Star Wars obsession, you don’t have to wait for the occasional Boba Fett bobblehead to appear in one of your monthly subscription boxes. You can just sign up for a Disney box that only sends you Star Wars stuff.

In every Walt Wars box, you’ll receive four or five licensed Star Wars items, like comics, keychains and lanyards, hats, tees, collectibles, action figures, and other fun merch. If you don’t think you need a stapler that reads “Crush the Rebellion” or a keychain with Baby Yoda on it, think again, as the Walt Wars Box delivers on quirky and unique items. The boxes are personalized by gender and age range, so if you’re ordering for either a kid or yourself, the items will come with your stats in mind.

The boxes are around $50 per month and shipping is free. You can also skip a month without interrupting your subscription. One plus is that the Walt Wars box gets consistently good reviews on its site, and it’s not easy to make the typically hard-to-please Star Wars fans happy, so any skeptics can be sure the monthly items are high quality.

Best for Bookworms : Disney Premier Pack

Premier Pack

Premier Pack

Whether your kids are a bit young for certain Disney films or they’re just big fans of snuggling on the couch and reading, the Disney Premier Pack will keep them happy with a steady stream of new books every month. 

When you subscribe, Disney sends your child a “Home Sweet Home” pack containing three hardcover books, character-themed activities, a collectible Tsum Tsum figure, and a 32-page, full-color sticker album. Every book comes with its own sheet of stickers so your child can read along and add the stickers to their collection in the album. Your child will receive this same bundle every month, keeping them busy with books, activities, and stickers until their next delivery arrives.

Your first month of the Disney Premier Pack is around $10 with free shipping. After that, you’ll be charged about $20 plus $4 for shipping.

As an added bonus, you can review your shipment in advance each month, a feature that allows you to choose an alternative package or skip a month’s delivery if you don’t want those items.


What Is a Disney Subscription Box?

A Disney subscription box is a service that regularly delivers a package of Disney items right to your door. The boxes are for Disney fans of all ages, usually center around a theme, and can often be customized for your own personal tastes and interests. Some companies also sell individual boxes for special occasions such as announcing a planned Disney vacation to your kids.

What Is Included in a Disney Subscription Box?

A Disney subscription box can include a wide range of items, but they typically have Disney merchandise from the theme parks and licensed items from official retailers, as well as other Disney memorabilia and accessories. Boxes can be personalized by interests, age range, and clothing size, and may include apparel, plush toys, bags, collectibles, books, and figurines, as well as Disney swag such as pins, stickers, bracelets, and key chains.

Theme park boxes feature items that can be found at Disney parks, including snacks, souvenirs, toys, kitchen accessories, and clothing. In some cases, the boxes may contain unique, high-quality, or limited-edition merchandise that is not easy to find. You can also customize your boxes based on your favorite Disney characters or movies. For example, Star Wars-themed boxes may include action figures, comics, keychains, and lanyards, hats, shirts, and other collectibles.

How Much Do These Subscriptions Cost?

The cost of Disney subscription boxes varies depending on what’s included and the amount of customization, but entry-level subscriptions range anywhere from $10 to $124 per month. Some boxes may cost more based on the number, authenticity, and quality of items included. For example, boxes that include designer jewelry or are highly customized are going to be more expensive. Most companies give discounts for longer subscription plans. In some cases, shipping is an additional fee. 

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