The 10 Best Desk Chairs for Kids of 2022

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Whether your kids are home for virtual school or are simply doing their homework or other projects at a desk, they need a comfortable and supportive place to sit. When searching for a great desk chair for kids, consider the size of the desk chair you need and whether you want something plush or ergonomic or super-simple. Additionally, think about whether or not you want a chair on wheels.

Finding the right desk chair will help to create a productive workstation for your kiddo, so check out our choices for desk chairs for kids.

Our Top Picks
Easy to assemble, its maximum weight is up to 200 pounds, so parents can even borrow this adjustable and 360-swivel seat.
Perfect for style-conscious, older kids, it features a high back and a padded cushion so kids can sit comfortably for a while.
The balance ball can be helpful for kids who need to out get excess energy or have a hard time sitting still in a standard seat.
A full-service station for your kiddo's needs, it includes an all-in-one desk, chair, storage bin, and removable cup holder.
It does just what you need it to—seat your child in a comfortable, well-sized seat without breaking the bank.
Affordable and easy to assemble, its compact seat and 360-degree swivel is suited for kids or teens.
No clean-up is needed with this glitter-embedded, acrylic seat that'll easily dress up any bedroom or desk.
Easy to wipe down, it's specifically crafted to align with the S-curve of your spine, providing a comfortable sitting experience.
The investment piece is a great option for growing kids as there are four height settings and a fixed footrest.
Recommended for desk heights of 30 inches, this high-back option provides support without any distracting features.

Best Overall: GreenForest Kids' Desk Chair

GreenForest Kids' Desk Chair

Your child will get a comfortable and supportive seat with this stylish choice. Easy to assemble, this chair requires only eight bolts, which are included, so older kids are able to put it together themselves. There’s a choice of four bright colors and the fishbone design seat-back is stylish and breathable.

The chair’s maximum weight is up to 200 pounds, so this height-adjustable, rolling, and 360-swivel seat is perfect for older kids and teens. Reviewers praise the seat’s small footprint, comfort, and ease of assembly.

Best Plush: Urban Shop Faux Fur Rolling Task Chair

Urban faux fur armless chair

Style meets function with this faux fur rolling desk chair, perfect for fashion-conscious, older kids. Made to be comfortable and supportive, the high back chair has a padded cushion along with the cozy faux fur, making for a soft seat. There are five rolling wheels and an adjustable height lever so this pick can accommodate a wide range of kid’s sizing and can hold up to 220 pounds.

Reviewers say their kids like this chair with one note that it’s especially straight-backed, so may not be comfortable for all kids.

Best Alternative: Gaiam Kids Stay-N-Play Balance Ball

Gaiam Kids Stay-N-Play Balance Ball

If you’re looking for a desk chair alternative, some kids may appreciate the movement that this balance ball seat provides. The plastic balance ball can be helpful for kids who need to get excess energy out or have a hard time sitting still in a standard desk chair. While it may be helpful for some kids, it does take some getting used to and may not be a suitable full-time alternative for a standard chair.

The ball has five stabilizing legs, so it doesn’t roll around the room when not in use and is easy for your kiddos to maintain their balance. Available in two sizes and multiple colors, the ball arrives deflated but comes with a handy pump to inflate it.

Best for Young Kids: Delta Children MySize Chair Desk

Delta desk chair

Younger kids may appreciate having a full-service station for all their needs. This set includes an all-in-one desk, chair, storage bin, and removable cup holder for snacks or art supplies. The seat holds kids up to 50 pounds, so it has a limited life span, but can be useful for toddlers that are home and may want their own workspace to mimic their parents or older siblings.

Parents praise the easy-to-clean material but complain that there’s no way to set this seat up as a “lefty” desk, so may not be the best choice for any southpaw kiddos.

Best Basic: HODEDAH IMPORT Armless Task Chair

HODEDAH IMPORT Armless Task Chair

This well-sized armless desk chair is reasonably priced, comfortable, and comes in four bright and basic colors. With a weight capacity of 100 pounds, this chair is a comfortable, well-sized seat option for your kiddo that doesn't break the bank. Easy to put together, this chair is pretty sturdy, and while it may not last forever, it can likely get your kiddo through a year of homework or virtual learning at home. 

Best Budget: BestOffice Ergonomic Office Chair

 BestOffice Ergonomic Office Chair

Reviewers praise this budget-friendly choice as easy-to-assemble and comfortable for the short term, although some users say the seat cushion gets flat quite quickly. While made for adults, the seat is pretty small, so it's better suited for kids or smaller teens. With a 360-degree swivel and mesh back, kids may appreciate that their desk chair mimics their parent’s chair.

Best Splurge: Pottery Barn Kids Glitter Acrylic Chair

Pottery Barn Kids Glitter Acrylic Chair

Bring a magical touch into your child’s workspace with this iridescent, multi-colored, glitter chair. As a bonus, you won't have to worry about a glitter trail being left behind since the sparkles are embedded inside the acrylic seat.

The swivel base rotates 360 degrees, as do the smooth-rolling steel casters. The glam-looking acrylic chair is long-lasting and easy to care for and a simple wipe-down will keep it clean. This chair is a splurge, so be sure this stylish addition is going to be used for a long time.

Best Without an Armrest: Porch & Den Stringer Molded Mid-Century Modern Task Chair

Porch & Den Stringer Mid-Century Modern Task Chair

Pleased reviewers love this stylish chair. It looks good, is well-priced, and is quite comfortable. The bucket-style chair is crafted from molded plastic. Easy to wipe down and clean, it is specifically crafted to correspond to the S-curve of your spine, providing a comfortable sitting experience.

While the back is not padded, the foam-filled seat cushion is soft and comfy. Casters on the base allow your kiddo to wheel around the room and a height adjustment lever allows them to find their right fit.

Best With Armrest: SIDIZ Ringo Kid Desk Chair

SIDIZ Ringo Kid Desk Chair

If you’re looking for a long-term investment chair, this is a great option for growing kids. Designed specifically for kids from 6 to 13 years old (or 3.5 feet to 5.3 feet tall), it’s all about adjustability with this option. The backrest moves for comfort, there are four height settings, and a fixed footrest provides additional support.

When more than 55 pounds is applied on the seat, the casters will stop rolling, so your kiddo can concentrate and stay in one place. When not in use, the chair can easily roll around the room. Reviewers praise this chair as “exceptional” and how much parents love it seems to justify the high price, especially if your kid will be doing full-time remote school or will use an at-home desk for years to come.

Best High Back: Wrought Studio Willette Kids Chair

Wrought Studio Willette Kids Chair

Perfect for kids ages 8 to 12 years old, these high-back chairs have a modern and timeless look and feel. Made with bent plywood and featuring reinforced chrome-plated tubular steel legs, these classic seats come in five colors. Recommended for desk heights of 30 inches, this high-back option provides great support. Plus, since it doesn’t adjust, swivel, or move, parent reviewers praise how kids are more likely to sit still and focus on their work.

Final Verdict

If you are in the market for a basic, affordable, and easily adjustable chair that your kids can use in their teen years, the Hashtag Home Elkland Mesh Task Chair is a comfy option. For busy kiddos, the Gaiam Kids Stay-N-Play Children's Balance Ball can help them manage their built-up energy so that they can focus while completing school work.

What to Look for in Desk Chairs for Kids


Whether your kid is virtual learning or just needs a good place to sit to do their homework, they can benefit from a desk chair. However, you want to make sure that the chair is the right size for them. Oversized chairs might be too big for your toddlers and miniature chairs may be too snug for your bigger kids. If the chair fits your child's body well, they will be more likely to enjoy sitting in it—and get their work done.

Wheels vs. No Wheels

Wheels on your child's desk chair can be useful—and a fun feature many kids may enjoy. However, if the access to constant motion has the potential to distract them, you may want to opt for a chair that doesn't have wheels. You'll also want to consider the space your child will be in and whether having wheels will be suitable for that environment.


Whether you choose a plush chair that they can sink into or an ergonomic option that provides supreme support, comfort should be at the top of your checklist when picking out a desk chair for your little learner. It will help them stay in their seat until the job is done.

Frequently Asked Questions

  • How often should I replace a desk chair?

    Typically, desk chairs should last for years. However, if yours is wobbly or broken, it's likely time for a new one. You'll also want to replace your desk chair if your child has outgrown a too-small one, as you'll want them to have a comfortable fit.

  • How do I clean a desk chair?

    Read the cleaning instructions, if any, that come along with your desk chair. Depending on the material used in the desk chair, use a dry or wet cloth to remove any stains, dust, or dirt.

  • Is it bad to sit in a desk chair all day?

    While a desk chair is better for long stretches of work than a less-supportive couch or armchair, It's not healthy for kids (or adults) to stay seated at a desk chair all day long. Depending on their age, kids have limited attention spans and ability to sit still—and even if they can do it, it's not ideal. Every 20 or 30 minutes for little ones and every hour or so for big kids, be sure to have your child get up from their chair for some movement, such as stretching, yoga, or a run around the block.

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