The 10 Best Christmas Gifts Kids of 2019

Our favorite picks for the holiday season

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When it comes to Christmas, buying gifts for kids is one of the best parts. Anticipating just how their eyes will light up and the squeals of delight you’ll hear as they’re opening them is almost as much fun as the actual event itself.

While some kids write their lists months in advance, sometimes you find yourself wanting to buy a gift for a kid and have no idea what they want. The good news is that there are more cool toys and items for kids today than ever, but it can also be overwhelming to try choosing from the overflowing toy shelves. To help you narrow things down a bit, we rounded up some of the top Christmas gifts for kids of all ages.

Our Top Picks

Best Surprise Toys: L.O.L. Surprise Bigger Surprise!

L.O.L. Surprise dolls are all the rage these days, and this Bigger Surprise takes the fun to huge new heights. There are more than 60—count ‘em 60—surprises to discover in all, including exclusive dolls, wigs, outfits, a pet, and more.

The opening of it all is almost as fun as playing with it afterward. It also comes with a sparkly, pink carrying case to hold all these treasures. It’s recommended for ages 5 and up, and reviewers say kids love it.

Best for Harry Potter Fans: LEGO Harry Potter Hogwarts Great Hall Building Kit

This Lego set will cast a magical spell on Harry Potter fans. It comes with 878 pieces in all that allow them to build Hogwarts’ Great Hall, complete with the potions room, treasure room, and movable spiral staircase. It also includes 10 minifigures, including Ron Weasley, Hermione Granger, Draco Malfoy, Professor McGonagall, Nearly Headless Nick, and Harry Potter, of course.

It’s recommended for ages 9–14, but older fans and collectors will flip for it too. It’s as fun to build as it is to play with once it’s finished, and it can be combined with other Lego sets too for even more magical adventures. Customers rave about the realistic details and say this set is a must-have for Harry Potter Lego fans.

Best STEM Gift: Bit Coding Robot (Blue)

For a gift that offers a bit of fun along with a bit of scientific education, there’s this bit coding robot from Ozbot. Designed for beginning coders ages 6 and up, this bot is ready to go out of the box. Kids can choose one of two ways to code and get it to follow their commands, either with colors they draw by hand with special color-coding markers (included) or by using an online program on a computer or tablet to drag and drop code.

Stickers and pop-outs let them personalize their bot for a creative twist. Customers rave about these bots and say they’re a great way to introduce kids to important Science Technology Engineering Arts and Math (STEM) skills while they’re having a blast.

Best Gift for the Whole Family: flybold Slackline Kit

flybold Slackline Kit

Courtesy of Amazon

Get the whole family outside and active with this outdoor slackline training set. If you’re unsure exactly what a slackline is, think of the tightrope in a circus only a bit wider and strung between two trees at whichever level you choose, even if it’s just a few inches off the ground. They’re great for improving balance, exercise, and some healthy competition. The set also comes with arm trainers to help develop the proper form.

This set comes with a main line, two training lines, ratchets, ratchet protectors to protect your feet, and tree protectors to protect the trees. It’s perfect for your backyard, but it also comes with a carrying case so you can take it to the park, beach or anywhere else you want to bring on the action. It’s easy to set up and is great for beginners or those who have more experience and a fun, active activity for the entire family. Customers say this set is well made, sturdy and fun for the whole family.

Best for Babies: Babiators Original Aviator Sunglasses


Courtesy of Amazon 

What could be cuter than a baby in shades? Not only adorable, but these sunglasses are also practical as they protect baby’s eyes from the sun’s harmful rays. Soft and flexible, they’re comfortable for kids to wear. They’re also made tough with shatter-resistant lenses, and they even come with a one-year warranty that guarantees the company will replace them free of charge if they break or even if you lose them.

Babiators come in a variety of colors and styles for boys and girls and in sizes for older kids as well. They’re sure to be one of the coolest gifts under the tree this year.

Best for Toddlers: Radio Flyer 603Z Busy Buggy

It’s not Christmas without a Radio Flyer! These classic wagons have been a hit with kids for decades, and this Busy Buggy is a great introduction to the time-honored, classic toy. This interactive ride-on features a variety of sounds and games that are fun as well as good for developing important motor skills. 

Designed for ages 1–3, it will have toddlers tearing up the block. They can choose to use it as a walker, ride on it, or just play with it. Customers say it’s well made, versatile, and that kids go crazy for it.

Best Practical: PajamaGram Family Christmas Pajamas Set

Practical meets cozy and fun with these plaid pajamas. With sizes ranging from infant 0–3 months to adult XX-large, you can scoop up a pair for everyone in the family. There are even some for your dog. Open them on Christmas Eve, and your Christmas morning photos will be Pinterest-perfect. Beyond that, they’re great, comfortable pajamas that can be worn all winter long.

Customers say these pajamas are soft, comfortable, and look great. They note that they’re well-made and add a fun, festive tradition to their Christmas celebrations.

Best Artistic Gift: Crayola Color Wonder Magic Light Brush

Feed their creativity with this Color Wonder Magic Light Brush set from Crayola. The set comes with six colors of paint and a lighted brush. The paints only show up on the special Color Wonder paper and not on arms, faces, furniture, and other places you don’t want them, so parents don’t have to worry about the mess.

There are 18 sheets of paper included in this set, and more paint and paper can be purchased separately. This set is designed for ages 3 and up, and kids of all ages will have fun creating masterpieces with it.

Best to Feed Wanderlust: Maps International Scratch the World Travel Map

For kids of all ages who love to travel or dream of doing so someday, this scratch-off map of the world lets them track their journeys. Detailed with all the continents, the states can be scratched off individually to reveal the colorful space below using a coin. The more they travel, the more colorful the map becomes.

The map measures 33" x 23", so it’s nice and big and makes a unique wall decoration. It comes unframed, so you can choose to get it framed or leave that up to the recipient.

Best for Animal lovers: KD Kids Rescue Runts Husky Plush Dog, White/Gray

For little animal lovers, the Rescue Runts make a great gift. Each one is a pound pet who needs rescuing. They’re not in the greatest shape when you get them—their fur is matted, their paws are dirty, and they may even have fleas! It’s up to their new owner to care for them, clean and get them looking fresh and clean. 

Each comes with a grooming kit, including tools to pick out those fleas, brush their fur and get them looking their best. Recommended for kids ages 3 and up, you can choose from four different types of dogs—German Shepherd, Husky, Spaniel, or Spotty—or collect one of each.

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