The 7 Best Child Bike Seats of 2020

Bike seats for kids that make for a smooth ride for everyone

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Our Top Picks

Best Overall: Schwinn Mounted Child Bike Seat at Amazon

"The back is ventilated so the wind can flow through."

Best Budget: Bell Shell Rear Child Carrier at Amazon

"Features a three-point harness and footbeds."

Best for Older Toddlers: Bellelli Pepe Bicycle Baby Carrier at Amazon

"Has plenty of room for bigger kids."

Best for Younger Toddlers: Peg Perego Orion Child Seat at Amazon

"Easy to install, sturdy, and provides a comfortable ride."

Best for Mountain Bikes: Thule Yepp Mini Child Bike Seat at Amazon

"Features foot straps and adjustable footrests."

Best Front-Facing: iBert Child Bicycle Safe-T-Seat at Amazon

"Talk to your child while they're riding upfront."

Best with Pedals: WeeRide Co-Pilot Bike Trailer at Amazon

"A great way for kids to help mom or dad power through the miles."

Our Top Picks

Best Overall: Schwinn Deluxe Bicycle Mounted Child Bike Seat

For a solid child’s bike seat at a reasonable price, this one from Schwinn can’t be beat. It’s a rear-mounted seat, recommended for children ages one and older and up to 40 pounds. It features a three-point harness, restraints on the legs, and a padded crossbar. A padded headrest can be removed if you choose, and the footwells are adjustable to get just the right fit. The back is ventilated with sizeable holes so they wind can flow through instead of slowing you down like some solid-back versions might.

Parents say this seat is easy to install, and it takes just a screwdriver to do so. They say it’s roomy and comfortable for kids to ride in and that they feel good about its safety features.

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Best Budget: Bell Shell Rear Child Carrier

This bike seat from Bell lets you take your little one along for the ride without breaking the bank. This rear-mounted child seat features a three-point harness and footbeds that can be adjusted according to your child’s height. It’s designed to hold kids up to 40 pounds.

Parents say it’s easy to install and can be quickly removed when you’re not using it. They note that it’s comfortable for kids and a good value for the price. Some note that it works better on smaller bikes rather than larger ones and some have had to buy an extra bolt to get it to fit right. Most, however, say that once it’s installed, it provides a nice ride for parents and kids alike.

Best for Older Toddlers: Bellelli Pepe Bicycle Baby Carrier

While many child bike seats have a weight limit of just over 30 pounds, this one from Bellelli is designed to hold kids up to 50 pounds, which is perfect for quickly growing toddlers. The rear-mounted seat has a three-point safety harness and adjustable footbeds. Made in Italy, it’s simple in style with bright and bold colors. High sideboards and ergonomic shoulder support are included to keep them safe and comfortable while riding around in style.

Customers say the seat is lightweight yet sturdy. They say it has plenty of room for bigger kids, and they like how easy it is to detach and reattach as needed. Some note that it doesn’t fit all bikes, but most say it’s a great, simple-to-install seat that provides a great ride.

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Best for Younger Toddlers: Peg Perego Orion Front Mount Child Seat

To take the littlest tots on the go, parents like this front-mounted seat from Peg Perego. This one is designed to fit bike frames between 32-52 mm and to hold kids between 12 months-3 years, up to 33 pounds. (Note: While some use it for smaller children, general guidelines for all bike seats encourage parents to check with their pediatrician first before using one with a child under 1.) It features an adjustable three-point harness and foot rests, which are also adjustable, so it can grow with your child. The seat can easily be removed when you don’t have a kid in tow and reattached when you do with their one-click installation system.

Online reviewers say this seat is easy to install, sturdy and provides a fun and comfortable ride. They say the price is right and that it’s a fun, functional seat for a mountain bike or any other bike.

Best for Mountain Bikes: Thule Yepp Mini Child Bike Seat

For the rugged rides of a mountain bike, you want to make sure you choose a child seat that can keep up, like this one from Thule. Thule is often touted as the one-to-beat when it comes to a child seat. This version, the Thule Yepp Mini, gets high marks all around for durability, safety and comfort. While it’s designed for kids between nine months-three years, the manufacturer does recommend checking with your pediatrician before using with babies under one year old, which is the standard all around.

The seat, which you mount in the front of your bike, is soft and designed to absorb shock for a comfortable ride, while a five-point harness keeps kids safe. (Note: Many bikers believe that having your child ride up front when you’re tackling tough terrain is beneficial as there’s less dirt flying up there, though you may want to add goggles too.) It also features foot straps and adjustable footrests, so it can grow with them. While this bike seat is more expensive than many other models, online reviewers say it’s worth every penny.

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Best Front-Facing: iBert Child Bicycle Safe-T-Seat

For kids who prefer riding in the front of a bike with unimpeded views rather than in back, this seat from iBert is a solid good choice. Parents say they like being able to see what their child is up to and talk to them when they’re riding in front, and many say it provides better balance for them than rear seats.

It’s designed to hold kids up to 38 pounds and will fit most bikes, though the manufacturer cautions that it may not work with road bikes that have narrow drop handlebars or downhill bikes with triple tree forks. You need three-fourths of an inch of free space on your handlebar stem for proper installation. It comes with a two-year warranty. Hundreds of online reviewers give this seat the highest marks. They say it’s well-made, sturdy, and parents and kids alike love it.

Best with Pedals: WeeRide Co-Pilot Bike Trailer

When older kids want in on the pedaling action, this is a great option. From WeeRide, it attaches to the back of your bike and comes with pedals and wheels of their own. They can choose to use them or just take a break and cruise. Recommended for ages four through nine it’s a great way for kids to help mom or dad power through the miles and get some exercise too. It attaches to most any bike and features padded handlebars and a safety flag.

Parents say this a great option for older kids who get bored easily just riding. They say it can take a bit of getting used to for parents, but once you do, it’s a great way for parents and children to ride together. They note that it’s sturdy and well-made and like that all the tools you need to get it up and running are included.

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