The Best Changing Tables That Are Versatile and Functional

Messy diapers are less of a hassle with the Delta Children Huck Changing Table

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One of the most functional items you’ll purchase for your little one's nursery is a changing table. This fixture will get endless use during your child’s first months and serve them well into toddlerhood. Some changing tables are attached to a dresser while others are free-standing or foldable for easy portability.

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The Delta Children Huck Convertible Changing Table features plenty of space for diaper changes, storage, and converts to a bookshelf. For a budget-friendly option, we recommend the Delta Children Infant Changing Table.

Because changing tables can take up valuable space in a baby’s nursery, you'll want to consider size, design, and cost before you make your final decision. It's important to remember babies should never be left on a changing table unattended as they could fall off or get into baby products. We carefully considered design, material, ease of use, assembly, and cleaning, and any age, height, or weight recommendations when reviewing products.

Here are our top picks for changing tables to help you navigate your search. 

Best Overall: Delta Children Huck Convertible Changing Table

Delta Children Huck Convertible Changing Table

Source: Delta Children

  • Convertible design

  • Anchoring kit included

  • Comes in various colors

  • Open cube shelving can be tricky

  • Changing pad not included

  • Assembly required (difficult for some)

The Delta Children Huck Convertible Changing Table is our top pick because it can be used even after your child is done with diapers. Once you're done using this as a changing table, you can convert it into a little bookshelf. It features four cubbies for diapering essentials and toy storage and is available in two stylish colors. This table can safely hold kids up to 50 pounds and/or 39 inches tall.

Material: Pine and engineered wood | Dimensions: 34.25 x 39 x 18.5 inches | Product Weight: 78 pounds | Weight Limit: 50 pounds

Best Budget: Delta Children Infant Changing Table

Delta Children Infant Changing Table

Source: Delta Children

  • Changing pad included

  • Comes in various finishes

  • Low cost

  • Low weight limit

  • No conversion option

  • Changing pad is thin

This changing table is available in several different finishes and comes with a changing pad with straps, so you get a lot of bang for your buck. It has a simple design with two open shelves below the changing station and slatted sides to keep the baby from rolling off during changes. It’s also compact, which is ideal for shared nurseries and smaller spaces, and can hold babies up to 24 pounds.

Material: Wood | Dimensions: 35 x 39.25 x 19.75 inches | Product Weight: 37.4 pounds | Weight Limit: 24 pounds

Best Portable: Costzon Baby Changing Table

Costzon Baby Changing Table

Courtesy of Amazon

  • Lightweight

  • Plenty of storage space

  • Doesn't require a changing pad

  • Does not collapse, just folds in half

  • One end of the table is open

  • No buckle

For families that travel, this changing table is perfect. It weighs just over 11 pounds for easy carrying and it has a space-saving design since it folds down when it’s not in use. When set up, the table features a large storage shelf underneath the table as well as a hanging basket so diapers and wipes are within reach in baby's nursery or your room. Finally, you do not have to buy a separate changing pad to lay over the table because it’s made from waterproof material that can be easily wiped down between uses.

Material: Iron, PVC, and Canvas | Dimensions: 31.5 x 29.5 x 41.5 inches | Product Weight: 11.2 pounds | Weight Limit: 24 pounds

Best Dresser Combo: Pottery Barn Kids Kendall Nursery Changing Table Dresser & Topper

Pottery Barn Kids Kendall Nursery Changing Table Dresser & Topper

Source: Pottery Barn Kids

  • Convertible design

  • Plenty of storage space

  • Anchoring kit included

  • Changing pad is not included

  • Expensive

  • Furniture polish, wax, and other chemicals not recommended

This dresser/changing table combo is a great space-saving solution for smaller baby nurseries. The dresser is available in five color options and features six individual drawers which can store clothes as well as diapering essentials.

The topper is attached to the dresser, converting it into a changing table so that the baby does not roll off. When you no longer need the table for diaper changes, you can remove the topper and the dresser will function as normal.

Material: Sap Gum Wood and MDF | Dimensions: 38 x 18.5 x 32.5 inches (dresser) 33.5 x 17.5 x 3 inches (topper) | Product Weight: 83.25 pounds (dresser) 11.75 pounds (topper) | Weight Limit: Not Listed

Best With Travel Crib: Baby Trend Retreat Nursery Center

Baby Trend Retreat Nursery Center

Source: Baby Trend

  • Travel-friendly

  • All-in-one design

  • Storage attachment

  • Low weight limit

  • Not machine washable

  • Changing table itself does not fold

Changing tables that are connected to Pack-n-Plays are great for families who travel or who want a simple changing station in their homes. This little changing table attaches to the top of the travel crib and sits next to the bassinet attachment, which makes it easy to move the baby to and from their sleep space with as little disturbance as possible. When the crib is set up, it features a storage attachment that has a spot for diapers, wipes, and two other baskets for extra baby supplies all within arms reach.

Material: Steel frame and polyester fabric | Dimensions: 41 x 29.5 x 29 inches | Product Weight: 33.4 pounds | Weight Limit: 15 pounds

Best With Hamper: Badger Basket Sleigh Style Baby Changing Table

Badger Basket Sleigh Style Baby Changing Table

Source: Badger Basket

  • Generous weight limit

  • Changing pad included

  • Detachable hamper

  • Drawers are fabric, not super durable

  • No conversion option

  • Assembly required (difficult for some)

Changing tables are great for diaper changes, but they’re also helpful for changing baby’s clothes, which is why having a table with a hamper connected to it is so helpful. This one is designed with a large removable hamper as well as three removable storage drawers. It has safety rails on all four sides and comes with a vinyl-covered changing pad with straps included.

Material: Canvas, wood, metal | Dimensions: 37.5 x 19 x 36 inches | Product Weight: 32.7 pounds | Weight Limit: 30 pounds

Best Compact: Dream On Me Emily Changing Table

Dream On Me Emily Changing Table Emily

Source: Dream On Me

  • Generous weight limit

  • Compact/Great for smaller spaces

  • Lightweight

  • Small size (may not work best for toddlers and older babies)

  • No conversion options

  • Changing pad is thin

Available in six finishes, this changing table is lightweight at under 20 pounds and compact, measuring 36.5 x 20 x 39 inches. It has four safety rails and two open shelves underneath the table for storage and easy access to diapering essentials. Its simple design allows it to be very affordable, and since it comes with the changing pad included, you get a lot of bang for your buck.

Material: Pine Wood | Dimensions: 36.5 x 20 x 39 inches | Product Weight: 19.5 pounds | Weight Limit: 50 pounds

Final Verdict

You can’t go wrong with any of these changing tables, but the Delta Children Huck Convertible Changing Table (view on Walmart) ranks highest on our list because of its size, cost, and functionality since it can be converted into a bookcase. There's also the Baby Trend Retreat Nursery Center (view on Walmart), which is perfect for travel or as a simple setup at home. This little changing table attaches to the top of a travel crib and sits next to the bassinet attachment.

What to Look for in a Changing Table 


When shopping for changing tables, you’ll want to consider the size of your space and the changing table. Changing tables come in various sizes, from compact to as large as a crib, so you need to make sure it is not too large for the room or unnecessarily large for your needs. 

Also think about how long you’ll want to use the changing table as your baby grows. As they get bigger, babies tend to wiggle all over during changes and some parents may opt to start changing them on the floor to avoid injuries. In this case, you don’t need a table with a lot of length since you'll primarily use it while your tot is still tiny. On the flip side, if you have difficulty getting down on to or up from the floor, you may want a changing table that will hold more weight and has enough length for a growing toddler. 


There are a variety of different types of changing tables and you will want to pick one that best meets your needs.

  • Stand-alone: This is simply a changing table with no other purpose. It may have some shelving under it to store diapers and diapering supplies or it may be super compact or even portable. Stand-alone changing tables are straightforward and often minimalistic (though that does not mean they are never stylish). 
  • Dresser combo: Many baby-specific dressers are designed to fit a changing pad on top of them and often come with an accessory or conversion kit to turn the top of the dresser into a changing table. This is a great option for someone who has enough space in a room for a dresser and a crib but doesn’t want to take up more space with a changing table. 
  • With hamper: Some changing tables are equipped with a hamper, which is a great convenience during the first year, and specifically during the first six months because you will often use the changing table to not only change your baby’s diaper but their clothes as well, so you can easily toss the dirty clothes right into the hamper without missing a beat. 
  • Crib combo: Though there are only a few models like this, some cribs are designed with a changing table attached. When it comes time to convert the crib into a toddler bed or full-size bed, oftentimes the changing table will come apart and serve as a nightstand. This is a good option for someone who is trying to maximize the space in their baby’s room. 


If you’re trying to stick to a budget, you’ll want to be picky with the changing table you choose because a lot of them can be pricey. Consider getting one with dual purposes, such as a changing table/bookcase or dresser with a changing tabletop so that you’re able to stretch the use of the table past one to three years. While these may be more expensive up front, you'll likely save money in the long run with a changing table that has conversions.

Frequently Asked Questions

  • What precautions should you take when using a changing table?

    Changing tables with a 2-inch-high guardrail, concave changing pad, and safety strap can reduce the risk of accidents during diaper changes. But it's still important to take precautions while your child is on a changing table.

    After placing a baby on their changing table, keep a hand on them at absolutely all times—meaning no quick trips to the dresser for a change of clothes or to toss a soiled diaper in the bin, even if you’re using the safety strap. Keep everything you might need for diaper changes within your arm’s reach, and everything you don’t want your child to touch out of their arm’s reach. For instance, make sure diapers, wipes, diaper cream, and clothing are stowed in shelves or drawers beneath your changing surface or nearby. Never allow your child to play with powder, which can lead to lung injury if inhaled, or disposable diapers, since the plastic lining pieces can cause suffocation if swallowed.

  • How do you clean and sanitize a changing table?

    While baby wipes can be used to clean up leaks and smears on your waterproof changing table in a pinch, it’s best to use a disinfectant wipe to clean the surface. These kill bacteria and viruses, a good thing considering these pathogens can be carried in stool and lead to various infections. Most changing table pads come with a washable cloth cover that you can toss in the laundry.

  • When do babies outgrow changing tables?

    Changing tables come with their own maximum weight limits, which can range from 15 to 50-plus pounds. Some also have height limits. Children are typically ready to be changed on the floor or elsewhere by around age two or by the time they reach approximately 30 pounds, if not sooner. Some parents find that changing their kids on the ground is easier (and safer) after they begin to squirm.

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