The 8 Best Car Seat Toys for Babies

Keep your baby entertained on-the-go

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Our Top Picks
Made of cotton and velour. Great for promoting motor skills.
An array of bright fun shapes will captivate your baby's attention.
This toy sports six different buckles.
A versatile toy that can be used for teething and learning colors.
Contains 52 words with cute images.
This musical giraffe is a fun way to keep kids busy on the go.
This German wooden toy sparks joy with clicking and clacking.
Cute stuffed animals that come in different colors and textures.

Best Overall: Manhattan Toy Whoozit Activity Toy

Manhattan Toy Baby Whoozit 6" Stroller and Travel Activity Toy

This Whoozit from Manhattan Toy is one of the craziest-looking toys, but kids are downright delighted by it. There’s so much to see and do, with bold patterns and colors on one side and a contrasting black-and-white pattern on the other. There are parts that rattle, crinkle, and squeak. Made of cotton and velour, it’s soft, squishy, and great for promoting fine motor skills

A loop up top lets you easily attach it to a car seat or stroller. The one downside is that older, stronger kids can pull it off. That’s not a hazard (it’s safe for kids from birth), but it can get annoying if they keep dropping it.

Best for Infants: Infantino Spiral Activity Toy

There’s so much to see and do with this cute activity toy from Infantino. The spiral body can be easily wrapped around a car seat handle or most any other bar for that matter. An array of fun shapes dangle from it, including animals, a mirror, and more. It’s bright, cheerful, and perfect for capturing the attention of the littlest babies. 

Some note that the toy isn’t rigid enough to keep it from bunching up, but most parents give it high marks, saying it’s soft, safe, and captivates their little ones.

Best for Toddlers: Buckle Toys Buster Square

Keeping toddlers entertained is the key to successful car rides, and this Buster Square toy from Buckle Toys has plenty going on to keep them busy. The soft toy sports six different buckles, each with a different clasp style as well as a zippered pocket. Kids can work to click them together and open them, working on their fine motor skills as they go. It’s also decorated with shapes and numbers for further learning opportunities. It measures 6.5 x 6.5 inches, which is the perfect size to clip onto car seats, a high chair, stroller or any other place you want to keep toddlers entertained. 

Best for Long Rides: Sassy Ring O Links 9 Piece Set

To make the miles fly by, many parents swear by these links from Sassy. Nine brightly colored ones come in this set with a bold, black-and-white striped ring. They can be attached to each other, to the car seat handle, and to other toys. They’re affordable too, so you can purchase multiple packs for even more linking fun. The possibilities are endless, and you’ll reach your destination before you know it, or at least with fewer refrains of “are we there yet?” 

Best Educational: Mudpuppy Illustrated First Words Flash Cards

For learning fun on the go, parents love these flashcards from Mudpuppy. The set contains 52 words in all (26 two-sided cards), with cute pictures of each image. Designed for ages 1-3, they measure 2.75 x 5 inches and are made of thick, laminated cardboard, so they’re sturdy. They’re all connected with a ring, which can be connected to a car seat, but the ring can also be opened if you want to separate them.

Best Musical: Infantino Hug and Tug Musical Giraffe

So, musical toys in the car aren’t for everyone, but if you have the patience (or earplugs), this cute musical giraffe from Infantino is a fun way to keep kids occupied on the go. They pull it down to bring on 90 seconds of music, motion, and fun, and there are rings and a mirror to play with, too. Bright, soft, and sweet, it easily attaches to a stroller or car seat with a velcro strap. On the downside, it can also be detached fairly easily by kids who have a little strength and determination, but it’s not a safety hazard if they do. 

Best Wooden: HABA Rattling Max Dangling Figure

For an alternative to plastic toys, parents love the German-made wooden options from HABA. This little dangling figure is no exception. His name is “Max,” and his body is made up of colorful rings that clack and rattle together. Made from beechwood, he’s sturdy, bright, and safe for little ones. 

Parents say kids are enthralled by the clacking noise this toy makes and find that it’s durable and well-made. While some say it's pricier than other rattles, most say it’s well worth it for the quality. They note that it’s engaging and great for teaching cause-and-effect, colors, and for encouraging grasping and other fine motor skills.

Best Multiples: Infantino Tag Along Travel Pals

There’s no such thing as too many toys, and parents love this trio of animal pals for on-the-go fun. The elephant, monkey, and giraffe, each as cute as they can be, come with special features like a textured teething surface and click-clack rings. You can put all three on the car seat, space them out and put them on the stroller or play gym, or stash them in the diaper bag.

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