The Best Breast Pump Bags to Take Your (Milk) Production on the Road

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For many who choose to pump breast milk, it's important to have a breast pump that's made to use anywhere, at any time, but since pumps often have a lot of pieces, it’s helpful to have a bag designed to carry it (and the milk you've pumped) wherever you need to go. The best breast pump bags are large enough to carry everything you need, have adequate insulation to store your milk, and are stylish enough to match your lifestyle and wardrobe.

“You don't need a diaper bag, a pump bag, a purse, and a lunch bag or cooler just to leave your home,” explains Ashley Blankenship, breastfeeding counselor, founder of Supported Season, and creator of Bump Up Birth Method. “Consolidate as much as you can to make it as easy as possible!”

From choosing between sizes, colors and patterns, totes and crossbody bags, and more, a lot goes into finding the right bag. But don't forget to look past the aesthetics and consider price, durability, and ease of cleaning. When researching pump storage bags for this list, we looked at their size and cost and chose bags that have insulated compartments for storing milk—or bags that have enough space to store a separate cooler. A lactation consultant on our Review Board also reviewed this article for accuracy and integrity around breast pump bags, and the features to consider when evaluating them.

Here are the best breast pump bags on the market today.

Best Overall

MOMIGO Breast Pump Bag

MOMIGO Breast Pump Bag


  • Built-in bottle cooler

  • Lots of pockets

  • Various color options

  • Needs to be hand-washed after spills

  • On the smaller side

This affordable bag has everything you need, which is why we're naming it the best overall pick. The top portion of the bag has tons of interior pockets to hold and organize your breast pump and accessories, while the bottom part is insulated and can hold up to six baby bottles and a large ice pack. It also claims to keep them cold for up to 15 hours, so you don't have to worry about rushing home if you need to pump on the go.

As a bonus, it has a USB charging port, a headphone port, and an anti-theft pocket for extra security. We also love that it's available in a wide range of stylish color combinations. When you no longer need it for pumping, it works great as a lunch bag or travel backpack.

One caveat is that it's not machine-washable. While the inside of the bag is easy to wipe down, if you have any large spills or happen to stain the outside, it will need to be hand-washed.

Price at time of publication: $37

Key Specs:
Not specified | Size: 10.20 x 7.50 x 13.30 inches

Most Stylish

Sarah Wells Abby Breast Pump Bag

Sarah Wells Abby Breast Pump Bag


  • Large enough to fit a laptop

  • Nylon material is easy to clean

  • Removable strap allows you to carry it several ways

  • On the pricier end

  • Limited bottle storage space

You would never know this is a breast pump bag by looking at it because of its simple, classic design. This bag is available in several colors, all of which feature leather carrying handles as well as a removable crossbody or shoulder strap.

The bag has a zippered top as well as a side zipper for easy access to your pump, several interior pockets, as well as two insulated pockets that can keep breast milk cold for up to six hours (with an icepack).

Price at time of publication: $190

Key Specs:
Material: Nylon with leather straps | Size: 15 x 7 x 16.75 inches

Best for Traveling

Bananafish Breast Pump Bag

Bananafish Breast Pump Bag


  • Universal design

  • Comfortable backpack style

  • Plenty of pocket storage

  • Overly impact

  • Cooler storage is small

For something compact and easy to travel with, this bag is perfect. It has a universal design so most breast pumps will fit nicely inside it, and it has 12 pockets to help you organize and store all of the parts of your pump easily. It also comes with an insulated cooler bag that can hold two bottles with an ice pack. Finally, this bag is available in a couple of color options.

Price at time of publication: $60

Key Specs:
Material: Polyester | Size: 3.5 x 7 x 12.5 inches

Best for Work

Béis The Pumping Bag

Béis The Pumping Bag


  • Designed for easy access to pump

  • Includes waterproof pouch for used accessories

  • On the pricier end

  • Does not include an insulated cooler

This bag is great for parents who work outside of the home because it’s professional, discreet, and large enough to carry a pump, accessories, a tablet, and other essentials. It is designed for moms to easily access the pump without having to unload everything to do it and includes a removable waterproof pouch to store pump accessories after use.

It has zip closure along the top and an adjustable shoulder strap for carrying. Since it’s made of nylon, you can easily spot clean it if it gets dirty.

Price at time of publication: $98

Key Specs:
Material: Nylon twill body, Buffalo PU trim, Jelly PVC pouch, polyester lining, zinc alloy hardware | Size: 19.5 x 12.5 x 8 inches

Best Tote

mommore Breast Pump Bag

mommore Breast Pump Bag


  • Stylish design

  • Easy access to pump

  • 12 pockets for storage

  • No cooler space

  • Fabric can be hard to clean

With 12 pockets and a stylish design, this tote is great for breastfeeding parents who want a cute bag with a little extra space. It’s large enough to carry the pump, accessories, a laptop, and everyday essentials, with room to spare.

There are three foil-lined pockets where you can store bottles to keep them cool (though there isn’t space for an ice pack) and a side zipper for easy access to the pump without having to unpack everything in the bag. It also comes with a removable shoulder strap so you can convert it into a crossbody bag. It's made with tear-proof water-resistant fabric and is available in three stylish colors.

Price at time of publication: $43

Key Specs:
Material: Water-resistant nylon | Size: 15.7 x 7.9 x 11.8 inches

Best Splurge

Ju-Ju-Be Be Supplied

Ju-Ju-Be Be Supplied


  • Machine-washable

  • Compact design 

  • Organized compartments

  • On the more expensive side

  • Isn’t insulated for bottle storage, and no cooler is included

This bag is compact, stylish, and super durable. It has a removable strap so it can be carried as a tote or worn as a crossbody bag. You can easily access your pump because the bag has a special pocket designed for it that is accessible from the side, plus there is plenty of space in the main compartment to hold all of your pumping accessories.

The bag’s interior lining is treated to resist mold and mildew, and if the bag gets really dirty it can be tossed into the washing machine for cleaning.

Key Specs:
Material: Teflon-treated fabric | Size: 13 x 12 x 6 inches

Best Multipurpose

Dr. Brown's Breast Pump Carryall Tote

Dr. Brown's Breast Pump Carryall Tote


  • Fits most electric breast pumps

  • Large capacity

  • Side zippers for easy access

  • Not machine washable

  • Could use more pockets

  • No insulated pocket

A simple yet stylish design is just one of the many reasons why we think this tote bag can be used for more than holding a breast pump. While there isn’t an insulated pocket, two open pockets and a zippered pocket inside will hold any pump parts or other necessities.

Parents and caregivers will appreciate the bag’s large capacity that can fit most breast pumps. A large zippered pocket on the exterior is big enough to hold a laptop or notebook, so you can double it as your work bag. Plus, it's easy to clean the polyester material by simply wiping messes with a damp cloth.

Price at time of publication: $40

Key Specs:
Material: Polyester | Size: Not listed

Best Set

Petunia Pickle Bottom Breast Pump Bag

Petunia Pickle Bottom Breast Pump Bag


  • Four pieces included

  • All pieces are machine washable

  • Insulated cube for bottles

  • Difficult to fit ice pack and bottles together

  • Ice pack not included

  • No strap (only carrying handle)

This four-piece set is all about organization, which is helpful when trying to store any pump accessories or bottle parts. A zippered cube, case, and drawstring bag are included to store any pump pieces or other accessories.There’s also an insulated cube to keep bottles cold, which can be convenient for those early-morning daycare drop-offs.

If you’re prone to messes, no need to fret on getting spots out thanks to the bag’s easy-to-clean polyester material. All four pieces in the set are machine washable, so you can simply toss them in with your other clothes and items on laundry day.

Price at time of publication: $54

Key Specs:
Material: Polyester | Size: 5.9 x 9.1  x 7.1 inches

Final Verdict

You really can’t go wrong with any of these bags, but the MOMIGO Breast Pump Bag (view at Amazon) ranks highest on our list for its overall style, storage space, and built-in bottle cooler.

How We Selected the Best Breast Pump Storage Bags

We chose the best breast pump storage bags by researching reviews from customers and competitors, and by looking at the features of more than a dozen breast pump storage bags on the market. We considered price, design, features, ease of cleaning, material, and pumping-friendliness when deciding our picks. We also consulted with breastfeeding counselor Ashley Blankenship, the founder of  Supported Season, for additional information.

What to Look for in a Breast Pump Bag


When shopping for your breast pump bag, think about how you plan to use it, because your lifestyle is a very important factor in how large or small your bag should be. Are you looking for something to travel with? Or do you want a bag to carry your laptop or notebook in for work? 

“Think about how you will need to use the bag and what needs to fit. Obviously, it needs to fit your pump, pump parts, and pumping accessories. It'll need to fit the milk containers of your choice,” Blankenship says. “Keep in mind how long you'll typically be away and calculate how many containers you'll need to use within that time frame. Make sure your bag will have enough room to hold them all.”

Side note: If you do want a bag that’s large enough to fit a laptop and/or tablet, take that measurement into consideration as well.


If you aren’t at home, you’ll need a place to store your breast milk after pumping so that it doesn’t spoil. You may not always have easy access to a refrigerator for storage, which is something to factor into your search for a breast pump bag. “You're going to want a bag that has an insulated compartment (or space for a cooler bag) and a few additional pockets, especially if you're planning on also using it as a diaper bag or purse,” Blankenship tells Verywell Family.

If it does have space for bottle storage, is there also enough room for an ice pack? Blankenship recommends using an ice pack if you’re going to be out for more than four hours. Finally, consider how many bottles you need it to hold and for how long it needs to keep them cool. Some bags simply have insulated interior pockets while others have separate cooler compartments.


First, narrow down what type of bag you’d like to have, such as a tote, crossbody, backpack, or convertible style. What will work best with your lifestyle and needs? Then, consider whether or not it’s comfortable. Does it have adjustable straps? Do the straps have padding? Is it easy to carry or a little clunky? 

“With all of these goodies that may need to fit in your bag, it's likely to be a bit heavy,” says Blankenship, adding, “Get one that has comfortable carrying straps.”

Finally, make sure it’s something that matches your personal style. You could be carrying this bag around with you every day for more than a year, so you want it to be something that works with your wardrobe and that you don’t mind seeing every single day. “There are so many options nowadays for pump bags; find one you think is cute and can feel good about carrying, too!” recommends Blankenship.

Frequently Asked Questions

  • Should I buy a bag for my breast pump?

    Breast pump bags are essential if you'll be pumping away from home regularly. A dedicated breast pump bag will hold not only your pump, but all of the extra parts and accessories that go with it. Blankenship tells Verywell Family there are some extra pieces you’ll want to add to your bag. 

    “It's a good idea to carry an extra shirt and/or bra in case of leakage,” she says. “Breast pads, nipple cream, hand sanitizer, and pictures of your baby can keep you prepared while out and about.” Keeping a well-stocked breast pump bag means you're less likely to forget the essentials when you're on the go.

  • What can I use to carry a breast pump?

    You can use just about any bag large enough to accommodate your breast pump. “You can carry your pump in anything the pump will fit into,” says Blankeship. “A large purse, a backpack, a special pump bag, etc. Anything that is comfortable to carry, clean, and can be zipped or shut to keep it that way.”

    Keep in mind, though, that a breast pump bag is designed specifically to carry not only the pump but its attachments as well. It is also padded to protect your pumping equipment, and often contains an insulated space to transport pumped milk, too.

  • Can my breast pump bag be used as a diaper bag?

    Many of the best breast pump bags have multiple compartments for storage. Depending on what you  need to pack for the day (or week!), some breast pump bags are big enough to hold you and your baby’s stuff. 

    “As long as dirty diapers are not coming into the bag, and your diaper-changing items are in a different compartment than your pump, you can surely use your pump bag as a diaper bag,” says Blankenship. “You don't need a diaper bag, a pump bag, a purse, and a lunch bag/cooler just to leave your home. Consolidate as much as you can to make it as easy as possible!”

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