The 11 Best Blue Light Glasses for Kids in 2022

These blue light blocking glasses are stylish, durable, and protect eyes

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Blue light, while naturally occurring on the color spectrum, can be emitted from digital screens, like cell phones, tablets, handheld game devices, and computers. This increased screen time can lead to eye strain and a spike in blue light exposure, which can manifest as crankiness, headaches, trouble sleeping, dry eyes, or other negative effects. Protect your kiddo's eyes from harsh blue light during their screen time with a pair of blue light blocking glasses.

Reviewed & Approved

The AHXLL Kids Blue Light Blocking Glasses feature bendable frames, soft silicone nose pad, and can be used for children as young as 3. For older kids, we recommend the livho Kids Blue Light Blocking Glasses.

Consider the different blue light blocking levels as different lenses and tints will offer a variety of protection. We carefully considered design, material, age recommendations, blue light blocking levels, lens and frames types, and prescriptions when reviewing products.

We've rounded up the cutest and most comfy blue light blocking glasses to help maintain your kiddo's eye health

AHXLL Kids Blue Light Blocking Glasses, 2 Pack

AHXLL Kids Blue Light Blocking Glasses


The AHXLL Kids Blue Light Blocking Glasses rank high on our list because of the classic design for kids and affordable price. Made out of TR90, the frames are bendable and specially designed for children ages 3 to 9 years old. The comfortable soft silicone nose pad means your kiddo won't be tempted to take them off. Each two-pack comes with different colored glasses, so there are choices for even the pickiest kids.

Lens Type: Acrylic | Frame Type: TR90 | Age Recommendation: 3 to 9 years old | Prescription: No

Outray Kids Computer Blue Light Blocking Glasses

Outray Kids Computer Blue Light Blocking Glasses

Courtesy of Amazon

Blocking 99% of blue light, these glasses are made to fit most kids from 3 to 12 years old (but use the frame size and face size for an exact fit). Durable and lightweight, reviewers praise these glasses for looking better than designer frames and are well-manufactured. With eight colors to choose from, your kiddo will love picking their very own pair.

Lens Type: Polycarbonate | Frame Type: Plastic | Age Recommendation: 3 to 12 years old | Prescription: No

livho Kids Blue Light Blocking Glasses

livho Kids Blue Light Blocking Glasses

Courtesy of Amazon

Channel a Harry Potter style with some round shape cute glasses that’ll show off a unique sense of style. Kids can pick their favorite of three colors. The glasses are ultra-lightweight and flexible, so they are comfortable for long-term wearing but can hold up to the roughest kids. The frames are impact-resistant and can be twisted and bent by your child. Suitable for ages 3 to 15 years old, use the sizing guide for a correct fit. 

Lens Type: Polycarbonate | Frame Type: TR90 | Age Recommendation: 3 to 15 years old | Prescription: No

Pair Eyewear The Twain Glasses

Pair Eyewear Twain

Lens Type: Polycarbonate | Frame Type: Cellulose Acetate | Age Recommendation: 9 years old and up | Prescription: No

For your stylish kiddo that loves to change up their look, Pair Eyewear will be like a dream come true. The online brand specializes in glasses for the entire family including prescription lenses. With a scratch-resistant as well as anti-reflective treatment, these glasses are designed to last from one school year to another.

Your kiddo won't have trouble finding a frame style that they love as each frame comes with an extra frame color that seamlessly clicks on to change up their look.

What Our Editors Say

"I have a pair of prescription lenses from Pair Eyewear and I am obsessed with the click-on frames. My son likes to change up his look, like a lot of school-aged kids, and these make it really seamless. Despite Pair Eyewear being a more affordable option, the frames feel very sturdy and substantial which really stood out to me" - Latifah Miles, Parenting Commerce Editor for Verywell Family

Zenni Optical Kids Flexible Rectangle Glasses

Zenni Optical Kids’ Flexible Rectangle Glasses

Courtesy of Zenni Optical

Lens Type: Polycarbonate | Frame Type: TR90 | Age Recommendation: 3 to 5 years old | Prescription: Yes

Perfect for younger kids from 3 to 5 years old, parents praise these durable and flexible glasses. If your child wears a prescription, it's a breeze to add the blue light blocking feature to their lenses. The affordable price tag includes basic prescription lenses. However, if your kiddo doesn't require prescription lenses, Zenni Optical offers Blokz on all glasses which is their own blue light blocking technology. 

Zenni Optical Translucent Kids' Round Glasses

Zenni Optical Translucent Kids’ Round Glasses

 Courtesy of Zenni Optical

Lens Type: Not Listed | Frame Type: Acetate | Age Recommendation: Not Listed | Prescription: Yes

Super cute, trendy, and fashion-forward, these Zenni Optical glasses are perfect for any stylish kids. Highly rated by parent reviewers, both the tortoiseshell and the translucent frames are popular choices. Zenni Optical’s prices include prescription lenses (if needed) and Blokz, their proprietary blue light blocking capability. These stylish frames are perfect for pre-teens and teenagers who value a cute pair of glasses.

Babiators Blue Light Blocking Children’s Glasses

Babiators Blue Light Blocking Children’s Glasses

Courtesy of Maisonette

Colorful, safe, and virtually indestructible, the popular kid sunglasses company took their favorite sunglasses style and updated them with blue light blocking lenses. Smart and stylish, the frames are made of flexible rubber outfitted with impact and shatter-resistant lenses. Even better, if they get lost or broken in the first year, Babiators will replace them for free (shipping not included). Choose from a few colors and sizes which range from 3 to 5 years old or 6 to 10 years old. 

Lens Type: Shatter-Resistant | Frame Type: Plastic | Age Recommendation: 3 to 10 years old | Prescription: No

Gabriel + Simone Kids Blue Light Blocking Glasses

Gabriel + Simone Max Grey Kids Blue Light Blocking Glasses

 Courtesy of Gabriel + Simone

This Brooklyn-based company has created kid-sized versions of their best selling blue light glasses. With free shipping, free returns, and a free trial, the glasses are sure to be a hit. Light and durable, they won’t bother hard-to-please kids. Plastic lenses are crafted to be scratch and impact-resistant, so they’re able to withstand daily wear and tear. 

Lens Type: Plastic | Frame Type: Plastic | Age Recommendation: Not Listed | Prescription: No

EyeBuyDirect Little Coexist Browline Black Eyeglasses

EyeBuyDirect Little Coexist Blue Light Glasses

 Courtesy of EyeBuyDirect

Best for older kids, these smart black and metal browline frames will look great on stylish kids. Available with either non-prescription or prescription lenses, the blue light blocking is available in both options, so your kiddo will be protected either way. EyeBuyDirect offers a 14-day trial so you can try them out and send back for a free return or exchange if the glasses don’t work out. 

Lens Type: Not Listed | Frame Type: Plastic and Metal | Age Recommendation: Not Listed | Prescription: Yes

Peepers Center Stage Blue Light Glasses

Peepers Center Stage Blue Light Glasses

 Courtesy of Peepers

This daring oversized look may be best for teens, who can be swayed by the icon Oprah deeming these glasses one of her “Favorite Things.” Choose lenses with “no correction” and they will automatically come with Focus blue light lenses. The no-tint lenses have seven layers of anti-reflective coating and help filter out blue light.

Lens Type: Acrylic Aspheric | Frame Type: Polycarbonate | Age Recommendation: Not Listed | Prescription: Yes

Eye Just Blue Light Blocking Screen Protector

Eye Just Blue Light Blocking Screen Protector

 Courtesy of Eye Just

An alternative to glasses, these innovative screen protectors are made to fit on top of commonly used screens, from phones, Nintendo switch, and laptops. The patented easy installation process puts the shatterproof shields directly on the device without damaging or changing the brightness or color of the display. Reviewers praise the easy installation and benefits of the protectors, including a noticeable lack of headaches from some users. 

Lens Type: Shatterproof | Frame Type: N/A | Age Recommendation: Not Listed | Prescription: N/A

Final Verdict

If you’re needing just a standard pair of blue light glasses to protect your child’s eyes, check out Outray Kids Blue Light Blocking Glasses (view at Amazon). They block 99 percent of blue light for children ages 3 to 12. For children with a prescription, consider the Zenni Optical Kids’ Flexible Rectangle Glasses (view at It's a breeze to add the blue light blocking feature to their lenses, and the affordable price tag includes basic prescription lenses. 

What to Look for When Buying Blue Light Blocking Glasses for Kids

Blue Light Blocking Level

To put it simply, blue light blocking glasses block out the blue light digital screens emit. The blue light from your devices is harmful to your eyes and can actually disturb your sleep cycle. Blue light blocking glasses block or filter out that blue light, giving your eyes a break and even protecting them from any damage.

However, not all glasses are one-size-fits-all when it comes to how much light is blocked because it all depends on the lenses and their tint. For example, clear lenses can typically block out anywhere from 5 to 40 percent of blue light while glasses with a yellow or amber tint block up to 65 percent. But, if you opt for an amber or yellow tint, don’t let your child wear them for too long in front of a screen as color perception may be affected.


When picking out glasses, no matter what kind, you want to make sure they feel good. Comfort is key when it comes to wearing glasses because many people wear glasses for long periods of time. 

While having your child try them on in a store is your best bet to determine if they are comfortable, also check the manufacturer’s website for more details. You will find the measurements of the frame and can then get an idea of how well they will fit your child’s face. When in doubt, always make sure they can be returned if you're not happy with them.

You also want to make sure the glasses are age appropriate as some blue light blocking glasses have an age recommendation. This means glasses were more than likely used for children in that age range and there’s no way of ensuring it will help a child outside of those ages.


Some children need prescription glasses and can’t just wear a pair straight from a store, but that doesn’t mean they can’t also have blue light blocking protection too. To ensure your child’s eyes are protected, take advantage of a retailer that offers glasses with blue light blocking capabilities and their prescription. 

You will first need to have an updated eye exam for your child. Once you know their prescription, you can order from the eye doctor’s office or online from places like Zenni Optical where they offer blue light blocking technology as an add-on option to most of their frames and lenses, like the Kids’ Flexible Rectangle Glasses (view at

Frequently Asked Questions

  • Why would a child need blue light glasses?

    During this digital age that we live in, children are constantly looking at screens, whether it’s at home or at school. Screens have become a daily part of their lives, so it’s important to take precautions on protecting childrens’ eyes from the harmful effects of blue light from screens. Staring at blue light for extended periods can lead to crankiness and even interrupted circadian rhythms. 

    When children wear blue light blocking glasses, it filters out or blocks that blue light. While they won’t reduce the harmful effects 100 percent, they will decrease your child’s exposure to blue light, which can leave their eyes feeling more relaxed. 

  • Can a child use the same blue light glasses for all of their devices?

    Blue light is a part of our everyday life in many different ways. From the sun to LED lighting, digital screens, and fluorescent lighting, we’re surrounded by blue light. Because these all emit the same blue light, you can use the same blue light blocking glasses for different screens. 

    Whether your child is doing homework on their tablet or watching their favorite movie, their glasses will work for both. But, it is important to note that if their eyes begin to feel strained, it’s time to step away from the screen and give their eyes a break.

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