The 10 Best Blackout Curtains for Nurseries to Help Babies Sleep Soundly

The Pottery Barn Noise Reducing Blackout Curtains are stylish and effective

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When bringing a new baby home for the first time, it’s so important to create a space that’s safe, comfortable, and nurturing. Infant sleep is one of the most challenging parts of becoming a new parent, so creating a nursery that encourages adequate sleep is imperative. Blackout curtains are an easy way to help block out natural and artificial light, creating a dark and cozy space for babies and big kids to rest. 

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For a cozy, versatile, and safe curtain that will grow with your child as they age, the Pottery Barn Quincy Cotton Canvas Blackout Curtain is our top choice because it's practical, color-neutral, and also provides noise reduction. If you’re looking for a more affordable option, the H. Versailtex Insulated Curtains are luxurious and energy-saving, which makes them an incredible value for the price.

According to Dr. Betty Choi, pediatrician, author of “Human Body Learning Lab,” and mother of two, “street lamps and neighborhood lights can shine through a window and get in the way of much-needed rest. To block the brightness, blackout shades or curtains can help an infant fall and stay asleep.” 

Whatever type of window treatment you choose for your child’s room, make sure it is safe. Cords should be secured to the wall to avoid the risk of strangulation, and curtains should be made of non-toxic materials to maintain a chemical-free space.

In order to find the best options for a baby’s room, we spoke with experts in the field of child sleep and development. We also considered the thickness and quality of the materials, safety concerns, and value for the money, as well as special features like their ability to reduce noise and help with energy efficiency.

Here are the best blackout curtains for a nursery.

Best Overall: Pottery Barn Kids Quincy Cotton Canvas Noise Reducing Blackout Curtain Panel

Pottery Barn Kids Quincy Cotton Canvas Noise Reducing Blackout Curtain Panel

Pottery Barn Kids

  • Machine washable

  • Dual hanging options

  • Panels are sold individually

White curtains seem to invite stains no matter how clean your house is. That’s why we love this option from Pottery Barn—the 100% cotton canvas panels are completely machine washable. The canvas construction is durable and thick, and the panel itself is lined with 100% polyester backing. Despite its light color, this curtain will completely block out artificial and natural light, while also helping with noise reduction and energy efficiency in the nursery.

These panels feature a two-in-one hanging method that offers versatility. Either hang in a ruched style using the rod pocket or in a pleated style using the back tabs. The fibers of the curtain are vibrantly white—the yarn is dyed individually with environmentally safe dye for lasting color. This is a completely versatile option that would work just as well in an adult’s room as it does in a child’s nursery.

Price at time of publication: $55

Type of window treatment: Curtain | Material: Cotton canvas | Size range: 44 x 63 inches, 44 x 84 inches, 44 x 96 inches

Best Budget: H. Versailtex Insulated Linen Blackout Curtains

H. Versailtex Insulated Linen Blackout Curtains


  • Machine washable

  • Sold in a set of two panels

  • Anti-rust grommets

  • Not made from organic material

  • Might need to be steamed to remove wrinkles

These affordable blackout curtains are insulated for added privacy and noise reduction. The 100% polyester construction looks and feels like linen, so they have a casual yet elegant style. Unlike most blackout curtains, this set includes two panels, making it a budget-friendly alternative for a child’s room. This is a cordless option that features eight rust-resistant grommets.

Since nurseries are usually home to a lot of different types of messes, it’s important to select decor options that are easy to clean and care for. These curtains are 100% machine washable for easy clean-up, so stains and dust levels are easier to manage. Offered in 11 color choices and nine sizes, these curtains offer a range of styles to suit every type of nursery. They’re versatile enough to hang in a big kid’s room, too—which means they’re a great value for the price. 

Price at time of publication: $40

Type of window treatment: Curtains | Material: Polyester | Size range: 48 x 63 inches, 48 x 84 inches, 52 x 45 inches, 52 x 54 inches, 52 x 63 inches, 52 x 72 inches, 52 x 84 inches, 52 x 96 inches, 52 x 108 inches

What the Experts Say

“Blackout shades can get expensive, so the best option is one that is affordable for the family.” — Dr. Nilong Vyas, pediatrician and Board Certified Sleep Expert

Best Printed: Amazon Basics Polka Dot Window Curtains

Amazon Basics Polka Dot Window Curtains


  • Machine washable

  • Energy efficient

  • Only offered in one size

Printed curtains are a simple way to add a bit of creativity to your nursery. This polka dot design is a fantastic option for any child’s room and goes perfectly with a lot of different design styles and color schemes. Made from durable polyester, this set of two curtain panels is machine washable, which means stains and messes can be cleaned up in a jiffy. 

Although this set is only offered in one length, we love that the shorter style provides extra safety. Shorter curtains that end at the windowsill mean babies and toddlers won’t be able to tug at them, preventing the risk of window treatments falling from the wall. Stainless steel grommets add strength and durability, but keep in mind that your curtain rod should be 1.5 inches or less. 

These blackout curtains are available in 10 different colors and prints, including bright orange, clouds, dinosaurs, and multicolored plaid. 

Price at time of publication: $28

Type of window treatment: Curtains | Material: Polyester | Size range: 42 x 63 inches

Best White: West Elm Candlewick Curtain

West Elm Candlewick Curtain

West Elm

  • Made of organic cotton

  • Dual hanging options

  • Dry clean only

  • Sold in single panels

Not only are these blackout curtains perfect for a nursery, but they’re also stylish and simple enough to grow with your child as their room evolves. Their functionality, versatility, safety, and quality of material make them an excellent option for a child’s nursery. 

Made from organic cotton that is OCS & OEKO-TEX® certified, this is a non-toxic choice for any child’s room. Double layered, the 100% polyester lining will blackout both natural and artificial light, and also provide some noise cancellation. The lining is sewn into the curtain panel itself, so there is less material for a child to tug on or play with. The sewn-in lining means you can easily open the panel when you want to let light in or draw it shut when you don’t. This is a cordless piece with different size options.

We love that this curtain comes in three solid, neutral color tones, so they’re perfect for parents who want to decorate without finding out a baby’s sex in advance or want to avoid stereotypical shades. The 2-in-1 construction allows for two hanging options—it has a rod pocket for a bunched style or back tabs for a pleated style. Make sure to dry clean these when necessary and be mindful that they are not machine washable. Also, keep in mind that these curtains are sold by single panel, so you’ll need to select two for most types of windows. 

Price at time of publication: $50

Type of window treatment: Curtain | Material: Organic Cotton | Size rRange: 48 x 84 inches, 48 x 96 inches, 48 x 108 inches

What the Experts Say

“Look for blackout curtains made of several thick layers of fabric and labeled certified nontoxic.” — Dr. Betty Choi, pediatrician

Best Contemporary Style: The Peanutshell Floral Blackout Window Curtain Panel Pair

The Peanutshell™ Floral Blackout Window Curtain

Bed Bath & Beyond

  • Machine washable

  • Sold in set of two

  • Dual hanging options

  • Only offered in one size

These cute curtains have a floral pattern that allows them to fit right in with different styles and decors. The perfect accent piece, they’re versatile enough to stand out in rooms with white, gray, or beige walls by adding a subtle pop of color. They can hang via a rod pocket for a bunched style or back tabs for a pleated style. The cotton blend is durable yet breathable, and the blackout lining completely blocks out both natural and artificial light. 

Although the floral pattern conveniently hides small stains, this set of two panels is machine washable to easily clean up any major messes. Keep in mind that this set of curtains is only available in one size. That means if you have particularly high ceilings, a longer set might suit you better. Alternatively, if you have busy toddlers who like to tug on curtain panels, a shorter set might be preferable.

Price at time of publication: $90

Type of window treatment: Curtain | Material: Cotton blend | Size range: 48 x 84 inches

Best Linen: Pottery Barn Belgian Flax Linen Blackout Shade

Belgian Flax Linen Blackout Shade

Pottery Barn

  • Easy to adjust with one hand

  • Cordless with hidden handle

  • Not machine washable

Linen shades are the perfect accessory to add a bit of simple elegance to your child’s room. Offered in three classic, subtle colors, they provide a neutral backdrop for otherwise busy rooms. The clean design is made of 100% yarn-dyed linen, which means each fiber has a vibrant yet natural color. With a depth of 2 inches, these curtains are heavy-duty and durable, and the polyester and cotton blended blackout liner helps eliminate light exposure. 

Made with a hidden handle, these cordless shades are safe for kids and pets. The cordless lift operation is easy to lower and raise thanks to a concealed roller mechanism. Once lifted, the shade rolls onto itself, which creates an elegant pleated look. Offered in three colors and five sizes, these are a versatile and functional option that will grow with your child as they age.

Price at time of publication: $229

Type of window treatment: Shades | Material: Linen | Size range: 26 x 64 inches, 32 x 64 inches, 36 x 64 inches, 44 x 64 inches, 48 x 64 inches

What the Experts Say

“When exploring different styles of blackout window coverings, be careful about cords. Since dangling cords are major strangulation risks, consider going cordless.” — Dr. Betty Choi, pediatrician

Best Blinds: SBARTAR Cellular Shades Honeycomb Blinds

Cellular Shades Honeycomb Blinds


  • Easy to install

  • Wipe clean

  • Not machine washable

These neutral blinds are easy to pull up and down without cords. They’re a great option to install inside your child’s window to completely block out light, and they’re versatile enough to fit with any decor and style. The perfect combination of form and function, these blinds are an efficient option that can be dressed up or down. Unlike curtains, blinds don’t dangle, so they stay out of a child’s reach. Length can be controlled with one hand, and these cordless window treatments feature a pull tab for easy height adjustment. To clean, simply wipe down shades with a damp towel. 

Price at time of publication: $65

Type of window treatment: Blinds | Material: Polyester| Size range: 31 x 64 inches

Best Thermal: Treatmentex Pom Pom Blackout Curtains

Pom Pom Grey Curtains


  • Machine Washable

  • Energy-efficient

  • Only blacks out 80% of light

One of the added benefits of blackout curtains is that they can help reduce noise and prevent heat from escaping through doors and windows. Thanks to the triple-weave construction, these thermal curtains are thick enough to trap heat in your home, creating a warm and cozy atmosphere. This affordable option also helps save money in your home by preserving energy and cutting down on electrical bills. The solid color is a classic choice for both nursery and a big kid’s room, and the pompom trim adds fun flair.

The 100% polyester has a velvet-like feel, so these curtains are soft and luxurious. Cordless for added safety, this set of two panels comes in six sizes and eight color options. Keep in mind that although these thermal curtains trap heat and block out noise, they are not 100% blackout. However, they do filter artificial and natural light and are proven to block out 80% of UV rays. 

Price at time of publication: $41

Type of window treatment: Curtain | Material: Polyester | Size range: 50 x 45 inches, 50 x 54 inches, 50 x 63 inches, 50 x 84 inches, 50 x 95 inches, 100 x 84 inches

Best Portable : Amazon Basics Portable Window Blackout Curtain

Portable Window Blackout Curtain


  • Velcro edges make size customizable

  • Easy installation

  • Machine washable

  • Suction cups aren’t totally secure

Putting any baby down for a nap in a new or unexpected place is always a challenge. If you’re visiting family or traveling on vacation, creating a comfortable sleep space is a great way to help babies get the rest they need, even when on the go. This portable blackout curtain is ideal for traveling—it easily suctions to windows and folds up into a convenient package when not in use. The polyester construction completely blocks out UV rays and quiets outside noise, which is important in signaling to babies that it’s time to sleep. Suction cups allow for easy installation, and the velcro trim makes it totally customizable, so this curtain can fit a variety of different size windows. 

Completely machine washable, this portable curtain comes with a carrying case so it can pack away when not in use. Keep in mind that although this option is convenient and portable, suction cups mean it might not be as stable or secure as a permanent curtain. Make sure to keep safety in mind when installing it and arranging your child’s crib. 

Price at time of publication: $27

Type of window treatment: Portable curtain | Material: Polyester | Size range: 78 x 50 inches

What the Experts Say

“Light in a room during ‘sleepy time’ can confuse a baby, and it gets in the way of melatonin production. Blackout window coverings can set the stage for bedtime, especially for infants who are easily distracted by their surroundings.” — Dr. Betty Choi, pediatrician

Best Short Curtains: Lauren Ralph Lauren Velvety 63-Inch Window Curtain Panel

Lauren Ralph Lauren Velvety 63-Inch Window Curtain Panel


  • Shorter panels are safer

  • Multiple hanging styles

  • Dry clean only

  • Panels sold individually

Curtains that end at the windowsill are a safer option for active babies or toddlers. If your child is particularly interested in touching, grabbing, or cruising, a short option like these velvet curtain panels is a great way to go. These super-soft curtains are made from a cotton and polyester blend, so they’re comfortable and warm while being extra durable and strong. 

These versatile curtains feature three hanging styles—either hang in a rod pocket for a scrunched look, hang in back tabs for a pleated look, or opt for curtain clips (sold separately). Weighted corners help the curtains hang perfectly. Due in part to the luxurious texture, these curtains should not be washed in the machine—make sure to dry clean when needed. 

Price at time of publication: $97

Type of window treatment: Curtain | Material: Cotton and polyester blend | Size range: 63 x 52 inches

How We Selected

In order to find the best blackout curtains for the nursery, we spoke to experts in the field of pediatric sleep and development. We conducted competitive research, utilized industry insight, and evaluated each option’s ability to meet the necessary criteria that our pediatric sleep experts outlined. After speaking with Dr. Betty Choi and Dr. Nilong Vyas, pediatrician with Sleepless in NOLA Sleep Consulting and medical reviewer with, we aimed to select window treatments that are safe, durable, and efficient. 

Blackout curtains should block out natural and artificial light, but they should also create a space that is nurturing and inviting for babies to sleep in. They should be made from non-toxic materials and should adhere to the same baby-proofing guidelines you use in the rest of your house. Lastly, we selected curtains that are easy to clean and care for and will grow with your baby as they age. 

What to Look For

Type of curtains or window treatment

Depending on your design style and preference, there are typically three types of window treatments to choose from. Blackout curtains are a traditional option that come in a variety of colors, prints, and materials. They’re typically cordless and can be pulled aside to allow light in, or closed completely to block it out. Blackout shades are one solid piece of material that moves up and down. They either roll or fold up away from the windowsill when not in use, and they can be either corded or cordless. Lastly, blackout blinds are made of similar opaque material to block out light. However, keep in mind that blackout blinds tend to let some light in. 


Window treatments should be warm and inviting, particularly in a child’s room. When selecting curtains for a nursery, make sure they’re made from thick, durable material that’s easy to clean. Cotton is a fantastic, low-maintenance option that can be machine washed and doesn’t require frequent ironing. Polyester is another durable option that’s easy to clean and care for. 


For any type of nursery, decor style should be functional, versatile, and inviting. Although it can be tempting to design a room that’s geared towards a baby’s first months, it’s also a good idea to think about how your design choices will grow with your child as they age. When selecting window treatments, opt for a classic design. That way, you won’t have to buy a new set every time your child’s interests change. No matter how their personal style evolves, buying a set that features a simple, subtle design is the best way to get years of use out of your window treatments. Additionally, Dr. Vyas suggests buying a set of curtains that will suit mom and dad’s room, too. “Since the infant should be sleeping in the parent's room for at least the first 6 months, the blackout curtains can be placed in the parent's room to start.”


As is the case with anything you put in your child’s nursery, safety should be top of mind when selecting the right set of curtains. To start, be mindful of cords. Cordless shades are the best option. However, if you choose to invest in shades that are corded, make sure they are safely secured high up and away from anywhere children could grab. 

Try to avoid long curtains that are within the child's reach. It’s best to opt for curtains that end at the windowsill, so crawling or toddling kids won’t be able to grab them or tug on them. No matter what style of window treatment you choose, make sure it is mounted securely to the wall, high up above the window. “Ensure that the curtains do not hang over the bed or crib. Especially as babies start to pull up onto the crib, you want to make sure the curtains cannot be pulled onto themselves,” says Dr. Vyas.


Do babies really need blackout curtains?

Although blackout curtains can be a helpful addition in a nursery, they’re not essential. According to Dr. Choi, “blackout curtains are not necessary for every baby, especially if the baby's room is already free of artificial light at night. As with any life skill, some babies quickly learn to sleep through the night while others need more environmental assistance.” Before investing in a set of blackout curtains, assess your home and your child; if your baby’s room is naturally dark, they might not be necessary. If your child’s room faces a streetlight or gets a lot of natural morning light, you may need curtains to help block out the light. 

Are blackout curtains safe?

Blackout curtains can be a very safe option as long as you adhere to a few safety guidelines. In fact, as long as they are installed safely, blackout curtains can be a helpful way to develop healthy sleep habits. “The presence of blackout curtains can positively impact sleep for an infant because it blocks the light from the room and facilitates the natural increase of the baby's melatonin production, which helps signal to the body that it is time for sleep,” says Dr. Vyas.

How do I make curtains safe for my baby or toddler?

Keep length in mind when selecting curtains—it’s always preferable to have curtains that end at the windowsill, that way babies and toddlers can’t tug or pull on them. It’s also important to be mindful of cords. According to Dr. Choi, corded curtains can pose a serious strangulation risk. “If your curtain or shade has cords, make sure they are securely mounted to the wall and impossible for a child to reach,” she adds. Lastly, be sure to keep curtains away from toys or furniture, and “ensure that the crib is far enough away from the draperies so that heavy curtains can not be pulled or accidentally fall onto the infant,” says Dr. Vyas.

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