The 14 Best Gifts for New Big Sisters of 2022

Personalized gifts that nod to her new big sis status top our list

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Welcoming a new baby into the family is exciting and stressful. For young girls, moving into a big sister role can be a whole mix of emotions, including joy, excitement, resentment, and curiosity. Honor all of those feelings as she works through the changes.

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With its embroidered "Big sis" title and pretty in pink hue, your little girl will willingly get cozy in the juju + stitch Big Sis Classic Crewneck Fleece. And while you're at it, why not put a medal over her head to fully position her in her exciting new role thanks to the Going to Be a Big Sister Custom Book?

Since a new baby is bound to get tons of attention and gifts, it can be thoughtful to share a present with the new or soon-to-be big sister. Even at a younger age, she will appreciate sentimental, useful, and customized gifts that show her that her place and her essence is still seen.

Here, the best gifts for new big sisters that will give them confidence and make them feel more comfortable with their new role.

juju + stitch Big Sis Classic Crewneck Fleece, Pink

juju + stitch Big Sis Classic Crewneck Fleece, Pink

Source: juju + stitch

Let this adorable sweatshirt announce your girl’s new role with super sweet embroidery “big sis” on the front. Make it a sibling pairing with an adorable “little sis” or “little bro” onesie (both of which are also offered by the brand!). This cute gifting can then foster an idea of welcoming siblinghood from the very start, where all role members are celebrated.

Crafted from 100 percent cotton and being available in four kid sizes, the juju + stitch sweatshirt as an article of clothing is for sure useful, but its designating design makes it sentimental, very personal, and a gift of thought. That's a win-win in our book-but especially for your daughter. And that's what matters most.

Going to Be a Big Sister Custom Book

Going to Be a Big Sister Custom Book

Source: I See Me

Perfect for welcoming a new baby into the family, this personalized book is a one-of-a-kind gift. Gifters can customize so many details including the big sister’s first and last name, the new baby’s name, the baby’s gender, and the sender’s name(s) on the dedication page. Along with the book, there’s a coordinating medal for big sis to wear.

Ooly Budding Artist Kids Paint Set

Ooly Budding Artist Kids Paint Set

Source: Ooly

A creative gift that’ll keep the big sister busy, this paint set is perfect for creative children. The set comes with two sketchpads, so there’s plenty of paper for your budding artist. Paint sticks color with smooth perfection and dry super fast, so there’s no paint mess. Challenge her to paint her new baby, and she’ll stay busy for a while.

Rockets of Awesome

Rockets of Awesome clothing

Courtesy of Rockets of Awesome

A gift for both the big sis and her parents, this awesome clothing subscription company will send unique clothes right to the big sister’s doorstep. Since this gift eliminates the need to shop at a store, tired parents will like this one, too.

Simply take an online quiz to narrow down sizes and style options. After completing the quiz, an email is sent with pictures of your clothes (with veto power), and upon approval, a truly awesome box arrives stocked with clothes. Make it a subscription or do it once, your choice!



Source: Sugarwish

Big sis will feel like a queen when she gets to select what sweet treats are getting sent her way. Sugarwish is an adorable gift that allows the receiver to pick treats, including candy, flavored popcorns, cookies, snacks, and more.

A truly customized experience, each box will be different, and the gift is the chance for big sis to build her own box and enjoy it when it arrives in the mail. Now just remind her that she’s sharing!

Fujifilm Instax Mini 11 Instant Camera

Fujifilm Instax Mini 11 Instant Camera

Encourage an older big sister to capture what life looks like in her new role with her very own camera. Available in a wide variety of colors, the kid-sized camera is super fun and satisfying. Stock up on film, and let big sis create her own keepsake photo album, all from a kid’s point of view.

Tula Mini Toy Carriers

Tula Mini Toy Carriers

Source: Tula

Children love mimicking what they see, so set them up to mimic their mom or dad using a baby carrier with their very own mini baby carrier. Crafted just like the regular-sized Tula carriers, a big sis will look right at home babywearing her favorite doll or stuffy around town.

Janie and Jack Matching Clothes

Janie and Jack Matching Clothes

Source: Janie and Jack

Janie and Jack’s adorable matching clothes are all sized from six months to 12 years old, so it’s super easy to create a memorable matching look for a big sister of any age. The clothes range from everyday comfy gear to truly special party-worthy frocks. Big sis will love matching with her mini-me!

Claire's Mother Daughter Bracelets

Claire's Mother Daughter Bracelets

Source: Claire's

Remind your daughter of her special role with this affordable set of two gold-tone braces. One features engraved words “Mother” and the other “Daughter,” while they both have heart cutouts. A simple gift that your girl will surely treasure, it’ll show her the special spot she holds in her mom’s heart.

Sprout and Sparrow Personalized Geometric Art Print

Sprout and Sparrow Personalized Geometric Art Print

Source: Sprout and Sparrow

A thoughtful personalized gift, this geometric art print of big sister’s initial and name can be especially meaningful if she has to move bedrooms to accommodate a new baby. With a personalized print, she’ll stake her claim on the new room. Choose from three sizes; all come unframed, so it’s easy to use your own frame to match her room’s decor.

The New York Doll Collection My First Doll Stroller


Courtesy of Amazon

Younger girls will love having their very own foldable stroller to walk their dolls with. The stroller mimics a full-sized stroller, complete with a seatbelt, sunshade, and basket on the bottom. It fits any 18-inch doll, so prepare for this toy stroller to be out and about a lot!

Spunky Spork Sibling Tshirts

Spunky Spork Sibling Tshirts

Source: Spunky Spork 

Big and little siblings will love matching with these adorable sunshine sets. Big sis gets her own t-shirt, and her little sibling can match with their very own onesie. Made from organic cotton, the sizing goes up to 4T for big sis.

Sammy + Nat Monogrammed Children's Bathrobe

Sammy + Nat Monogrammed Children's Bathrobe

Source: Sammy + Nat

Perfect for bathtime fun, getting cozy, or after swimming, this classic terry cloth robe features pink piping and can be monogrammed with an initial or full name. Big sis will feel like a big deal when she sports this stylish and super soft robe around the house.

Manhattan Toy Baby Stella Doll

Manhattan Toy Baby Stella Doll

Source: Manhattan Toy

Girls of a certain age will love caring for their very own, super soft baby doll. This loveable baby comes in a wide variety of skin tones and hair textures, so a big sister’s baby doll will fit right into the family. At 15 inches, this doll is safe for kids 1 year and up, so it’ll inspire even the youngest girls to help nurture, role play, and care for a baby of their own.

Final Verdict

It’s so hard to narrow down these gifts, but if you had to choose just a few, the juju + stitch crewneck sweater (view on Maisonette) is adorable, great quality, and the brand makes a "lil sis" companion onesie so your girls can match. Older big sisters will love their own FujiFilm Instax Camera (view on Amazon) to document life with a baby, while younger girls will spend lots of time with their own Baby Stella Doll (view on Amazon).

What to Look for in Gifts for New Big Sisters


Sentimental gifts are something you just can't go wrong with. For a sentimental gift, look for something that is heirloom quality or handmade, will last a long time, and is meaningful. Even if the big sister stops playing with it, she can look back at this gift and remember a special time in her life. 

Not only will it be special for big sister, especially as she gets older, but it also shows the parents and caregivers you put thought into the gift. They'll not only appreciate the gift, but your thoughtfulness, too.


Gifts that are useful will be appreciated just as much as a sentimental gift. In fact, you've more than likely received a gift you now use daily and can't live without. Regardless, there are some helpful gifts to help big sister prepare for the new arrival.

Don’t discount the usefulness of occupying big sister’s time and attention which can be a true gift for tired parents. On top of preparing for another child, big sister also needs care and giving parents and caregivers a break is a gift in itself.


It’s so special to receive a personalized gift, especially for girls with unique names. The extra time and effort for personalized gifts are always worth the reaction you’ll receive. Recognizing her importance as the big sister role can make a young girl very proud and excited for their new spot in the family.

Check out gifts that can be personalized, like the Sammy + Nat Monogrammed Children's Bathrobe (view on Whether she wears it after a bath or swimming, a big sister will love having something with just her name or initials on it.

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