The 6 Best Bathrobes for Kids to Keep Them Snug

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Best Bathrobes for Kids

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Whether you use bathrobes for drying off after a bath, heading to the pool, or getting extra warm as a layer over pajamas, kids love feeling snuggly soft and grown up in their very own bathrobe. The best bathrobes for kids are sized correctly and made of soft and plush materials to keep them warm.

While shopping, you can also look for extra features like pockets and hoods, which can up the comfort factor. Don't be afraid to personalize it either, by choosing a robe that comes in your child's favorite color or getting it monogrammed. Other important features to look for include durability, absorbency (some robe materials are more absorbent than others), and ease of cleaning. We researched popular options from trusted brands with these features in mind.

These are the best bathrobes for kids on the market today.

Best Overall

L.L. Bean Kids' Cozy Animal Robe, Hooded

Kids' Cozy Animal Robe, Hooded


Leave it to the outdoor experts at L.L. Bean to make the coziest hooded robe, with a cuteness level that earns it our top spot on this list. With sizes for little or big kids, your cozy critter will love the animal hood that lets them be a fox, bear, or shark. Made from super-soft, high-pile polyester, this robe is more for snuggly time than for drying off. The stitched-on belt makes sure it doesn’t get lost and deep pockets keep fingers warm and cozy.

Key Specs:
Material: Polyester | Size Range: Little Kids 4 to Big Kids 18 | Extra Features: Hood, pockets

Best Organic

Natemia Organic Hooded Bathrobe

Natemia Organic Hooded Poncho Towel – Ultra Soft and Absorbent Cloud Touch Cotton Kids Cover-Up


Durable and long-lasting, this robe is made in Turkey from soft, organic cotton. Supremely plush and absorbent, the cotton wicks away moisture and helps to quickly dry your child off after a bath. To up the cuteness factor, there’s a built-in hood with sweet bear ears. An attached belt makes sure it never gets lost, keeps the robe on, and helps your cutie feel extra snug. Available in four colors and three toddler sizes, this is an ideal robe for younger kids.

Key Specs:
Material: Cotton | Size Range: Newborn to 8 years | Extra Features: Hood, belt

Best for Babies

Burt's Bees Baby Absorbent Terry Hooded Bathrobe

Burt's Bees Baby - Bathrobe, Infant Hooded Robe, Absorbent Knit Terry, 100% Organic Cotton, 0-9 Months (Heather Grey)


Wrap your little bundle of joy up in this 100% organic cotton robe. It’s perfect after bathtime, as a cozy layer over pajamas (although not for sleeping), or an easy way to stay bundled after swimming lessons or a day at the beach. Made to fit infants up to 9 months old, reviewers praise this adorable choice and say it’s like a spa robe for the littlest kids. Soft and beautiful, you’ll wish this came in adult sizes.

Key Specs:
Material: Cotton | Size Range: Newborn to 9 months | Extra Features: Hood, belt

Best for Big Kids

L.L. Bean Kids' Fleece Robe

Kids' Fleece Robe


With sizes from 8 all the way to 18, this big kids robe is an excellent option for the tweens and teenagers in your life. Available in four gender-neutral colors, this ultra-plush fleece robe looks great wash after wash. A “never lose” belt is stitched into the back, extra deep pockets hold whatever your teen needs and the thick collar turns up to keep out any drafts (or just look super cool). Reviewers praise these high-quality and well-priced robes as lasting for years and years.

Key Specs:
Material: Fleece | Size Range: Small (8) to X-Large (18) | Extra Features: Pockets, belt

Best Lightweight

Petite Plume White Robe

White Robe, Garnet Red Piping


Your kiddo will look like they should be at a luxury resort when they wear this robe. Made of mega-lightweight white flannel, the robe is accented with red piping for a timeless look. Machine washable, this softy is on the shorter side and thinner than other options, so it’s great for warmer climates or kids that don’t like being too bundled up. Sizes range from 6 to 12 months up to 14 years, so there’s a size for the whole crew.

Key Specs:
Material: Cotton | Size Range: 6 months to 14 years | Extra Features: Belt, pockets

Best Terry Cloth

Company Cotton Kids' Hooded Terry Robe

Company Cotton Kids’ Hooded Terry Robe

 Courtesy of the Company Store

A classic terry cloth robe, this sweet staple is sure to please. Woven from 100% cotton, the knee-length robe features a generous hood, shawl collar, on-seam pockets, a hanging loop, and an attached belt. Perfect for out of the bath, pool, or shower, this machine-washable robe is available in four vibrant colors and five size options.

Key Specs:
Material: Cotton | Size Range: 2T to 14/16 | Extra Features: Pockets, hood

What to Look For in Bathrobes for Kids


It's safe to say bathrobes are meant to be comfy, so finding the right size is key. For kids, their typical clothing size may work just fine, or they may prefer to go up a size for extra wiggle room. And since every manufacturer is different, check your child's measurements against the brand's sizing guide.

If you don't have time to measure, your best bet is to purchase your child's current size or one size up, and be sure to check reviews to see what other customers have to say about sizing.


Bathrobes are made in all types of fabrics, such as polyester, fleece, cotton, silk, and more. Most children's robes are made in a fluffy, blanket-like material for comfort and warmth, but some fabrics are better than others when it comes to breathability or snuggly warmth.

Cotton is a great, breathable material that's typically lightweight. It will still keep your child warm right out of the bath or during a lazy day, but won't cause them to overheat. Other materials, such as fleece or polyester, are not as breathable as cotton, but may feel good on cold days after a bath or when your child has to leave their warm bed in the morning.

Extra Features

Check out a bathrobe's extra features to determine if they are a necessity or if your child would be okay without them. Some additional features on bathrobes include pockets or hoods. Some children may be fine without either of those features while others may want to have pockets to put items in, like their phone or lip balm. Parents may like hooded robes to keep little ones' heads warm when their hair is damp after a bath or shower.

Of course, these extra features are not absolutely necessary. Overall, you want your child to feel comfortable and warm. But the convenience of a pocket or hood is often nice to have.

Frequently Asked Questions

  • How long should you keep a child's bathrobe?

    A child will most likely outgrow a bathrobe before it’s time to toss it, but it also depends on how often your child uses the bathrobe. A bathrobe that is used every day will deteriorate quicker than one that is used less frequently. And a bathrobe that is not washed and dried properly will not last as long as one that is. If you take good care of a bathrobe, it could last a few years or through a few children.

  • Can I use a bathrobe instead of a towel?

    If you are using a bathrobe that is made from terry cloth or another quick-absorbing cotton, it can be used in place of a towel. If your bathrobe is made of silk, polyester, or blended fabric, it is not recommended to use it in lieu of a towel. Water can damage some materials that aren’t absorbent. If you are using your bathrobe as a towel, wash it frequently like you would a regular towel.

  • How often should you wash a bathrobe?

    You should wash a terry cloth or cotton bathrobe every three to four uses, just like a towel. When you use a terry cloth or cotton robe to dry off your body, it will collect dead skin cells as well as transfer moisture. Washing it every few uses will help keep bacteria at bay and keep your towels fresh. Regardless of material, you should always read the washing instructions on the bathrobe for best results.

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