The Best Bath Toys That Kids Will Love

From finger paint to fun bath sponges, these toys extend splish-splashin' fun

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Hopping in the bath for a scrub can be fun for little ones, and adding in bath toys they will love makes the experience that much better. For kids that hate taking a bath, toys can help ease the process and make it more tolerable. From soft and squishy toys to interactive options, there are plenty of options to brighten their bath time session.

Reviewed & Approved

The Crayola Washable Finger Paint provides fun for kids of all ages and washes off easily with soap and water. For a budget-friendly toy, we recommend the Munchkin Caterpillar Spillers Stacking and Straining Cups.

Check the manufacturer's age recommendation to ensure your little one plays safely in the tub. Additionally, consider bath toys that are easy to clean and won't trap mold. We carefully considered age recommendations, design, value, and toy safety when reviewing products.

Here are the best bath toys for kids.

Crayola Washable Finger Paint

Crayola Washable Finger Paint


The Crayola Washable Finger Paint is our top pick because they're washable and provide fun for kids of all ages. They’re a great option for tub-time fun since kids can get as messy as they please, and it all washes off with soap and water. Each pack comes with five three-ounce tubes in a variety of colors—purple, red, yellow, blue, and green—so your little one can create artistic masterpieces or even work on writing and spelling.

Munchkin Caterpillar Spillers Stacking and Straining Cups

Munchkin Caterpillar Spillers Stacking and Straining Cups

Courtesy of Amazon

Sometimes the best toys are the most basic, and when it comes to bathtime, you can't go wrong with cups! This caterpillar-shaped set builds on that simple fun with seven different-sized, numbered cups and strainers perfect for pouring, stacking, and even counting. The cups can be linked to make a caterpillar or built into a tall tower, providing children with hours of water fun at a super affordable price. Plus, they easily stack back together to be neatly stored when bathtime is over.

Perfect for ages 9 months and older, the cups can even help teach hand-eye coordination, numbers, and colors. Parents say these cups provide tons of entertainment and can be played with outside of the tub, too.

Alex Rub-a-Dub Star Crayon in the Tub Bath Activity

Alex Rub-a-Dub Star Crayon in the Tub Bath Activity

Go ahead—let them color on the walls. The bathtub walls, that is! And don’t worry about them misplacing any of their bath crayons during bathtime—it’s a cinch to keep them together when they’re all stashed inside this cool star crayon. This easy-to-grip star crayon from Alex includes six vibrant colors—red, orange, yellow, green, blue, violet—and works best for kiddos ages 2 and older.

Munchkin Float and Play Bubbles Bath Toy

Munchkin Float and Play Bubbles Bath Toy

Courtesy of Amazon

Babies need simple bath toys that will keep them amused while you rinse them down. Anything too involved will either lead to disinterest or frustration. That’s why we love this set of four Float and Play Bubbles balls by Munchkin. Recommended for ages 4 months old and up, these toys are designed for little hands to grasp. Each ball features a textured ring on the outside and a fun toy inside that rattles and spins. Plus, they're sealed tight to prevent mold and mildew from growing inside, so they’ll last longer than other bath toys.

Customers say that these top-rated bath toys are fun to play with both in the water and out. Parents also love that they are durable and well-priced.

Nuby Floating Purple Octopus Interactive Bath Toy


Courtesy of Amazon

How about a little ring toss during bathtime? This fun bath octopus by Nuby floats in the water and includes three rings your little one can toss onto the tentacles. Designed for kids 18 months and older, the toy is great for developing hand-eye coordination and provides a fun challenge as your child grows. Bonus: It also doubles as a fun pool toy for toddlers!

Customers say it is a big hit with kids, but some wish it came with more rings. Some also warned that it's smaller than they expected, but overall, thought it was a fun toy that was perfect for bathtime.

Nuby Bath Tub Alphabet Set

Nuby Bath Tub Alphabet Set

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We love any toy that doubles as a teaching toy, and these foam letters and numbers for bathtime are no exception. Your budding reader will have tons of fun putting the letters together, and the numbers are a great way to explore early math skills, too! The set comes with 26 letters and 10 numbers in fun, bright colors. They all stick to the wall of the tub when wet and also float.

Customers love how durable the letters and numbers are and the fact that they stick well. This is a toy that's perfect for kids just learning letters and numbers as well as more advanced children beginning to learn how to spell.

Sometimes a bath is lonely without a friend—that’s where Alyzee comes in! Soft and poseable, Alyzee is 12 inches long and equally suitable for companionship in the soapy bathtub, salty ocean, and chlorinated swimming pool. There’s also a helpful tab sewn onto her back for hanging and easy air-drying between baths/swim lessons.

Boon Building Bath Pipes Toy Set

Boon Pipes Bath Toy Set

Courtesy of Buy Buy Baby

For little ones who are a bit older, these building pipes are the perfect way to get those mental gears turning! This unique five-piece set allows your preschooler to set up an entire water system, with pipes of different shapes and sizes, and even a spinning wheel. Each pipe can be used individually or connected to form a chain. They also suction to the wall of the bath.

The pipes are perfect for developing basic STEM skills and can keep kids entertained as they grow. Customers caution that you'll need to wash them periodically and air dry thoroughly after use to prevent mold from growing inside the pipes.

Boon Marco Light-Up Bath Toy

Boon Marco Light-Up Bath Toy

This little scuba diver sets the tone for deep-sea adventures as soon as he hits the bathtub! When Marco jumps into the water, his helmet lights up and starts to change colors. And when you take him out? The lights immediately shut off. He even floats with his head held above the water.

Dove Kids Care Hypoallergenic Slime Wash

Dove Kids Care Hypoallergenic Slime Wash

Sometimes it takes a little slime to prompt a good, thorough cleaning—especially the kind that smells like a berry smoothie. Made with 100 percent natural ingredients, Dove Kids Care Slime Wash works well for all skin types. It starts out as slime, and as you massage and add water, it turns into a light, sudsy soap. 

BathBlocks STEM Discovery Blocks

BathBlocks STEM Discovery Blocks

Even a basic set of bath blocks can be educational when little ones set their creativity free. Designed for toddlers age 3 and older, these floating STEM discovery blocks encourage building, pattern-making, counting, geometry, and more.

SoapSox Bath Toy Sponge, Harper the Hippo

SoapSox Bath Toy Sponge, Harper the Hippo

Courtesy of Amazon

Looking for a fun bath toy that actually helps get your kid clean? SoapSox has the perfect sponge that doubles as something to entertain at bathtime! These bath sponges come in a variety of adorable characters—shark, dragon, hippo, turtle, and more—that’ll help scrub your little one squeaky clean!

Covered in soft terry cloth with an antimicrobial sponge lining the inside, each one features an opening perfect for putting liquid or bar soap. There are also built-in finger pockets to make scrubbing super easy—for you or your child. The sponges are machine washable, too.

Sophie la Girafe So'Pure Sophie Bath Toy

So'Pure Sophie Bath Toy

Chances are you’ve heard of Sophie, the Giraffe teether, which has been a sensorial treat for babies and toddlers for over 55 years. Great news—the beloved teether is now a bath toy. Tastefully hand-painted and crafted of 100 percent natural rubber, the new Sophie bath toy floats and is soft enough for your little one to chew on. The paint is food-grade, so no worries if some gets in your baby's mouth.

The hygienic product is completely waterproof, which is ideal for quick and easy drying. The rubber material is easy to spot clean or wash with soap and water. The buoy shape is easy for little ones to grasp and splash around with. Also, there is no way for water to get inside—which means no bacteria or mold can grow in there either. This toy can entertain your baby for years and grow with them as they become curious toddlers. It will quickly become a staple of bath time, making it our favorite pick.

Melissa & Doug Float-Alongs Playful Penguins

Float-Alongs Playful Penguins

An ideal bath toy for infants of 4 months to toddlers of 2 years, the Playful Penguins Float Alongs from Melissa & Doug allow babies to play with three happy little penguins while reading along with the story in the six-page waterproof book. When bathtime is over, the penguins fit right back into the attached mesh tube for safe-keeping.

Glo Pals Sesame Street Light-Up Water-Activated Cubes

Glo-Pals Sesame Street Light-Up Water-Activated Cubes

Inspired by a child with autism, liquid-activated Glo Pals recently became a hit, and shortly thereafter the Glo company developed a partnership with Sesame Street, featuring their characters on Glo Pals—in this case, it’s Elmo, but others feature Julia, Sesame Street’s autistic character, as well. Glo Pals drop into the water and light up, which appears to help relax autistic kiddos and other young children who otherwise may not feel secure in the bathtub.

Ubbi Cloud and Droplets Bath Toys

Ubbi Cloud and Droplets Bath Toys

Designed for ages 12 months and up, the Ubbi Cloud and Droplets Bath Toys let your baby make gentle rainstorms in the bathtub without the worry of water causing mold or mildew inside the toys. Both the cloud and droplet open up, fill with water, and close easily, and they’re easily washed in the dishwasher. Leave them open to dry completely once washed.

PlanToys Sailing Boat with Penguin

PlanToys Sailing Boat with Penguin

Well-known for their eco-friendly, sustainable toy-making, PlanToys creates the majority of their products with chemical-free, kiln-dried recycled rubberwood. This sailing boat with its penguin passenger floats steadily, even in the choppiest of water, and is the ideal bath toy for toddlers one year and older.

Tikiri Ocean Buddies Whale Rattle

Whale Rattle

The Natural Baby Co

These little whale rattles not only bring your child "closer" to the sea, they also make gentle sounds that put your baby at ease. Each one is made from rubber, which is easy to clean and for little ones to grab. Other friendly sea animal toys include sea horses, crabs, turtles, and dolphins.

Yookidoo Submarine Spray Station

Yookidoo Bath Toy

Courtesy of Amazon

Best for ages 2 to 6 years, the Yookidoo Submarine Spray Station has won numerous awards for its innovative bath play design. Offering several different activities for the imaginative mind, this bath toy is never boring. It starts with drawing up bath water using its battery-operated pump (batteries not included), which flows into the diver shower head. From there, the sky’s the limit. There’s the googly-eyed water spinner, the hand shower, the removable funnel, and much more.

3 Bees & Me Bath Toy Basketball Hoop & Balls Set

3 Bees & Me Bath Toy Basketball Hoop

Courtesy of Amazon

Let your little shoot and score to their heart’s content with this handy basketball hoop and balls set from 3 Bees and Me. The hoop attaches to the bathtub faucet with this set instead of using suction cups that don’t always stay attached to the wall—and the balls have no holes, so there’s no chance of mold or mildew growing inside.

Dabble & Dollop Bubble Box

Dabble & Dollop Bubble Box

When it comes to mixing up their own bath soaps and shampoos, creativity brims over with the Dabble & Dollop Bubble Box. They’ll get two 10-ounce pump bottles of strawberry and tangerine gel, and a 12-ounce pump bottle of vanilla whip, plus a mixing bowl and recipe cards for six custom creations. The best part is that every element is safe, i.e. dermatologist-tested, ophthalmologist-tested, allergen-free, cruelty-free, and using only proprietary scent formulas crafted according to strict European standards. (While their products are said to be safe for ages 2 to 12, we’d probably stick with the older kids for this one).

SoapSox Bath Toy Sponge, Harper the Hippo

SoapSox Bath Toy Sponge, Harper the Hippo

Courtesy of Amazon

Washing up is lots more fun when Harper the Hippo is making the suds. This soft bath buddy is made of terry cloth on the outside with plenty of squishy sponge on the inside to get things lathering up.

There are lots of alternative options, including a blue whale, sea turtle, hedgehog, gator, lion, beaver, shark, unicorn, or dolphin for starters. These sponges work well for all ages—it’s true—your newborn might like a hippo to hang out with while having their bath.

The newest addition to the popular Green Toys collection, the Fire Plane actually works, taking in water in the front and letting it stream out the back as it flies. When the fire-extinguishing work is done, to prevent mold and mildew, the plane’s bottom floor opens, allowing a full cleaning and drying out between baths. It’s also dishwasher-safe. Created in California, a portion of the proceeds from sales of the Fire Plane goes to California-based fire relief organizations like the California Fire Foundation.

MoraBaby Baby Bath Stacking Toys with Organizer Bag

MoraBaby Baby Bath Stacking Toys with Organizer Bag

Fun for both the bath and the beach, this enormous set of bath toys includes everything a little could want to play with in the water (or sand!) There are eight stacking cups, four floating squirts animal balls, one floating blue octopus, and an organizing bag with sticker hooks and suction cups. 

Some fit into each other i.e. nesting, while others have holes in the bottom for water to trickle through. The organizing bag is substantial at 15.5 x 14 inches and high quality to hold all the pieces together while the mesh fabric allows them to dry. 

Mudpuppy Ocean Life Stickable Foam Shapes

Muddypuppy ocean shapes

Let the kiddos create an ocean-themed mural on the bathtub wall with these 20 vibrantly colored sea animals. Each one consists of soft foam that adheres to the tile once they get it wet in the bathwater.

This selection works best for older kids who don’t taste their toys as much, like at least age 3 and older preschoolers. Animals you may find inside include dolphins, sea turtles, seahorses, manta rays, clownfish, orcas, crabs, blue whales, and more. 

Final Verdict

For a bath toy that's fun and useful, check out Soapbox Bath Toy Sponge, Harper the Hippo. Covered in soft terrycloth with an antimicrobial sponge lining the inside, each one features an opening perfect for putting liquid or bar soap. There's also the Munchkin Caterpillar Spillers Stacking and Training Cups. The cups can be linked to make a caterpillar or built into a tall tower, providing children with hours of water fun at a super affordable price.

How We Selected the Best Bath Toys

We chose the best bath toys by researching reviews from customers and competitors, while studying the design and features of more than 40 toys on the market. Additionally, we monitored shopping trends to bring you the best, and most up-to-date, offerings on bath toys. We considered toy safety, age recommendations, ease of use, design, size, features, and value when reviewing products.

What to Look for in Bath Toys


All kids develop at different rates. However, there are some generally accepted guidelines for age-appropriate play. Check the packaging for toys you're interested in to be sure they match up with your little one's age range.

Sensory Experience

Kids, and babies in particular, learn about their environment through their senses. Try to find bath toys that encourage this, such as those that have squishy or squeaky features, encourage cause-and-effect water play, or have water-safe lights and sounds.

Ease of Cleaning

While it's true that baths are all about getting clean, toys that are repeatedly used without a good cleansing themselves can grow and harbor harmful germs and bacteria. Try to find toys that make clean-up a breeze, such as ones that you can toss in a dishwasher or scrub down easily, and that dry out fast. (Avoid toys with a singular hole in the middle, as they can be especially difficult to clean thoroughly.)

Frequently Asked Questions

  • What do I do if my bath toys get moldy?

    Try as we may, bath toys can collect mold over time. To help remove it and sanitize them, dunk them in a mixture of three-fourths cup bleach in a gallon of water, and let them soak overnight. In the morning, give them an initial drying, but then let them air dry for the rest of the day.

  • How many toys should you allow your child to have in the tub at one time?

    Bath toys can be so much fun, it can be easy to overdo it. Remember, the goal here is to get your kid cleaned and entertain them in the process. So, limit your bath toys to a few items so you can focus on scrub-a-dub-dubbing your child while they're not distracted by too many oh-so-tempting playthings.

  • How often should I replace bath toys?

    You'll only need to get rid of solid bath toys (with no holes at all) once they start to become damaged. For porous bath toys, if you've followed our cleaning advice and still suspect they're not up to par hygienically, it's always best to err on the side of caution and replace them with fresh ones you know are undoubtedly clean.

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