The 13 Best Baby’s First Christmas Ornaments of 2019

Make the holiday memories last for years to come

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First Look

Banberry Designs’ Photo Ornament at Amazon

"Modeled after Victorian Christmas ornaments."

Baby Carriage Ornament at Things Remembered

"A lovely symbol that a new baby has joined your family."

Lil' Peach Baby's Handprint Ornament Craft Kit at Amazon

"Save your baby’s precious tiny handprint forever."

Personalized Silver Pendant First Christmas Ornament at Etsy

"Shines on the tree."

Custom Onesie Baby's First Christmas Ornament at Etsy

"Accommodates most of the details of a baby’s birth."

Holly Branch Photo Ornament at Buy Buy Baby

"A beautiful gift for anyone welcoming a new baby."

Hallmark Sonogram Picture Frame at Amazon

"Celebrate Christmas as a new family."

First Grandchild Photo Ornament at Amazon

"Constructed of pewter with an angel decal."

Baby's First Christmas Block Ornament at Amazon

"Will fit any style of decoration."

Baby's 1st Christmas Rattle Ornament at Lenox

"This colorful and elegant ornament is a luxurious gift."

Our Top Picks


Banberry Designs’ Filigree Heart Shaped Photo Ornament

Christmas Ornament

Banberry Designs


Modeled after Victorian Christmas ornaments, the Banberry Designs’ Filigree Heart has a one-and-a-half-inch by two-inch picture opening where you can insert an image of your new baby. The perfect gift for new parents, grandparents, or even aunts and uncles, the ornament has a pewter finish and is studded with gemstones.

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Things Remembered Baby Carriage Ornament

Baby Carriage Ornament

Things Remembered 

The white pram is a classic and lovely symbol that a new baby girl or boy has joined your family. Made of resin with a dangling heart charm upon which you can engrave the baby’s name, birth date, or a special message, this ornament is a wonderful gift for a family member with classic taste.


Lil' Peach Baby's Handprint Ornament Craft Kit

With the Lil’ Peach Baby’s Handprint Easy to Make Ornament Craft Kit, you can save your baby’s perfectly formed and precious tiny handprint for years to come. The kit comes with an ink pad, an impression card, a silver-plated frame, and a red satin ribbon for hanging. The ink is formulated so that it won’t stay on the baby’s skin when you make the print—it will just leave a mark on the impression card.


Personalized Silver Pendant First Christmas Ornament

Christmas Ornament


Sometimes, simple designs are the best ones. This one-and-a-half-inch silver stainless steel round disk commemorates your baby’s first Christmas and can accommodate 45 characters around its edges—enough for you to engrave your baby’s name, birth date, and even birth weight. A teddy bear pendant adds a touch of cuteness. Choose from a variety of different colors for the hanging ribbon, including white, pink, blue, lavender, and mint. 


Custom Onesie Baby's First Christmas Ornament

Baby Ornament


Did you buy a bunch of super cute outfits for your baby, and realize that you won’t use most of them because your baby only wears onesies? Yup, you’re a new parent. What better way to commemorate the experience than with a Christmas ornament in the shape of a onesie? This three-and-a-quarter-inches tall by three-inches wide birch ornament can accommodate most of the details of a baby’s birth, including the hospital where he or she was born, and their birth length.


Holly Branch Matte Photo Ornament

Christmas Ornament

Buy Buy Baby


Let’s be honest—while you have about 10,000 images of your baby on your phone, you maybe have one or two of them printed out. Which is why the Matte Photo Ornament from Buy Buy Baby is so great. You upload a digital file, along with two lines of text, and the ornament is shipped to you in an elegant drawstring bag with the photograph already printed on it. Constructed of porcelain, the Holly Branch matte photo ornament a classic and beautiful gift for anyone welcoming a new baby this season.


Hallmark Sonogram Picture Frame 2019

It’s wonderful when the sonogram technician who does your first ultrasound prints out dozens of images during the scan. But what can you do with the print-outs besides examine them closely to get a sense of what your baby will look like, and then stick them on the fridge? The Hallmark sonogram picture frame is a beautiful way to make use of the precious images and celebrate Christmas as a family even if your baby is still in the womb.


First Grandchild Photo Ornament

They say that becoming a parent is a privilege, but becoming a grandparent is a joy, and whoever they are is correct. What better way to make a grandparent happy than by buying them an ornament that commemorates their happiest moment? Constructed of pewter with an angel decal, the Liberty Pewter first grandchild photo Christmas ornament is the perfect gift for any new grandparents.

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Palmetto Wood Shop's Baby's First Christmas Block

Are you searching for a classic and durable first Christmas ornament that will fit any style of decoration? Look no further than Palmetto Wood Shop’s personalized Christmas Wooden block, which is made from solid maple, and includes six sides of engraving that highlight the baby’s name, the year of his or her birth, and a customized message. 


Lenox Baby's 1st Christmas Rattle Ornament

Baby Ornament


Made from porcelain, this colorful and elegant ornament is a luxurious gift for any new family. Depicting a classic rattle, the ornament cannot be personalized, making it the perfect gift for expectant parents who don’t yet know the name of their soon-to-be-born child.

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Waterford Crystal First Christmas Ornament

baby ornament


Another luxurious choice, the Waterford Crystal First Christmas Ornament is a three-dimensional boot with a tiny tag commemorating the year of the baby’s birth. It’s the perfect gift for parents with good taste—or for those who like a little bling on their trees during Christmas. This is sure to become a precious family heirloom.


Mickey Mouse Baby's First Christmas Ornament

Even if the new baby in your life doesn’t know it yet, he or she loves Mickey Mouse. The Mickey Mouse Baby’s First Christmas ornament is an absolute classic, showing the beloved character holding a candy cane. Made from resin, this ornament is sure to be one that the baby will love as they grow into toddlers, and beyond.


Old World Christmas Glass Blown Ornament

Old World Christmas makes a wide variety of gorgeous glass blown first Christmas ornaments in the shapes of onesies, baby bottles, teddy bears, storks, pacifiers, rocking horses, and sleeping newborns. Choose which one you love best, or grab the whole set if you really want to make it clear how overjoyed you are to have a new baby in your family.

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