9 Best Baby Toys for One-Year-Old's and Younger in 2018

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Finding the best baby toys for children under one can be a bit of a challenge. Newborns need simple bright toys that stimulate the mind, while six-month-olds may want something a little more interactive. Once they are close to one, they are moving whether that is crawling or walking so you'll want a toy that either keeps them contained or helps them master their new skills.

Whether you are looking for a newborn baby gift, the best baby toy for a six-month-old or just a great gift to last them through their first year, here are the best baby toys to entertain and help them learn. 

Our Top Picks

Best Multipurpose: Bright Starts Lots of Links Accessory Toy

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This inexpensive toy will provide hours of entertainment for little ones. From basic teething on the plastic rings when they’re tiny to learning to string them together to make all sorts of fun chains, these will get years of use. They’re fantastic for hooking onto car seats and strollers, so mom and dad won’t have to pick them up over and over.

There are 24 links in all that come in a variety of bright colors and different textured patterns. They all come in a reusable plastic bag so you can easily throw them in a diaper bag for fun on the go anytime. Simple, inexpensive, portable, fun — you can’t go wrong with these.

Best for Fine Motor Skills: Fisher-Price Rock-a-Stack and 1st Blocks Bundle

This bundle has two awesome classic toys that have withstood the test of time. The Rock-a-Stack has graced the floors of playrooms for many many moons. The colorful rings come in descending sizes so when stacked correctly they make a cone shape.

The other toy, Baby’s First Blocks, is all about sorting, matching and stacking. The top of the box has holes cut in various shapes (square, circle, star, etc.) and there are blocks that match each shape. Kids have to try to find a match to fit them in. Once they’re all in, they can dump them out and start over again. Both toys are great for learning new skills and developing hand-eye coordination, plus they’re just fun.

Best for Encouraging Reading: VTech Musical Rhymes Book

Books are a great gift at any age, but little fingers can rip paper pages. This talking book offers all the fun and learning of a book, but the plastic pages can’t be torn.

It comes with six classic nursery rhymes, which play as the pages are turned, and there are buttons that slide and twist on each page for added sounds and music. The book can be placed in vocabulary mode to teach them new words or in music mode where the sounds of various instruments will fill the air at the push of one of five buttons. In all, there are more than 40 songs, melodies, sounds and phrases to explore.

Bonus for parents: There’s a volume control button for times when a little quieter is needed.

Best for Learning to Crawl: VTech Move and Crawl Baby Ball

There’s no other way to say it… kids will have a ball with this toy. Much more than just a traditional ball, this is one rolling, electronic source of fun and learning. The battery-powered ball (three AA batteries are included) wobbles, wiggles and rolls itself about after receiving a slight push, which encourages kids to get moving and crawl or toddle after it.

Once they catch up with it, the fun continues as there are buttons to push, sounds to hear and all sorts of learning to be had. In all, there are more than 40 singalong songs, sound effects, quieter, and phrases, and adorable animal buttons help teach animal names and sounds. It’s a great way to encourage tummy time, crawling and active learning too.

Best for Encouraging to Stand: Baby Einstein Discovering Music Activity Table

This table is set with fun and learning activities galore for kids to explore. Piano keys recite words in English, Spanish and French as well as classical tunes and lots of busybody buttons, balls and switches to keep them entertained and happy. 

It’s a great toy for those who are just learning to pull up and stand, but the legs can also be pulled off and the tabletop placed on the floor for crawlers and tummy time entertainment. Designed for kids 6-36 months, this table will serve up heaping helpings of fun for years to come.

Best for the Stroller: Manhattan Toy Whoozit Baby Stroller and Travel Activity

This might be one of the weirdest looking toys for your kid, but trust us they will love this wacky face. The red "nose" honks when pushed, there is a mirror for them to catch a glimpse of their face plus other rattles, crinkle noises and more to keep them happy and engaged in the car seat, stroller or while hanging at home. 

This toy will keep them thrilled from birth through the one year mark as their minds start to notice new things on it. When it gets dropped on the floor or spit up on you can just throw it in the wash for easy cleaning. Your baby will love this so much we suggest buying two so you'll always have one on hand. 

Best for Music: Baby Einstein Take Along Tunes Musical Toy

From newborns to well past the big one, your kid will love listening to the classical music this little player plays as well as the bright lights that light up in coordination with the song. This all-time favorite is great for long car rides and it can even help soothe them when they are cranky. 

Two AA-batteries are needed to operate this player that is lead and BPA-free so when they are bound to put it in their mouth you won't worry. This is suited for three months and up, but mom can just play the calming music for newborns as well. You'll be surprised that they always come back to this toy as one of their favorite's.  

Best for Learning to Walk: VTech Sit-to-Stand Learning Walker

A must for any household with a young baby, the sit-to-stand encourages young babies to learn to sit and play with all the buttons and musical keys and for when they are starting to walk this walker helps give them a lending hand.

This toy is suited for children nine months and up, and the light up part can be removed and placed on the floor for tummy time fun. With 70 sing-along songs, noises and sayings your baby will delight in all this has to offer. Even after they've mastered walking they'll love pushing this around the house or outdoors, so it has a long "shelf life" in any home.

Best for Sensory Development: Infantino Textured Multi Ball Set

This set of balls will delight them from six months on. Teething babies will like to chew on the BPA-free nubby textured balls while those getting closer to the one-year mark will learn how to roll the ball to you in a game of "catch".

Your baby will get a kick out of feeling all of the different textures that help him develop his sensory abilities. You'll be surprised that one week might love the red ball and the next he won't let the yellow one leave his side. Though it is a "simple" toy, it will get years and years of playtime. 

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