The 4 Best Baby Thermometers

Ease worries with these accurate readers

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Our Top Picks
Takes just 10 seconds to determine temperature.
You’ll have a reading within seconds.
Can be used under the arm, or in the mouth or rectum.
Pre-warmed tip and disposable filters.

Best Overall: iProven Dt-R1221AWG Medical Thermometer

Provèn Digital Thermometer

This oral and rectal iProvèn thermometer works for both babies and adults, so you can have your whole family covered. It takes just 10 seconds to determine a temperature, and it’s waterproof for easy disinfecting. For added peace of mind, little smiley faces on the screen will alert you if you should be worried about the temperature finding. And if you’re unhappy with your purchase, you have 100 days to return the thermometer for a full refund.

The product provides highly accurate readings, and customers rave about its flexible tip, which makes it more durable and comfortable to use than standard thermometers with a more rigid tip. It’s also a cinch to clean—especially important if you are going to use it rectally.

Best Budget: Fever Fighters Quick Read Forehead Thermometer Strips 2

Not everyone in the medical community recommends thermometer strips, as they’re not necessarily as accurate as some other tools out there. However, if you’re in a situation where a regular thermometer is too invasive for your baby (say, when your child is sleeping), these strips from Fever Fighters can get the job done quickly. Just press it to the forehead and you’ll have a reading within seconds. You’ll see the colors change to indicate the temperature in both Fahrenheit and Celsius. When you’re finished, wash the strip off with soap and water and place it back in the thin case for storage.

Travelers like to bring this product in case of an emergency, as it’s cheaper and easier to throw into a bag than a regular thermometer. The strips are also great for fussy children who just can’t sit still for a reading. And if you have older kids as well, customers suggest that they might actually think it’s fun to get their temperature taken this way!

Best Smart: Kinsa Smart Thermometer

If you’re looking to go more high-tech, Kinsa’s Bluetooth thermometer—which can be used under the arm, or in the mouth or rectum—comes with a lot of nice-to-have bells and whistles. It easily connects to your smartphone and provides a readout in eight seconds or less. Then, the free app will provide personalized, trustworthy guidance on what to do next, whether it’s soothing your little one’s symptoms or calling your pediatrician.

Even users who aren’t particularly tech-savvy found this thermometer simple to set up. They also appreciate that they’re able to share their baby’s temperature readings with other family members and track what medications they’ve already given through the app. All the expert-approved information and recommendations make this a must-buy for many parents.

Best Ear: Braun ThermoScan 5 IRT6500, Ear Thermometer for Babies, Kids

Braun’s gentle thermometer makes frequent appearances in pediatrician’s offices because it’s so simple and reliable. The pre-warmed tip ensures that the findings will be more accurate (many other ear thermometers have cool tips, which can unintentionally lower the readings). Plus, it comes with disposable filters, so it stays sanitary if you’re sharing the thermometer among family members.
Those who have purchased ThermoScan products tend to be loyal consumers and say that it’s worth paying a little extra for the precise and consistent readings. They also love how sanitary and non-disruptive it is to take a baby’s temperature through the ear.

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