The 8 Best Baby Wraps and Slings of 2019

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When a child is born, it takes time for them to adjust to being outside of the womb and in the greater world. One way to ease the transition is to swaddle them so they feel as closely bound as they were in their mothers’ bodies. Another way is to wear baby in a baby sling, which is generally a long piece of fabric that can be wound and tied so that the infant is held snugly against a caregiver. Baby slings come with or without padding, with or without rings for adjustment, and in a wide variety of fabrics.

The difference between a baby sling and a baby carrier is that the latter generally is more structured. In baby carriers, children have their legs dangling on either side of their caregiver’s torso, which in newborns, may lead to hip dislocation. Some carriers come with padding so that a newborn’s legs can be tucked safely inside, but many caregivers prefer baby slings in the newborn stage because they are more versatile and binding.

Depending on your comfort level, baby slings can be used for newborns through toddlers. Studies have shown that carrying your baby significantly reduces stress and crying in your child, as well as promotes bonding. Slings can be worn to run errands, breastfeed, comfort a colicky infant, or even just around the house while your baby is napping. Below, we round up the top baby slings to consider.

Our Top Picks

Best Overall: Cuddlebug Baby Carrier

Cuddlebug Baby Carrier

Courtesy of Amazon

Made of French terrycloth and spandex, the Cuddlebug Baby Carrier is a long piece of fabric that has multiple uses. It can be tied as a sling to carry your infant, used as a breastfeeding cover, or even wound to provide support for your torso in the postpartum period.

All in all, what sets the Cuddlebug Baby Carrier apart from competitors is its softness, ability to calm babies, and the fact that it’s the #1 bestseller in child carrier accessories on Amazon.

Best Budget: KeaBabies Baby Wrap Carrier

Suited for use by newborns up to babies that are 35 pounds, the KeaBabies Baby Wrap Carrier is cheaper than competitors, including the Cuddlebug Baby Carrier and the Solly Boba wrap. Made of a spandex-blend material, the wrap can be used as a sling, a post-partum belt, or a nursing cover.

As Amazon's choice for baby wrap carriers, the KeaBabies is a sturdy wrap that works for all types of bodies.

Best for Nursing: Innoo Tech Baby Wrap

Many baby slings can be used for nursing mothers, but the Inoo Tech Baby Wrap is formulated specifically to facilitate breastfeeding. The fabric is slightly wider than that of competitors, allowing for mothers to fully cover their infants’ heads while they breastfeed.

Overall, the ​Inoo Tech Baby Wrap keeps the baby tight and snug while he or she feeds. It’s also great for on-the-go breastfeeding out of the house.

Best with Ring: Maya Wrap Lightly Padded Ring Sling Baby Carrier

Even though the Maya Wrap Lightly Padded Ring Sling Baby Carrier is more expensive than other baby carriers, the splurge may be worth it. Features include lightly padded shoulders that lessen the burden of carrying so much weight on your shoulders, as well as fabric made of 100 percent cotton, which is cooler and more breathable than fabrics with spandex.

The ring means that you don’t have to spend time watching YouTube videos to learn how to tie the sling and instead, it can just adjust the fabric with a simple tug. The wrap can be adjusted so that newborns are tucked closely to your chest, or so that heavier toddlers can ride at your hip. Additional highlights include a pocket in the fabric large enough to hold your keys, phone, and cash.

All in all, the Maya Wrap is a great choice for a carrier that's safe, easy to use, and comfortable.

Best for Newborns: Solly Boba Wrap

The #1 bestseller in Child Carrier Slings on Amazon, the Solly Boba Wrap is a traditional sling made from 95 percent cotton and 5 percent Spandex. Machine washable, the Solly Boba Wraps, like its competitors, requires some practice to learn how to wrap it properly. Once mothers do, however, they find that the Boba Wrap holds even the tiniest babies snug to their chests. The wrap also facilitates breastfeeding and can be used outside of the house.

Great for holding newborns, the Boba Wrap is recommended to be worn only in cool environments, as it can get very hot for both mother and baby,

Best for Hot Weather: Baby K’tan Baby Carrier

What sets the Baby K’tan Baby Carrier apart from other carriers is its patented double loop design. Instead of coming as a single, long piece of fabric, the Baby K’tan is a loop that can be switched into five different carrying positions. Babies can be placed in already formed loops, making it easy for caregivers of twins.

The Baby K’tan comes in sizes ranging from XXS to XL, and caregivers should buy a loop that corresponds to their size for a snug fit. The Baby K’tan can carry up to 35 pounds of weight. The breathable fabric makes it easy for you to wear in the warm weather. Parents also love the added piece of fabric on this that makes the baby feel a bit more secure.  

Best for Plus Sizes: Cozitot Baby Sling

One of the main complaints about baby slings is that many of the top brands don’t fit plus sized bodies. The Cozitot Baby Sling is specifically formulated for larger frames. It is 200 inches long, and 22 inches wide, which is larger than most of its competitors.

A traditional single piece of fabric that can be wrapped in multiple different ways, the wrap is beloved by ​plus-sized caregivers. Many note that while many baby slings don’t comfortable wrap around their bodies, the Cozitot Baby Sling never runs out of fabric to tie. 

Best Structured: Infantino Sash Wrap and Tie Baby Carrier

If the idea of a baby sling or wrap has you nervous about putting it on correctly you might want to try the Infantino Sash Wrap and Tie Baby Carrier which acts like a wrap and carrier in one. You can easily place baby in here and then tie the back for a secure fit without needing to figure out the correct way to tie and wrap this.

This carrier can hold babies from 8 to 36 pounds so it will last you well into toddlerhood. And you also have the option of three different carrying positions, a front, hip, and backpack carrier which gives you a lot of versatility as they grow and your body changes. Another plus is the detachable hood which allows you to cover your baby's head when the sun is out or perhaps give them a little break from the busy outdoors. 

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