The 14 Best Baby-Proofing Products

Create a safe home for curious toddlers

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Our Top Picks
Soft cushions prevent bumps and bruises.
Ideal for blocking access in unique areas.
Prevent large dressers, TVs, and more from tipping over.
Cost-effective way to keep your kids safe.
Best for Electrical and Cable Cords:
SimpleCord Cable Concealer at Amazon
Cable concealers keep your baby safe and hide messy cords.
Easy to install and long enough to block off your fireplace.
Keeps dangling cords out of reach without damaging your wall.
Perfect for preventing curious little ones from entering rooms.
Help keep little fingers from accessing the dials.
Keep your windows and doors locked until desired.

Best for Table Corners: Sure Basics Soft Baby Proofing Corner Guards

These thick foam cushions will prevent bumps and bruises from sharp furniture, corners, and edges. They’re easy to secure to all surfaces, including wood, glass, marble, quartz, and granite, by just removing the tape backing and sticking on. Available in numerous colors to match your furniture, these safety corners are made of high-quality materials and contain no BPA, phthalates, heavy metals, or latex.

Best for Stairs: Cardinal Gates Stairway Angle Baby Gate

Not all baby gates work for the top of the stairs, but this one from Cardinal Gates is ideal for blocking access to lots of areas. It features a latch system that little ones can’t figure out, but still allows one-handed operation by adults. An optional one-way stop bracket can be used to prevent the gate from opening over a stairway. Made of a lightweight, high-quality aluminum, this gate is virtually rustproof and has a powder-coated finish that’s durable and easy to clean. It’s adjustable and can block openings from 27” to 42.5”, with optional extenders sold separately.

Best for Furniture: Safety 1st TV & Furniture Safety Straps

Adventurous toddlers can view a large dresser or bookshelf as the perfect climbing apparatus, so it’s critical that parents take steps to keep them from tipping over. These sturdy straps are easy to install, and they’ll secure large furniture (as well as TVs) to the wall. Made with high-quality materials and hand-crafted triple stitching, they’re totally reliable and durable, giving you peace of mind.

Best for Outlets: Dreambaby Outlet Plug Covers

Once your baby is mobile, electrical outlets become a serious risk to them, as well as older children who may be tempted to stick their fingers and other objects into them. These Dreambaby outlet plugs are a simple, cost-effective way to keep your kids safe. They’re a universal size and a cinch to install. And with 48 in a pack, you’ll have plenty left over to bring to grandma’s house.

Best for Electrical and Cable Cords: SimpleCord Cable Concealer

Cable concealers are a childproofing must. Not only do they keep your baby safe, but they also look much neater than a tangled mess of cords. They’re simple to install, with easy-to-follow instructions for using peel and stick tape or drywall anchors with screws. Each package comes with six cable covers, providing 150” of cord concealment. The slim and sleek design blends with any décor and can even be painted to match your walls.

Best for Fireplace: KidCo Auto Close Hearth Baby Gate

KidCo Auto Close Hearth Baby Gate

A fireplace can be one of the biggest hazards to your baby, and keeping little ones away from it is not an easy task. This baby gate from KidCo is long enough that you can use it to block off your hearth area, but you can still access it through the convenient self-locking gate. Sturdy and easy to install, this versatile gate can also be used at the bottom of stairs, to block off a room, or as a freestanding play area. The classic wrought iron look will complement any décor.

Best for Blinds Cords: Iba Innovations Blind Cord Winder

Keep dangling blinds cords out of reach with these attractive cord winders. They’re simple and quick to install without any screws or tape needed, so you don’t have to worry about any wall or paint damage. Made of durable, clear polycarbonate, they’re super affordable and ready to use right out of the box.

Best for Door Knobs: Wittle Wittle Door Knob Safety Cover

These Wittle Door Knob Safety Covers are perfect for keeping little ones from entering rooms or accessing a closet or pantry. Easy to install, you just snap the two halves around the doorknob. Although they’re designed for standard and spherical door knobs, they may also work for many other door knob types as long as the diameter of the widest part of the knob is below 2.5 inches. They’re also easy for adults to use by placing your thumb and index finger through the holes in the cover, gripping the knob, and turning to open the door. Kids’ little fingers won’t be able to grip the knob to open the door, so the cover will spin freely around the knob.

Best for Oven Knobs: Safety 1st Safety 1st Child Proof Clear View Stove Knob Covers

Stove knobs are tempting to curious kids and they’re at just the right height for toddlers to grab. These stove knob covers from Safety 1st help keep little fingers from accessing the dials. They’re easy to install, with a universal design and no adhesives necessary. Kids can’t figure out the hinged lid, but parents can still easily access and operate the knobs. The clear cover allows you to see that the knob is in the right position.

Best Window Protectors: Safety Innovations Window and Door Babyproof Safety Lock

Childproofing your windows can feel like an overwhelming task, but these safety locks from Safety Innovations can make it easy and inexpensive. Easy to use, they’ll keep windows and doors locked until you want to open them by just sliding the lock and releasing it. They’re also simple to install and don’t require any drilling into window or door frames. You just peel the paper off the heavy-duty industrial strength tape and attach it to your window or glass door.

Best for Cabinets: Vkania Child Safety Cabinet Locks

These sturdy and durable cabinet lock latches will keep toddlers from exploring inside cabinets. They’re installed with a strong adhesive backing, so there’s no concern about drilling or damaging your cabinets. And with no key required to open them, you don’t have to worry about losing a key. Easy and cost-effective, these locks can also be used on drawers, so you can use them in your entire kitchen or bathroom.

Best for Toilet: Safety 1st Outsmart Toilet Lock

Toilets always catch the attention of curious kids, but this toilet lock from Safety 1st will keep them safe. It has a unique decoy button that lets them think it will open the toilet, but pushing it has no effect. Adults will know that the smooth sides actually hide the functional buttons that open the lid. With a design that fits most toilet seats, it’s simple to install and the strap easily detaches for when you have guests over.

Best Pinch Guard: Jool Baby Products Door Pinch Guards

If your toddler loves to play with doors, these pinch guards will prevent their little fingers (or the dog’s tail!) from getting slammed or pinched. Made from high-grade EVA foam, they’re compatible with standard doors. They’re easy to install in seconds—just place the pinch guard on the side or top of the door—and they won’t cause any damage to your door.

Best for Drawers: Munchkin Xtraguard Dual Action Multi Use Latches

Munchkin Xtraguard Dual Action Multi Use Latches, 2 Count

Little ones love to open drawers and grab the contents, often creating a mess or accessing dangerous items. These Munchkin Xtraguard Dual Action Multi-use Latches make it hard for children to get into drawers, but easy for adults to open. They’re easy and quick to install and the flexible strap even allows you to latch them around corners. The included adhesive removes easily without damaging surfaces.

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