The Best Baby Nail Clippers to Trim Tiny Nails with Ease

The FridaBaby SnipperClipper Set features a practical 2-in-1 design for littles

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It’s no secret many parents and caregivers can feel intimidated about cutting their baby’s nails. With the right tool, however, trimming fingernails and toenails will become second nature. Whether you use nail clippers, scissors, or a file, the right tool will make your child’s mani-pedi time go much smoother. Plus, keeping your baby’s nails short helps prevent them from scratching themselves.

The FridaBaby NailFrida The SnipperClipper Set is safe for all ages and includes two tools: clippers with a curved blade and an S-shaped nail file. For clippers with a magnifying glass, we recommend the First Years American Red Cross Deluxe Nail Clipper with Magnifier

No matter which tools you use, there are a few things to know before you begin. “The key item to keep in mind when it comes to baby nail clipping is that even if you clip the ‘white’ edge of the nails completely, they are still quite sharp. So, you cannot end the presence of sharp nails, no matter what you do,” says pediatrician Arthur Lavin, MD, FAAP, of Akron Children’s Hospital. “The point of clipping, then, is to clip away nails that have overgrown—and that means all parents have plenty of time to wait for the nail to grow out before clipping. The longer the nail, the easier the clipping is, and the easier it is to avoid clipping beyond the white margin, which can cause pain and bleeding.”

Consider the type of tool you want to use, the size of the tool, and if there are any additional features that might help you, like a light or magnifier. We carefully considered design, size, additional features, type of tools, ease of use, and age recommendations when reviewing products.

Here are the best baby nail clippers on the market to help you trim with ease.

Best Overall

FridaBaby NailFrida The SnipperClipper Set

FridaBaby NailFrida The SnipperClipper Set

Courtesy of Amazon

  • Small hole over blade for easier visibility

  • Curved nail clippers

  • Safe for all ages

  • Clippers bend at an angle

  • Difficult to use left-handed

Who else recommends it? What to Expect and Babylist both selected the FridaBaby NailFrida SnipperClipper Set.

What do buyers say? 87% of 5,700+ Amazon reviewers rated it 4 stars or above.

The SnipperClipper Set by FridaBaby earns our top spot because the set includes two specially designed tools to make cutting a baby’s nails easier: clippers and a file. The clippers are designed with a curved blade to help them move smoothly and silently if you’re trimming while your little one sleeps. 

A peekaboo window over the blade helps you see where you’re cutting more easily than standard clippers, meaning fewer cuts on tiny fingers. Once you’ve trimmed your baby’s nails with the clippers, you can smooth off the edges with the included S-shaped file.

Type of Tool: Clippers and file | What’s Included: Clippers and file

Best With Magnifying Glass

The First Years American Red Cross Deluxe Nail Clipper With Magnifier

The First Years American Red Cross Deluxe Nail Clipper with Magnifier

Courtesy of Amazon

  • Foldaway magnifier

  • Stainless steel blades

  • Ergonomic grip

  • Magnifier can get in the way

We think parents and caregivers who struggle to see where to cut their baby’s nails will love the First Years American Red Cross Deluxe Nail Clipper. This baby nail clipper includes a 4x magnifier to help you see tiny fingers and toes up close. When the magnifier isn’t necessary, fold it away for easy storage.

The nail clippers feature an ergonomic shape for a secure grip, and are made of BPA-free plastic and stainless steel. You’ll get plenty of use out of them because they’re safe to use on newborns.

Type of Tool: Clippers | What’s Included: Clippers

Best Scissors

Simba Baby Safety Scissors

Simba Baby Safety Scissors

Courtesy of Amazon

  • Rounded tip

  • Thin blade

  • Protective cover

  • Blades are a little short

If clippers aren’t your thing, opt for a pair of baby nail scissors. These scissors from Simba feature a short, thin blade to help you cut at any angle with ease, and a rounded tip for extra protection. An included safety cover protects the stainless steel blades when you’re finished trimming.

Type of Tool: Scissors | What’s Included: Scissors and protective cover

Best Electric

Royal Angels Electric Baby Nail Clippers

Royal Angels Baby Nail Electric Clippers

Courtesy of Amazon

  • Soft LED light

  • Interchangeable pads

  • Storage/travel case included

  • Batteries required

  • Works better when tilted at an angle

This electric baby nail clipper set from Royal Angels has everything you need to trim the nails of everyone in the family, regardless of age. The set includes one main unit, a travel case, six filing attachments for baby nails, four filing attachments for adults, and eight replacement pads for both babies and the grown-ups.

You can use the nail clipper with one hand because just one switch controls the power, speed, and direction settings. Plus, we think parents and caregivers trying to cut a sleeping baby’s nails will appreciate the built-in soft LED light and quiet motor.

Type of Tool: Electric file | What’s Included: Electric file, travel case, filing attachment tools, replacement pads

Best Set

Petit Collage Baby Nail Kit

Petit Collage Baby Nail Kit

Courtesy of Amazon

  • Multiple tools included

  • Stylish storage case included

  • Nonslip handles on tools

  • Only one animal style (fox)

Whether you prefer clippers, a nail file, or scissors, this set from Petit Collage has it all for newborns and up. Included in the set is a pair of standard baby scissors, nail clippers, and a nail file. All pieces are kept neatly organized in an adorable fox pouch, so you can take it on the go.

The nail clippers, file, and scissors feature nonslip handles to help maintain your grip while you cut your little one’s nails. Buy it for yourself or keep it in mind as a gift for your next baby shower.

Type of Tool: Scissors, clippers, and file | What’s Included: Scissors, clippers, file, and travel case

Best Standard

Safety 1st Steady Grip Infant Nail Clipper

Safety 1st Steady Grip Infant Nail Clipper

Courtesy of Amazon

  • Safe for all ages

  • Easy to hold

  • Soft handle

  • Becomes dull over time

  • No light

With an extra-large, nonslip grip handle, these baby nail clippers from Safety 1st help keep trimming your baby’s nails simple. The large handle’s texture provides a more comfortable grip for parents and caregivers, making the clippers much easier to use. These clippers are also safe to use on newborns and up, so you can continue to use them throughout toddlerhood. The handle folds away for storage in the diaper bag.

Type of Tool: Clippers | What’s Included: Clippers

Best With Light

Safety 1st Sleepy Baby Nail Clipper With LED Light

Safety 1st Sleepy Baby Nail Clipper with LED Light

Courtesy of Amazon

  • Built-in LED light

  • Emery board slot

  • Curved cutting edges

  • Pins holding lever can snap off

  • Light creates bulkiness around cutting edges

For trimming squirming babies’ nails in less-than-ideal lighting, these clippers have features parents and caregivers will appreciate, including a built-in LED light to help you see exactly where you’re trimming. 

The handle has a no-slip material to ensure security while cutting, and there’s even an emery board to finish off any sharp edges. A battery replacement is included, but you shouldn’t need to worry about it for a while thanks to the clipper’s battery-saving auto shut-off feature.

Type of Tool: Clippers | What’s Included: Clippers and emery board

Best File

Babygoal Newborn Nail File

Babygoal Newborn Nail File

Courtesy of Amazon

  • Three files included

  • Files have rounded edges

  • Storage pouch included

  • Takes longer than clipping

  • Thick

A nail file is a great alternative to cutting your baby’s nails without the risk of cutting their skin. These nail files from Babygoal come in a three-pack with a variety of color options. Made from float glass, the nail files are smooth and feature rounded edges only. Plus, they come in a washable, reusable pouch for storage and travel.

Type of Tool: Glass nail file | What’s Included: 3 files

Final Verdict

If you’re torn between the different tool options, we recommend checking out the FridaBaby NailFrida The SnipperClipper Set. The set includes a pair of clippers with an unusual, curved design and an S-shaped nail file to smooth sharp edges. For families who want an electric file, we suggest the Royal Angels Electric Baby Nail Clippers. Included in the nail set is everything you need: a trimmer, travel case, file head attachments for all ages, and replacement pads. 

How We Selected the Best Baby Nail Clippers

We chose the best baby nail clippers by researching reviews from customers and competitors, and studying the features of more than 30 products on the market. We considered design, size, features, ease of use, age recommendations, and type of tool when deciding our picks. We consulted with Arthur Lavin, MD, FAAP, pediatrician at Akron Children's Hospital in Ohio, and Mona Amin, DO, a board-certified general pediatrician based in Florida and member of Buybuy Baby’s Parenting Pros, for any considerations and product recommendations. We also reviewed guidance from the American Academy of Pediatrics on how to trim a baby’s nails.

What to Look for in Baby Nail Clippers

Type of Tools

When it comes to trimming your baby’s nails, you have a few options, Dr. Lavin explains. “There are three methods, but they all involve removing the white margin of the nail to some degree: a simple nail clipper like adults use, a pair of baby nail scissors, [or] a nail file to file down the excess nail,” he says. “This can be done with a simple file or an electronic nail filer that files down the nail very safely.”

It may take some trial and error to find what tool works best for your family. A nail file can help keep things under control, while nail clippers or nail scissors can be easier to use in a controlled fashion for cutting. Either way, the best time to trim a baby’s nails is when they’re asleep.


A baby’s nails are tiny (and adorable), so consider the size of the tool you’ll be using. A tool too big may be harder to use precisely. Instead, opt for nail clippers, scissors, or a file specifically designed for babies. These provide a more secure grip in the hand, giving you more control as you cut those small fingernails and toenails.

Additional Features 

Like many other baby items, there are nail-trimming products with extra bells and whistles to help this tricky process. Additional features on baby nail clippers can include special blades, no-slip material, storage case, a magnifier, LED light, or extra replacement pads. 

While additional features aren’t an absolute necessity, they can make cutting a baby’s nails easier. Consider whether you can live with or without these features, and if those features may cost you more in the long run. For example, if you opt for an electric nail file, batteries will be an additional cost if the file isn’t rechargeable.

Frequently Asked Questions

  • When can I start clipping my baby's nails?

    Baby nails grow incredibly fast, so many parents and caregivers choose to clip their baby’s nails immediately after birth. Dr. Mona Amin says parents and caregivers can start clipping their baby’s nails early. “This is one of the first hygiene tips when you come home,” she says. “Their nails grow very fast, so you can start this as soon as they come home from the hospital and their nails are long.”

    However, because each baby is different, some families may find themselves not clipping their little one’s nails for a couple of months.

    “As to when the first clipping can happen, we recommend simply looking at your baby’s nails and clipping when the white margin is long enough for you to feel comfortable to clip it away," Dr. Lavin says. "Remember: The nail stays sharp no matter how closely you trim, so don’t trim until the nail is long enough for you to be comfortable clipping. This could be right after birth, or not until your baby is 1 or 2 months old. It all depends on how grown-out the nails are at birth.”

  • How do I cut my baby's nails?

    Cutting your baby’s nails can seem a bit nerve-wracking, but with the right tool, you’ll be able to cut or trim with ease. Dr. Amin recommends checking out nail clippers and electronic baby nail files. “Both are good options. Try cutting them after a bath when the nails are softer and easier to cut,” she explains. “If using a nail clipper, pull back the skin from the nail and clip to reduce the chance of clipping skin. Or, use an electronic nail file to file down the nails.”

    The first thing you should do, however, is find a comfortable position. You can place your baby in your lap or wait until they fall asleep.

  • Can you use a regular nail clipper on babies?

    Yes, you can use a regular nail clipper on babies. However, keep in mind that baby nail clippers are small and designed to fit securely in your hand, and regular nail clippers may simply be too big. “[Regular nail clippers] may be too large for their little hands, which is why baby ones are preferred,” says Dr. Amin. Plus, some baby nail clippers have useful additional features, like LED lights and a magnifier, making it much easier to trim your baby’s nails.

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