The 7 Best Baby Lotions

Keep your little one's skin soft and smooth

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Our Top Picks
It only contains top-quality ingredients you can trust.
Goes on easily and absorbs quickly into baby’s skin.
Nothing works better than old reliable: Vaseline.
Aquaphor can handle all but the most severe cases.
It goes on silky smooth and doesn’t feel too greasy.
It also makes a great soothing lotion for sunburn or even eczema.
Formulated with lavender and clary sage essential oils.

Finding the perfect baby lotion for your little one can be an uphill battle. Are you looking for a simple one that will provide daily moisturization? Or does your baby suffer from drier, possibly eczema-prone skin? The right lotion will provide long-lasting moisturization and help treat and prevent many skin concerns that your baby may face.

To help you find the best one for your baby's needs, here are the best baby lotions on the market.

Best Overall: Earth Mama Calming Lavender Baby Lotion

Earth Mama

When it comes to the best overall baby lotion, we looked for an all-natural lotion without harmful ingredients like parabens and synthetics. We also looked for something that smells amazing and is offered at a reasonable price. Our top pick is Earth Mama. This baby lotion checks all the boxes and more—it’s offered in two irresistible fragrances: lavender and citrus, or you can opt for the scent-free version. It only contains top-quality ingredients you can trust, and it does an amazing job of moisturizing a baby’s skin.

Best Budget: Johnson's Baby Head-to-Toe Lotion

If you’re looking to moisturize your baby’s skin for a bargain, you’ll be happy to know that Johnson & Johnson has changed their formulation to a hypoallergenic, paraben-free offering. We love this budget baby lotion for its thick, creamy feel that goes on easily and absorbs quickly into your baby’s skin.

Plus, it’s got that classic scent that Johnson & Johnson has become known for. You might even be tempted to use it on yourself!

Best for Eczema: Vaseline Pure Petroleum Jelly

If your baby suffers from eczema, you’ll be limited in which lotions you can choose for his red, itchy skin. When it comes to the best baby lotion for eczema, we haven’t found anything that works better than old reliable: Vaseline.

It’s the pediatrician-recommended ointment for baby eczema, and you’ll see most cases resolve themselves in just a few days once you begin applying Vaseline regularly. We like Vaseline Petroleum Jelly for Baby, which has a light and fresh scent that you’ll love and that won’t irritate your baby’s sensitive skin.

Best for Dry Skin: Aquaphor Advanced Therapy Healing Ointment

Aquaphor lotion gets our vote for the best baby lotion for dry skin, but did you know it can cure a host of other skin issues, too? In fact, you’d be remiss not to have a tube of this miracle salve in your nursery and in your diaper bag.

Fend off dry skin during the colder months or tackle that peeling newborn skin by applying a thin layer of Aquaphor after bathtime. Dealing with cradle cap? Aquaphor can handle all but the most severe cases. Simply apply all over your baby’s scalp after a bath, and then cover with a cap for overnight relief.

Best for Newborns: Mustela Hydra Bebe Body Lotion

Mustela has an impressive line of baby skincare products, tackling tough issues like severely dry skin, baby eczema, and super sensitive or allergic skin with ease. We love Mustela for its delicious scent that lingers on baby’s skin and hair for more than just a few hours.

It's great for taking on dry skin, especially during that newborn peeling stage. It goes on silky smooth and doesn’t feel too greasy. Plus, it’s formulated with natural ingredients like plant-based glycerin and avocado perseose (a patented ingredient only used by Mustela) that are safe for a baby right from the start.

Best for Face: Weleda Sensitive Care Face Cream

Weleda Face Cream

When it comes to taking care of your baby’s photo-worthy face, it’s best to choose a super sensitive lotion that won’t exacerbate all those newborn skin issues. That’s why we love Weleda’s face cream. It’s formulated with calendula to make it extra gentle, containing nothing but natural, plant-based ingredients like white mallow and pansy extracts.

Not only is Weleda face cream suitable for newborn and baby skin, but it also makes a great soothing lotion for sunburn or even eczema.

Best for Sensitive Skin: California Baby Calendula Cream

Another top-rated organic lotion with calendula is our choice for the best baby lotion for sensitive skin. That’s because calendula contains anti-inflammatory, antibiotic, and anti-microbial properties crucial for calming irritated, sensitive skin on both babies and adults. California Baby is a name known for products that use top-quality and organic ingredients.

Formulated with lavender and clary sage essential oils, this light cream smells amazing and goes on easily for lasting moisturization. You can use California Baby’s Calendula Cream on a host of skin issues outside of sensitive skin, too. It’s effective on mild cases of cradle cap, eczema, and even diaper rash.

Final Verdict

If you're looking for a reliable baby lotion with ingredients you can trust, look no further than Earth Mama. It's formulated without parabens, synthetics, and other harmful ingredients. However, if you're looking for something that will soothe extreme cases of dry skin and eczema then try Vaseline Petroleum Jelly for Baby.

What to Look for in a Baby Lotion

Clean and Safe Ingredients

It's always important that your baby care products are formulated with clean and safe ingredients. Check that the baby lotion you're buying is free of parabens, fragrances, alcohols, dyes, and other harmful ingredients that could irritate your baby's skin.


Of course, your baby lotion isn't limited to simply hydrating the skin. There are some lotions on the market that are great for clearing up more severe skin conditions such as cradle cap and eczema. Finding a lotion that can be used for various skin conditions is a great option, especially if your baby has very sensitive skin.

Lotions vs. Creams vs. Ointments

While the three of these are all similar in nature, creams and ointments feel heavier than lotions since they have a higher concentration of oil. Lotions are the thinnest of the three, so they're the easiest to spread and absorb fast. However, if you're looking for something to be ultra moisturizing or help heal a skin issue like eczema, it may be best to go with a cream or ointment.

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