The 6 Best Baby Food Makers, According to a Dietitian

Make nutritious recipes your little one will enjoy with these appliances

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Starting solids can feel daunting even before thinking about prepping all the food at home. For parents who want to make their own baby food, a baby food maker can take the stress—and mess—out of the process. A high-quality baby food maker can save time, energy, and money.

While it may be an investment, the appliance will likely help you save money in the long run. Packaged baby food adds up, and it's likely better for the baby's health to eat fresh, homemade items without added ingredients. In fact, evidence shows that many parents are concerned about the sweet taste, potential toxicity, and altered nutritional content of commercially prepare baby foods, making a baby food maker a smart investment to empower parents to control what is—and isn't—in their baby's food.

Here, the best baby food makers:

Our Top Picks
It’s a multitasker's dream unit, allowing you to steam cook on one side while you puree on the other.
Best Overall Runner-Up:
Nuby Mighty Blender at Amazon
Everything you need to create a range of different delicious recipes for your baby.
Totally mobile and can be packed up in your bag.
Save a few bucks removing the word “baby” from your search.
Helps parents prepare and store their baby’s food in convenient pouches.
Perfect for those who prefer to avoid plastics (even BPA-free) and generally select more environmentally-friendly appliances.

Best Overall: BEABA Babycook Duo 4 in 1 Baby Food Maker

The BEABA is certainly an investment, but if you are looking for a baby food maker that can do it all, the BEABA is an excellent choice. It’s a multitasker's dream unit, allowing you to steam cook on one side while you puree on the other. This dual feature option helps you to get through big batches of recipes in a short period of time. An afternoon with this machine could result in weeks of food to freeze and store for the future.

An audible alert lets you know when the food is ready, so you can do other things while the baby’s food is being prepared. With a detachable power cord, it also stores away neatly when not in use.

Best Overall Runner-Up: Nuby Mighty Blender with Cook Book

This comprehensive blender comes as part of a complete kit with everything you need to create a range of different delicious recipes for your baby. It includes accessories to steam baby’s food, make large and small quantities, and store all your batches.

The blades can be adjusted to make food for different stages, including beginner's purees and chunkier toddler mini-meals. It even has a milling blade to use with oats and cereals. The starter kit comes with a set of spoons and a freezer tray, which allows an individual portion to be popped out and prepared at a time. These freezer portions are really convenient for those midweek dinners when you're short on time and energy.

The high torque power motor will last for years but is super lightweight, weighing in at only five pounds. The Nuby Garden Fresh Mighty Blender is the only baby food maker you’ll need.

Best Portable: OXO Tot Mash Maker Baby Food Mill

OXO Tot Mash Maker

If portability is important to you, consider a simple unit like the OXO Tot Mash Maker, which can easily be packed up in your bag for an overnight visit to the grandparents or a weekend away. The Tot Mash Maker is easy to operate. Just fill, grind, and feed.

A bonus: the non-motorized option that fits easily into the top shelf of the dishwasher for effortless cleanup.

Best Multipurpose: Cuisinart DLC-2ABC Mini Prep Plus Food Processor

If you are looking to save a few bucks, removing the word “baby” from your search can reveal some big savings. Although this processor doesn't have a steam option, it will transform cooked fruit and vegetables, grains, and more into smooth, delicious purees for a fraction of the price of some more expensive models.

It features a 250-watt motor and a patented reversible steel blade for chopping and grinding. The simple push-button control is easy to use one-handed for those days when the baby is fussy and needs to be held. Plus, when your baby is eating table food, you can use this to make pestos, pie crusts, and more.

Best for Pouches: Infantino DIY Dishwasher

This fun product helps parents prepare and store their baby’s food in convenient pouches, which allow the baby to self-feed by squeezing. Alternatively, a caregiver can help out by using the included attachable spoons.

This unit looks a bit like a test tube rack, but without a plug, it takes up much less space than a traditional motorized blender. The only downside is that you will need to ensure your foods are soft or pre-mashed before squeezing them into the tubes, so you will need to steam and blend using separate appliances.

Because toddlers and older kids love pouches as well, this squeeze station can last you way out of the baby stage.

Best with Glass Bowl: Baby Brezza Glass Baby Food Maker

If you're looking for a baby food maker with an easy-to-clean glass bowl, consider the Baby Brezza Glass Baby Food Maker. Glass is perfect for those who prefer to avoid plastics (even BPA-free) and generally select more environmentally-friendly appliances.

The convenient baby food maker comes with three settings: steam only, blend only, and automatically blend after steaming. The large 4-cup capacity makes it easy to whip up large batches of purees in minutes, with little mess and stress. The bowl and blade are dishwasher-safe, so you can cook, blend, and then clean with ease.

Final Verdict

If you're looking for a baby food maker that steams and blends—and is dishwasher-safe—we love the BEABA Babycook 4 in 1 Steam Cooker and Blender.

What to Look for in a Baby Food Maker

Functionality: Baby food makers come with a variety of functions. If you're looking for an appliance to take you from raw veggie to smooth, steamed puree, choose a product that steams and blends. If you have an older baby who eats more textured items, a handheld masher or a more general food processor may meet your needs. Consider how, what, and where you will feed your baby. If you're looking to feed your baby on-the-go, a baby food maker that helps you make your own pouches may be helpful. If you prefer to steam, process, and then store, choose a product with freezer or refrigerator storage options. Think about what you will be cooking, as some products work well for fruits and vegetables but aren't as compatible with meats like chicken and turkey.

Cost: Cost is not always indicative of performance; however, some of the more expensive baby food makers are more efficient and easier to use. Consider how often you plan on using the baby food maker. If you plan to make most—or all—of your baby's food, then investing in a high-quality appliance that will simplify your life may be worth it in the long run. An investment may also be worth it if you plan on using the product for multiple children. If you plan on using the product for a few months or a small amount of food, then a less expensive option may be best.

Material: Baby food makers come in a variety of materials, including glass and plastic. If you prefer to avoid potentially harmful chemicals found in plastics and are more environmentally-conscious, a baby food maker with a glass bowl may be best for you. If you prefer the durability of plastic, choose a BPA-free product.

Care Instructions: Always read the care instructions to learn how to properly clean your baby food maker before purchasing. Because the product is being used to make food for your baby, it is important to ensure that it is properly cleaned after each use to avoid potential foodborne illness. If you're short on time and energy, you'll likely prefer an option that can be put in the dishwasher rather than washed by hand.

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