The 5 Best Baby Carriers for Fathers to Buy in 2019

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Baby carriers are amazing devices. Slings and straps that allow babies to get carried by parents without having to use arms can be really helpful, freeing up a parent’s arms to do other things while still keeping the baby nestled close and safe. 

I remember trying some slings when my kids were babies and they were really uncomfortable. These carriers had a piece of fabric for the baby's backside to rest in and straps that went over the parent's shoulders. But it was clear that the designers had not been thinking about a 6-foot 1-inch, 200-pound man when they put this thing together.

Just about every baby carrier you can find is designed for moms. Lots of colors, frills, lace and flowers! But what about dads? We would love to use baby carriers if only we could find them in a little less feminine style and made for a man’s body. 

With a lot of searching and talking with dads of infants, we were able to find some amazing baby carriers that are just right for men. These five baby carriers have been recommended by dads and will serve any dad well who wants to use a baby carrier.

Our Top Picks

Best Overall: Moby Wrap Baby Carrier

Moby Wrap Baby Carrier

While Moby Wrap front baby carriers are marketed primarily for mothers, a lot of new dads I talk to have one for them as well. Unlike the strap-based baby carriers, the Moby Wrap is just one long piece of stretchy fabric that lets you wrap the baby right up close to Dad. It is so flexible that a dad can use it almost anywhere and anytime. It does take a little getting used to, but dads will figure it out and really enjoy it.

Best Budget: Boba Air Baby Carrier

Boba Air Baby Carrier

Very lightweight and easy to fold and store, the Boba Air Baby is a great carrier. Many of the other carriers we have reviewed have frames and work only as a backpack, but the Air Baby is, like the Moby, made of soft, stretchy material. But it is a little more “structured” than the Moby and less confusing to get on and get the baby in, so it is a little more intuitive for dads. It also only works with the baby facing dad (or mom) and in front. But for ease of travel and storage, this one is a winner!

Best Moisture Wicking: Ergo Performance Baby Carrier

Ergo baby carrier

This is one great baby carrier for dads. It looks great and has tons of features. The Ergo Performance is rip-stop water repellant polyester with a cotton lining, is quite a bit lighter than standard carriers and has wicking capacity to keep baby and dad drier in case of unexpected moisture. Shoulder straps are padded and there is lots of on board storage for baby and dad’s needs.

Best Multi-Position: Beco Soleil Baby Carrier


This is another carrier that is a hit with fathers. It allows a dad to carry the baby front or back; they advertise that it allows carrying on the hip, but the dads I know can’t seem to make that work for them (maybe it is a mom thing). The best thing the dads suggested is that it works for children from infants to toddlers; it comes with a removable insert to work for smaller children. It is comfortable for both dad and baby; the seat comes with a high back panel to support the child in the carrier. The shoulder straps come really long and are adjustable, allowing it to work for even quite tall dads. This one is a father’s favorite.

Best Support: Onya Baby Outback

Onya Baby Outback

With a nylon body and air mesh lining, this is one of the most comfortable baby carriers that dads can find. The shoulder straps are long, easily adjustable and well padded and the waist strap is wide and supportive. One feature a lot of dads like about this is that there is a teething pad built into the shoulder pads and into the corners of the carrier so that a teething baby doesn’t just chew on the raw shoulder strap or on the carrier cover. It also will support a child up to 79 pounds so it is made to last for babies and toddlers.

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