The 11 Best Baby Beach Products of 2023

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A day at the beach with a baby can be full of fun and full of tons of extra gear. Along with swim diapers, water, and plenty of sunscreen, you might bring a tent or canopy, an inflatable pool, and lots of sand toys. The best baby beach products will meet your lifestyle needs and be functional enough for you to use beyond your tips to the beach.

Since there's plenty of gear out there that can make your day by the water that much better, it's important to make sure whatever you're buying is safe, durable, and easy to assemble and store. UPF ratings can also be helpful to look for on certain products like tents and cabanas since it offers another level of sun protection. We researched popular gear with these features in mind to help you and your family stay comfortable at the beach.

Here are the best baby beach products that will make your beach day a blast.

Best Beach Tent

Pacific Breeze Easy Setup Beach Tent

Pacific Breeze Easy Setup Beach Tent


If you’ve ever struggled to put up a complicated tent on a windy beach, you’ll love this easy option. Weighing in at just 4.5 pounds, the tent is fully assembled in 30 seconds and is just as easy to take down (watching the video helps). The spacious interior has windows for ventilation and internal pockets for storage and is made from UPF 50+ polyester. It's also water-resistant and durable enough to be used on camping and hiking trips.

While it doesn’t fully seal shut when opened, the tent provides plenty of shade for sleeping tots, nursing moms, or anyone who wants a break from the sun. As a bonus, the brand also provides a 1-year warranty should you have any problems with the tent.

Price at time of publication: $55

Best Kiddie Pool

Intex Sunset Glow Baby Pool

 Intex Sunset Glow Baby Pool

Courtesy of Amazon

Parenting pro tip: Bring a small inflatable pool to the beach if you’ve got a young baby that can sit up but isn’t quite mobile. The pool will provide a safe space to splash around in and once home, it can double as a backyard baby pool on hot days.

Able to hold up to 18 gallons, this inexpensive option is perfect for 1- to 3-year-olds and is sturdy, portable, and versatile. 

Price at time of publication: $11

Best Snack Holder

Skip Hop Baby Formula Container

Skip Hop Grab & Go Stackable Baby Formula to Food Container Set
Courtesy of Buy Buy Baby.

Don’t be fooled by the name of this ingenious food container; you can use it for lots more than baby formula, making it a great addition to your baby registry. Made with interchangeable, twist-and-lock lids, the food storage containers are can be used alone or stacked together and topped off with an easy to tote rubber handle.

Transparent containers make it a breeze to determine what snacks are where. The set comes with one 10 ounce container, two 6 ounce counters, an easy-pour lid, two water-tight lids, and one dry food lid. Stack some snacks in kid-sized portions and you’ll be ready for any waterfront adventure.

Price at time of publication: $12

Best Water Bottle

Takeya Kids Insulated Water Bottle with Straw Lid

Takeya Kids Insulated Water Bottle w/Straw Lid

Courtesy of Amazon

While not the most inexpensive option, this insulated water bottle is highly rated and has a lot of perks. The double-wall stainless steel design keeps cold drinks cold for up to 24 hours. Parents appreciate that the wide-mouth bottle is easy to clean and leaves room for ice cubes, while the straw lid makes it a cinch to drink from.

A wide loop handle is great for the beach; clip the bottle to a bag, stash in a cooler, or have small kids carry their own kid-sized bottle. It's important for everyone to stay hydrated when out in the sun.

Price at time of publication: $28

Best Accessory

DOCKATOT Cabana Kit for Deluxe+ Stage 1 Dock

Cabana Kit Dockatot

Courtesy of Nordstrom

For your tiniest beach bum, this cabana kit will keep them protected from the sun, bugs, and sand. Designed to be paired with the DockATot Deluxe+, the cabana kit is made of 50+ SPF UV fabric and features a retractable sunshade. The travel-friendly accessory folds up snuggly into the included pouch so that you can take it with you on any beach adventure.

Price at time of publication: $65

Best Sun Hat

UB2 Urban Baby Bonnets modBonnet

UB2 Urban Baby Bonnet in Gingko

Courtesy of UB2 Urban Baby Bonnet

Protect your little one in style with a handmade, reversible baby bonnet that boasts a super-wide brim and kid-resistant snap straps, and is made from machine washable UPF 50+ organic cotton. Totally reversible, the bonnets feature a seamed brim that you can fold back as much or as little as you want. This is super helpful for discreet breastfeeding.

The generous brim protects your baby's sensitive eyes from the sun in front or rear-facing baby carriers or car seats. Perfect for boys or girls, these stylish hats are a must-have for sunny days at the beach or anywhere you go.

Price at time of publication: $42

Best Beach Towel

Rainleaf Microfiber Beach Towel

 Rainleaf Microfiber Beach Towel

Courtesy of Amazon

Ideal for the beach, this oversized towel is lighter, thinner, and smoother than cotton towels. Made from microfiber material, this towel is fast drying, super absorbent, and folds in a compact reusable carrying bag. Perfect for the beach, the sand will just wipe right off, so it’s quick to clean off when sandy kids plop down on the towel.

While not super plush, these smooth towels are also great for travel or stashing in a car trunk, since they fold up so small.

Price at time of publication: $20

Best Water Shoes

Skechers Unisex Foamies Guzman Stepz Sneakers

Skechers Unisex Foamies Guzman Steps

Courtesy of Zappos

Lightweight and breathable, these water shoes are comfortable for kids (with sizing from toddler to big kid) and easy to slip on. Parents will appreciate that the collapsible and stretchy fabric heel panel makes for an easy on and off experience and avoids the challenge of shoving wet, chubby kid feet into tight shoes.

Waterproof and with the benefit of a protective closed-toe style, these are practical, stylish, and comfortable.

Price at time of publication: $24

Best Rash Guard

Hanna Andersson Sunblock Rash Guard Suit

Hanna Andersson Sunblock Rash Guard Suit

Courtesy of Hanna Andersson

Comfort-tested and absolutely adorable, rash guard suits are made to protect delicate baby skin from the sun’s harsh rays. With sizing from 0 to 3 months up to 3 years old, they are available in six modern patterns as well as matching family swimsuits too. The one-piece rash guard features long sleeves and short legs, with a full-body zip for easy diaper changes.

Best Sunscreen

Baby Bum SPF 50 Sunscreen Lotion

Baby Bum SPF 50 Sunscreen Lotion

Courtesy of Amazon

A gentle formula made especially for delicate baby skin, this 100% mineral-based lotion applies and absorbs easily, without an oily feel or a chalky look. Created with a plant-based formula, it’s made with natural zinc oxide, coconut oil, shea butter, and cocoa butter. Choose from a face stick, lotion, or spray formulation (or all three) for coverage that works for your little ones.

Price at time of publication: $14

Best Beach Toys

B. Toys Summer Beach Bag

 B. toys B. Ready Beach Bag

Courtesy of Amazon

Perfect for the beach, but fun anywhere, this tote is stocked with 11 colorful beach toys including a bucket, watering can, rake, shovel, sand molds, and more. Parents love that the toys all fit in their very own easy-to-carry tote that features a mesh panel that lets air in and gets the sand out. Recommended for little ones 18 months and up, these toys will help improve fine motor skills and hand-eye coordination and are made for fun.

Price at time of publication: $37

Final Verdict

Whether you’re heading to the beach for a day trip or a longer vacation, sunscreen is a non-negotiable must-have and Baby Bum Mineral Sunscreen (view at Amazon) is a great choice for the whole family.

If you’ve got the basics down, a Pacific Breeze Easy Setup Beach Tent (view at Amazon) is a life changer that will buy you lots more time (and plenty of shade) if you’re hoping to be regular beachgoers.

What to Look for in Baby Beach Gear


Consider the lifestyle you have before you begin purchasing beach gear. Are you planning a week-long vacation at the ocean? A day at a lake? Where you go, the age of your kids, and who you go with will determine the products you need for you and your crew. 


Some baby gear is quite useful for the beach, but can also be used in the backyard, at a park picnic, or day at the pool. Since so many baby products have a limited time span, the more use you can get out of a purchase, the better!

Frequently Asked Questions

  • What should my baby wear to the beach?

    Dress your baby in breathable, comfortable clothing that covers as much skin as possible. Use a brimmed hat to shield their face and neck from the sun. Sunscreen can be worn on any exposed areas of skin, as needed. While clothing and sunscreen provide some protection, you'll still want to keep your baby out of direct sunlight as much as possible (babies under 6 months old should always stay out of direct sunlight).

  • How do I keep my baby safe at the beach?

    The biggest threats to your baby's safety at the beach are sunburn, drowning, bug bites, and ingesting sand. Keep your baby safe at the beach by keeping them in the shade, fully dressed, away from the water (unless you are holding them), and off the sand. Also, be sure to keep them under direct supervision at all times.

  • How long can a baby be at the beach?

    How long your baby can stay at the beach depends on the weather and the sun protection you can provide. However, note that babies have a much lower ability to regulate their temperature than adults. So, it's best to limit their time outside in hot or harsh weather conditions. Plus, their skin burns easily, so avoid peak sunlight hours between 10 a.m. and 4 p.m.

  • What age can I take my child to the beach?

    You can take your child to the beach at any age so long as you take precautions to avoid direct sun exposure and to keep your child shaded and cool. Also, be sure to keep them supervised and be on the lookout for sneaky waves even if you are set up away from the waterline.

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After struggling with a complicated tent on a windy day, her husband watched another family with the Pacific Breeze Easy Setup Beach Tent, ordered it from his phone on the beach and had it delivered to their beach rental house. Since then, Maya's family has never hit the beach without that tent.

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