Benefits Your Baby Registry Needs to Offer

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Preparing to welcome a baby into your nest is such an exciting time. You may already have a list of must-have items in mind for your baby. Really, can anyone resist those teenie-tiny baby shoes and those buttery-soft muslin blankets? Not to mention all of the necessities to keep your baby healthy and safe, like car seats and baby thermometers.

Soon enough, loved ones will start asking you what you need for your baby, and you’ll want to start putting together your baby registry. This will be a thrilling moment, but you might feel unsure about which registry to choose.

 These days, there are many options when it comes to choosing the best registry for your family, but when it comes down to it, most of us are looking for variety, convenience, and savings. Target’s Baby Registry, for example, meets those requirements and more, especially since they give you a Year of Benefits! Let’s talk about what makes it one of the most popular and best choices around.

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What Target’s Registry Offers

Target is a brand many of us trust already. We go to Target because they literally have everything we need, and offer top-notch items at affordable prices. While there are Target locations almost everywhere, Target also has a huge selection of online options.

 Target’s Baby Registry offers a Year of Benefits and embodies everything we love about Target, but it also checks off all of the “musts” that baby registries should offer.

 Here are some of our favorite benefits of Target’s Baby Registry:

A Year of Exclusive Deals

When you sign up for a Target Baby Registry, you can take advantage of Target Circle, which offers exclusive discounts on baby essentials like diapers, formula, and clothing. The best part? These benefits are good for an entire year. Believe us: you will be needing to restock your supply of diapers and feeding supplies very frequently.

Free Welcome Kit

After signing up, you’ll be gifted a welcome kit full of samples and coupons worth more than $100. Getting free stuff is always fun, but it’s also helpful to try different products before adding them to your registry.

Target Baby Registry Welcome Kit

Target Baby

15% Off Registry Coupon

What about those items on your registry that were not gifted to you? Well, 8 weeks before your baby’s due date, you’ll get a coupon for 15% off everything in your registry, so you can be sure you’ll have everything you need, and won’t need to break the bank to get there. You can use the coupon twice: once in store, and once online.

One Year of Free Returns

You’ll be able to return or exchange any items on your registry for a whole year. So if your baby doesn’t like a particular pacifier brand and you were gifted four of them, you can exchange the unopened pacifiers for the brand your baby loves. Same goes for diapers and clothing you never got to use because your baby grew so fast (it happens!).

Universal Registry

One of the biggest pluses about Target is that it has everything you need for your baby. But signing up for Target’s registry doesn’t limit you to Target’s products. The universal registry feature means you can also add 3rd party products to your registry.

Order of Prioritization

You don’t want everyone to buy all the cute baby outfits, and leave behind necessities like car seats and diapers. Target’s registry allows you to prioritize your registry items so your loved ones know what to focus on first.

These are just our most favorite features of Target’s Baby Registry … but there are more. Other helpful Target registry features include “group gifting,” where your loved ones can contribute together on the larger registry items. The registry also allows you to easily track who has purchased what and who you’ve thanked.

 Oh, and did we mention that registry items can be purchased online, in store, and that Target offers three convenient ways for the items to get to you? Items can be shipped to your door, or you can choose Target’s Drive Up or Order Pickup option.

What Makes a Good Baby Registry Choice?

Nothing beats the excitement you’ll feel as you start to put together your baby registry. Still, expectant parents these days have a lot on their minds, and are just plain busy. So besides having all the great products you want, you’ll be looking for a registry with some extra “perks.”  

Let’s look at some of the features to look for as you scope out baby registries.


You’re going to need to purchase both big item necessitates (strollers, cribs, car seats) and smaller, but equally important items (diapers, formula, burp cloths). You’ll need a registry that offers everything in one place.


Having an easy-to-access, user-friendly registry is a must. Your loved ones need to be able to access your list anywhere, and you’ll need to be able to easily update it. Registries that allow you to prioritize must-have items are super helpful, too.


You’re going to want there to be options for friends and family. Some will prefer to order online; others will want to shop or pick-up in person. Selecting a registry that offers quick shipping and delivery services is vital, especially once your baby arrives.

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Saving money isn’t just an added perk: bringing a baby into the world is an expensive endeavor, and budget-friendly options are a must. That said, corners shouldn’t be cut, and you want high-quality products for your little one.

Target’s Baby Registry delivers on all these aspects, and makes creating a baby registry the heartwarming and seamless experience it should be. Click here if you want to learn more, or are ready to jump in and start creating the perfect registry for your baby.