On Being Twins: An Interview With 10-Year-Old Twins

What They Like Best and Least About Having a Twin

Reasons to Keep Twins Together at School
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As 10-year-old twins get older, they develop definite opinions. Their feelings may be helpful to parents of twins. Two female twins were interviewed separately and it is interesting to hear the similarity and differences in their answers.

What Twins Like Best and Least About Being a Twin

Both of the twins answered that what they liked best about being a twin is that you have somebody you can always play with. Both answered the thing they liked least was that they fight a lot. This best friend/worst enemy combination is common for twins.

Having a Twin vs. a Regular Sibling or Being an Only Child

Both answered that is it more fun to have a twin rather than a regular brother or sister. One twin responded that it was better to have​ a twin of the same gender as you would have much more in common. She liked having a twin of the same age. But she also noted that a younger sibling would be good to play with and take care of. The other twin noted that an older sibling might be away at school or in the military but could drive you places where you wanted to go. She also thought a younger sibling would get annoying.

The twins both thought it was easier to be a twin than a singleton. One liked the identity of being a twin. The other noted that it was great to always have somebody to play with, which would be a disadvantage for an only child.

When asked if they would want to have twins when they grow up, one said no. The other said maybe, but she would want to adopt them.

Similarities and Differences With Your Twin

The twins noted that they don't always like to do the same things. When asked how they were the most different, one noted she had braces and her twin didn't and that she liked fashionable clothes more than her twin, which was confirmed by the other twin.

When asked how they were most like their twin, one answered that they look alike and the other answered that they were both funny. They said they didn't dress alike but they didn't care that they were dressed alike by their parents when they were younger.

What Twins Like Best and Least About Their Twin

One twin liked most that her sister was good in school and liked least that she was mean to the cat. The other twin liked her sister's humor, especially that she made her laugh but didn't play any mean jokes. But she thought her sister got annoying sometimes, as when poking her and refusing to stop.

Switching Identities

The twins both noted they hadn't yet tried to switch identities, which would be difficult because one has braces and the other doesn't. One thought she might do so in the future and it would be a chance to take a test for her twin if she hadn't studied. The other didn't think she would ever switch identities with her twin.

School Classes

The twins both preferred to be in different classes at school. They said they would fight too much at school if they were in the same class.

As for the stupidest question people ask them about being a twin, it was why they called each other "sister."

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